Rate These Wedding Dresses And We'll Guess Your Sign

Wedding bells are ringing, and with that comes the frustrated cries of brides trying to find a wedding dress. Weddings are beautiful, but they can also be stressful. A few bold brides might try to plan their own weddings; it’s an admirable task, but it means they can end up getting lost in all the details that have to be planned and worked out. One of the most important details? The wedding dress. Wedding dresses are beautiful gowns that are worn as we go down the aisle during a wedding.

Some of the gowns we found are short, while some are long. Some of them have large, fluffy skirts, while others are sleek and chic. The variety of wedding dresses in the world is important, as there’s a huge variety of brides out there. It might feel daunting to try and choose a dress, but don’t worry: there is help available out there. We’re going to try and guess what sign the responses point towards in order to try and narrow that pool of dress options down. How will the Water signs rate these dresses? We’ll find out, and we’ll see how it differs from the Earth, Fire, and Air signs too.

Question 1

This romantic dress:

Romance must be in the air if we’re getting married, which is why it makes sense to start off with this gorgeous wedding dress. Light and flowy, but still dramatic enough to make an entrance, the structure of this dress makes it flattering on almost every body shape. From tall and lean to overall compact, this is a dress that’s going to flatter any and all brides. Just be sure to have someone else following down the aisle so the long train doesn’t get caught!

Question 2

This form-fitting dress:

Want a dress that’s more fiery than flowy? This is the best out there. A structured dress makes it easier to skim close to our form, which is how we can get that hourglass shape without any sort of bunching up or shifting. Sure, shapewear can do wonders. But why feel all stuffed in on that wedding day? A structured dress will give the same sort of effect, without any of that uncomfortable tightening. That being said, the style can be considered revealing, making it not everyone’s cup of tea.

Question 3

This blue dress:

How about a non-traditional look? As society shifts from a standard of traditional, white-lace-and-veil weddings, the dress styles shift too. Not only does this mean that the dress structures and materials are shifting, but the colors are too! This is good news for all those fun-loving brides out there who might want to bring a little more color to their special day. This blue dress reminds us of all those early 2000s dip-dye hair styles that we used to rock. Does that mean it fulfills both the something old and something blue requirements?

Question 4

This pink dress:

Okay, so the blue is a little too Kool-Aid for some. That’s okay! Nobody needs to enjoy every color, though having the option to spice up a traditional gown is nice. This pink dress adds a light and fluffy touch to an otherwise classic dress. The dramatic skirt is made a little more unique with that blush color, though we’re sure that some will scoff at the idea of a pink dress. We’re a big fan of this pink blush look, and think it would work in both a traditional wedding and a more contemporary party.

Question 5

This bohemian dress:

Let’s get really unique up in here. Contemporary weddings are becoming more and more popular; beach weddings, forest weddings, and even weddings that happen in our own backyards are being chosen more and more over other, more traditional venues. This means that the dresses need to become more versatile too. This bohemian dress is the perfect option for those creative brides out there who want to fit in to any wedding venue, while still expressing themselves. Longer sleeves and just enough shape, this is one gorgeous dress.

Question 6

This subtle dress:

Sometimes subtle is better, as anyone who’s not a big fan of attention will know. Those of us who prefer to stay on the sidelines will appreciate this dress. Oftentimes we find wedding dresses to be laden with jewels, sparkles, lace, and other accoutrements in order to make them stand out. It’s a nice change of pace to find one like this, made of a fabric with a slight shine, but nothing too dramatic. The small train is a nice touch, and elevates it to a sleek and chic level.

Question 7

This salt and pepper dress:

This is a dramatic and bold choice for a dress. Remember when we talked about all those dresses that are covered in jewels, sequins, and lace? This is a dress that takes it to the next level. Not only does there look to be some jewels, but there’s also a whole new color added to the dress. The ornate additions aren’t necessarily our cup of tea, but we do know that some people will love the unique and creative attributes of this dress.

Question 8

This long sleeve dress:

Long sleeves are great for winter weddings, as well as for anyone who might not be a fan of showing their arms. We’re big fans of this long sleeve dress, and think the detailing is just gorgeous. The long sleeves are covered with details, but not distractingly so. It’s an excellent pairing of classic and contemporary styles, and is part of the reason that we’re so enamoured with contemporary wedding dress designers. A mingling of old and new is a beautiful way to keep the wedding dress tradition alive.

Question 9

This dress that could be a cake:

This dress is ridiculous. The detailing is gorgeous, and the way that they packed in all these flowers is the best display of cake decorating we’ve ever seen. The twist? They haven’t been put on a cake. They’re on an actual, real live dress. The dress is a dramatic option for any bride who wants to really stand out. We personally love the fact that it’s on the market, even if it’s not our specific cup of tea. It’s fluffy and well constructed, and will match perfectly with the wedding cake that’s being served.

Question 10

This contemporary dress:

Okay, maybe the bohemian dress is a little too flowy; maybe the salt and pepper dress is a little too ornate. This dress, however, is just right when it comes to contemporary style. The flowy, A-line dress is a classic silhouette that creates a beautiful shape for walking down the aisle. The bodice is a fantastically embroidered shape and design that adds some uniqueness to the otherwise simple dress. The best part? We could totally shorten the skirt and wear this again.

Question 11

This art piece dress:

Everyone needs a little spark of creativity in their life, but this dress has got a whole bonfire of it. The flaps in the front and the back are dramatic. While they’re probably not stuck like that, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was an artistic reimagining of a wedding dress. The frilly layer on the underside of the dress is an eye-catching touch, and one that makes us think that maybe the flaps really are meant to be up in the air like that. Is it gorgeous? Definitely, for the art critics amongst us.

Question 12

This well balanced dress:

Flowy and light, but getting a little saucy on top, this wedding dress is sure to surprise and delight anyone who sees us in it. The trick with wedding dresses is being able to walk smoothly and gracefully in them. Some people practice for hours and hours just to be able to keep their big puffy skirts from getting tangled in their heels! This skirt, however, brings all the romance of a traditional ball gown dress with half of the taffeta. The bodice on top has a lower cut, but the lace overlay really balances it out. This makes it a great option for those that want something sweet, but saucy.

Question 13

This trumpet dress:

Is tight right when it comes to wedding dresses? Ask some brides and they’ll claim that the only dress to wear on the big day is one that accentuates our shape. Puffy skirts aren’t for everyone, and for some of us fuller folks the extra support of a tight dress is much appreciated. Wearing this trumpet dress will feel like wearing a secure seatbelt. We don’t need to stress about falling out, as the compression is sure to keep us held in tight.

Question 14

This totally classic dress:

This classic dress is one that traditional brides are likely going to love. The skirt is an A-line style, which is flattering on nearly every shape. With a gentle triangle shape, this dress will look stunning as we float down the aisle. The skirt is a heavier fabric than a tulle, which makes it well matched to the more structured bodice. We personally think that this classic can be just as good as any innovative or new design. It might not be creative, but it is beautiful.

Question 15

This satin dress:

Satin is a style that’s usually hit or miss. Some people dislike the look and feel of satin, especially if it’s of a cheaper or lower quality. This dress has a nice shine to it, and would look amazing walking down an aisle lined with fairy or string lights. We love the way that the satin pleats as well, with a relaxed fit on the skirt and a more gentle fit to the bodice. It’s a well crafted piece, but the fabric will certainly make it not everyone’s cup of tea.

Question 16

This vintage lace dress:

There’s something lovely about vintage looks. We personally really love the way that vintage tends to fit, as it’s often a closer skimming style than the contemporary builds of dresses. Vintage also has the benefit of sometimes being a lot cheaper than new dresses too. Second hand is a great way to give new life to a dress, and especially to a dress as special as this wedding gown. While it might not be as dramatic as some of the other gowns we’ve seen, it’s very, very special.

Question 17

This decorated dress:

There’s a big, beautiful moment on the way: saying “I do” to the person that we love. This kind of event calls for a very special outfit, which is partially why the wedding dress exists. The dramatic bedazzling and ornate additions to this dress are an excellent representation of our inner excitement about the big wedding day. This dress is also the perfect gown for any bride who wants to be the centre of attention; and hey, who wouldn’t want to stand out on their special day?

Question 18

This long, LONG sleeved dress:

Is this the renaissance, or just a creative wedding dress style? We’re not sure what’s going on with the style here, but we’re actually kind of into it. The longer sleeves might not be great for reaching across the dinner table or cutting the cake, but they certainly will look good dancing and dangling around the bouquet. The lace is lovely as well, and really pairs nicely with this more old fashioned-inspired dress style. We’d love to see this dress is a creamy color, or with a blush layer on top.

Question 19

This rouched dress:

Look at that sassy bride! The ruching on this dress is a popular style choice for many brides. We’ve seen it done on everything from bodycon dresses to button-up shirts, and think that it’s an easy way to define the waist without having to do much tailoring. Ruching is also a great way to add texture to an otherwise plain dress, without have a million little beads sewed on. It’s a great choice for those that might want to add something special to a plain, stock dress.

Question 20

This dress with POCKETS:

Finally, right? The biggest thing that’s on everyone’s mind when it comes to buying a dress is the practicality of it. Sure, we all want to look good on the big day. But there’s also the question of how we’re going to walk, dance, and wear the wedding dress throughout the course of the night. The pockets on this dress make it possible to keep our phone (and other essentials) on us all night long, without having our hands full.

Question 21

This all-tulle dress:

This dress is a breezy dream for those who might have a summer wedding planned. The tulle fabric will float on any slight breeze, and often looks like we’re walking in a cloud. Surrounded by tulle, it’s almost like we’re being drifted down the aisle. It’s a very romantic fabric, though it’s certainly not for everyone. Those of us who might prefer a tighter fitting dress will likely be disappointed by the lightness of this outfit, and might rate a different dress higher.

Question 22

This extreme mermaid dress:

We saw a trumpet dress already, and this mermaid dress is a similar kind of style. The structure on the top half dramatically floats out just above the knees. This means that the whole bodice of the dress is built specifically to accentuate our shape. It allows for a little bit of movement, too, as the fluffiness of the bottom means there’s tons of space to walk, making it super easy to strut our stuff. While the dramatic nature of this dress means it’s not for everyone, it’s perfect for those attention lovers amongst us.

Question 23

This black dress:

Non-traditional wedding dresses come in many shapes and forms. The color of a dress is often not in question, as white is the go-to for many brides. There’s always another option, though, as this dress proves. The black color adds a touch of darkness to any wedding, and is perfect for those Halloween lovers amongst us. The tulle in this dress almost looks cobweb-like, making it even more reminiscent of Halloween fun and witchy magic. October weddings will be totally on-theme with this dark magic wedding dress, and we’re super into it.

Question 24

This dress-and-jacket combo:

Looking for something a little tougher, while still being more or less traditional? This is the wedding dress that’s going to change the whole game. Adorned with a matching white leather jacket, this sleek dress is perfect for those rockstar brides who want to stand out without a large skirt. We could definitely work that jacket into our everyday wardrobes too, keeping the memory of the wedding alive every single day. In a way, that’s almost more romantic than wearing a classic A-line ball gown dress. Romance aside, it’s still totally rock and roll!

Question 25

This hi-low dress:

High to low hems have been seen for many seasons now; just scroll through any fast fashion website. Typing “hi-low skirt” into Google gets us a huge amount of results. It’s only natural that with that kind of trendiness we start seeing it on wedding dress skirts too! The draping at the front of the skirt is well balanced by the length in the back, giving this a puffy-skirt effect without having to wear lots of heavy fabric layers. All in all, this unique hem style is a really lovely addition to an otherwise traditional wedding gown.

Question 26

This arm bow dress:

Who doesn’t love a good arm bow? This dress is doubling up on the fancy accessory, and making it so that we’re looking like twice the present on our wedding day. The dress itself is fairly plain; that’s probably a good thing, since bows can start looking a little extra really quickly. While we’re not necessarily the biggest fan of the off-the-shoulder style, the bows really make it look more like a fashion choice than an ill-fitting dress. Try throwing a bow onto the veil in order to tie the whole look together!

Question 27

This ruffle chip dress:

We saw the cake-inspired dress already. We had to include something else for those brides that don’t have a sweet tooth, though. That’s where this dress comes into the picture. The skirt on this dress really looks like a ruffle chip. Maybe it’s just because we’re a little hungry, but we would love to grab some french onion dip and dunk that dress train in it. Is that weird? Probably. Just look at that frilly fabric, though! It’s hard to think of anything else when faced with it.

Question 28

This floral dress:

Look at that peachy orange skirt! A unique color, and one that’s really eye-catching. The skirt itself is a very ornate look, with each and every flower as beautiful as the one beside it. The skirt itself seems to feature two different fabric textures. The ruffles are made of a very light fabric, likely taffeta or tulle. The flower accents feature a more satiny style, which truly makes them stand out. It’s a little unconventional, but we think it would look amazing against a forest or beach wedding backdrop.

Question 29

This delicate dress:

Taking inspiration from all those short wedding dresses out there, this is a style that’s really found the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary. Light and dreamy, the skirt looks like it would be at home on a ballerina as much as it is on that bride. The top of the dress is also a sweet style, and is a little more covering than some of the strapless dresses we’ve seen. Seemingly made of the same fabric, the bodice and the skirt both look like they’re made of the same sweet dreams; perfect for the big day!

Question 30

This sweet dress:

We’re actually really into this wedding dress, which features a plain and simple dress with a surprise at the bottom. The delicate details pop thanks to the plain background the skirt provides. The mid-length sleeves are a unique style for a wedding dress, and one that we’re very excited about. It’s not often that we find a dress that provides arm coverage while still looking attractive. It’s sweet and delicate, but still has some character and classiness. Sounds like a great choice for a dreamy wedding day.

Question 31

This 5-layer dress:

We’re all well aware of the joys of 7 layer dip; but what about a 7-layer dress? We often think about a cake having layers, but rarely do we consider wedding dress layers as an essential part of the day. While this dress might only have 5 layers, we’re still impressed with its design. The look is one that says “I’m tall and proud” and doesn’t shy away from the fact that wedding dresses can be crafted in many shapes and styles.

Question 32

This dress with pants:

First it was pockets, then it was leather jackets, and now...PANTS! Worry not, brides who wish they could have the practicality of pants, but are stuck looking at traditional wedding dresses. This style will not only satisfy Grandma, but it’ll also satisfy those of us who want a more practical, full coverage wedding dress. Looking enough like a skirt to help us float down the aisle, but separate enough to allow us to comfortably dance the night away without an outfit change, this is a fantastic choice for any contemporary bride.

Question 33

This rose-covered dress:

A little more subtle than some of the other flower dresses we’ve seen, this dress is proof that wedding dress decorations don’t need to be dramatic in order to make an impact. The roses on this dress are well crafted and plentiful, yes, but they aren’t too much. The drama of the dress is in the shape. The long train will make an impact walking down the aisle, while the roses add some sweet (but subtle) visual interest when viewed close up.

Question 34

This simple dress:

A far cry from some of the more elaborate designs we’ve seen, this wedding dress looks like an absolute dream. Built specifically for those that want to dress up their wedding dress with dramatic jewelry and a decorated veil, the subtle beauty of this sleek dress makes for an excellent backdrop. It won’t overpower any accessories, and it won’t look like we’ve adorned ourselves with too many extras. Thankfully, this is a dress that seems to be made to be worn by a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for any bride!

Question 35

This grey dress:

Finally, we’ve gone through enough dresses in order to share one of the more experimental options. A seasoned wedding dress rater will know what to give this dress. Ombre might be a popular hair color trend, but we’re not super into putting it on a dress. The grey is a very bold choice, and the ruffling of the skirt makes it so that onlookers are always seeing a new color/design. The white and grey shifts as the bride walks, which sounds really cool on paper. Does it work in real life? Only the bride can be the judge of that!

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