Rate These Songs, And We'll Tell You Which Legendary Rock Band You Should Be In!

For many people, music is one of the few things in life that can keep us sane. It helps us find peace during the most turbulent times in our lives, allowing us the ability to clear our minds and feel as though everything is right. Songs can trigger memories and emotions, acting as a time capsule for your life. Music is truly one of the most powerful things in the world, and those who make the decision to dedicate their life to making music know this all too well.

Countless individuals have sought a career in the music industry, but success is reserved for very few individuals. In the modern landscape, a rock band making it big has become exponentially harder, and many feel that the genre is dying. Despite this, we will always be able to listen to our favorite songs from our favorite artists. Those who were raised on rock music have no doubt heard all of the songs on our list, but everyone's taste will be drastically different.

Because you will never get the chance to be a rock star, we are going to let you live your dream, if only for a moment. Simply rate these songs, and we will reveal which legendary band you should be in!

Question 1

How Would You Rate "Stairway To Heaven"?

This is quite possibly the most iconic rock song that has ever been penned. Led Zeppelin had already released several incredible albums before releasing IV, and once this song hit the radio, the band became living legends. Every person who has picked up a guitar has attempted to play this iconic song.

Question 2

How Would You Rate "Back In Black"?

Say what you will about the majority of their songs sounding the same, but AC/DC has spent their entire careers rocking harder than most any band that has played a gig. They continue to rock to this very day, and this particular song remains a staple in their live sets and on radio stations around the world.

Question 3

How Would You Rate "Give It Away"?

Few bands possess the ability to sound unique quite like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Love them or hate them, the band has a distinct sound that is all their own, and back in 1991, they became counterculture icons with the release of their album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. They’ve dominated rock radio ever since.

Question 4

How Would You Rate "Jeremy"?

1991 was one of the most iconic years in the history of music, and August of that year saw the release of Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten. It includes some of the band’s most iconic songs, including “Jeremy”. The song proved to be a huge hit for the band, as the music video remains iconic.

Question 5

How Would You Rate "War Pigs"?

Back when hippies and flowers were all the rage, Black Sabbath served as a voice for those who didn’t quite fit in. Led by Ozzy Osbourne, the band became legends after cranking out incredible music. “War Pigs” is one of the bands most recognizable songs, and it was covered by Faith No More.

Question 6

How Would You Rate "Baba O'Riley"?

Despite this song being released several decades ago, most people don’t seem to know the actual name of this song. The Who was a band that boasted one of the greatest rhythm sections ever put together, and they made some jaw-dropping music during the prime of their career.

Question 7

How Would You Rate "The Joker"?

Every person has listened to this song, and whether you like it or not, you probably know all the words to this tune. Written and recorded by the Steve Miller Band, “The Joker” is one of the most popular rock songs ever released. The song remains a staple during their live shows.

Question 8

How Would You Rate "In Bloom"?

While we just as easily could have used a different song by Nirvana, we decided to mix things up and go with “In Bloom”. The band was responsible for the death of hair metal, and their sound ushered in a new era of music. Their album Nevermind is considered one of the best rock records ever.

Question 9

How Would You Rate "Holy Diver"?

Black Sabbath has had a number of notable musicians in the group, including singer Ronnie James Dio. He had a voice that was unlike any other, and fans were eager to see what would come of his band’s debut album. The world received a metal classic, and Holy Diver is the gem of that album.

Question 10

How Would You Rate "Come Together"?

Tracking down one song by The Beatles to include on this quiz was nearly impossible, but we decided to pluck a song from the latter part of their time together. As soon as the opening bass riff kicks in, you know that you’re in for an absolute treat. It was the perfect song to start the album Abbey Road.

Question 11

How Would You Rate "Sympathy For The Devil"?

Not unlike The Beatles, The Rolling Stones have too many good songs to choose from. The Rolling Stones were everything that The Beatles were not, and fans loved them for it. "Sympathy for the Devil" may not be their biggest hit, but few would argue that the song isn’t incredible.

Question 12

How Would You Rate "Hey You"?

Psychedelic icons Pink Floyd wrote and recorded some of the most mind-bending music of their era, and their albums have served as inspiration for a number of modern artists. Sure, “Another Brick in the Wall” is far more popular, but “Hey You” is one of the group’s best, and most honest tunes.

Question 13

How Would You Rate "Sweet Child O' Mine"?

This song was a massive hit upon its release, but a few decades later, it would find another surge in popularity thanks to its use in the film Step Brothers. Guitarist Slash initially wrote the guitar part as a joke, failing to realize that it would become one of the most recognizable pieces of music from the 1980s.

Question 14

How Would You Rate "For Whom The Bell Tolls"?

Once their self-titled album was released, people felt that Metallica had sold out, but we digress. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is one of the hardest rocking songs in Metallica’s arsenal, and it allowed bassist Cliff Burton to put his skills front and center. The song remains one of Metallica’s most popular releases.

Question 15

How Would You Rate "Karma Police"?

Radiohead remains a band that has a massive following without needing to put out music that can be played on radio stations around the world. Despite this, “Karma Police” is an insanely catchy song that is one of the group’s biggest hits. If you’re looking for an excellent Radiohead song, this is what you’ll get.

Question 16

How Would You Rate "Sweet Emotion"?

Aerosmith has maintained a career that has seen some intense peaks and valleys, and “Sweet Emotion” is easily one of their most popular, and best songs. The music itself, particularly Joe Perry’s guitar work, can stand on its own, but Steven Tyler’s vocals absolutely took this song to the next level.

Question 17

How Would You Rate "I Get Around"?

The Beach Boys don’t necessarily invoke thoughts of rocking out, but the band is easily one of the most talented that has ever been assembled. Their surf inspired music provided a generation of teenagers plenty of radio hits, and “I Get Around” is one of the best tunes that the band ever penned.

Question 18

How Would You Rate "Stone Cold Crazy"?

People may get upset that “Bohemian Rhapsody” isn’t the choice here, but we felt like mixing things up a bit. Queen was a band that had an uncanny ability of diving into a number of different genres without losing sight of who they were. “Stone Cold Crazy” is one of their hardest rocking songs.

Question 19

How Would You Rate "London Calling"?

We would be remiss if we didn’t include a punk band on our list, and according to their fans, The Clash were the only band that mattered. London Calling as a whole remains one of the best albums ever made, and the song still evokes a lot of emotion in people.

Question 20

How Would You Rate "Roadhouse Blues"?

Many people like to remember The Doors for being a band who had a will to be weird, but they also had a will to rock. Despite their ups and downs, the band maintained a large audience, and when “Roadhouse Blues” was released, people felt that the band had regained its old form.

Question 21

How Would You Rate "I Wanna Be Sedated"?

Some people would make the argument that The Ramones weren’t a true punk band, but we aren’t here to debate semantics. “I Wanna Be Sedated” is one of the most iconic and popular songs that the band ever released. The song was released on the album Road to Ruin, considered to be among the band’s best.

Question 22

How Would You Rate "The Trooper"?

Back before metal exploded in popularity, bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were carrying the torch for the unhinged youth. Iron Maiden would release a number of popular songs, but “The Trooper” may be the band’s finest piece of work during the early part of the 1980s. Kudos to Steve Harris for his bass work.

Question 23

How Would You Rate "Runnin' With The Devil"?

As one of the most iconic bands to ever walk the planet, Van Halen completely changed the game with the release of their debut album. Moreover, the album’s lead song, “Runnin’ with the Devil”, lets listeners know that everything is about to change from here on out. Only true rockers can live at a pace that kills.

Question 24

How Would You Rate "Love Will Tear Us Apart"?

Joy Division was such a short-lived band, and this is due to the death of singer Ian Curtis. During their brief time together, the band would release music that would be instrumental in shaping the sound of the following decade. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is far and away their biggest song.

Question 25

How Would You Rate "Sleep Now In The Fire"?

Faith No More may have been the first band to successfully blend rap and rock for mainstream audiences, but Rage Against The Machine took that sound to the next level. “Sleep Now In The Fire”, aside from being a great song, is also known for its iconic and shocking music video.

Question 26

How Would You Rate "Them Bones"?

Seattle produced some of the best bands of the 1990s, and among those bands was Alice In Chains. They shot to stardom with the release of their album Facelift, though their next album, which included the hit “Them Bones”, would cement them as a force. The song remains incredibly popular.

Question 27

How Would You Rate "Sweating Bullets"?

Not to be outdone by his former bandmates in Metallica, Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth, and he would go on to sell millions of records. While “Peace Sells” may be a bigger hit for the group, “Sweating Bullets” is a brilliant piece of work from the band’s fifth studio album Countdown to Extinction.

Question 28

How Would You Rate "Outshined"?

While other Seattle bands like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains found popularity early on during the 1990s, Soundgarden was the last of them to break it big. Their song “Outshined”, which is on their album Badmotorfinger, is one of their most popular from the era before they became a household name.

Question 29

How Would You Rate "Rapture"?

Who says that women can’t rock? Blondie set out to prove the doubters wrong, and their punk roots as well as their ability to dabble in different genres paid dividends during the prime of their career. “Rapture” was the first rap video on MTV, and it was the first rap song to top the charts in the US.

Question 30

How Would You Rate "Bad Moon Rising"?

Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the most popular bands of their era, and the band was full of talented individuals who contributed to their success. “Bad Moon Rising” is one of the catchiest and popular songs that the group ever released, though some would say it pales in comparison to some other hits.

Question 31

How Would You Rate "Smoke On The Water"?

Few guitar riffs are as recognizable and iconic as “Smoke on the Water”. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore struck gold when he wrote this riff, and the song has long been included on many “best of” lists. While the band had other hits to their name, they never released anything as iconic as this.

Question 32

How Would You Rate "Basket Case"?

Judging by the massive success of the song, we would say that plenty of people had the time to listen to Billie Joe whine. “Basket Case” would see punk becoming a formidable genre once again thanks to the work of Green Day. Hate them all you want, but Dookie is a seminal part of music history.

Question 33

How Would You Rate "Tom Sawyer"?

Rush may always be considered the most under-appreciated band to ever walk the planet, though they couldn’t care less. The band is anchored by three world class musicians who are talented beyond words. “Tom Sawyer” is easily their biggest song, and it inspired people to “slap the bass” when I Love You, Man was released.

Question 34

How Would You Rate "Live Wire"?

Taking a page right out of the KISS playbook, Motley Crue had a cutting-edge look when they first debuted, and the band rocked harder than just about anyone on the Sunset Strip. “Live Wire” was the perfect way to introduce themselves to people, and it helped start their music legacy.

Question 35

How Would You Rate "Cherub Rock"

People have a love-hate relationship with The Smashing Pumpkins, and this is largely due to lead singer Billy Corgan. Nevertheless, the band found a place for themselves during the 1990s, and “Cherub Rock” proved to be a hit for the band. The song kicks off their iconic album Siamese Dream.

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