Rate These Snacks To Get The Perfect Date Night Movie

Who's hungry? When our bellies start to rumble, sometimes all we have in mind are snacks. Meals are great and all, but nothing quite beats munching. When it comes to work breaks, movie watching, or just wasting time, snacking is the best way to do it! Everyone snacks a little differently, so it only makes sense that there are a million different options available to us. There are sweet snacks, salty snacks, cake-like snacks, and snacks some people may never even heard of before. Today we find out which ones are truly the best, and which we can leave behind in the supermarket ...

In today's quiz, we will be looking at some of the most popular snacks out there. Some have been around for years, while others may be a bit newer. Everyone is going to get the chance to rate each one. Since taste buds vary so much, there really are no wrong answers. Once we have an idea of what everyone's favorites are, we will be able to suggest the perfect movie for date night! We are willing to bet that this quiz will make the majority of people hungry, so it would be best to ensure we are well stocked on snacks before even starting this one!

Question 1


Let's get things started with a fully loaded snack. Nachos are great, because of how many possibilities they offer. We can load them with cheese, meats, veggies and even sauces! There really are no wrong answers when it comes to a snack like this one. While some may opt for a simple bag of chips with salsa, there is something to be said about those who go all the way and whip up a batch of these. How are we feeling about Nachos?

Question 2

Fun Dip

Who here remembers Fun Dip? For those who don't, the concept is simple enough. Each pack comes with an assortment of surgay powders and a lickable stick. The idea is to lick the stick, dip it in the powder, and enjoy the taste of pure sugar hitting those taste buds. Sure it may not be winning any health food prizes, but hey, nobody ever said snacks had to be healthy all of the time, right? How are we feeling about this old school favorite?

Question 3

Hot Cheetos

When it comes to snacking, each of us has our own go-to favorite. Some may prefer the sweet stuff to the salty stuff, but there are some who choose the spicy over all else. These people would naturally be prone to go for these Hot Cheetos. They are just like regular crunchy Cheetos, except they come loaded with a ton of spice. These should not be eaten by just anyone! How does everyone here feel about Hot Cheetos as a snack?

Question 4


Now here we have a rather decadent snack option. There is nothing quite like coming home to the smell of freshly baked brownies. For any big time chocolate fans out there, this question is definitely for you. Brownies are chock full of chocolaty goodness. Whether we make them fresh at home, or buy a bag of the 2 bite variety, there really is no losing when we decide to indulge in a brownie. How is everyone here feeling about them?

Question 5

Soft Pretzels

A soft pretzel is a special kind of treat. They are not something many choose to make at home, but they can be found in just about every mall. When it comes to soft pretzels, we have a few options. We can go with the classic salted option or the cinnamon sugar type, but if we happen to be feeling a little extra adventurous, we can easily opt for something covered in chocolate or caramel sauce. Thoughts on soft pretzels?

Question 6


Let's take a trip down the cookie aisle for a moment. When looking at the wall of cookies offered in the grocery store, there is no denying that the choice can be quite difficult. There are a million different types we can choose, but for a lot of us, Oreos will always be the winner. Many of us have been dunking these cookies since we were children, so it is only natural for us to crave them from time to time as adults.

Question 7

Potato Chips

While some of us will always go for the sweetest option, there is a large amount of people out there who always choose salt. Potato chips are often the snack of choice for these salt lovers. These fried up potatoes can be just as addictive as any sugary treat available. Everyone has their own favorite brand, so we will let everyone base their decision off of the bag they would most likely choose from the shelf! Who picks chips over all other snacks?

Question 8

Chocolate Pudding

Pudding is a snack that can go either way for a lot of people. Due to its consistency, it is a snack often given to people who are or who have been recently sick. Just like Jello, there is not much chewing involved, so it is easy to see why this is a go-to snack anyone healing from a sore throat. However, eating something while sick can create associations. Has anyone here had a bad experience with pudding in the past?

Question 9

Gold Fish

Now here is a snack we are sure most people remember from childhood. Goldfish are the type of snack that parents buy for their children, but wind up eating themselves after the kids have been put to bed. They are baked cheese flavored crackers, and they are shaped like small fish with smiley faces. It is not hard at all to see why kids and adults both enjoy munching on these. How does everyone here feel about a handful of fishies?

Question 10

Rice Krispie Squares

There has been a debate going on over this snack for years now. Are the store bought ones really as good as the homemade ones? While some people will always go for the homemade option, there are a lot of people out there who believe the store bought version of this snack lives up to the homemade version. Sure the ones prepared at home may be warmer and gooey-er, but how easy is it to just pick up a box of the premade treats?

Question 11


We have already looked at the deliciously salty potato chips, so now let's take a look at a chip option that brings something a little different to the table. By something different, we mean orange cheese powder instead of salt. Doritos are a tortilla chip, which come covered in nacho flavoring. There are other flavours, but the nacho option is the original. While these are way less salty than potato chips, they are certainly more orange. How are we feeling about Doritos?

Question 12


Now let's switch gears and head into the candy aisle for a moment. Twizzlers are a super easy to munch on snack. There is usually a whole bunch in every pack, so they have a good chance at lasting us through the better part of a movie or television series. We do recognize that some may prefer Red Vines to Twizzlers, so we will accept those as well for this question. Would anyone here pick Twizzlers or Red Vines over the other snacks?

Question 13


Popcorn is easily one of the most popular snack options out there. It may also be the only snack which comes close to the salt levels offered by the previously discussed potato chips. Popcorn is a tough snack to turn down, simply because of its smell. When walking into a theater, it is almost impossible to resist the urge to pick up a bag. However, we are guessing there are a few out there who just aren't crazy about the stuff, right?

Question 14

Ice Cream

Things are getting chilly over here in this question! Ice cream is no doubt the coldest snack we have listed here today. While there are a ton of flavours out there to suit just about everyone's tastes, we do have to take into account the frigid temps of this snack. For anyone who has overly sensitive teeth, ice cream may not be the ideal choice. Those who don't mind the cold though, know that ice cream is a real classic.

Question 15


Nerds are a funny little candy. The name of them alone is enough to get a chuckle out of most kids, but they are also the tiniest candy out there. These tangy yet sweet little bits of candy, actually hold a ton of flavour. While the idea is not really to eat these one at a time, just having a few of them really does treat the taste buds to an interesting sensation of both tangy and sweet. Any takers?

Question 16

Animal Crackers

Now some people may actually be surprised to find out that this snack is still on the market. Animal crackers have been around for decades. While they used to be sold in adorable little zoo themed boxes, these days they are most often found in standard rectangular packaging. We may have lost the cute box, but the taste of these little crackers has remained the same over the years. How does everyone here feel about animal crackers as a snack?

Question 17

Sour Patch Kids

Who here is a big fan of the sour stuff? There are a lot of candies out there who claim to be super sour, but these candies do not always hold true to their marketing. Sour Patch Kids though, are very sour indeed. It may be true that some of their flavours are more sour than the others, but over all these candies are enough to make us pucker our lips. Who thinks Sour Patch Kids are the best candy?

Question 18


M&Ms are a huge name in the candy world. Not only are there a ton of options available out there for us to munch on, but they are truly a very recognizable snack. The giant M&M store in the center of Time Square has made this candy into somewhat of a celebrity in the snack universe. Afterall, who doesn't love the two M&M mascots featured in all of the TV commercials? Do we have any big time M&M fans here today?

Question 19

Beef Jerky

Leaving the sweets behind for a moment, let's look at this protein packed snack. Beef jerky is a hit or miss with most people. Some believe it to be the ultimate snack, while others tend to think that meat doesn't really fall into the snacking category. Both of these arguments have their merit, but the question here remains the same. How does everyone feel about munching on a bag of beef jerky during a movie night? Do we like it, or not so much?

Question 20

Reese's Pieces

We know there are some big time Reese fans out there, so get ready for this peanut butter flavoured question. While the famous Peanut Butter Cups offer a mix of chocolate and peanut butter, the Reese's Pieces only give us the peanut butter. These munchable treats are just tiny dolops of peanut butter, which have been coated in a thin layer of candy. Not much to them, but still these little guys are all kinds of delicious! What do we think?

Question 21

Caramel Corn

Since we already did popcorn, we figured we would throw caramel corn in here for the people with a sweet tooth. Caramel corn is a fun treat that is often passed around during the holidays. It is simple enough to make year round, but there is something nice about being gifted a large tub of the stuff in the middle of a cold December. Is there anyone here who prefers caramel corn to the buttery salted version? Rate this snack!

Question 22


These colorful candies are all kinds of fun! At this point in time, there are about a million different Skittle variety bags we can buy. There are Berry Skittles, Sour Skittles, Tropical Skittles, and so many more assortments to choose from. The original bag is of course just as delicious as all the fancy ones. The company's catch line is "taste the rainbow", so you just know these candies are gonna be good! How does everyone here feel about Skittles?

Question 23


Okay so we are going pretty general in this question. While cereal may have been designed with breakfast in mind, many of us choose to munch on it as a snack all throughout the day. We are going to count all kinds of cereal for this question. What ever box we find the tastiest, we can vote on. There are just too many options when it comes to the cereal aisle to limit them. Who here goes straight for the cereal when snacking?

Question 24


Now here we have a rather funny snack. Bugles have been around since the 60s, so we are assuming most will be familiar with the treat (Wikipedia). They are of the corn chip variety, and they are shaped liked hollowed out cones. It is common knowledge for all those who have enjoyed a bag or two of these, that they are as much fun to play with as they are to eat! Is anyone here thinking of grabbing a bag?

Question 25


While some may say that Cheez-Its are not all that different from the previously discussed Goldfish, we beg to differ. Before even tasting them, we can plainly see that these are in the shape of squares and there is not a smiley face to be seen. That being said, the flavor of the two crackers could not be anymore different either. Cheez-Its have a much stronger cheddar taste. Is there anyone here who would choose a box of these over the fish?

Question 26

Fruit by the Foot

Now here is a real childhood classic. Fruit by the Foot is a fruit juice based candy. The name is actually quite self-explanatory. Each one of these snacks in about a foot long in size. They come all rolled up, so children can slowly unravel them as they eat them. While these do make an excellent recess snack, we don't see why a grown up couldn't also enjoy one of these during a coffee break. What are everyone's thoughts on Fruit by the Foot?

Question 27


For this question, we will be talking only of the powdered Donettes. We know there are all kinds of different flavors out there, but we are going straight for the classic. The white powdered Donettes have been around for quite some time now. They are sweet, crumbly, and all kinds of delicious. The only trick is trying to eat them slow enough to not choke on the powder. Are these a favorite of anyone's? Let us know how you feel!

Question 28

Chex Mix

Who doesn't enjoy coming across a bowl of this stuff while out at a party? We are thinking this popular snack is an excellent choice for this quiz, because it is basically a bunch of snacks all in one. A large component to this mixed snack is the Chex breakfast cereal. However, there is also pretzels, nuts, and crackers in most mixes. Some people actually refer to this snack as "nuts and bolts". Do we have any takers? How do we feel about Chex Mix?

Question 29

Cheese Balls

Do we have any big time cheese fanatics in the house? While snacks like Cheetos, Doritos, and even the goldfish are all technically cheese flavored, these cheese balls are no doubt the cheesiest option of the bunch. It is simply impossible to indulge in a handful of these without being left with permanently organe hands for the rest of the evening. That being said, fans of the cheese balls know that the organe fingers are all too worth it for a few of these!

Question 30

Chips Ahoy!

For those who were not sold on the Oreos we looked at earlier, maybe Chips Ahoy! are more your speed? These cookies are classics for sure. When it comes to a hard textured chocolate chip cookie, Chips Ahoy! is the brand most of us think about first. It is true that some may prefer a softer cookie, but when we just want to grab a couple for a quick snack, maybe these are just the perfect choice? What do we think?

Question 31

Corn Nuts

Has everyone here heard of corn nuts before? If not, let us give a quick explanation on the snack. Corn nuts are actually popcorn kernels. Instead of popping them fully, to prepare corn nuts we roast or fry the kernels. Most of the time these come heavily salted or with some sort of flavoring, but if we were to make them at home, we could easily season them to our own tastes. Who thinks these sound too good to pass up?

Question 32


We have already covered a lot of different kinds of chips, but we still have a couple more go to! Fritos are an interesting snack choice. They are a kind of corn chip, but they definitely have their own unique taste. Fritos are particularly known for being a salty snack. While they do sit on the same shelf as all of the other chips, Fritos do offer something fairly different. Are these a go-to snack for anyone here? Rate them!

Question 33

French Fries

Now here is a snack that needs no introduction. French fries are everywhere. We can find them on just about every restaurant menu, literally. We can also make these ourselves at home, or even buy a bag of the frozen ones. There are waffle fries, curly fries, shoestring cut fries and even happy face fries. They are perfect for dipping or just eating on their own. Is there anyone here who can never get enough of these fried up potatoes?

Question 34

Potato Skins

Keeping on the potato theme for a moment, let's look at a more loaded version. Instead of being diced up and fried, potato skins are going about things a little differently. Basically, we are loading up the skins of potatoes with a ton of cheese, meats, and whatever else we can find in the kitchen. These are a baked snack instead of a fried one, but we wouldn't exactly call them a healthier option. How are we feeling about potato skins?

Question 35


We are ready for some backlash over this question, so let us have it! We know some are going to say that fruits should not be included on a list of snacks, but why not? Especially if we are talking grapes, what could be more munchable? Not only are these good for us, but they are sweet and delicious as well! That being said, grapes are actually great for snacking. Is anyone here up for a huge bowl of grapes?

Question 36

Onion Rings

Since we talked french fries already, we figured it would be unfair to not also cover onion rings. When dining at a fastfood spot, we usually have the choice of french fries or onion rings. Both of them are obviously fried, but they are two completely different options. Onion rings are literally battered and fried onions. Is there anyone here who always picks onion rings over french fries? We want to know exactly how everyone would rate this fried snack!

Question 37

Fruit Gushers

Now here is a school yard snack we are thinking most will remember quite well. While the Fruit by the Foots were totally fun, the Fruit Gushers were something special. These fruit juice based candies are full of surprises. When biting into one of these tiny candies, we will get an explosion of fruit juices. That's right, everyone one of these is full of sugary liquid. This of course means that these are also one sticky snack option! Rate them!

Question 38

Nutter Butters

Nutter Butters are the cookie choice of peanut butter fans. While it is true that these were not a cookie many of us would have been allowed to bring to school, we think most people probably have still had the chance to try them at least once or twice. These cookies are all about the peanut butter. Each one comes with two peanut butter cookies, which sandwich a scoop of actual peanut butter. No need to explain why these were not welcome in the classroom ...

Question 39

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Anyone who knows about candy, knows that Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are no average beans at all. There are tons of different brands out there selling jelly beans, but the Jelly Belly variety are simply the best of the best. They are known as the "gourmet jelly bean". This company has millions of different flavors on the market. What is even more impressive, is the fact that theys sell recipe books. Literally, these recipes explain which beans to eat at the same time to produce even more flavors!

Question 40


We are thinking that the people who complained about the grapes earlier, are going to be just as disappointed with this question. However, we do think it is important to mention possible snacks from all kinds of diets! Hummus is a great snack for dipping. We can go for some cut up veggies, but if we are looking to treat ourselves a bit, we can easily opt for a potato chip or even some pretzels! How does everyone here feel about hummus?

Question 41


Now here we have one of the oldest snacks on our list. Twinkies have been in production since the early 30s (Wikipedia). Imagine just how many cakes this company has sold since then? Twinkies are not a complex treat. All they are is a yellow sponge cake, which has been filled with a sugary white cream. They are sold in boxes, and each of the cakes comes individually wrapped. Clearly these a great choice of snack to bring along to school or work.

Question 42


We are almost finished with the chips, we promise. While Pringles can be found in the same aisle as all of the other chips, they have found a way to ensure their packaging stands out among the rest. These potato chips are thin, and they come stacked on top of each other. To ensure they do not get crushed, they come in cardboard tubes instead of foil bags. Very clever marketing on Pringles behalf! Are Pringles a favorite chip on anyone's?

Question 43

Teddy Grahams

Who here loves some good old fashioned graham crackers? Teddy Grahams are no doubt the most adorable way to enjoy graham crackers. They are small cookies made to look like bears. The original flavor for these are the honey. However, other flavors have come and gone over the years. We have seen chocolate, birthday cake, and even a fruit punch flavor. These days only the honey and chocolate chip remain available in stores. How is everyone feeling about Teddy Grahams?

Question 44


When it comes to munching on chips, our choice all depends on how we plan on eating them. If we are choosing a chip like Doritos, dipping isn't usually involved in the equation. However, if we plan of going to town on some dip, than Ruffles may just be the perfect choice. The texture of these chips makes them great for supporting even the heaviest of dips out there. Is there anyone here who would grab a bag of these over the others?

Question 45

Swiss Rolls

Swiss Rolls are kind of like the previously discussed Twinkies, but for the chocolate lovers instead. These snack cakes are basically just a chocolate cake rolled around some fluffy white icing. Some people choose to bake these fresh, but the Little Debbie company does offer a store bought option that is pretty tasty! Does anyone here think these are actually better than the Twinkies? It is yellow cake against chocolate cake in this question, time to see who is victorious!

Question 46


Don't worry, these are not actual fruits! Runts are tiny candies made to look like a variety of different fruits. They are very hard in texture, and their fruit shape represents their individual flavours. Some parents claim that these can be a choking hazard for young ones, so it is always best to eat these cautiously! However, if we are sure we can enjoy them without risk, they can certainly be a fun little treat! How does everyone here feel about Runts?

Question 47

Sunflower Seeds

Here is a snack that is sure to split up the room. While some people can simply never get enough sunflower seeds, others find them to be a super annoying snack. Every one of these seeds has to be de-shelled before eating, so we see why some may not be up for enjoying bag. However, sometimes the best things in life have to be worked for, right? If we can get passed the whole de-shelling process, sunflower seeds can be a delightfully salty treat!

Question 48

Sun Chips

Now here is our final chip question, we mean it! Sun Chips are not like any other chip on the market. They are multigrain chips, so their flavour is quite a bit different. Not only are they multigrain, but their most popular flavor actually happens to be Harvest Cheddar, which is just not a flavour other companies are offering. Does anyone here consider these to be their chip of choice? We want to know exactly how everyone would rate them!

Question 49


This will also be our final cookie question of the day. Snickerdoodles are interesting. As popular as they are, there is not a go-to brand which offers these in a store bought option. However, anyone who has been lucky enough to try the homemade ones, know that they are a real treat! Snickerdoodles are essentially just sugar cookies, but with one small difference. After they are baked, they are rolled in some cinnamon sugar. This makes all the difference in the world!

Question 50

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Here it is, our final snack of the day! Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are all the rage. They have been a popular snack for years now, and the company actually prides themselves on the fact that nobody has ever been able to replicate their signature peanut butter and chocolate taste. For those who missed the chocolate from the Reese's Pieces, these cups would be the perfect solution! Is this a favorite snack of anyone here? How would you rank em'?

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