Rate These Superheroes To Get A Supervillain Twin

It may be hard to imagine, but there was once a time when super heroes and villains were not considered cool at all. In fact, back then all things superhero were thought to be the ultimate nerd alert. These days however, everything has changed. All kinds of people now wait in line just to be the first ones to see the new MCU film. Bringing popular superheroes to life by use of film has completely changed the public's view on comic books. Now they are loved by all, and the brilliant works of artists such as Stan Lee are finally getting the appreciation they deserve.

So, is there anyone here who considers themselves a big time superhero fan? This quiz is the perfect chance for fans to pay tribute to their most favorite heroes of all. We are going to list out heroes one by one, and all everyone has to do is select the best ones. These heroes will come from all kinds of franchises including DC, Marvel, and even Pixar. Once everyone has built their ideal super-team, we will match everyone to a compatible villain. Get the utility belts and capes out for this quiz! One never knows when they might find themselves in of their need their super-suit!

Question 1


Like most superheroes, Batman got his start from a pretty rough childhood. He lost his parents at a very young age, and after inheriting their fortune, he decided to make it his life's mission to stop any bad guy who dared to walk into Gotham City. How do we feel about him?

Question 2

Iron Man

Iron Man was the very first installment we ever got in the now super famous MCU. He also played a fairly important role in a lot of other hero's stand alone films. Tony Stark has pretty much become the face of the MCU, as well as the Avengers in general. How does everyone feel about the joke-cracking hero?

Question 3

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is one of the leading ladies of the X-Men series. She is extremely powerful as she has both telepathic and telekinetic abilities. After so many years of trying to keep her powers at bay, she eventually acquired a wicked second personality. Deep down however, she is a hero not a villain.

Question 4

The Hulk

Before there was The Hulk, there was only Bruce Banner. Bruce was a world renowned scientist, and he was working on some pretty important projects when everything went green. During an experiment, he came into contact with Gamma Radiation, and basically found himself as the large, green, rage machine we know him as today.

Question 5

The Captain

The Captain is a guy who is all about country (no, he is not a line dancer).He was a man who wanted more than anything to step up for his country. However, since he was so small in stature, the army never gave him a second look. Although, after undergoing a risky procedure, he became very large, strong, and definitely able to defend himself.

Question 6


Wolverine is one of the best known X-Men. He has been a part of the series since the very beginning, plus he has had a few stand alone films. Wolverine too was once part of the Army, but somewhere along the line he became somewhat of an experiment. Now, basically his entire body is made up of a metal stronger than any we have in our universe.

Question 7

Black Widow

While Black Widow has no gamma radiation powers, or a body made out of metal, she is still one of the fiercest superheroes in the entire universe. She is a trained spy and agent. She knows more about martial arts than just about any one, and believe us, she is not afraid to use it!

Question 8


Spider-Man is definitely one of the youngest heroes of the whole bunch. His true identify is Peter Parker. Peter was just a high school student who happened to get bit by the wrong spider (or the right one depending on how we see the situation). Now he is a kid trying to pass exams during the day, while also trying stopping villains in the evening.

Question 9


Thor is much more than just a superhero. Thor is actually a god. He is the son of Odin, the king of Asgard. Thor himself is the God of Thunder, so basically he can defeat anyone by way of great storms. If that power wasn't enough, he also wields a mighty hammer, which is ALMOST indestructible.

Question 10


Speaking of bringers of great Storms... This girl is actually all powerful in terms of weather control. She is part of the X-Men clan, and she is one of their fiercest. She has the unique ability to completely control the weather, so she can pretty much summon just about any natural weather condition one could think of.

Question 11

Bucky Barnes

Technically Bucky Barnes could be viewed as both a hero and a villain, although his villain work was pretty much all involuntary. Like The Captain, Bucky existed in a different time. He was taken captive, and turned into a super soldier. Years later he was found brainwashed, and working for the bad guys. The Captain however, was eventually able to bring him back over to the good side.

Question 12


Elastigirl is the matriarch of her superhero family. Once upon a time, her and her husband patrolled the streets for villains and they made a living off doing so. However, these days they have been forced into hiding, and she spends most of her time looking after her young hero babies.

Question 13


Here we have the self appointed leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord was a mortal born on Earth, or so he thought for most of his life. Since he had never met his father, and his mortal mother passed while he was just a child, he never knew that his father was actually an all powerful being. Now that he is figuring out his past, his whole life is starting to make a bit more sense...

Question 14

Violet Parr

Here we have the daughter of Elastigirl. Having been born to two extremely powerful superheroes, Violet naturally had a few powers develop herself. She has the ability to become completely invisible whenever she pleases, and if that was not enough, she is also able to generate powerful force fields.

Question 15


Now, we are pretty sure most people out there are familiar with this guy. He is pretty much the face of DC comics. Superman was originally from planet Krypton, but he was sent to Earth as a baby. He was raised by normal humans, but his powers were too great to avoid entirely. Eventually he became one of Earth's greatest heroes.

Question 16


Groot is a very interesting hero. He is a large tree like being. He can expand his limbs as he pleases, and he works alongside Rocket Raccoon. The two of them together, make one lean mean woodland creature machine. In the first Guardians movie however, Groot sacrificed his life to save his friends. Part of him was planted, and now baby Groot is key member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Question 17

Sam Wilson

Here we have yet another army boy - turned mega superhero. Sam was once a part of the military Air-Force, but he retired after his partner was lost in combat. After meeting The Captain however, Sam took to the skies once more to help bring an end to the wicked Hydra association. How does everyone feel about the Falcon?

Question 18

Professor X

Professor X is the fearless leader of the X-Men. He was the one who created the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, which allowed for the X-Men to form in the first place. He is a super powerful mutant himself, having great telepathic abilities. It is rumored that his only real rival is the powerful Jean Grey.

Question 19


Gamora is the leading lady of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She is also the adopted daughter of Thaons, the super villain from Avengers: Infinity War. Gamora has risked a lot to join the good side of the fight, and she has saved many lives while working with the Guardians. However, her past with Thanos still haunts her...

Question 20


Hawkeye was once one of the most powerful agents working for S.H.I.E.L.D. He worked mainly with his bow and arrow and his accuracy was incomparable. He was the agent who recruited Black Widow, and the two of them shared a very close friendship. However, around the time of Civil War, Hawkeye decided to retire from the business all together.

Question 21


Mystique was once part of the X-Men team, but she has gone back a forth between them and the bad guys. Because she had been judged so harshly by humans in the past, when she was given the opportunity to go against them, it was a very tempting offer. How does everyone feel about this shape-shifter?

Question 22

Mr. Incredible

Here is Mr. Incredible. He is the husband of Elastigirl and the father of their three children. His powers are pretty simple, he is huge and stronger than any other person on Earth. He has not adjusted as well as his wife to life in hiding, and he still tries to sneak out to do some hero work from time to time.

Question 23

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is a driving force for the Guardians of the Galaxy, and he is also the trusty partner of Groot. The two of them were partners before the Guardians even formed, and after Groot was lost in battle, it was Rocket who planted the piece of him which allowed baby Groot to form.

Question 24

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff or the "Scarlet Witch", is a very powerful hero fighting for the Avengers. She was not always on the good guys' side, but after she realized just how bad her original side actually was, she decided to make the switch. She is now one of the most valuable members of the Avengers.

Question 25

Quick Silver

Quick Silver is a character who has been seen in both the X-Men movie series, as well as the MCU. The two versions of this character were played by different actors, so everyone can choose which ever one they like best. Quick Silver is the brother of Wanda Maximoff, and he has the ability of lightning speed.

Question 26

War Machine

War Machine is an active military member, and he is also the best friend of Tony Stark. This hero works as a middle man for the Avengers and the military. After fighting a few battles along side his friend Iron Man, he was officially made a member of the Avengers. How does everyone feel about Colonel James Rupert Rhodes?

Question 27


Vision has a fairly interesting backstory. We first got to know him as the computer system created to help Tony Stark. The computer program was eventually placed into its own body, and the result was Vision. Over time Vision's brain capacity has grown and he is now more superhero than computer.

Question 28


Drax is yet another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He did not technically join their ranks with the intention of becoming a superhero, but after a battle or two with them, he found himself as one of their fiercest heroes. Drax has since given up on his revenge plots, and is now only focused on saving the galaxy.

Question 29

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was not a child when his magical story took place. In fact, he was very much a man living a life he was very pleased with. He was a world class surgeon, but also a very conceited man. After a bad car crash though, his entire life was changed. Now he is one of the few people capable of keeping our planet safe.

Question 30


Ant-Man may not have come across his powers in the most wholesome of ways, but he has still used them for good, so he definitely falls into the hero category. Scott Lang was in the middle of a robbery when he found his now famous Ant-Man suit. He thought nothing of it at first, but after discovering its powers, he has used it to save many lives.

Question 31


Wasp is the partner of Ant-Man. The two of them trained together after first acquiring their suits, and they formed a very tight bond in the process. They have fought many battles together, and even went on to rescue Wasp's long lost mother. How does everyone feel about this hero?

Question 32

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was born to be the fierce protector of the Amazons. She is one of the best warriors known to man, but she has spent her entire life hidden away from the world. After hearing of a battle raging against humans however, she has decided to become the hero our world so desperately needs.

Question 33

Dash Parr

Dash Parr is the young son of Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible. Dash has the ability to move faster than just about anything. Since he and his family have been living in hiding, Dash has had to work very hard to keep his powers hidden. All he wants is the chance to show people what he can do, but he has been forbidden from joining the track team...

Question 34

Black Panther

After his father's passing, T'Challa has taken his place as the ruler of Wakanda. If that was not already enough responsibility for a young man, he has also inherited the position of Black Panther. Being the Black Panther is tough job, but one he has no choice but to accept. How does everyone feel about him?

Question 35

Nick Fury

Nick Fury has a lengthy history in working for top secret agencies. He was once a top spy for the CIA, and was even an office in the military at some point. After these jobs, Nick went on to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. He quickly rose through their ranks, and became a leader for the organization.

Question 36

Maria Hill

Maria Hill was once a commander for the S.H.I.E.L.D organization. She was well known for her fighting abilities, and for her "by the book" attitude. She was very loyal to those she worked for, and never once thought about changing sides. What is everyone's take on the fierce Maria Hill?

Question 37


Shuri is the younger sister of the Black Panther, and the princess of Wakanda. She has a knack for design, and since Wakanda is a very advanced in technology, there is very little she cannot achieve in terms of inventions. She is the one responsible for the amazing Black Panther suit.

Question 38


Brunnhilde or "Valkyrie", was once part of the warrior group who helped protect Asgard for many years. After her clan was defeated by the wicked Hela, Valkyrie retreated into exile. She spent many years alone working as a bounty hunter, but when the time came to face Hela again, she stepped up to the plate.

Question 39

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was actually given her own television series, instead of being included in the film franchise. She was once all about saving the world, but after a few life-changing events, she decided to leave the super hero business. While she still helps people out as a private investigator, she has long since given hope on defeating all the villains in the world.

Question 40


Daredevil lost his sight when he was just a boy. While this could have limited him, it instead heightened all of his remaining senses. He was trained to become a fierce warrior, but was eventually rejected by his organization. After those events, he went on to become a lawyer. Now he works as a lawyer by day, and a martial artist on the side of good by night.

Question 41

The Flash

The Flash is yet another hero who only became such after a loss. His mother passed when he was just a boy, and his father was wrongly accused of the deed. He then decided to make it his life's mission to get to the bottom of what truly happened. After experimenting with some powerful substances, he created a chemical storm which ended up giving him super speed.

Question 42

Luke Cage

Luke Cage never wanted to be a hero. In fact, for most of his life he was a fugitive. However, after an experiment went awry, Luke was left with super strength and skin tougher than any substance known to man. Now he is a fugitive looking to build a new life for himself.

Question 43


Frozone is the loyal partner of Mr. Incredible. Back before all superheroes had been forced into hiding, the two of them used to save the day on a regular basis. Frozone has the ability to create and control ice. This power has come in handy on many important occasions. How does everyone feel about him?

Question 44


Supergirl is the cousin of Superman. She escaped the doom of her planet at the same time Superman did, but she was raised on Earth apart from him. She spent most of her life hiding her powers away, not wanting to be seen or judged, but she has since decided to let that go and become the super hero she always dreamed of being.

Question 45

The Mask

Stanley Ipkiss lead a very standard life. He works as clerk for a bank and he has never found himself in any type of trouble. However, after finding an ancient mask, his entire life changed. The mask allows Stanley to become a super smooth, super powerful version of himself. Now if he can only remember to use his new found powers for good...

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