Rate These Wedding Looks To Find Your Bridal Style

There's something magical about wedding ceremonies that we just can't explain, but that won't stop us from trying! Choosing to spend one's left with another person is a huge decision, which is why many modern couples wait a few years before tying the knot. When they make their choice though, they want nothing more than to celebrate their joy and love with the people who they consider family. So, with this in mind, a huge ceremony is held with the hopes of bringing everyone together. Planning a wedding is no joke, which is why wedding planners are typically hired to hash out all the details. But sometimes, brides and grooms feel up for the challenge, which can make the entire celebration a lot more personal. With so many options to choose from, planning a wedding can become a blur, which is why any bride is lucky if she has two good friends to help her put together her perfect wedding day.

To find the perfect dress and everything that comes with it, a girl's got to know what kind of bride she was meant to be. So, what better way than to take a fun and quick quiz? Finding out what one's bridal style is can be fun and practical at the same time!

Question 1

Rate this makeup look.

The majority of women spend their early years thinking about their future wedding day. While this might change as they grow older, their love for wedding day ceremonies tends to withstand the hands of time. This makeup look is gorgeous, but it's not for everyone. So, who would rock this look come their big day?

Question 2

Rate this veil.

For as long as we can remember, wearing a veil on our wedding day has been a tradition. Well, welcome to the new world, one where wearing veils is no longer a necessity. Despite the changes we see in the wedding industry, some brides enjoy sticking with the basics.

Question 3

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. One of them being what your bridesmaids will wear on your big day. In the end, the bride gets to choose what her best friends will wear, which is why these dresses tend to have a happy ending. So, rate these dresses.

Question 4

Rate this headpiece.

With so many beautiful trends to follow, it can be challenging to find one that best fits your personality. So, like most things in life, there will be a trial and error period. Some brides like to wear veils, and others enjoy putting on a glamorous tiara. But, what about this headpiece?

Question 5

Rate this makeup look.

The last thing a bride wants is to have a makeup crisis on her big day. So, knowing what's at stake, they tend to hire an experienced makeup artist. This ensures that everyone in the wedding party will come out on top when it comes to the wedding day picture album.

Question 6

Rate this wedding dress.

Everyone is different, which is why we can't expect brides to all swoon over a particular wedding dress. In the end, a woman is going to choose a dress that highlights her curves and makes her look sophisticated. We all want to look stunning on our big day, and it all starts with the type of dress we pick.

Question 7

Rate this makeup look.

For the most part, women tend to enjoy getting all dolled up for a big event. So, what better event than their very own wedding day? Finding the perfect bridal look is crucial, especially since pictures are going to be taken throughout the day. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Question 8

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

Every woman is different, which is why we can't expect them all to look fantastic in the same dress. Knowing this, many brides choose to make modifications to their bridesmaid dresses. Doing so assures that their best girlfriends will look and feel great while walking down the aisle. So, do these dresses pass the test?

Question 9

Rate this hairstyle.

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, one of them being which hairstyle you're going to rock. This hairdo is tasteful yet straightforward, which can be very alluring. A side bun with a flowered clip is super classy, but is it spectacular enough for your big day?

Question 10

Rate this wedding dress.

We all have the wedding dress we want to wear in the back of our minds. However, to find this ideal gown, we need to go the extra mile and try on dozens of styles. Once the perfect dress is seen, bringing it home will be a must. Does this gown make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Question 11

Rate this overall look.

The bride in this picture looks absolutely stunning. However, what makes her look good might make another person feel uneasy. Since we're all individuals here, it only makes sense for us to have different tastes. Whereas some women will want to wear a tiara and keep their hair down, others will do the opposite.

Question 12

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

It goes without saying that the color white is reserved for the bride on her big day. Knowing this, everyone invited will do their best to steer clear of this color. In this picture, we see a gorgeous bride who has decided on light shades of gold and beige for her bridesmaid dresses.

Question 13

Rate this wedding dress.

Wanting to feel like a princess on your wedding day is a normal feeling. This is especially true since many of us have grown up watching Disney movies on repeat. Finding a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks is something special, which is why it's important to take your time when shopping for gowns.

Question 14

Rate this bridesmaid dress color.

Colors are important. They make us feel emotions without even trying. Knowing this, many designers choose specific colors for individual rooms in their home. The color purple is said to represent luxury and power, which is why it's a very common shade when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. (Bourncreative.com) So, does this color resonate with your wedding day plans?

Question 15

Rate this bridal headpiece.

We all want to look stunning on our wedding day, which is why some of us choose to go the extra mile. This bridal headpiece is definitely unique, which can give it some appeal. However, we could probably all agree that only a few brides could pull this off. So, would you wear this elvish headpiece or not?

Question 16

Rate this headpiece.

Headpieces are all the rage when it comes to weddings. And yes, you read that right. While many of us are used to seeing Carrie Bradshaw wear headpieces on a regular basis, it still takes some getting used to. So, would you rock this look or would it rock you?

Question 17

Rate this makeup look.

Emma Watson is a beauty if we've ever seen one, which is why most of us would feel inclined to say that this makeup look is stunning. Well, before you go and make a decision, try removing her from the equation to see how you really feel about this look.

Question 18

Rate this wedding dress.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a lot like magic, which is why it's never a good idea to act too hastily. When the right gown is found there won't be any doubts left in your mind. So remember, good things take time! This dress is a masterpiece if we've ever seen one.

Question 19

Rate this veil.

Walking down the aisle with a veil covering your face can be a little challenging. Luckily, a bride doesn't have to do the trek alone. This delicate veil is bordered with lace, making it look downright exquisite. In fact, this bride's entire look is simply off the charts. Who wouldn't want to look like this on their big day?

Question 20

Rate this makeup look.

A good thing to keep in mind on your big day is that you're also sharing the ceremony with your groom-to-be. With this in mind, it's always a good idea to be recognizable. Makeup can change a person's appearance like no other, which is why staying true to your natural beauty is something of value.

Question 21

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

It's rare for a bride to choose a wedding dress that is anything but white, but surely it's been done before. This bride looks gorgeous, and she definitely jumps out of the picture to meet the eye. Choosing royal blue dresses allowed her to pop in contrast, which is always something to consider.

Question 22

Rate this look.

When it comes to choosing a wedding day look, it can be hard to make the right choice without proper guidance. While some women look amazing with a fishnet veil draped over their face, others might have a hard time pulling it off. This bride's veil might look good, but what do you think about her hair?

Question 23

Rate this makeup look.

Have you ever seen such a phenomenal bride? Because we're racking our brains and coming up short. This woman looks like a beacon of hope at the end of a long and dark tunnel. We're digging her bridal makeup and classic hairdo, and surely her groom will feel the same way.

Question 24

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

All four of these dresses might appear to look the same, but they have their differences. Sure, they're all cut from the same cloth, but their bodices are designed to be unique. Choosing a bridesmaid dress that comes in different styles is always a good idea because it adds diversity to the wedding party.

Question 25

Rate these bridal shoes.

We all want to feel comfortable on our wedding day, which is why bringing an array of shoes along with us is a must. Only highly experienced women can wear high heels all day without complaining. So, if this isn't you, it's time to plan ahead. These shoes look classy and comfortable.

Question 26

Rate these earrings.

There are many factors to consider before going jewelry shopping. For starters, it's always a good idea to have your hairstyle picked out because this will tell you how big you need to go. Dangling earrings look fantastic on a bride who chooses to wear her hair in an up-do.

Question 27

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

Are we the only ones who've noticed that floral patterns have overtaken the female wardrobe? Well, if we are, then surely we've been seeing things because floral patterns are everywhere! This bride chose a floral print for her bridesmaid dresses, and while it looks good, it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Question 28

Rate this hairstyle.

Short and wavy hair is gorgeous and easy to maintain. However, it can seem like a dull hairstyle to choose for one's big wedding day. So, what better way to heighten up this look other than wearing a brilliant headpiece? This unique hairstyle is absolutely remarkable. So, is this look a hit or a miss?

Question 29

Rate this wedding dress.

Some brides are comfortable flaunting their figure on their wedding day, and others like to take a more conservative approach. This bride is wearing a gorgeous gown that accentuates her bodice and flows straight down to her feet. This airy wedding dress is almost as beautiful as the bride wearing it.

Question 30

Rate this hairstyle.

Not only are flowers beautiful and intricate, but they also smell fantastic. Knowing this, it isn't surprising that some brides choose to decorate their hairdo with ample flower arrangements. This hairstyle might look simple from the front, but it's breathtaking from the back. But, that doesn't mean that it'll meet everyone's needs.

Question 31

Rate this wedding dress.

With so many wedding dress styles to choose from, it can be challenging to find one that fits your shape. Luckily, many qualified people can reunite us with the gown of our dreams. This flared dress is stunning, but it might not flatter every single body shape.

Question 32

Rate this look.

For some people, wearing a veil while walking down the aisle is mandatory. But, wearing it for the entire night isn't. With this in mind, a bride needs to consider if her hair will look too plain once the veil is taken off. This jewelled hairpiece is beautiful, but it looks a little odd with the veil on.

Question 33

Rate this veiled look.

Veils might be old school, but they still have a very empowering effect. Walking down the aisle to join hands with your future husband or wife is a memorable event, but the look that crosses their face after unveiling their bride is the best memory of all time. This veil is unapologetically dainty.

Question 34

Rate this wedding dress.

White lace is the embodiment of class, which is why countless brides aim to find a gown that is rich in lace. This off-the-shoulder dress is spectacular, and it's all thanks to this glorious fabric. This dress might seem simple to some people, but with the right jewelry, it can be exceptional.

Question 35

Rate this bridal look.

There's something about this bridal look that makes us smile with delight. This beautiful bride comes to life with a simple shade of red lipstick. On top of that, her veil adds a delicate undertone to her spotless makeup game. Most of us could agree that this look is a crowd pleaser.

Question 36

Rate these bridal shoes.

There are two types of women in this world; those who wear heels whenever the chance arises, and those who avoid heels like the plague. Who says that brides can't be comfortable on their wedding day? Comfort starts from the toes up, so make sure to choose the proper footwear.

Question 37

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

It's normal for a bride to be the only woman dressed in white during her wedding ceremony. However, we can clearly see that this bride isn't phased when it comes to sharing her lucky color. These bridesmaids are wearing knee-length dresses that appear to be ivory. Who would choose a similar look?

Question 38

Rate this wedding dress.

When choosing a wedding dress, it's important to take the seasons into account. While wearing a spaghetti-strap dress might seem like a good idea, it might leave you feeling a little cold in the winter season. This bride's dress is classy beyond belief, and we're totally obsessed with this look.

Question 39

Rate this necklace and earring set.

Wearing a beautiful gown on your wedding day just won't cut it. This is because a bride also needs a stunning piece of jewelry to make her outfit pop. Whereas some women enjoy simple and delicate jewelry, others will want to don on a statement piece. Is this jewelry set too bulky for your liking?

Question 40

Rate this wedding dress overcoat.

Women who choose to get married in the winter time can face some challenges. Since taking pictures outside might be something they're interested in, it's essential to wear something warm as to not catch a cold. But, wearing their everyday winter coat just isn't an option. This wedding winter coat is stunning, isn't it?

Question 41

Rate this bridal manicure.

When women get ready, they want to check every box on their list. This can cause them to go out and get their nails done. Since pictures will be taken throughout the day - many of which will be focused on the couple's hands - it's only normal for a wedding day manicure to ensue.

Question 42

Rate these wedding day cowboy boots.

While it's uncommon for brides to choose cowboy boots as their wedding day footwear, it's not unheard of. People who take pride in being raised in a country-oriented hometown don't hesitate to stay true to their culture. Cowboy boots aren't for everyone, but they sure do make some people happy!

Question 43

Rate these bridal shoes.

Some brides want to be dressed up in white from head to toe, but others enjoy adding a pop of color to their outfit. Silver shoes are gorgeous and classy, and they don't offset the entire bridal look. In fact, silver is a common choice when it comes to wedding day footwear. (Tietheknot.com)

Question 44

Rate these bridal shoes.

Who said that brides had to wear white and white alone? No one, that's who! Choosing a colourful pair of heels can add glamour to every step. These metal-beaded shoes are delightful, and they make this bride's gown stand out. On top of that, they don't look too uncomfortable - which is a plus.

Question 45

Rate these earrings.

The right pair of earrings can make a bride's overall look stand out. Knowing this, it's essential to take one's time when selecting their bridal jewelry. These tear-shaped earrings could make any bride look like a million bucks. A cute up-do would really allow them to steal the show.

Question 46

Rate this bridal necklace.

A pearl necklace is something that every woman can benefit from wearing. After all, they are the embodiment of class. However, whether these match your wedding gown or not is something to take into consideration. This simple yet sophisticated necklace would make any woman happy. But, does the shoe fit?

Question 47

Rate this bridal manicure.

With so many different styles to choose from, it's a wonder that brides manage to make up their minds when it comes to selecting a wedding-day manicure. French manicures are often the go-to, but times are changing. This is a modern take on the French manicure, and it's classy and appropriate.

Question 48

Rate this wedding dress.

Every woman deserves to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world on her wedding day. And, what better way to do this than to don on a princess styled gown? This large and puffy dress might be hard to keep track of, but it's gorgeous to say the least.

Question 49

Rate these bridesmaid dresses.

A good thing to keep in mind when selecting bridesmaid dresses is whether or not they are going to flatter every body type. These dresses are pleated, which can help distract the eye from any unwanted zones. While it might not fit everyone's version of perfection, it serves these ladies well.

Question 50

Rate this wedding dress.

Have you ever seen a more dramatic bride? Because we haven't. This gorgeous gown looks like it's worth a fortune, which is why many of us are curious to find out why this bride is jeopardizing its beauty by laying down on the ground. Who wouldn't want to rock this dress is the real question?

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