Rate These TV Bad Boys And We'll Tell You What Tattoo To Get Next

Okay, so you're well on your way into adulthood. Congratulations! Pretty soon us millennials will be the ones calling the shots on this planet. We'll be the next presidential candidates, the next CEOs and top executives, the next astronauts and scientists. Finally, it is (or about to be) our time. Now that you have your own job, your own family (or at least starting one), and your own car (yep, owning your mom's still counts), you are probably thinking that time is moving a bit too fast. If you're anything like me, then you're going through a quarter life crisis. Well, rather than buying a motorcycle or going skydiving (but, you know, props if you do), why don't you get a new tattoo?

Assuming you can handle the slight pain involved with getting a tattoo and you have some money to spare, why not take this quiz on TV bad boys to help you decide what kind to get. There are four results. They are inspirational tattoos (i.e. quotes), tramp stamps (no further explanation needed, I think...), tiny/significant tattoos (e.g. an outline of the state you were born in, an image of your birthstone), and tribal tattoo (think rich, passionate, and ferocious designs like Pocahontas's armband).

Now let's begin!

1What do you think of this guy?

Okay so if you don't know, this is William (otherwise known as Spike) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. According to the show's creator, he is the most developed (most real and tangible) character in the whole show. He is both a villain and an anti-hero. Apparently, he is quite the romantic. He writes a lot of poetry which is scorned by his peers. In fact, that's how he got the nickname Spike. According to wiki, it is so bad it makes you want to put a spike through your head.

2How do you feel about this one?

In case you don't recognize him, this is Darryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Most noted for his aggression, he represents the Freudian id that may or may not exist within all of us. Take away our livelihood like our jobs, our homes, and our family and then suddenly it becomes a survival game.

3How about him?

For all you who don't know (and shame on you), this is Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls. Him and Rory dated quite a bit throughout the show. He is incredibly smart and quick-witted. Oh and he looooves the arts and literature. Sounds like my kind of guy if you don't mind me sayin'. He loves the writers Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski, but not very many female literary writers. However, he thinks his favorite writers would get along with Jane Austen.


4Go ahead and rate this fella!

I guess you can't get more bad boy then this dude. He is literally a demon. However, he didn't start out that way. He was a regular, ol' human until his death when he was about 63 years old. Now he is known as "King of the Crossroads" and "King of Hell". This isn't the guy you'd bring home to your mother; that's for sure!

5Yay or nay?

Eh, I'd pass on this guy if I was the one taking this tattoo quiz, but that's just silly me, I guess. This is Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy. He has earned the name "McSteamy" from all the female interns who crush on and drool over this guy. For what it's worth, this guy has a tendency to pursue women who are off the market.


6Whaddya think of him?

Gosh, I would pass on this guy as well. Anyways, his name is Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass from Gossip Girl. He mentions a quote that I found very intriguing. He says, "People like me don't write books, we're written about." Ha! That sounds like my current boyfriend (not to brag or anything). If you watch Gossip Girl then you know he dates and then marries Blair Waldorf.

7What about him?

Meet Declan Harp. He is from the TV series Frontier. He is considered wild, ruthless, and mysterious. He also has a way with words and is incredibly skilled at leading people and getting others to do his bidding. He is the violent head of fur company called Black Wolf Company. There is definitely something to be said about the mysterious type, though.


8Would you give this guy a chance?

My gosh, Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen are such a cute couple. Well, were a cute couple, that is. Hopefully that didn't spoil anything since that happens in season one and there's like seven seasons out right now. Those two were like yin and yang. She was the "moon of his life" and he was her "sun and stars". So romantic! *Sob*

9Would you ever date this guy?

I'll admit this embarrassing, yet relevant, fact about me: I got my high school senior photos taken in front of a graffiti wall in Detroit. They turned out...well, I'm a sheltered, suburban white girl, so how do you think? Anyways this is Jackson Teller from Sons of Anarchy. He may look like a bad boy on the outside, but inside he oozes love for his family.


10Is he your type?

Oh my goodness! Sign me up for Aaron Paul. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! If you don't know who the heck Aaron Paul is then allow me to explain. He plays Jesse Pinkman's character in Breaking Bad. Before teaming up with Walter, he's the guy who moves small quantities of meth around his surrounding city. Then with Walt, he becomes basically another drug lord.

11Rate this guy!

Not only does this dude deny his birthright (much to Tywin Lannister's dissatisfaction), but he slays kings! Or, at least, he has slayed one king so far. Sure he had excellent reason to slay the Mad King, but doing it in the back is seen as cowardly, at least in the Game of Thrones universe. For all those who don't know, this is Jaimie Lannister. He's doesn't look too much like a bad boy to me. What do you think?


12Could this be your Mr. Right?

Yeah, sure you can't date him IRL because he's just a character and you'll probably never cross paths with this actor ever. I mean, unless you're that cunning and skilled I guess you might be able to. I suppose if there's a will then there's a way? Although, Charlie Day is a bit short for my liking, I think his brains and big personality makes up for it.

13Could you fall in love with him?

Oh my word! They don't make guys like this anymore, do they? He's got that classic look that's perfect for the era he is in, which is the 1960s. This is Don Draper from Mad Men. He ain't broke neither. He is the creative director at Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency. Although he is (happily?) married in the show, he might be single in real life.


14Hot or not?

If you don't remember this guy then allow me to refresh your memory. It's Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthew's right hand guy, from the Disney TV show Boy Meets World. I would have totally gone after him if he went to my high school. Shawn and Cory were interesting together because they had opposite dating lives. Shawn wouldn't hold onto a relationship for more than two weeks, whereas Cory has basically only dated Topanga. The grass is always greener, I'm afraid.

15How long would you date this guy?

To me, this guy looks like he has something up his sleeve. He's got that dark, shifty look to him. In case you don't know this is Professor Moriarty from Sherlock. He's a mathematical genius and is estranged from his family due to his diabolical scheming. He is considered the greatest archenemy in all of fictional history. Impressive!


16How about this one?

This dude looks bad to the bone to me. If you don't recognize this character, it's Derek Hale from the TV series Teenwolf. In the beginning everyone would call him one of the good guys, but later on he started committing acts that seemed immoral to some people. However, the situation appears you usually tell that he fights for his friends and loved ones.

17Whatcha think about him?

This is Elijah Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries AND The Originals. He is an iconic case of bad boys going good. In the series he starts out as the antagonist and then quickly transforms into one of the good guys. If you like guys with a dark past then you might like him. However, maybe you're of the opinion that some things are unforgivable. What did he do wrong you might ask? Well, he accidentally killed the woman he loved. So, there's that...


18Does he make you weak in the knees?

Wow, Smallville was on the air for awhile. I only finished it a couple years ago in 2015. Anyway, get a load of Lex Luthor. If you're keen on the comic book industry, then you probably know all about him. If not, then me introduce him. He's basically the smartest man in the world. He hides behind all the philanthropy he does for the city just so no one suspects him of hatching evil plots.

19Is he hot in your eyes?

This is Pacey Witter from Dawsons Creek. He fits under the adventurer type which can be construed as a "bad boy" in some women's eyes. These types don't go actively searching for female attention 24/7. They've got big to-do lists and big dreams. If Pacey lashes out at all, then it's because of his troubled relationship with his family, often cited as an embarrassment. I think this guy just needs a big hug.


20Is he a butterface or one of the "better" faces out there?

This guy looks like a wise guy. He's so much more than that. He's known as "T-bag", a villain from the show Prison Break. One could argue that he only acts that way as an adult because he had a lacking childhood. His father sexually-assaulted his poor sister who has down's syndrome. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

21Swipe left or right?

Okay so if you have watched most of the episodes in Breaking Bad then you can understand how Walter White ended up as lean, mean meth-selling machine. He's very human. It started out as an act of love for his family and for their well-being once he died from cancer. Deep down, he ain't evil. Bitter? Yes, absolutely and you would be too (probably) if you walked around in his shoes.


22Would you like one of him?

Well, this guy practically defines the word womanizer. He lives a bachelor lifestyle, and he often drives souped-up vehicles such as a Mercedes or a Jaguar. "Money seems to fall into his lap" according to his character called Charlie Harper in the TV show Two and a Half Men.

23Is he a "Plain Dane"?

This is Zachary Morris from Saved by the Bell. Yes, it's an old show, but he is still very relevant. He is known to cause trouble in high school and they'd often backfire. He's known as a ladies' man and is quite the charmer. I wouldn't call him a womanizer, but he is known to steal the hearts of high school girls everywhere.


24Does this one suit your fancy?

God help the misunderstood bad boys. The ones who are galvanized by abstract morals like redemption of loved or honoring an individual, but appear pure evil when taken out of context. No one should try to interpret anyone out of context. Every person is a story. If you skip to the middle or the end then you might miss something. This is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. Yes, he has committed some crimes, but after it all, he still has the ability to love. No true immortal is able to love (and maintain their capability of loving) their entire lives.

25Is this guy a sight for sore eyes?

This guy looks like he's all bark and no bite. He seems like the male equivalent of the "girl next door" trope. He's your typical anti-hero; he's someone who kills the killers. Now, I'm not sure your philosophy on that, but in his mind, he is serving justice. This is Dexter Morgan from the TV show Dexter.

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