Rate These Romantic Movies To Get A Celebrity Hunk For Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! Can everyone here feel it? Once the holidays have ended and the cold has set in, the one thing we all have to look forward to is Valentine's Day! While not all of us are happily coupled up this time of year, there are still tons of awesome plans we can make for the event. A girls night could never hurt, and what could be more fun than a romantic movie marathon? This quiz is going to help everyone narrow down which romantic films they should be watching this year!

In today's quiz, we will be looking at 50 of the most romantic movies to ever hit the big screen. All everyone here has to do, is state which were their favorites and which they did not really care for. Once we have an idea of everyone's taste, we will be dishing out some truly handsome celebs for everyone to spend their Valentine's evening with! We have nothing to lose from this quiz and only new movies and handsome men to gain! It is time to call up the girls, get the ice cream and tissues ready, and have everyone take this ultimate romance quiz today!

Question 1

Valentine's Day:

What better film to start with, than one that is all about the day of love! In this film, we see several different people all experiencing some form of love. It is Valentine's day, so the stakes are pretty high. Some of these couples have been together forever, some are celebrating their first Valentine's, and some are just hoping to get noticed by their crush. A day like this only comes around once a year, so when it does, we need to make sure our hearts are open!

Question 2

The Proposal:

After many years of hard work, Margaret finally has her dream job. She works as a book editor and she is one of the very best in the business. However, she has just been notified that she is under inspection for deportation. Clearly, she knows she has to do something to make sure she does not lose everything she has worked so hard for. That is when the idea came... Margaret wants to marry her assistant so she can stay in the country!

Question 3

The Notebook:

Sometimes even soulmates have a hard time making things work. There was no denying how in love both Alli and Noah were with each other. Anyone would be able to tell instantly just by the way they looked at each other. Even though, there still seemed to be a million things trying to pull them apart. Her parents did not approve of the match, Allie was being promised to another, and Noah was getting shipped off to war. How do we feel about this classic?

Question 4

To All the Boys I've Loved Before:

Crushes are tough to deal with at any age, but as a teenager, they can be particularly difficult to manage. Lara Jean had tons of experience with crushes. She has had a few throughout her adolescence, but she has successfully managed to not act on any of them. Instead of approaching the boys she is interested in, Lara Jean has always just written down her feelings and locked the papers away. However, it seems like these papers have all just been mailed out...

Question 5

Love, Simon:

Simon was as surprised as anyone else when a student from his high school came out anonymously online. Simon himself had been dealing with this kind of heavy secret, but he had always shied away from confessing it to anyone. Feeling inspired by the brave actions of Mr. Anonymous, Simon decided to respond to his posting. He too would remain anonymous, but at least someone out there would know his secret, and with any luck, it would make his new friend feel less alone.

Question 6

The Kissing Booth:

Elle and Lee are the kind of friends who share everything. They have been by each other's side since birth, and they both very much intended on keeping things that way. To ensure their friendship remained as strong as possible, these two created a listed a friendship rules years ago which they have followed religiously. However, the older they seem to get, the more difficult these rules tend to be. Growing up can be tough on even the tightest of bonds...

Question 7

A Star is Born:

Jackson was already an established star when he came across the talented Ally. She was a struggling musician, but her talent was undeniable. Jackson knew she had what it took to make it big, so he decided to help her out. Of course, he did not realize then, that she was going to be the love of his life. Jackson got Ally the fame he had promised her, and in return, Ally gave Jackson the kind of love he never thought he would experience.

Question 8

La La Land:

There was nothing more Mia wanted in the world than to become a famous actress. Sebastian, on the other hand, dreamed of nothing but playing piano for large cheering crowds. These two were both incredibly huge dreamers, but they both also had the talent they needed to make it big. When they found each other, they thought they were the luckiest people in the world. However, it all seemed to change once the fame they had been so desperate for finally came around.

Question 9

The Big Sick:

Kumail was raised in a fairly traditional family. His mother wanted him to marry a kind Indian woman and to start a family. This, however, was not the path Kumail saw for himself. He was working as a stand-up comedian and all of his energy was going towards his material. As for dating, Kumail wished to meet his own potential interests. When he met Emily, he thought she was perfect. Of course was not how his mother was going to see her at all...

Question 10

The Wedding Singer:

Robbie had always been a romantic. That is probably why he decided to become a wedding singer in the first place. However, after one too many heartbreaks, Robbie was starting to think he had been all wrong about love. That was until he met Julia anyway. Julia walked into his life like a beautiful blond force. She was only there to book him as a wedding singer for her big day, but Robbie knew that if there was one thing he was good at, it was ending relationships.

Question 11

Notting Hill:

William was the kind of guy who rarely had anything exciting happen to him. He was the owner and operator of a local bookstore and the job occupied most of his time. However, on one special afternoon, Anna Scott happened to stop into his store. Anna was the most beautiful actress in all of Hollywood. The two of them met, and by some form of fate, they actually like each other. Now the only problem is figuring out how to make this kind of relationship work...

Question 12


When Jack won his ticket aboard the Titanic, he thought it was the perfect escape to a new and better life. When Rose boarded the large boat, she thought it was her ticket straight into marriage with a man she did not love. When Jack and Rose met though, they both realized they were on the boat for a greater reason. These two were always supposed to meet and fall in love, it had been written in the stars. Of course, neither of them realized their time together was going to be so short.

Question 13

500 Days of Summer:

When Tom met Summer, he had just about given up hope on being happy. He figured she was his guardian angel, sent down to help him find his way. They two of them spent 500 days together and Tom thought things could not have been going better. However, when Summer abruptly ends the relationship, Tom has no choice but to go back and take a closer look at their time together. Sometimes things replay a little differently the second time around.

Question 14

Bridget Jones's Diary:

Bridget is just about to ring in a new year and she is looking to spice things up a bit. Instead of the regular resolutions, Bridget is looking to do something a little different. She has decided that she will start keeping a journal. She will document everything from her daily activities, to how she feels about the men she is dating. Never in a million years could she have guessed, that her journal was going to turn into the most exciting book she owned.

Question 15

Eat, Pray, Love:

Liz thought she was living the perfect life. She had a husband, an apartment, and a job which she loved. However, sometimes things are not always as perfect as they seem. Liz's husband has just informed her that he wants a divorce. Not knowing what to do with her life at this point, Liz created a plan. She was going to travel to all of the amazing destinations she had always dreamed of, and she was going to discover who she really is in the process.

Question 16

Silver Linings Playbook:

Pat has been going through a rough year. A few months back, he went through a mental break which not only caused him to lose his wife, but it also got him sent away for help. Now that he is back, however, he is determined to get his life together. That was the plan anyway until he met Tiffany. Tiffany like Pat was going through a rough year. She had just lost her husband and the grief was wearing her down. These two needed each other more than they even knew...

Question 17

About Time:

Tim is a little different than all of the other 21-year-olds in his town. Tim like all of the men in his family has the ability to time travel. When he first discovered this amazing gift, his father informed him that it could not be used to change the past. That was fine with Tim since all he wanted to do was spice up the future by finding himself a girlfriend. While Tim could use this power to better his life, his father's initial warning is becoming more and more apparent as he experiments.

Question 18

Set It Up:

Even though Charlie and Harper work in the very same building, they have never once crossed paths. This was due to the fact that both of their bosses kept them extremely busy. They were both working as assistants to some high-powered business people, and neither of them was loving life. When they did finally meet, they decided on a plan. They would set up their bosses, and with any luck, this would lead them to get some well deserved time off.

Question 19

The Fault in Our Stars:

Hazel Grace has not had it easy in her life. She was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age, and she has pretty much just been trying to get by ever since. It took a little convincing, but her mother was finally able to get her to agree to a support group. Even though she was there reluctantly, she was surprised when she met the handsome Gus. He seemed to really like her, even though she could not figure out why. The two of them ended up sharing a romance neither of them thought they would ever have.

Question 20

Crazy, Stupid, Love:

Cal was not exactly a cool guy. His kids would gladly testify to that fact, but who was he trying to impress? He had been with his wife for years, so being cool was not exactly on the top of his list of priorities. Or at least it wasn't until his wife told him that she wanted a divorce. Now Cal is single and he has absolutely no idea how to go about it. Luckily a young hip man has just found him and has offered to help him out a bit.

Question 21

The Time Traveler's Wife:

Henry was born with a very rare condition. In fact, he may just be the only one to ever have been born with such a problem. Henry drifts back and forth through time uncontrollably. While time travel seems pretty awesome, without the ability to control it, it can be pretty scary. Even with this condition, Henry has managed to meet his soul mate. The tricky thing now is, staying put long enough to marry her. How does everyone feel about this romantic film?

Question 22

No Strings Attached:

Adam and Emma have always been close. They have been best friends since childhood, so they have seen the best and the worst of each other. They have both watched each other go through tons of relationships, which have clearly never worked. In an attempt to change things up, these two have come up with a plan. They are thinking a "friends with benefits" type deal is just the ticket to distracting them from their actual dating lives. What could possibly go wrong?

Question 23

Something's Gotta Give:

Harry prides himself on the fact that he has been a lifelong bachelor. He is getting older by the day, but he still manages to get young women to date him. His newest girlfriend has just asked him to spend a weekend away with her. Harry is thinking he could not be a luckier man. Although, this thought process immediately changed once he arrived at his girlfriend's vacation home and was met by her mother. It seems Harry is closer to his girlfriend's mother's age than to hers...

Question 24

Enough Said:

Eva has been single for quite some time. Her main focus for as long as she can remember has been her daughter. However, her daughter is growing up and she is about to head off to college. In an attempt to distract herself, Eva began a relationship with Albert. Everything had been going surprisingly well, up until Eva met Albert's ex-wife. The more she hears about why his first marriage ended, the warier she becomes about her own relationship with him.

Question 25

Me Before You:

Louisa is an optimist. No matter how many times life has shot her down, she has never failed to keep a smile on her face. However, her bright and shiny attitude is being put to the test at her new job. She has just agreed to start work as a caretaker for the wealthy William, but his cynical outlook is starting to put a damper on her happy demeanor. Her best hope is to show him why life is so beautiful and why he should be thankful for every single day.

Question 26


Time to get animated! This Disney tale tells the story of Rapunzel, except it seems as though we had a few details of her story wrong. Rapunzel's hair was not just long, it was magical. That is why her "mother" Gothel had stolen her away from her parents when she was just a baby. Now that she is grown up though, Rapunzel is looking to leave her tower to find some sort of adventure. Never did she think that love would be finding her first...

Question 27

The Vow:

Leo and Paige shared the kind of love that many of us could never imagine. They were bonded together forever, or so they had thought. Not long after they had been married, Paige was in a car crash. While she did survive, she was not lucky enough to avoid a deep coma. After finally waking, it was discovered that all of her recent memories had been lost. The lost memories included everything about Leo. All Paige could remember was being engaged to a different man...

Question 28

50 First Dates:

Keeping on the theme of memory loss, Lucy had also been in a car accident which hindered her ability to remember anything that happened to her after the day of the accident. Henry had met her one morning and thought they had really hit it off. However, the next day when he saw her again, she had no recollection of him whatsoever. If Henry truly wants to make Lucy his, he is going to have to find a new way to "woo" her every single day.

Question 29

Made of Honor:

Tom and Hannah have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember. He is a proud bachelor and she is a woman determined to find love. Needless to say, these two complement each other quite nicely. Hannah has just finally met who she thinks is her soulmate, so of course, Tom has just come to realize that he has been in love with Hannah this whole time. It is now his mission to derail all of her wedding plans and to hopefully win her over himself.

Question 30

Letters to Juliet:

Sophie has been dreaming about her trip to Rome for weeks now. She will be going with her fiance and she is thinking it is going to be the most romantic getaway ever. However, once they arrived, she realized he was going to be more preoccupied with work than she had thought. Out on her own, Sophie decided to do some sightseeing. She has just come across a wall covered in letters that had been sent to Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet. One of these, in particular, is standing out to Sophie...

Question 31


While growing up, Amy was always taught that relationships were no good. So naturally, in her adult life, she has struggled to commit. She instead has put all of her energy into her work. However, through her work, she has just been introduced to someone who she thinks she actually may really like. Learning how to date is tough, but doing it at her age is going to be impossible. What did we think about the romantic comedy? Loved it, or not so much?

Question 32

Sweet Home Alabama:

Melanie is living out all of her dreams. She is working as a fashion designer in New York City and her very handsome (and wealthy) fiance has just proposed. Everything is turning out exactly as she had planned it, but there is still one thing standing in the way of her happy ending. She was once married to her high school sweetheart and she is going to have to return home to get a divorce before she can marry anyone else...

Question 33


When Aladdin was first told about his three wishes, he did not exactly have romance on his mind. However, after meeting the beautiful Princess Jasmine, he found it hard to think about anything else. He decided to use one of his wishes to become a prince himself. He assumed a princess like her could only ever fall for a prince. This was not the case though. Jasmine liked Aladdin for him and not for what he had to offer. Go figure!

Question 34

Never Been Kissed:

Josie had been blessed with the wonderful gift of a young face. When she was, in fact, young, she hated this about herself, but now that she is older she sees the benefits. Her boss has just asked her to use her young face to infiltrate a high school. They want to learn everything they can about teenage trends, and Josie is just the one to do it! It really is the perfect plan, or it was until Josie fell for her new English teacher...

Question 35


This one question is to cover all four films of the franchise. When Bella first met Edward, she felt instantly connected to him. She could not figure out why, or even if it was a good thing. Obsessed with this new guy in her life, Bella started to do some digging. While no one else in town had been able to crack the Cullen's code, it did not take Bella long to get to the bottom of their secret. They were a family of vampires, and Edward was the cutest one of the bunch.

Question 36

The Danish Girl:

Let's take a look at a rather non-traditional couple for this question. Einar was a happy man. He loved his wife dearly, and he had found great success in his work as a painter. However, Einar always did feel a tad bit different than all of the other men. It was not until his wife asked him to pose for a portrait wearing a dress that he discovered why this was. Einar was a woman trapped inside the body of a man and he had no idea how to get out of it.

Question 37

Beauty and the Beast (Animated):

Now this one really is a tale as old as time. Belle met Beast under peculiar circumstances. Her father was being held captive in the Beast's castle, and she was ready to trade her freedom for his. Beast agreed to the arrangement, but clearly, this was not exactly a "meet cute". After some time at the castle, Belle actually started to enjoy herself. The enchanted objects that were all around made great company and even Beast started to show that he had a kinder side...

Question 38

Beauty and the Beast (Live Action):

Here we have the live-action remake of the classic film we just discussed. The story is very similar. Belle was a beautiful girl from town, who had all kinds of dreams about adventure and romance. However, never in any of these dreams did she see herself falling in love with a beast. After meeting and getting to know Beast though, Belle began to wonder if love really did come in all shapes and sizes. What was everyone's opinion on this remake?

Question 39


Jim and Aurora were just a couple of the people who had agreed to leave planet Earth behind to start fresh on a new planet. It was a pretty good deal. A brand new life on a thriving new planet. All they had to do was agree to be put into a deep sleep where they would not age for 100 years. Once they were awakened, they would get to live the life they had always dreamed about. Of course, nobody ever told them what to do if they happened to wake up 90 years too early...

Question 40

Couples Retreat:

Traveling in groups is not always an easy thing to do. These four couples, however, are willing to take the risk. They have all agreed that they need some downtime, so now all they have to do is find a resort. One of the couples found a resort which also happened to offer couples counseling (which they very much needed). The others were assured that the counseling was not mandatory and that they would be allowed to relax on the beach. Sure enough, this was not the case at all...

Question 41

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist:

Nick and Norah were not exactly looking for love on the night they went out to follow a mysterious band around town. Norah was most concerned about keeping an eye on her wild friend, and Nick was just trying to mend his freshly broken heart. However, once the two met, they felt an odd connection. Neither of them was eager to admit this, but neither of them was able to stay away either. Sometimes love finds us when we least expect it!

Question 42


Giselle was born in a land full of princes, songs, and happy endings. She was just about to live happily ever after in fact when a wicked old witch decided to curse her out of her enchanted dreamland. Giselle has now found herself in the middle of New York City, and nothing seems very magical at all. She knows she either has to find her way back or at the very least find a few animal friends in the new world. Which do you think will happen first?

Question 43

Obvious Child:

Donna has not exactly gotten the hang of the whole adulting thing. She makes money by working as a stand-up comedian, but even that she is not very good at. She can't seem to stay organized long enough to even make it to all of her shows. Staying true to her wild ways, Donna decided to spend an evening with a strange man. Never in a million years did she think the night would end with her carrying his child. Yikes!

Question 44


WALL-E was really only looking for a friend when EVE showed up. He had been alone for so long, that he was becoming a little desperate for conversation. When EVE arrived on his planet, he was naturally very excited. He may have come off a little strong, but his heart was truly in the right place. It did not take long for EVE to fall for this funny little robot, and the rest was pretty much history. Is this one a favorite of anyone?

Question 45

13 Going on 30:

There was nothing in the world that Jenna wanted more than to be popular. She had one very good friend, but she wanted to be seen as one of the "it girls" at school. On her birthday, she tried her very best to make friends with the cool kids, but things didn't go as planned. By the end of the day, Jenna was in her closet wishing to be 30 and finished with the high school drama. Well, her wish came true and she is going to have to adapt quick!

Question 46

The Last Song:

Ronnie was beyond angry to find out her mother was forcing her and her younger brother to spend their summer holiday with their father. Ronnie was working hard on her piano skills and she did not like the thought of being so far away from her friends. Of course, after arriving in her father's small town, she discovered a handsome local. If she was going to be forced to stay there for the whole summer, she was going to have to find some fun...

Question 47

Dear John:

John and Savannah had the kind of relationship most people did not understand. They had not known each other very long, but they were obsessed with each other. When John informed her that he would be leaving for the army, she was determined to keep their relationship alive. The two started corresponding through letters, but as the years passed, John's deployment continued to get more and more dangerous. What can we do when the one we love is so far away from us?

Question 48

The Lucky One:

Logan has just completed his third tour of duty in Iraq. The war had not been easy on him, and he was convinced only one thing had kept him alive through it all. He had the photograph of a beautiful woman, a woman he did not even know. Whenever times were particularly rough, he would look to the photo for peace of mind. Now that he is home, he is determined to find the woman and to thank her for saving his life so many times.

Question 49

There's Something About Mary:

We have all known someone like Mary in our lives. She is quirky, different, and all kinds of beautiful. Mary was the kind of girl that boys could not help but fall in love with. While this all may sound great, it wasn't always all it was cracked up to be. Three different men were pretending to be something they weren't, all in the hopes of getting Mary to love them back. The thing about girls like Mary though, is that they are mostly attracted to honesty.

Question 50

Lady and the Tramp:

Let's end on an animated note. Lady and the Tramp is no doubt a classic love story. Lady was a pampered pooch, who somehow found herself lost and alone out on the streets. Tramp was a street dog, who only ever knew what it was like to care for himself. When he came across Lady, he decided to help her figure things out. So naturally, when it was time for Lady to return home, she wanted Tramp to come along and learn her way of life too.

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