Rate These WWE Wrestlers And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Era

Every wrestling fan has a preference for their own era when it comes to WWE. The main eras focus on different time periods where the company had its own unique identity. Old school fans love the Golden Era due to the legendary names making WWE mainstream for the first time as a national wrestling brand. The Attitude Era created the biggest ratings with new records made during a time when the program was edgier.

Fans of the 2000s would see the edgy nature change as the Ruthless Aggression Era gave WWE many new stars to build around. The recent PG Era featured a family friendly product with talented wrestlers getting their chance to shine. We will be looking at and rating famous wrestlers from all of these eras in today's quiz. Once that's done, we will try guessing everybody's favorite era!

Question 1

Steve Austin

Question 2

Hulk Hogan

Question 3

The Rock

Question 4


Question 5

CM Punk

Question 6

The Undertaker

Question 7

Randy Savage

Question 8

John Cena

Question 9

Kurt Angle

Question 10

Brock Lesnar

Question 11

Roman Reigns

Question 12

Mick Foley

Question 13

Ric Flair

Question 14

Trish Stratus

Question 15

Jeff Hardy

Question 16

Bret Hart

Question 17

Roddy Piper

Question 18

Rey Mysterio

Question 19

Seth Rollins

Question 20

Eddie Guerrero

Question 21

Shawn Michaels

Question 22

Dusty Rhodes

Question 23

Kevin Owens

Question 24

Chris Jericho

Question 25

Miss Elizabeth

Question 26

Mr. Perfect

Question 27


Question 28


Question 29


Question 30

Daniel Bryan

Question 31

Ultimate Warrior

Question 32


Question 33

AJ Styles

Question 34

Randy Orton

Question 35

The Miz

Question 36

Becky Lynch

Question 37

André the Giant

Question 38


Question 39


Question 40


Question 41

Ricky Steamboat

Question 42

Ron Simmons

Question 43

Dean Ambrose

Question 44

Rob Van Dam

Question 45

Lex Luger

Question 46

Booker T

Question 47

Jake Roberts

Question 48


Question 49

Kevin Nash

Question 50

Finn Balor

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