Rate These Video Game Characters And We'll Guess Your Favorite Game

There was once a time when video games were considered pretty independent from the mainstream, something that people on the fringes of society took part in, but this is no longer true. They've become one of the biggest forms of entertainment across the world, making a lot of people a lot of money, and giving a lot of enjoyment in the process. This is why we've decided to put together a video game quiz that allows people a chance to show their love for video games.

We want people to rate these various video game characters that we've put together in this quiz, putting them on a ranking from 1 to 4, 1 being the best and 4 being the worst, giving people a chance to have their say on some of the most iconic video games of all time. Once people have done this, we think we will be able to tell them which game is their absolute favorite, just based on what sort of characters they enjoy in their video games!

So, is it about time that the gamers got their say on which video game characters are the best? Want to see how good we are at guessing which video game is well loved? The only way to find out is to get started!

Question 1

Agent 47

This man is a stone cold killer, somebody who has spent a lot of their life getting rid of people who others want in the ground. His games tasks the player with searching through worlds, looking for the best way to take someone out.

Question 2

Princess Zelda

Rarely offered much autonomy in the video games that are actually named after her, she's often expected to wait in a castle while a voiceless character goes on a treacherous journey to ensure that she and he lineage survives.

Question 3


Although he started out as somewhat of a power up for his Italian plumber friend, it wasn't long before this little dinosaur gained a personality of its own, going on to star in numerous video games as the main character!

Question 4


This guy is from the Mortal Kombat series. Throughout that series he has used various ice based powers to take down various adversaries, freezing them to death before smashing them into thousands of pieces!

Question 5


Everybody wanted to play as things like a dragon when they were younger, but this little guy isn't the standard type of dragon. He is tasked with saving the lives of numerous adult dragons, a task he takes head on!

Question 6

Sonic The Hedgehog

Along with Mario, this guy is one of the most famous video game characters of all time. He was Sega's mascot for a long time, but his time in the spotlight has been filled with both ups and downs, never finding stability.

Question 7

Samus Aran

This woman was raised by aliens and before becoming a mute bounty hunter, taking down various aliens. Along the way, she has most famously come up against two races of aliens, the Metroids and the Space Pirates.

Question 8

Big Boss

While he may look a lot like Solid Snake, this is actually the world's most famous soldier, who Solid Snake was cloned from. The story surrounding this guy can get pretty confusing, so it's lucky the gameplay has always been great.

Question 9


This is the most famous video game villain of all time, a giant fire breathing dinosaur that is obsessed with capturing and keeping Princess Peach, although we're not sure that he will ever manage it in this lifetime!

Question 10

Chloe Frazer

This woman has followed in the footsteps of her father, travelling the world in the hope of making archeological discoveries that other people could only ever dream of chancing upon themselves. She's known for working with Nathan Drake...

Question 11

Cloud Strife

This young man is seemingly obsessed with being overly emotional, but that doesn't mean he can't also hold his own when it comes to combat. Sitting down for a conversation with him can be tough, but fighting alongside him is as smooth as anything...

Question 12

Sam Fisher

While he has spent most of his career working for the government, he has also found himself going rogue, always placed into dangerous positions to carry out missions that the rest of the world will likely never find out about...

Question 13


Sony attempted to turn this character into an icon, and while it was somewhat successful, we don't think that many people love him as a mascot. He has some great games out there though, many of them worth a look!

Question 14

Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong's little friend Diddy has been on many adventures with him at this point, offering a smaller stature and quicker movement than his gorilla friend! Sure, he has less strength, but then strength certainly isn't the most important thing.

Question 15

Princess Peach

This woman is physically incapable of going a day without getting taken, which is why every single Mario game seems to pretty much revolve around him having to save this woman, usually from his nemesis Bowser.

Question 16


This angelic character spends his time fighting off evil powers so that he can keep good in the world. He works for a grander power, a woman who shows him how to make sure that darkness doesn't prevail.

Question 17

Donkey Kong

This big lad is known for being able to quickly and efficiently move through a jungle setting, while also having enough strength about him to take down some of the bigger beasts that can be found in that sort of environment.

Question 18

Duke Nukem

This man is a sad character from a time that video games are desperately trying to forget, when men were there to objectify women and shoot guns, and women were merely there to be objectified by crazy characters like this!

Question 19

Earthworm Jim

This guy is weird, but he caught on in a big way, getting more than one game and even being turned into an early morning cartoon character! A worm in a spacesuit, what on earth could go wrong with that?!

Question 20

Ezio Auditore

This is actually the ancestor of the character people are portraying in the video game, but most of it is spent in this man's head, taking people down in a variety of ways, attempting to act out the creed he carries with him.

Question 21


In the real world, the line between good and evil is a complicated thing to point to, but in fantasy lands and video game universes, people like this exist. This character is the physical embodiment evil, only existing to be evil.

Question 22


Glados, here shown inside a potato, is actually a genius AI, one that attempts to keep the main character within various forms of puzzle rooms. She has gone insane, and she doesn't want her only acquaintance to escape anytime soon...

Question 23

Gordon Freeman

Never given much of a personality so that the player will be able to fully assume their role in the video game universe, Freeman oversees the events of an entire series, attempting to bring peace and stability to his world.

Question 24


One of the cutest video games of all time, this little mouse is known for its powerful thunder attacks, existing in the Pokemon universe. Animals like him are often captured and then forced to fight in Pokemon battles.

Question 25

Niko Bellic

Unable to find his way in a world that doesn't seem to understand what he's been through, Bellic is a Grand Theft Auto character, a man who turns to crime, despite never wanting to return to his criminal ways.

Question 26

Nathan Drake

This man spends his entire life globetrotting, looking for various artifacts and putting himself in immense danger all due to the thrill of the chase. Sadly, it can end up getting in the way of his personal life...

Question 27

Nadine Ross

It's great to see that the video game developers in the modern world are refusing to keep up the old habits when it comes to gender. This woman has a great backstory and is never at the behest of a man's whim.

Question 28

Jill Valentine

Possibly one of the most famous female characters in video games, Valentine is from the Resident Evil series, first appearing in the original video game that gave the series its name. From there, she has fought zombies numerous times!

Question 29

John Marston

This man used to be a bad man, but has tried to turn things around since then. However, the government have other ideas, as they want him to seek out and kill all of his old bandit friends before they can forgive his past.

Question 30


This man has gone through quite the rebrand, going from a man that cares only about rage and revenge, to a man that wants to make sure he doesn't pass on his own mistakes onto the next generation.

Question 31

Lara Croft

This woman spends her life travelling to various places across the planet in the hope of finding new discoveries, often choosing to follow in the footsteps of her father who was also in the business of archeology.

Question 32

Leon Kennedy

While he first appeared in Resident Evil 2, it wasn't until Resident Evil 4 that he was able to have some fun with the franchise, along with the audience getting to really lean into the sillier elements of the Resident Evil franchise.

Question 33


This young robot boy has a lot placed on his shoulders in these games, where he is tasked with taking down various robots created by an evil scientist, who he then has to take down at the end of the game!

Question 34

Max Payne

This man has been through a lot, and as a character, it seems as if he will never be able to outrun his bad luck that follows him everywhere he goes. It doesn't matter if he leaves the country or changes jobs, he will always end up in a bad place.

Question 35

Lincoln Clay

Taking control of a black character during a time in the US when people were openly racist is a difficult thing to do in a video game. However, this character is able to pull it off brilliantly and gives the audience an insight into the life of a black character in a racist country.

Question 36


There have been many iterations of Link, but all of them seem to have a couple of things in common, mainly that they're there to save the Princess and that they must seek out the master sword in order to do that!

Question 37

Master Chief

While he may not have the best personality when it comes to video game characters, even we have to admit that he gets the job done. No matter how difficult the task, he always manages to get it done somehow.

Question 38


One of the most easily recognizable faces in popular culture, Mario has been appearing in critically acclaimed games for decades at this point, and we don't imagine that this is something that will likely ever change in the future.

Question 39

Marcus Fenix

Men likes this should've been taken out of video games a long time ago! They seem to have no personality beyond the ability to wear an insane amount of gear and take on all matter of enemies, but never show any character development.

Question 40


Being the brother to one of the most famous video game characters of all time must take its toll, which is probably why this Italian brother is incredibly easy to spook, as well as being pretty unsure about himself!

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