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One of the most important decisions you can make in life is deciding a career path. There are many different careers and each contains duties that are entirely different. When choosing a career, you should research different options to make an informed choice.

Since you could be positioned in a career for the rest of your life, you want to pick one you'll enjoy. Everybody is different so people will naturally branch out into different careers. The career you ultimately pursue may change multiple times before settling.

If you are suited for a career that has low demand, poor pay, and low flexibility, it would be acceptable to consider an alternative career option. Ultimately it is you who is making the decision, so the power to choose is in your hands.

It is never too late to pursue the career of your dreams. Many people start careers in their 30s and even 40s. Mothers who are homemakers for a living can commonly enter the workforce in their 40s.

In this test you will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses, skills, and preferences. Good luck completing this career aptitude test.

Question 1

What is your greatest strength?

Having many strengths in the workplace, which are related to your job, can make you an effective worker. Managers will recognize excellent performers. If your strengths are related to an applicable career, you may be quickly matched with that career. Which of these is your greatest strength?

Question 2

Which of these fields interest you the most?

Jobs are typically contained in a field of work. Each field of work can contain numerous jobs that can sometimes have related skills. This is why going into a field that interests you is a good idea, since transferring jobs is made much easier. You also can make business contacts to aid you in the workplace. Which of these fields interest you the most?

Question 3

Which of these actions is the most attractive to you?

This question will gather information based on the type of person you are to be able to determine your ideal career. Try to be as accurate as possible on these questions for the best results. Which of these actions is the most attractive to you?

Question 4

Do you like to do heavy lifting?

Many of the most difficult and high paying jobs require a great deal of physical strength and discipline. Jobs like iron working are not for everyone, since a group of workers can be expected to lift up to a ton of rebar in a single day of work. This physical demand may be too much to bear for some. Other jobs such as working in a factory can also require a significant amount of lifting. Do you like to do heavy lifting?

Question 5

Do you want to work with children?

Putting aside math problems, logistics, and heavy lifting; working with children can be one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. The problems encountered through working with children are endless. Safety is often the number one concern. This is why you must be trained to act appropriately in potentially hazardous situations. As a teacher you must be able to fulfill a large number of duties all at once. Do you want to work with children?

Question 6

What is your greatest weakness?

In a significant number of job interviews, you will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Job interviews can be easy for some and difficult for others. The best way to be effective at interviews is to prepare thoroughly. Ask yourself common job interview questions beforehand. If you are fumbling your words or seem to be unprepared, the hiring manger will be less likely to hire you. It is also a great idea to follow up an interview with a call or E-mail, thanking them for the interview. Which of these is your greatest weakness?

Question 7

How intelligent are you?

Intelligence is one of the best assets you can have in the workplace. Although many jobs have different demands you will need to display at least some intelligence. A rocket scientist will have to display high intelligence through comprehensive evaluations. How intelligent are you?

Question 8

Do you like serving people?

Most jobs, directly or indirectly, require you to serve other people. Serving other people can bring a great deal of satisfaction. For example, you would have to directly serve people as a lawyer, accountant, cashier, or librarian. Do you like serving people?

Question 9

Rate your artistic ability

Art can take many different forms. Today we are able to do art through computer graphics designing, graffiti, photography, sculpting, architecture, and classically painting with a canvas and paintbrush. An artistic ability can be something you are born with, but can also be learned through hard work like any other field. Rate your artistic ability.

Question 10

How interested are you in math?

Math has many uses that are not apparent. For example when making calculations for buying items at the grocery story, it is much faster to do the math in your head then searching for a calculator. Also there are many advanced math applications, which are best done without a calculator. Various jobs in the workplace require math. How interested are you in Math?

Question 11

Rate your judgement

In a fast paced working environment there is little time to weigh decisions. You must make quick choices in a variety of different situations. Judgement in the workplace is essential for those who want to be decision makers. Poor decision making can lead to setbacks. You may also turn colleagues against you with more decisions. Rate your decision making skill.

Question 12

Rate your communication ability

Communication is possibly the most essential skill in a workplace. In the modern era, work communication is done in several forms such as E-mail, meetings, visuals, one on one, and more. In order to accomplish goals as a team you must be an effective communicator. Management in workplaces are often some of the top communicators. Rate your communication ability.

Question 13

Rate your mechanical skills

Using mechanical skills can apply to jobs such as being a car mechanic, computer technician, maintenance, and many other jobs. Using mechanical skills can also be helpful in other aspects of your life. If you are able to perform repairs with ease, then you should rate your mechanical skill high. Rate your mechanical skills.

Question 14

Rate your logic skill

Logic is “reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.” As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary. Logic can help you in jobs requiring math, science, and is necessary to some degree in most jobs. A person with logic skill would be able to come to conclusions based on a set of information. How developed are your logic skills?

Question 15

Which of these would you rather be doing?

Based on your preferences we will be able to determine the ideal job for you. In the workplace you are required to complete a number of different tasks that require different skills. Possibly the most important factor in determining your career path is finding a job that you will enjoy. People who enjoy their jobs are the most productive and effective in their position.

Question 16

What is your greatest strength?

Which of these job requirements is your preference? Not everyone wants to work focus intensive jobs like accounting and being a lawyer. Many people would prefer to do manual labor and that is okay. Manual labor trade jobs such as electricians, iron working, or being a longshoreman can be very high paying careers and can be enjoyable. Which of these would you rather use?

Question 17

What is your greatest weakness?

Everyone has weaknesses. Fortunately, weaknesses in some jobs can be considered strengths in others. Many jobs would consider focusing on small details a weakness, but a job like accounting would deem focusing on small details to be a strength. Which of these is your greatest weakness?

Question 18

Would you be willing to work unscheduled hours?

Different jobs have different demands. Working in emergency type jobs and owning your own business can require many more hours than 40 per week. Doctors and policemen both may have to wake up in the middle of the night to perform their duty. Would you be willing to work unscheduled hours?

Question 19

What shape is this?

This question will test your geometry ability by requiring you to identify a shape. Many people who completed math in grade school, and remember what they learned, will be able to easily answer this question. What is the name of this shape?

Question 20

How well are you able to remember people's names?

Remembering names is one of the most useful skills you can have in a workplace. In jobs such as financial planning, which requires dealing with many customers, remembering names is essential. It is also a great asset to remember the names of co-workers at your workplace to maintain relationships. How well are you able to remember people's names?

Question 21

Rate your public speaking ability

Without public speaking skills you will have difficulty giving presentations and speaking to large groups. If you are panicking because you don't have good public speaking ability, then don't be worried. When training to work in marketing or human resources, you will likely be required to give multiple presentations in front of audiences before graduating. Practice makes perfect. Rate your public speaking ability.

Question 22

How much do you want to earn?

Careers salary can vary for different reasons. A common influence on salary is the demand for the job. By doing a quick search online, you can see what jobs have the most demand. How much do you want to earn?

Question 23

How do you prefer to work?

The dynamics of each workplace is unique. In fields such as marketing, law, and finance you will be required to work with other people and sometimes in large groups. Working at home is a trend that has become more popular in recent years. The percentage of people working at home is expected to rise several percentage points in the next few decades. How do you prefer to work?

Question 24

Would you rather work outside or indoors?

Agricultural, photography, and surveying jobs allow you to work outside in the fresh air. For some this could be a dream come true. Others prefer the warmth and comfort of the indoors. And of course, there are individuals who would do either. Would you rather work outside or indoors?

Question 25

What is your greatest strength?

One of the best ways to match you with a job is to identify your strengths. Your strengths are way to find out which job you would be the most effective at. It is never too late to turn weaknesses into strengths if you are determined. In your career path it is wise to set high goals. What is your greatest strength?

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