Rate These Flawless TV Actresses And We'll Set You Up With One

There has been a recent change of guard on television, and some of the most popular shows of the last decade have come to an end. These shows will leave behind a legacy for the people involved in bringing their biggest characters to life, and the performers must now venture out and look for a new challenge. While their shows were still fresh, these women were at the top of the industry, and with their level of talent, we imagine that they will be sticking around on top for quite some time.

The biggest television actresses in the world today have all spent years honing their craft to one day become stars, and after reaching the top, they will need to work harder to stay there. Because stardom comes with so much coverage, most people will check out a series simply based on the people acting in it, and these people will go on to form an opinion of these performers after giving their series a watch.

Today, we are going to present 35 of the most famous faces to appear on television, and all we ask is that people give them a simple rating. In the end, we will set each participant up with one!

Question 1

Lauren Cohan

We got to see this performer on The Vampire Diaries back in the day, and while this is an impressive enough feat on its own, she would truly hit another level when she landed a major role on one of the most popular television shows in history. The series was an absolute phenomenon. (IMDB)

Question 2

Natalie Dormer

This terrific performer has been able to appear on multiple hit shows during her time in the business, which has only served to keep people interested in what she is going to do next. Her biggest achievement was perfectly playing a major character on the series Game of Thrones. (IMDB)

Question 3

Zooey Deschanel

There is virtually nothing that this performer cannot do, and she has made sure to flex her abilities from time to time. She has done work in big films like Elf over the years, but it was her time on the series New Girl that really showed the world what she was capable of. (IMDB)

Question 4

Kaley Cuoco

Few performers in history have been as successful on the small screen as this performer has been, and this is thanks to her abilities and her penchant for locking down roles on huge shows. Now that her most recent run is over, it will be fun to see what she does next. (IMDB)

Question 5

Jaimie Alexander

This talented performer has been a phenom since she made her way to the small screen, and the series that she takes part in has been all the better for having her on board. She can do things with her character that no one else could, and she was perfect for the role. (IMDB)

Question 6

Christina Applegate

Having been on multiple hit shows dating back to the 90s, this performer has been around the block a time or two, and she knows how to make the most of an opportunity on the small screen. Because of this, her place in television history has been secured for some time now. (IMDB)

Question 7

Sophie Turner

Fans are gearing up to see this performer in the film Dark Phoenix, which will bring an end to the X-Men franchise as we know it. While this is impressive enough, fans that have been watching her for years know that she has done her best work as the character Sansa Stark on the series Game of Thrones. (IMDB)

Question 8

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara became a household name in no time when the series Modern Family came to television. Sure, people immediately noticed that she is a gorgeous performer, but they kept coming back for more when they realized just how funny and talented she is when the cameras are rolling. (IMDB)

Question 9

Lucy Liu

After having a successful run on the big screen during the 2000s, this performer was ready to begin a new stage of her journey, and she landed a small screen role that was perfect for her abilities. Since taking over the role, she has done exceptionally well for herself. (IMDB)

Question 10

Christina Hendricks

This beautiful performer is someone that played an integral role in the series Mad Men, and even though many of the male leads have gotten praise over the years, people have made sure to point out how great this performer was. She has loads of talent when she is performing. (IMDB)

Question 11

Nina Dobrev

After doing solid work in her youth on Degrassi, this performer would get the chance to take on more mature roles as time went on. Once she landed the lead role on The Vampire Diaries, she would reach an entirely new level of fame and popularity with fans everywhere. (IMDB)

Question 12

Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones has just reached its end, and Emilia Clarke is now able to take on any project that comes her way. We have seen her do some work on the big screen in the Star Wars and Terminator franchises, and many wonder if she will stick to doing television shows. (IMDB)

Question 13

Krysten Ritter

After landing some smaller roles in projects, this performer pulled down a memorable character on Breaking Bad and never looked back. Many people got familiar with her due to her performance, and this would be instrumental in the public seeing how great she is. She would become a hero in Jessica Jones. (IMDB)

Question 14

Taraji Henson

Not many performers on the small screen are as talented as this woman is, and she has been able to excel on the small screen thanks to turning in great performances each week. She has done some great work on the big screen, but her television work remains her best. (IMDB)

Question 15

Mandy Moore

This former pop singer was all set to have a lengthy run in the music industry before setting her sights on acting and never looking back. She has done well on the big screen after appearing in films like A Walk to Remember and Tangled, but her small screen run on This Is Us has been amazing. (IMDB)

Question 16

Alison Brie

This performer is someone that has landed work on multiple hit shows during her time in the business, and her most recent run on the series GLOW has been spectacular. Prior to this, she was appearing on the series Mad Men and lending her voice to the show BoJack Horseman. (IMDB)

Question 17

Rashida Jones

Depending on who is asked, this performer is someone that is known for appearing on two of the most beloved comedy films ever made. She did well for herself on The Office, but her work on Parks and Recreation is considered better by some. She would eventually get her own series later on. (IMDB)

Question 18

Emmy Rossum

This performer recently made her exit from a massively popular series, and fans know that it will never be the same again without her. She was a huge reason why Shameless became such a huge hit, and she could not have been more perfect for the role of Fiona Gallagher. (IMDB)

Question 19

Gina Rodriguez

This performer has done some work on the big screen recently, but people were patiently waiting for her series to get back on the small screen. It has been a huge success since making its debut some time ago, and her performance on the series has been absolutely incredible. (IMDB)

Question 20

Cobie Smulders

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular comedy shows of the last 25 years, and this performer was able to land a lead role on the series and do wonders with it. She could not have been a better fit for the character, and she would follow this up by appearing in the MCU. (IMDB)

Question 21

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl was a massive success when it was still pumping out new episodes, and it solidified the fact that a lot of people love seeing drama stirred up between young, rich individuals. Blake Lively became a star thanks to her time on the series as the lead character. (IMDB)

Question 22

Lili Reinhart

Once it was announced that Riverdale was becoming a series, there was immediate interest from the public. The series has been a smashing success, and Lili Reinhart has done exceptionally well for herself since landing a role on the hit series. Fans cannot wait to see what is going to happen next. (IMDB)

Question 23

Gillian Jacobs

After appearing in films like Choke, this performer headed to the small screen to find a good amount of success. She spent years training her acting abilities, though it is her penchant for comedic timing that has been loved by many. She was a perfect fit for the series Community. (IMDB)

Question 24

Gillian Anderson

The small screen would not be where it is today without this performer and what she was able to do back in the day. She was an integral part of one of the most loved shows of all time, and when the show made its return, fans could not wait to see her back in action. (IMDB)

Question 25

La La Anthony

Many people got familiar with this performer when she was working on MTV, but over time, she would get the chance to land roles in projects, and she has done well for herself since making the switch. People have loved seeing her perform on the small screen on hit shows. (IMDB)

Question 26

Jessica Parker Kennedy

This performer has been on multiple hit shows over the years, and she has brought out the best in her fellow cast members at each stop that she has made. She was fantastic on the series Black Sails, and more recently, people have seen her on the series The Flash. (IMDB)

Question 27

Alexis Bledel

Back when this performer first broke out, she was starring on the series Gilmore Girls, and she would be reaping the rewards for turning in great performances for years. She has done some work on the big screen, but people know her from Gilmore Girls and The Handmaid’s Tale. (IMDB)

Question 28

Candace Cameron Bure

Back in the day, this performer got her start on television when she starred on the series Full House for a number of years. The show is a classic of the 90s, and people love going back and watching the episodes. Once Fuller House came along, she picked up where she left off at the top. (IMDB)

Question 29

Kerry Washington

There are not many performers in the business that have as much talent as this woman here, and while she can excel at just about anything she tries her hand at, she has truly done her best work on the small screen. When her name is attached to a project, people make sure to tune in. (IMDB)

Question 30

Melissa Fumero

People that can excel at being funny and having solid comedic timing are the ones that can land roles on popular comedy shows and get a ton of fans while doing so. As it were, this performer has done well for herself ever since she was cast on the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine some time ago. (IMDB)

Question 31

Kristen Bell

As a performer that can legitimately act and sing with the best in the business, there is no limit to what Kristen Bell can do when the cameras are rolling. She was fantastic on Veronica Mars, and she even lent her voice to the series Gossip Girl. Recently, she has been on the series The Good Place. (IMDB)

Question 32

Alyson Hannigan

This performer is someone that has been in a hit film franchise and on multiple hit shows, and more people have watched her perform than many of the other women on this list. She was great on Buffy, and once she took on a role in a comedy series, she was truly able to shine. (IMDB)

Question 33

Taylor Schilling

After deciding to get into the entertainment industry, it did not take long for this performer to find a role that could take her to the top. Once she was cast as the lead on the series Orange is the New Black, she would become one of the most known faces on the small screen. (IMDB)

Question 34

Camren Bicondova

This performer has gotten some great experience over the years while appearing on the series Gotham, and she steadily improved since making her debut on the series. Now that she has that hit show under her belt, she can move on to another project that will allow her to improve even more. (IMDB)

Question 35

Jenna Fischer

Many people will immediately recognize this performer thanks to her work on The Office, and this is because she played such a beloved character on the series. Once the series came to an end, she would continue to land roles, eventually starring in the series Splitting Up Together with Bobby Lee. (IMDB)

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