Rate These Television Series To Get The Perfect Snack For Binge-Night

As the weather outside gets colder and we all start the winter hibernation process, we have to ensure that we have enough television to see us through till the spring. If there is one upside to these long cold months, it is the amount of television we are able to enjoy. While binging a series can be tough in the summer, polishing off a 5 season series in January is easy peasy. The question is, which of these series should we really be investing our time in? Today we get to the bottom of which shows are worth the binge, and which could be passed up.

Today we will be listing popular series from every genre one by one. We will ask everyone to vote on which ones they thought were worthy of a binge night and which they felt could easily be skipped. Once we have a feel for everyone's taste in TV, we will be able to dish out the perfect TV watching snack to everyone. We are all looking for new stuff to watch, so a quiz like this could not have come around at a better time. Is everyone ready to finally let the world know how they feel about these shows?

Question 1

Broad City:

These two friends are very different, but that fact is exactly what makes them so close. While their personalities differ, their situations are pretty similar. They both live in New York, and barely make enough money to pay rent every month. Abbi hopes to one day become a professional artist, while Ilana is pretty content continuing on with her odd jobs. As long as these chicks stick together, they'll be alright. How did everyone here feel about this comedy series?

Question 2

Grey's Anatomy:

In this show, Seattle is home to some of the top surgeons in the world. Meredith Grey began her work in Seattle as a surgical intern. She along with her fellow interns worked tirelessly for an entire year to make it into their residency. While a surgical intern year is tough on anyone attempting it, things are particularly difficult for this bunch of new doctors. Never in history has there been a more dangerous hospital. How do we feel about this long-running medical-drama?

Question 3

The Crown:

At age 25, Elizabeth's whole life changed. Not only had she just lost her father, but his passing meant that she was now going have to take over the throne herself. Ruling a country at such a young age was a daunting prospect, but she knew she had to do it. However, since she was still so young, she was going to do things a little differently. After all, what 25-year-old can avoid love interests all together? Thoughts on the series?

Question 4

Bob's Burgers:

Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant would certainly say it is not an easy industry to survive in. Even though Bob knew how hard it was to keep a restaurant open, he decided to go after his dream of opening a burger shop. While his food is excellent, his energetic children have a tendency to drive away the paying customers. Who knew running a restaurant was not all about the food? Do we have any fans of this animated series here?

Question 5


When trying to reconnect, some families will plan a weekly dinner or even a game night. Marty on the other hand, has something completely different in mind. His money-laundering scheme has just backfired in a big way, so he is moving his entire family out of town to the Ozarks. Obviously his credit issues will follow him, but it turns out that some angry business partners are after him as well. Nothing says family bonding like running for your life!

Question 6


Not everyone has the brains or the cash to make it into the Ivy Leagues. Jeff Winger did have the cash, but honestly, he did not have much interest in education at all. He was being forced to return to school by the courts of law after they discovered he had faked his way into his job as a lawyer. Not wanting to overexert himself, Jeff has agreed to return, but he will be getting his degree from the cheapest/easiest school he can find.

Question 7

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

Miriam never thought much about what she would do for work if she ever had to. She had a husband to earn money for the family, and she was perfectly content caring for their children and their beautiful New York City apartment. However, sometimes our passions have a way of finding us. Miriam was shocked to learn she was harboring a hidden talent for stand-up comedy, but know that she knows about it, she is certainly going to use it!

Question 8

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

There is no one in the world quite like Kimmy Schmidt. She has spent the majority of her life locked away in a bunker, but now that she is out, she is ready to take the world by storm. While some people may have been angry about being locked up in the first place, Kimmy feels as though she has no time to waste on silly emotions like anger. She's got 15 years of living to catch up on, and she is not losing another minute!

Question 9

Grace and Frankie:

Getting old can be tough on the best of us. These two women were not sweating it at all though. They had spent their lives working hard, so now that retirement time has come around, they could not be any more excited. Of course on their very first night of freedom, their husbands felt the need to inform them of the secret relationship they've hidden for 30 years. Forget about relaxing, these women have to start all over now! Thoughts?

Question 10


Life is hard. There is no two ways around it. No matter who we are or where we come from, the same problems are bound to find us at some point. All we can really hope for is to have at least a couple good friends to see us through the rough patches. Luckily for this crew, they each have 5 best friends who would do just about anything for them. When it just hasn't been your day, your month, or even your year, hopefully, your friends are around to crack some jokes!

Question 11

Modern Family:

The days of cookie-cutter families are far behind us. These days, families can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This one, in particular, is a little out of the box. While each branch of this family looks pretty normal on their own, when they all get put together, things seem a little crazy and hard to follow. All that really matters though, is that the love between the members is strong. Who has been watching this one since season 1?

Question 12


When Rick got shot while working as a police officer, his friends and family all held onto hope that he would one day wake up from his coma. However, when he finally did wake up, there was not a soul to be found in the entire hospital. Rick stumbled his way out of the building and found what looked like the end of the world. A zombie apocalypse has taken over his town, and the chances of him ever seeing his family again are getting slimmer by the minute.

Question 13

Gilmore Girls:

While Lorelai did not plan on getting pregnant at 16, it kind of turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. She was able to start her own life away from her overly controlling family. She raised her daughter the way she wanted to, and this created a bond between them stronger than anyone could ever imagine. Her daughter is growing up though, and Lorelai is going to have to face this fact sooner or later.

Question 14

How I Met Your Mother:

Even though Ted has gone through what seems like hundreds of heartbreaks, he still has not given up hope on finding his true love. He knows she must be out there somewhere, and it is his job to find her. Of course, this means that he must date every woman in New York City until he meets her. The plan is not foolproof, but he and his friends are certainly going to have a fun time along the way. Who loves this one?

Question 15

Boy Meets World:

Cory Matthews is a kid like any other. He loves his family, his friends, and for the most part, his teachers. He is about to start middle school though, so his life is changing rapidly. He is learning new things every single day, and he is doing his best to keep up. In this series, we see young Cory and all of his friends go through the good and the bad times we have all ourselves experienced in adolescence. How do we feel about this old school classic?

Question 16

Young Sheldon:

To say Sheldon is a bit different than the other kids, would be quite an understatement. This kid is way smarter than even the teachers in his school, and he has no problem with letting them know this on a regular basis. Clearly, he sees nothing wrong with telling people when they are wrong, but if he could only learn how to deliver the message in a nicer way. His mom is trying to teach him, but as smart as he may be, this lesson is a tough one for him to learn.

Question 17

2 Broke Girls:

Had these girls met under different circumstances, they would have never become business partners. Max was a kid full of street smarts, and Caroline was well, full of cash. They certainly did not grow up in the same circles, but now that Caroline has lost all of her money, these two may actually have more in common than they thought. Max is hoping to open a bakery, and Caroline has all the right connections... How do we feel about this popular sitcom?

Question 18

The Flash:

Barry Allen is and always has been a smart kid. He is now working as a crime-scene investigator and doing whatever he can to keep his hometown safe. This task is actually much easier said than done since most of the bad guys in his town have supernatural abilities. While the cops have their hands full with these superhumans, Barry is packing some pretty awesome powers himself. These powers are strictly used for good though, so no worries about that there!

Question 19

Big Little Lies:

Being a mom is harder now than it ever has been. These women are raising their babies in the nicest part of California, so many may assume that things are quite easy for them. While they are not worrying too much over things like money, these families have a whole different range of issues. Things may look greener on the other side, but this is certainly not always the case. Who cannot wait for season 2 of this HBO hit?

Question 20


On the outside, Joe looked like the most average dude in the world. He worked as a bookstore manager, and for the most part, he kept to himself. Of course, this was all before he laid eyes on Beck. After serving her in his store, Joe became obsessed. He saw something special in her and decided that it was his duty to protect it. In his mind, everything he was doing was for an excellent cause, but Beck's perspective would probably be a bit different.

Question 21

This Is Us:

This show is really all about family. While a lot of shows choose to focus on the happier times shared between families, this show does not shy away from showing both the good times and the bad times. Rebecca and Jack are shown raising their three young children. While money is tight and tensions are sometimes high, they are a happy family for the most part. Then in present-day scenes, we realize Jack has passed away, and each member of the family is dealing with the loss differently.

Question 22

The Office:

Michael Scott is no ordinary boss. He puts little thought into the work that goes on in his office, as he believes that having fun should be the main priority of any office. While Michael spends his days trying to boost the spirits of his employees, they end up having to work double to make up for the lost time created by their boss. It isn't the perfect situation, but as other branches of this paper company seem to be losing clients, Michael's team is always gaining new ones.

Question 23


Supergirl has been living on Earth for some time now. She has been keeping a tight lip on her special abilities and really just trying to fit in. However, now that she is a bit older, she is thinking it is time to let the world see what she can really do. Her talents are valuable and she can help a lot of people. Although, we can never be too sure about how people are going to react to something new that they don't understand...

Question 24

The Resident:

Conrad is a very skilled doctor. His colleagues at the hospital all know that he is the very best, but they still try to avoid him as much as possible. While his abilities in the medical department are nothing short of mesmerizing, his bedside manner leaves little to be desired. Conard stopped trusting patients long ago. These days he sees doctor/patient relationships to be nothing more than business deals, so why act like they are anything different? Who is a fan of this one?

Question 25


Princess Bean is not exactly the princess we would imagine from medieval times. She does not like the dresses her father has made for her, she does not care for the men she is constantly being set up with, and quite simply she does not enjoy being a princess at all. All Bean wants to do is toss a few back with her elf and demon buddies. Her father obviously does not condone this behavior, so they are in a constant battle over how she should be spending her time.

Question 26

Big Mouth:

Andrew is just about to enter the most confusing time in his life. He and his friends are about to embark on the wild journey that is puberty. Things are no longer going to be simple for these kids, as new feelings, emotions, and hairs start popping up left and right. Things are only going to get weirder when they have to start interacting with girls in the school yard... Growing up is never easy, and it seems like these cartoons have it just as bad as we did.

Question 27

The Vampire Diaries:

Stefan and Damon are new to town and they certainly have everyone talking. One high school girl, in fact, seems to be completely drawn to both of the brothers even though she does not exactly know why. These brothers are clearly hiding some major secrets up in their large mansion, but nobody from such a small town would ever be able to guess the truth behind this duo. Do we have any big time fans of this vampire themed series?

Question 28

Game of Thrones:

While there are plenty of fictional worlds that fans would love to be able to visit in real-life, the kingdom of Westeros is just not one of them. This kingdom has been torn apart by the few noble families that run it. These families are so intent on winning the war over the iron throne, that they have completely been overlooking the people that they are trying to rule. With a real danger quickly approaching, these nobles are going to have to get it together.

Question 29

The Good Place:

Heaven is better than any of us could have imagined. It is an idyllic world full of beautiful views and frozen yogurt. However, one needs to have been a good human during their time on earth, to be allowed entry into this glorious afterlife. Eleanor had not exactly led a selfless life. When her time came, she did not think she would be walking through any pearly gates that is for sure. Although, due to a mixup, she has gotten into the good place!

Question 30

Fuller House:

Back when D.J was growing up, she lived in a large house with her father, her sisters, her uncle, and their family friend. Space was tight, but the family was swimming in love. These days, recently widowed D.J has moved back into that very same house, this time with her two young boys. Her younger sister Stephanie has agreed to move back too, and even her childhood friend Kimmy has taken up residence in the home. Thoughts on this remake?

Question 31

Breaking Bad:

Walter has always prided himself on the fact that he supplies for his family. His son was born with special needs, so medical bills have been costly. He works as a high school science teacher and takes extra shifts at the local car wash. It isn't a glamorous life, but all Walter cares about is giving his family what they need. However, he has just found out that his time is limited. Walter is going to need to come up with a way to make some quick cash if he wants to leave anything behind for his loved ones.

Question 32

New Girl:

Jess is a quirky girl, to say the least. After all, how many women out there would gladly move into an apartment with three strange men that they just happened to find online? Jess isn't worried about her new living situation though. She, in fact, thinks that she is going to be a much-needed change in the men's lives. Her peppy attitude will keep her positive through all of the changes, and hopefully, it will even start to rub off on her new roommates!

Question 33

Black Mirror:

This show does not need to be followed too closely, as each episode is a stand-alone story with its own characters. While each episode tells a completely different story, they all revolve around a similar theme. Sometime in the not too distant future, a kind of technology has changed the way we live. Sometimes the changes are cool, but most of the time they lead to harmful consequences. If there is any show that could get us to put our phones down, it's this one.

Question 34

Family Guy:

Peter may not be the smartest guy around town, but he has managed to build himself quite the family. While Peter goes off to work every day, his wife Lois stays home to care for their children. Meg is the eldest and is going through her tough teenage years. Chris is their second born, and he is looking to be about as clever as his father. Then there is Stewie. Stewie is just a baby, but he seems to be smarter than anyone one else in the house...except for the family dog that is.

Question 35

Gossip Girl:

Dan is attending one of the most elite high schools in the entire country. However, while he may share classrooms with the richest kids in NYC, he is not one of them himself. His father was able to get him in through connections, but Dan has never once felt like he fit in at this school. Although, he has always enjoyed the close proximity to the glamorous Serena. Dan has been in love with Serena for years, but nobody with hair like hers would ever give him the time of day, right?

Question 36

Mad Men:

Life is not as easy as it once was for Don Draper. At one point in time, he was the king of the marketing world. He was the guy to call when any new product was about to launch, but these days there is just too much competition out there. Don knows he is going to have to come up with something big if he wants to remain relevant. This already has his plate pretty full, but he has a wife and young children at home to deal with as well.

Question 37


While out sightseeing in Scotland one afternoon, Claire Randall's life changed forever. She was visiting a spot that was rumored to be magical when all of a sudden she was transported in time to the year 1743. Not understanding the world around her, Claire had to think on her toes if she had any hope at surviving in this new era. After meeting some allies, Claire realized she was the only one who knew what was going to happen to the future of the Highlander community.

Question 38

The Big Bang Theory:

We have already discussed what the life of young Sheldon was like, but now let us fast forward a smidge to see how he is coping with life as an adult. While he was successfully able to leave his mother's home, Sheldon is now dependant on his roommate Leonard. They both work as scientists, though Sheldon naturally feels like Leonard's abilities are weaker than his are. They have a pretty good routine set up, but their new attractive neighbor is starting to mess things up.

Question 39


James Gordon has returned to Gotham with one goal. He wants to clean up the streets and bring the city back to its former glory. When he first arrived, he did not see this as being an impossible task. However, now that he has had a first hand look at how the city is being run, he is realizing it may be more difficult than he thought. While working on one of his first cases, he met the young Bruce Wayne. They did not meet under happy circumstances, but James is now determined to help Bruce.

Question 40

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

These guys have all been friends since they were kids. While many may assume that any friendship that has managed to last that long has to be something special, it really isn't. The only reasons these guys are all still friends is because nobody else will hang out with them. They are loud, rude, and downright mean to everyone. They run a local bar together, and even there they can't seem to put on a smiling face for their customers.

Question 41

Once Upon a Time:

Regina is the mayor of the town Storybrooke. The town does not show up on any maps, so she is able to keep it well hidden from everyone who is not an inhabitant. While some may think that she is trying to preserve its small-town charm, that is not exactly the reason Regina is so content on keeping people away. Regina and her townsfolk are actually all fairy tale creatures, who the mayor herself has locked away in this town.

Question 42

Stranger Things:

Will and his buddies are all AV kids. While this may not make them the most popular kids in school, they definitely all have fun while hanging out together. If AV wasn't already bad for their reputations, these kids also have weekly Dungeons and Dragons faceoffs. After one of these game nights, Will mysteriously went missing. While his mother and police work on their own plan for finding him, Will's friends are taking their own approach. Who loves this one?

Question 43


This show is telling the classic story of Sherlock and Watson, but with a twist! Watson was a retired war vet looking for a place to live. He encountered Sherlock after seeing his add posting for a roommate. The two of them weren't exactly best friends at first sight, but almost as soon as Watson decided to move in, the two of them were tossed into the world of mysteries. The two roommates are discovering new theories everyday and taking action!

Question 44


Harvey and Mike are not exactly the average lawyering duo. Harvey is the top guy in the field for sure, but Mike is not even really eligible to be working in law. However, after Harvey met young Mike, he knew the kid had the brains to make it. Of course practicing law without a permit is all kinds of illegal, but that is just half the fun for these guys! If Mike ever is to be caught, at least he will have the finest team of lawyers looking out for him...

Question 45

Parks and Recreation:

Leslie Knope has devoted her entire life to the parks department of her small town. While other branches of their government pay no mind to the local parks, Leslie does everything within her power to keep them running clean and smoothly. With little to no help from her colleagues, somedays it feels as though Leslie is the only one fighting this noble fight. It may not be easy, but someone has got to do it, right? Who here is a fan of this sitcom?

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