Rate These Video Games And We'll Guess Your Sexuality

Welcome to 2018, a year that promises new video games and the same video games (but rebooted). They may be new games, but let's be honest, are you really expecting yearly releases or games heavily dependent on microtransactions to feel like a new game this year? Be serious for a minute!

Jokes aside, this should be another strong year for video games, especially with titles like Red Dead Redemption 2Far Cry 5, and Spider-Man all set to drop in the coming months. Rather than think about how microtransactions will surely be in those games or how long they'll take to install, let's play a game where we have you rate games and that will tell us your sexuality.

People may not want to believe this, but certain game genres and titles appeal more to certain genders and sexualities. It's much more likely that a game with a major LGBT character will be more enjoyed by a gay man or a lesbian woman than a game without any sort of LGBT presence or where it's implied that everyone is straight.

Our only true ground rule for this quiz is that most of these games are recent releases (and we won't try to spoil anything) so if you're ready to see if we know your sexuality, let's get to work!


The definitive post-apocalyptic game and arguably the definitive RPG, Fallout has been everywhere from Washington D.C. to a new Las Vegas...creatively called New Vegas. Fallout 4 had mixed reception by some, but many continue to still love and adore the series. What do you think of the Fallout brand as a whole?

2Star Wars: The Old Republic

A divisive game for many Star Wars fans because of what it did to the original Knights of the Old Republic games, The Old Republic is essentially League of Legends in space...but you can use the Force and lightsabers. What do you think of The Old Republic MMO, not the series?

3Grand Theft Auto

Because Grand Theft Auto is Grand Theft Auto, we're going to do something different with this question. Do you find Grand Theft Auto, between killing innocents and hijacking cars, to be an offensive game? Or, are you able to look past all of that because it's nothing more than a satirical video game?

4Madden NFL

The innovative sports franchise that changed it all and has divided a fanbase in recent years, who doesn't want to hit people as hard as they can? Even in the midst of the NFL's concussion crisis, there's still such a feeling of satisfaction when you lay someone out in the open field. What do you think of Madden?

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