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Superheroes in general are the epitome of goodness (even if some of them have questionable morals), and they’re expected to help others with whatever abilities they have. These abilities are typically referred to as ‘Superpowers’, and there are several varieties of them. They can come naturally to the hero-in-question or be acquired through some artificial means. Of course, heroes come in various shapes, sizes, and from different walks of life. Some are aliens from distant planets, some are god-like beings that have taken human form, while others are ordinary humans.

Whether they’re equipped with special technology that’s alien or man-made, or knowledgeable in the mystic arts, or born with some kind of ability that makes them different from everyone else their goal is still the same.  It all comes down to a sense of justice, whether it is personal or general. Even the most selfish Superhero can still be considered heroic so long as they have a good reason for doing what they do that’s relatable on some level.

Those who lack morality and kill others willingly can be considered heroes too if there’s some kind of redeemable quality to them, whether it be a tragic backstory or a reasonable goal. So come rate these Superheroes and we’ll determine what your Superpower is!

Question 1


Known as the Last Son of Krypton and the Man of Steel, Superman is an iconic superhero that most people see as a God among men. But Superman is a human at heart, who cares deeply about his loved ones and those around him.

Question 2


The Dark Knight known as Batman doesn’t play nice when it comes to dealing with criminals. He prefers to strike swiftly and come up with the best solution to completely eradicate the threat rather than having it linger. However, there’s only so much an ordinary man can do.

Question 3

Black Panther

Having inherited the mantle of Black Panther, the prince of an isolated African kingdom must tackle his new responsibilities as King after his father’s unfortunate death during a terrorist attack in America as well as becoming his country’s sacred protector.

Question 4

Black Widow

An assassin with a complicated history, Black Widow doesn’t tend to dwell on the past and prefers to focus on the task at hand. While she’s typically loyal and follows orders no matter what the outcome is, her moral compass has changed recently.

Question 5

Wonder Woman

Though she doesn’t fully understand the World of Men, the Amazonian Princess Wonder Woman has a strong sense of justice and will do what must be done for the good of humanity as a whole. Of course, she can be occasionally stubborn and sensitive to certain subjects.

Question 6


One of the oldest Mutants on the planet, Wolverine (aka Logan) has witnessed many wars and always been on the move never staying anywhere for too long. The one exception to this was Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, which gave him the closest equivalent to an actual family.

Question 7


Being a mercenary who can’t die, Deadpool doesn’t care who he fights or how badly they injure him because he’ll just get right back up and keep fighting. He won't even hesitate to fight those who claim to be his allies, such as the X-Men.

Question 8

Captain America

Having grown up during a time when things were a lot simpler, Captain America’s idealistic values clash with the complications of the modern world. But more often than not, his seemingly outdated but solid sense of justice prevails over the problem at hand.

Question 9


Once an ordinary kid, Spider-Man now has to balance being a part-time superhero under the tutelage of Iron-Man (who is his main benefactor) and still going to school. But with his growing desire to do more, he finds the world is more complex than it seems.

Question 10


Having seen the harsher side of how humans treat Mutants, Mystique found Xavier’s optimism a bit too ignorant since his mutation isn’t nearly as obvious as hers. But while she sided with Magneto, his way ultimately led down a destructive path that Mystique managed to avoid because of her conscience.

Question 11


While committing a burglary to pay for his daughter’s child support, a thief comes across an unusual suit which allows him to change in size. Given the codename Ant-Man, this man stops a former student of the suit’s inventor from using the technology for evil and aids Captain America.

Question 12


While he may be a monster trapped inside a human body, the Hulk is not easily fooled. Retaining some of his human counterpart's intelligence, Hulk’s main tactics are to catch the enemy off-guard and smash them into the ground before they get the chance to move.

Question 13


Though he may be ignorant and selfish, Iron-Man firmly believes in the power of technology and its ability to help a multitude of people. But when the evils of the world attack him personally and harm his loved ones, he will never stop fighting until they are avenged!

Question 14

Scarlet Witch

Being an outsider for most of her life, Scarlet Witch never felt like she belonged anywhere except with her brother Quicksilver. Hence, she willingly teamed up with Ultron but changed sides after realizing the consequences of her actions. But even among the Avengers, her place in the world was questioned.

Question 15


Being a God is never easy, and Thor’s story proves this. First, he was banished by his father for being too reckless and proud. Then after he learned his lesson, his home gets destroyed by a greater evil forcing him to become the leader his father intended him to be.

Question 16

The Flash

Supposedly the Fastest Man Alive, the Flash got his powers purely by accident through a mixture of chemicals and a bolt of lightning. With them, he seeks to do good in the world with the right people and a sense of humor.

Question 17


An Atlantean Prince who was abandoned a long time ago, Aquaman grew up among the surface dwellers and later learned of his heritage after his father had passed away. Though he prefers to be left alone, he’ll do the right thing when confronted personally.

Question 18


The unsung hero of the Avengers, Hawkeye was there from the beginning alongside Black Widow fending off an alien invasion with only a bow and arrow. Though the security of his family was at stake, he chose to stand beside Captain America during the battle with Iron-Man.

Question 19


A star athlete who was struck by tragedy when his mother died and his father revived him using alien technology, Cyborg is slowly figuring out the extent of his new abilities while constantly fearing he won’t be able to control them.

Question 20

Charles Xavier

A brilliant and compassionate man, Charles Xavier sought to bridge the gap between humans and Mutants by forming an institution. There, he not only gave young Mutants a safe place to stay but also showed them how to use their gifts to help people.

Question 21

Green Arrow

Having survived a harrowing experience, the man now known as Green Arrow was forever changed. Initially determined to get revenge on those who betrayed his father, he has since then decided to protect his city from criminals in general while also protecting his loved ones.

Question 22


While she may not be as famous as her cousin Superman, Supergirl is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her city from outside threats as well as understand the extent of her powers. She also acts as the mediator between humans and other survivors of dead alien races.

Question 23

Green Lantern

Once an ordinary pilot who came across something extraterrestrial, the hero known as Green Lantern is actually one of many such protectors who patrol different parts of the galaxy and eliminate threats that can’t be taken down by one person.

Question 24


A weapons developer for the military quits after an ambitious soldier uses a weapon to destroy a building which injures some people. But when criminals in his home start using modified weapons, the developer creates a modified suit to take them down and calls himself Steel.

Question 25

Jonah Hex

Being forced into a difficult position, a Confederate Soldier named Jonah Hex is forced to kill his best friend’s son who in turn kills his family and leaves him to die. Fortunately, he’s revived through a Native American chant which gives him the ability to resurrect the dead as well.

Question 26

Rip Hunter

A former Time Master gone rogue, Rip Hunter takes it upon himself to get revenge on the one who murdered his family by recruiting a group of superheroes and traveling through time together. However, as their actions cause various time-based anomalies, Hunter is forced to reassess the situation.

Question 27

John Constantine

Cynical and devilishly clever, John Constantine is a former exorcist and dabbler in the dark arts. Because of a mistake he made in the past, his soul is set to go to Hell when he dies. However, through some demonic dealings he’s managed to prolong that.

Question 28


After losing her parents at a young age, a young girl inherits a mystical artifact that gives her the ability to mimic the ability of every creature within the animal kingdom. With this power, she moves from Africa to America and fights crime there under the alias Vixen.

Question 29

Black Lightning

Despite saving people’s lives with his electric-based powers, Black Lightning’s family life got screwed up in the process. So as a result, he decided to retire and become a high-school principal. But when trouble strikes close to him, he’s forced out of retirement.

Question 30


Representing the peak of technology with a blend of the mystical, Vision is both parts human and not. While originally created to be Ultron’s replacement body, he was reprogrammed at the last minute by Iron-Man’s AI J.A.R.V.I.S. and given a new purpose.

Question 31


Originally embarrassed of his Mutant ability, Beast sought to get rid of it in order to be more normal. Instead, he accidentally caused his mutation to develop rapidly and became an instinct driven monster which he must constantly keep under control.

Question 32


Suffering a tragic loss and accident at an early age, the vigilante known as Daredevil balances fighting criminals in the tough neighborhood he grew up in and being a shrewd lawyer in his civilian form. Yet with every criminal he busts, more show up.

Question 33

Jessica Jones

Still recovering from a traumatic incident in her past, the former superhero known as Jessica Jones decided to retire but still do good in the world as a private detective. Specifically, she investigates unusual cases involving people with powers like herself.

Question 34

Luke Cage

An associate of Jessica Jones’, Luke Cage was once a convict who was incarcerated for a crime he wasn’t necessarily involved in. Then after an experiment-gone-wrong gave him unbreakable skin and super strength, he decides to use these abilities to fight crime in Harlem.

Question 35

Iron Fist

A man presumed dead, Iron Fist returns to his home with the intention of reclaiming ownership of his family’s company. Unfortunately, it is currently owned by the children of his father’s ruthless business partner. To complicate matters further, he must decide how to use his newfound mystical abilities.

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