Rate These Villains To Reveal Your Superhero Identity

For every great superhero, there are at least four or five great supervillains. In fact, it is often the villains who end up being the more interesting characters in the story. Comic book villains come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has their favorites. Sure, they might not be the characters that people root for, but they are still a lot of fun to spend some time with (especially when keeping in mind that they are fictional and won't cause any real-world problems). These villains are some of the most memorable characters in all of fiction and for good reason.

Villains can hold a mirror up to society, and show everyone what can happen when good people are pushed to the edge. They can also show what happens when power winds up in the wrong hands. They also often end up becoming a mirror image of the heroes, reflecting aspects of their personality that show they could easily be just as bad as the villains if things went another way. That is why people's favorite villains can actually say a lot about which heroes they enjoy reading about as well.

Take a look at these villains and give them a rating to reveal a superhero identity!

Question 1


Eddie Brock was a reporter for the Daily Bugle with a serious grudge against Spider-Man before he bonded with an alien symbiote and became the villain known as Venom. He has many of the same abilities as Spider-Man, including being able to shoot webs and stick to walls. Venom is recognized by his monstrous appearance, which includes a mouth full of sharp teeth and a huge tongue. He also retained the spider symbol from the time the symbiote spent bonded to Peter Parker.

Question 2


Ultron was invented by Hank Pym as an artificial intelligence that would help out the Avengers. However, after reprogramming and rebooting itself five times, Ultron became sentient and ultimately turned against its creator and the other Avengers. It built itself a body out of Adamantium, making it nearly indestructible before it went up against the Avengers again. Ultron has rebuilt itself several times throughout Marvel history, and every time it comes back stronger than before. Ultron was portrayed on screen by James Spader.

Question 3


After being dosed with a huge amount of gamma radiation like Bruce Banner before him, Emil Blonsky became the villain known as Abomination, a giant, scaled monster similar to the Hulk. In their first fight, Abomination actually beat the Hulk easily. Since then, he has gained even more power. Abomination’s powers include super strength and stamina. He is also able to breathe underwater. There are not many villains that can give the Hulk a good fight, but Abomination is one of his strongest enemies.

Question 4


Before he became Two-Face, Harvey Dent was an upstanding Gotham citizen. As a district attorney, he was a valuable ally to Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Together, they attempted to take down the mob, but during a trial, Dent had a corrosive acid thrown in his face, leaving half of it badly scarred. Harvey was driven to madness by this event, and eventually became the exact thing that he had been trying to stop all along. He is one of Batman's saddest villains.

Question 5


Vulture is a classic Spider-Man villain that the webhead has faced many times. Vulture is far older than most of Spider-Man's other enemies, but he is no less threatening. He has enhanced strength and flight capabilities due to a special harness he invented. He was also able to steal youth away from his victims at one point in his life as a criminal, giving him a more youthful look. A version of Vulture was played by Michael Keaton in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Question 6

The Lizard:

Before he became the monstrous villain known as The Lizard, Dr. Kurt Connors was a military surgeon turned scientist. After losing his arm in combat, Connors dedicated himself to finding a way to regrow the limb. He used reptile DNA in order to grow a new arm, much like a lizard can regrow a new tail, but the process also turned Dr. Connors into a giant, reptilian creature that did not retain any of Connors's humanity. Although he has returned to human form several times, Connors often turns back into the Lizard.

Question 7


Thanos might be one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel universe. He most often uses a golden gauntlet loaded with the infinity stones (power, space, soul, time, reality, and mind) to carry out his nefarious plans. At one point in Marvel history, he was able to erase half of all life in the universe with a single snap of his fingers. This led to the famous Infinity War storyline in which several Marvel characters had to come together to stop the Mad Titan.

Question 8


Ego is a living planet that is also known as a celestial. It is almost as old as the universe itself. Ego's cosmic power is far greater than almost any other being in the universe. Ego started its life as a floating consciousness which, over time, learned all of the secrets of the universe. It then utilized its immense power to build a giant body around itself to become the living planet. It can control every aspect of its being, including terrain and weather.

Question 9

Doctor Doom:

Doctor Doom is probably the most well-known villain in Marvel's publication history. He has fought against a number of different Marvel heroes, though he most often finds himself facing off against the Fantastic Four. When he was a scientist named Victor Von Doom, he had a grudge against Reed Richards, whom he often felt was inferior to him. After going home to his native Latveria, Doom built a suit of armor which he wears constantly. Besides giving him an imposing appearance, the suit also gives him enhanced strength.

Question 10


Sandman used to be just a petty criminal named Flint Marko. When Marko ran from the police after one of his crimes, he came across a nuclear test site. There, his DNA was somehow combined with the sand he landed on. Afterward, he gained the ability to change his physical form into a sand-like substance. He could dissolve entirely and reform in a new area, but he could also use his powers to turn his hands into objects like hammers in order to attack his enemies.

Question 11

Solomon Grundy:

Solomon Grundy is one of the original villains in DC comics history. Though he used to just be a normal criminal, he found himself sinking into a swamp with mysterious powers. A long time later, he re-emerged as a creature that was both alive and gone at the same time. The last thing he heard before being swallowed up by the swamp was the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme, which is how he ended up giving himself the name. He is very strong and is impossible to put down permanently.

Question 12


Sinestro started his life in DC comics as a member of the Green Lantern Corps, the intergalactic law enforcement group. Sinestro was even a mentor to Hal Jordan, the original Green Lantern. However, when he used his ring to carry out actions unacceptable to the corps, he was exiled to another dimension. There, he formed his own corps, one that utilized the color yellow in its power rings, due to the fact that anything that is yellow is the one weakness of the Green Lanterns.

Question 13


The villain known as Scorpion used to be a private detective named Mac Gargan. After being hired by J. Jonah Jameson to pursue Spider-Man, Gargan was made the subject of an experiment to imbue a human with the powers of a scorpion. However, the procedure altered Gargan's mind and left him bonded to a suit which included a scorpion-like tail. Gargan vowed revenge against both Spider-Man and Jameson. His most frequent tactic is to attack the family members of people he is working against.

Question 14


Before he became the villain known as Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane was a psychiatrist. As a child, he was often made fun of for his gangly appearance. As an adult, he learned to use people's phobias against them He developed a gas which brings people's deepest phobias to the surface, sometimes driving them mad. Eventually, he made himself a costume in order to look like a scarecrow, the name kids used to taunt him with. He is one of Batman's most enduring foes.

Question 15

The Riddler:

The Riddler is one of Batman's most intelligent enemies. He is obsessed with riddles and puzzles and likes to play all kinds of mind games with his adversaries. He is most often recognized by his bright green suit and question mark cane. Once known as Edward Nigma, he became a criminal when he discovered that he was much more intelligent than the people hunting him down. Batman, who is considered the world's greatest detective, sometimes even has trouble outsmarting the Riddler.

Question 16


The Rhino may not be too bright, but what he lacks in smarts he makes up for with unquestionable strength. The Rhino gained his strength, durability, and stamina after being fused with a suit that emulated a rhino hide. His immense strength allows him to do things like break through walls, toss around heavy objects, and go up against almost any superpowered individual. However, due to the fact that he can be easily outsmarted, Spider-Man often gets the upper hand when he fights against the Rhino.

Question 17

Red Skull:

Johann Schmidt was an officer in Germany's army before he became the Red Skull. After being given the same super soldier formula given to Steve Rogers to make him into Captain America, Schmidt gained a considerable amount of strength. However, due to the formula being untested and still in its early stage, Schmidt's appearance deteriorated until his face was just a crimson skull. Red Skull is Captain America's most enduring villain, and due to the effects of the super soldier formula, he was also able to survive until the present day.

Question 18

Red Hood:

The reveal of Red Hood's identity was one of the most surprising moments in DC comics history. The villain began life as Batman's sidekick Robin, but after being taken by the Joker and attacked with a crowbar, he was thought to be lost. However, he resurfaced years later as the Red Hood. He does not have any superpowers, but he is a criminal mastermind who is able to rally people beneath him and take on other criminals within Gotham City.

Question 19

Professor Pyg:

Lazlo Valentin, known as the villain Professor Pyg, is a gifted surgeon and chemist who went mad and started taking people and turning them into what he calls dollotrons. These mindless, semi-robotic beings are under his control, and he uses them to fight against Batman. He is recognizable by his pig mask, which he wears at all times. He loves to sing opera and may be one of the weirdest enemies that the Dark Knight has ever had to fight against.

Question 20

The Penguin:

Oswald Cobblepot, most often known as The Penguin is one of the biggest crime bosses in Gotham City. While he does not possess any superpowers, he is entirely ruthless, and his intelligence allows him to get the better of people. Despite his menacing nature, he is still sometimes mocked when his back is turned. However, if he hears people making fun of him, it does not typically end well for them. He was portrayed by Danny DeVito in the film Batman Returns.

Question 21


Quentin Beck used to be a stuntman and special effects wizard. However, after he was unable to find any film work, he started committing crimes. Utilizing the skills he had picked up from his days working in the movies, Beck became the villain known as Mysterio. His distinctive appearance is marked by the glass helmet he wears to cover his head. He uses special effects and all kinds of visual trickery to pull off his crimes and leave his victims, and even Spider-Man, confused.

Question 22

Mr. Sinister:

Nathaniel Essex was a scientist who was studying evolution with Charles Darwin. However, he believed that humans were due for a massive shift in evolution. His unethical methods of research caused his colleagues to look down on him. Essex was singled out by the mutant, Apocalypse, to be given enhanced mental and physical powers, making him essentially immortal. He carried on his work of trying to make mutants superior to humans and became one of the most lasting and greatest foes of the X-Men.

Question 23

Mr. Mxyzptlk:

Mr. Mxyzptlk is a being from the fifth dimension who often wanders into the third dimension to cause trouble for Superman. He has the ability to warp reality, including turning the Daily Planet building into a giant, living creature. He is one of Superman's most powerful foes, but he is really more of a nuisance than anything. He does not really have malevolent intentions, and because he is so gullible, it is easy to make him say his name backward, which sends him back to the fifth dimension.

Question 24

Mr. Freeze:

Victor Fries was a scientist working in a cryogenics lab in order to save his wife, Nora, from a chronic disease. After being doused in cryogenic chemicals, he was unable to survive in anything other than freezing temperatures. Using his scientific knowledge, Fries built a cryogenic suit for himself, along with a freezing ray. Taking on the moniker Mr. Freeze, he quickly became one of Batman's most powerful foes. Like Harvey Dent, Mr. Freeze is a sad villain for whom Batman has some sympathy.

Question 25


George Tarleton was a computer scientist who, after being experimented on with the aid of the cosmic cube, was turned into a half-human, half-machine supercomputer called MODOK. After he was activated, MODOK quickly turned on his creators, however, and became one of the most intelligent villains in the Marvel universe. He took control of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and essentially locked his consciousness into the entire company's database. He has been a formidable foe for heroes from Captain America to Iron Man.

Question 26


Before he became known as Magneto, Erik Lehnsherr faced persecution based on who he was during the Second World War. He discovered that he had the ability to control and manipulate metal objects. In his later years, he became the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, a group that fights for the supremacy of mutantkind. Although he often comes into conflict with Charles Xavier and the X-Men, Magneto does occasionally work with them to take on more powerful mutants who threaten the world.

Question 27


Loki has become a fixture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but before he was played by Tom Hiddleston on the big screen, he was just another Marvel villain. Loki is the god of mischief and brother to Thor. He was actually the first villain that the Avengers ever fought against in the comics, making him an important part of Marvel history. Even though he has been defeated many times by Marvel heroes, he continues to make all kinds of trouble in Asgard and on Earth.

Question 28

Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor is Superman's greatest foe, despite the fact that he does not have any superpowers. His intelligence and wealth allow him to come up with novel ways to get rid of Superman, and often he can hold his own against the Kryptonian superhero. Once Luthor discovered that kryptonite was Superman's one weakness, Kryptonite, he immediately began learning as much as he could about it. Luthor has an obsession with besting Superman. He created a special suit powered by kryptonite that enhances his strength.

Question 29


Kingpin has fought against Daredevil and Spider-Man in different comic book stories. He is one of the most prominent crime bosses in Marvel comics. Even though most Marvel superheroes know that Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, is a criminal, he is often able to present himself as a legitimate businessman. Fisk might rely on his henchmen to do most of his work for him, especially when it comes to taking out superheroes, but he has considerable strength, and can definitely hold his own in a fight.

Question 30


Brainiac may just be one of Superman's greatest foes. His level of intelligence far exceeds that of any other being in the universe. Brainiac once trapped the last surviving Kryptonian city in a glass bottle so that he could add to a collection he keeps. Superman was able to stop him when he tried to do the same thing to Metropolis. Brainiac is fascinated by other beings in the universe, even if he considers them to be below him. Brainiac claims to have a "twelfth-level intellect."

Question 31


Juggernaut began his life as Charles Xavier's half-brother. Despite the fact that he is considered a mutant, he was not actually born with his powers. He gained them after entering a temple and discovering a giant ruby. This jewel endowed him with the strength of Cyttorak. He gained superhuman strength and pretty much became an unstoppable force. His helmet, while helping him crash through walls, also protects against psychic attacks. Juggernaut was always jealous of Charles when the two were growing up. This is what made him an enemy of the X-Men.

Question 32

Poison Ivy:

When Pamela Isley, a dedicated botanist, was given experimental toxins and substances by her employer, her DNA was altered and she gained control over plant life. She became the villain known as Poison Ivy, one of Batman's most recognizable foes. Her signature power is putting someone down with a poisonous kiss using a toxin produced naturally by her body. Batman seems to be the only man who cannot be put under her spell, which makes Ivy extremely frustrated. She is a dedicated eco-warrior who wants plant life to take over the planet once again.

Question 33

Harley Quinn:

Harley began her life as Harleen Quinzel, and she worked as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She was tasked with interviewing the Joker but became obsessed with him after so many sessions listening to him talk. Eventually, she became the Joker's girl Friday, abandoning her old personality for a life of crime. Harley doesn't always get the most respect from the Joker (whom she calls "Mister J"), but she is nonetheless entirely devoted to him. She is often seen wielding a large, cartoonish mallet.

Question 34

Green Goblin:

The Green Goblin is Spider-Man's most enduring villain. Norman Osborn, the father to Peter Parker's best friend Harry was already driven to be successful founding Oscopr at the expense of being a good parent. Osborn takes an experimental formula that enhances his strength and agility but also drives him mad. He becomes the Green Goblin and vows to defeat Spider-Man. He hurls pumpkin-shaped explosives and flies on a glider made specifically for him. He continues to be a menace to the population of New York and the world.

Question 35


Galactus has existed since the dawn of the universe. In order to stay alive, he must find and absorb entire planets, feeding off of their energy. Galactus uses heralds to find him new planets to devour, one of whom is the Silver Surfer. Eventually, the Surfer turns against his master, deciding to protect planets from his wrath. Galactus possesses unspeakable power and is essentially unstoppable by conventional means. Though he often appears humanoid, he actually has no real physical form. His appearance changes depending on the observer.

Question 36


Electro is one of Spider-Man's most powerful and dangerous enemies. Max Dillon was an electrician before he became a supervillain. After he was struck by lightning while also working on power lines, Dillon developed powers that allowed him to produce and control electric currents. Eventually, he turned to a life of crime, which was when he started fighting against Spider-Man. Electro can hurl electrical bolts at his enemy, as well as control any sort of electric machinery just by touching it.

Question 37


Doomsday was the very first villain in DC history to take Superman out. It was a huge event in comics history, but it didn't last. Doomsday is a giant, rock-like creature who only has one drive, which is to tear down everything in front of him. He is one of the Justice League's strongest enemies. Doomsday was part of a species of prehistoric Kryptonian creatures who got stronger the more they were defeated, as every time they fell, they came back stronger than before.

Question 38


The Justice League has had to face off against Darkseid numerous times, and he has maintained his status as their most powerful enemy. Darkseid is an incredibly powerful being, one of the strongest in the entire DC universe! He is huge and has rock-like skin. His most powerful ability is the omega beams, which can wipe anything, living or not, from existence. Superman is the only living person that can withstand the omega beams, but they cause him a great amount of pain.

Question 39


Catwoman used to just be a kid living alone on the streets. She embarked on a life of crime because she had to constantly look after herself. As she got older, she began to go for more lucrative items, like jewels. Even though she had lived a hard life, it made her resilient, and she did not let people take advantage of her. Sometimes she works with Batman, and sometimes he has to stop her from committing crimes. This makes their relationship very complicated.

Question 40


Clayface is one of Batman's most imposing villains, due to his monstrous appearance and his shapeshifting abilities. Not only can he disguise himself as any person he wants, but he can also turn his hands into hammers and other blunt objects. Clayface began his life as an actor named Basil Karlo. Karlo gained his powers after being submerged in clay with unstable properties which altered his DNA. There have been several different versions of Clayface throughout Batman's history, but Karlo is the most famous.

Question 41


Cletus Kasady, a mad criminal who could have been in jail for the rest of his life, ended up bonding with a symbiote that spawned from the original black symbiote, creating the villain Carnage. Carnage was far more dangerous than Venom, and would often commit crimes just because he thought it was fun. The Carnage symbiote is far more powerful than its predecessor and has a stronger bond with its host. It can turn its form into things like axes and other sharp objects.

Question 42

Captain Cold:

Captain Cold is pretty similar to Mr. Freeze, although he is just a regular guy who uses a freeze ray. Captain Cold worked as a criminal for a long time and only began utilizing a freeze ray when he started noticing that his plans would be foiled by the Flash. He uses his freeze ray to either slow the hero down or create patches of ice that cause him to slip, which sounds hilarious. His freeze ray has several different applications due to constant upgrades.

Question 43

Black Mask:

Roman Sionis grew up the only son of a wealthy couple who neglected him in favor of their own social standing. Roman grew up to take over his parents' successful cosmetic company, but due to some bad business decisions, he was forced to sell the company to Bruce Wayne. The disenchanted Sionis son turned to a life of crime. He carved himself his namesake black mask out of a piece of ebony carved into a skull. There have been several other people who have worn the black mask.

Question 44


Bullseye is one of Daredevil's most formidable enemies, and for good reason. He is able to turn almost any item into a lethal projectile and hurl it with one hundred percent accuracy. Bullseye used to be a pitcher in the major leagues, and he was one of the best. That is until he hit a batter and took him down, ending his tenure in sports. He turned to a life of crime soon after his ejection from the league, and he continues to operate as a villain and take on Daredevil.

Question 45

Bizarro Superman:

Bizarro Superman is one of the weirdest enemies that the man of steel has ever had to face, and that is really saying something. Bizarro comes from an alternate universe where everything is backward. Unlike the real Superman, Bizarro does bad things and commits crimes. He believes that he is the one and only Superman, often declaring "Me am Superman." He sports a backward "S" on his chest.

Question 46


Apocalypse might have been the very first mutant to exist on Earth. He was abandoned by his tribe due to his strange appearance but was instead raised by a group of people who worshipped him as a God. Apocalypse has been alive for thousands of years, and the older he gets, the more powerful he becomes. He has nearly endless mutant powers and is even able to augment the powers of other mutants by manipulating their X gene. He is one of the most dangerous enemies the X-Men have ever faced.

Question 47


Bane spent his childhood in jail for a crime his father committed. He spent his time there learning and becoming physically strong. He became obsessed with taking down Batman. His strength is enhanced by an experimental substance called Venom which is pumped into his veins. When Bane finally made it to Gotham City, he hunted down Batman and faced him head-on. Their fight is one of the most iconic battles in comic book history, especially since Bane left Batman totally incapacitated.

Question 48

Doctor Octopus:

Before he became Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavius was a brilliant scientist. His greatest achievement a set of four mechanical limbs which he could mentally control. During a routine lab experiment, something went wrong, and the limbs were fused to Otto's back. On top of that, the limbs' programming altered his brain, turning him into a villain. He regularly fights against Spider-Man and became a regular member of the Sinister Six. Doctor Octopus remains one of Spider-Man's most famous and recognizable villains.

Question 49


Sabretooth is by far Wolverine's greatest nemesis. Like Wolverine, Sabretooth has a healing factor and heightened senses. He also has animal-like claws and fangs. Sabretooth's senses are so advanced, it is possible for him to see in complete darkness. Due to his healing factor, no one knows exactly how old Sabretooth is. Victor Creed is Sabretooth's real name, but little is known about his personal history. He is a member of the brotherhood of mutants and often works alongside their leader, Magneto.

Question 50

Ra's Al Ghul:

R'as al Ghul stands as one of Batman's most enduring and powerful enemies. He keeps himself alive by using mystical pools known as Lazarus Pits and is thought to be over 600 years old. R'as al Ghul becomes even stronger every time he is brought back to life. He is one of the only people in the world to have deduced that Bruce Wayne is Batman. However, he keeps the caped crusader's identity secret, as he has so much respect for him as a warrior.

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