Rate These Pregnancy Foods To Find Out The Baby's Celebrity Look-ALike

Do we have any mothers-to-be in the house with us today? We are talking about all kinds of pregnancy foods in this quiz, so it is time to call up all the girls and take this test! Pregnancy cravings can be totally random and weird, but they can also be delicious. While there are a ton of things we may need to give up during the 9 long months of pregnancy, snacks are not one of them. We may not be munching on any sushi for the moment, but nobody said anything about cutting out the bacon or the cakes!

Who is hungry? We will be listing 50 pregnancy foods in this quiz, and everyone is going to be asked how they feel about them. Some of them may seem totally normal, while others are sure to make some people scratch their heads. Once everyone has stated how they feel about each treat, we will calculate the results and let everyone know their baby's celebrity twin! This will also be a great way to see if we are expecting a girl or a boy! Who is ready for this ultimate pregnancy food quiz? It would be a good idea to get the snacks ready before starting this one...

Question 1


Okay so let's get started with a food that many people crave, pregnant or not. Bacon is just one of those things that most people can get on board with. Sure it isn't the healthiest option or anything, but it also isn't the worst thing out there either. When the craving strikes, or we are feeling like we could use a little tasty protein, bacon could very well be our best bet. How is everyone feeling about bacon as a pregnancy food?

Question 2


This one may sound a little strange, but just wait, these pregnancy foods are only going to get weirder as we go. Anyone who is or who has been pregnant, knows just how bizarre the cravings can really get. Even if we aren't big ketchup fans regularly, while pregnant, we may very well get hit with a craving for some. This is a good one since it does not have to be eaten in excess. We could very easily get our fill from dipping a few fries into some.

Question 3

Apple Pie

Here we have a real classic. If nobody was craving pie before, this picture may just be enough to do it. The real trick to avoiding some intense apple pie cravings, would be to stay far away from the smell. As soon as the mixture of apple and cinnamon hits our noses, it will be a million times harder to turn down a slice. Does anyone here consider apple pie a favorite dessert? Or maybe they used to, but pregnancy has turned them off the stuff?

Question 4


Do we have any chocolate lovers in the house today? Brownies really are a dessert that is meant for the intense chocolate fans. They batter is chock full of the stuff, not to mention, many people also include extra chips when preparing a batch. A true brownie fan knows that these are supposed to be soft and chewy on the inside, but the edges should remain a little crisp. How is everyone feeling about these as a pregnancy food? Yay or nay?

Question 5


While a slice of cantaloupe may not sound as tempting as a fresh corner piece of a brownie, many pregnant women have claimed that melon was a huge craving for them while carrying. Cantaloupe is a melon which is fairly easy to find and it is not too expensive either. Some melon can be better when purchased in the correct season, but normally the cantaloupes are a fairly safe bet year round. Does this sound like a tasty treat to anyone here?

Question 6

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding is something a lot of us remember eating when we were kids. If we are looking for a tasty inexpensive treat, this may be one of the very best options. We can easily buy a pack of the cups for just a couple of bucks, or we could also make a batch of the instant stuff at home for about the same price. Some may chose to prepare some chocolate pudding from scratch, and to those people, we salute you.

Question 7

Bagel and Cream Cheese

Many of us enjoy a bagel and cream cheese every morning. While bagels are a fairly general option, not everyone is always so into the cream cheese. This is one that could easily go either way while we are pregnant. It is totally possible that even the people who love cream cheese regularly, don't even want to look at it while they are pregnant. For women experiencing a lot of morning sickness, this could actually make a fairly simple breakfast option.

Question 8

Salt Water Taffy

Here is one for the people with a real sweet tooth. This candy used to be strictly sold in the Atlantic City and New Jersey area (Wikipedia). However, these days they can pretty much be found anywhere. They come in a variety of different flavors, so there really is one that can suit everyone's tastes. They are quite a bit chewy though, so one must have strong teeth (not the mention jaw) to be able to down a bag of these candies.

Question 9


Ah cheese, what a glorious invention. This dairy product is a great addition to just about any dish. If the craving is really bad, we can go right ahead and just eat it on it's own. However, if we just want a little taste of it, we can easily sprinkle a bit of it onto whatever we are eating. There all all kinds of cheese out there, so we will let everyone base this decision of of their own personal favorite.

Question 10

Chili Peppers

Let's talk spice. Spicy foods are a pregnancy craving we hear a lot about. While some women have said that eating chili peppers helped them jump start the labor process, that is not exactly what we are talking about here. We want to know who has actually been craving a little extra chili pepper punch to their food? Sometimes simple black pepper just doesn't cut it, and we go out looking for something with more heat. Who is down with chili peppers?

Question 11


For this question, we are talking about chocolate - plain and simple. No caramel, no nuts, no nougat, just a regular old piece of chocolate. When the mood for chocolate strikes, there are a million different ways we can go about getting some. However, a simple chocolate bar can be just the ticket to fulfilling our craving. While we must keep in mind that the darker we go, the more caffeine there will be, we see nothing wrong with indulging in a square or two of milk chocolate.

Question 12

Gummy Worms

So we realize that candy is never the healthiest option, pregnant or not, but sometimes the urge can be a little too hard to resist. Any candy fans out there know that sometimes a cookie or a brownie just won't do. Sometimes we need the most sugar possible out of our snack. Of course if anyone here prefers the bears over the worms, that will be totally acceptable for this question. All we need to know is, who opts for a bag of gummies everytime?

Question 13


Of all the chip options we have our there, these are no doubt the messiest. The orange coated fingers are just something we must accept if we happen to get struck by a craving for these. Instead of being a classic potato chip, Doritos are a form of corn chip. They come coated in a ton of different flavoured powders, but the classic nacho flavor has remained a fan favorite for many years. Who here would pop open a bag of these chips?

Question 14


Now here is a food item that is sure to split up the room. Usually people go either way with eggs. Either they love them, or they really do not care for them at all. The good thing about eggs, is their versatility. If we aren't feeling the yolk, no problemo, go ahead and scrambled up some egg whites. If we are feeling the yolk, we can easily fry, poach, scramble, or even hard boil the whole egg. Who is up for some eggs?

Question 15

English Muffins

Here is an item that could be very good for any expecting mothers who are having a hard time keeping food down in general. While breakfast is an important meal, it is not always the easiest one to eat while carrying a baby. To make sure we are getting our calories, a classic english muffin may be simple enough to digest without an issue. If we are feeling adventurous, we can totally add some jam or peanut butter as well!

Question 16

Lemon Meringue Pie

Here is the first of many citrus based questions. Citrus is one of the most common cravings that pregnant women get. For those who are feeling the craving, but aren't brave enough to bite right into the lemon itself, this pie may be an excellent alternative. One slice of this dessert could squash a sweet tooth and a citrus craving all at once. The top layer of meringue would really just be a bonus at that point. Who here is up for a slice?

Question 17


Now here is a craving we can feel really good about! While some of us may prefer our avocado in a sushi roll, that is clearly not going to fly while we are pregnant. However, these babies are so good for us, that changing up the way we eat them would be totally worth it. Cutting them up in a salad would be great, or even mashed up and spread across some toast would fulfill the craving. Are any mouths watering over avocados?

Question 18

Pecan Pie

Who's got nuts on the brain? Pecan is definitely a pie option with a sweeter edge. The crust is usually a traditional pie shell. The interior is made up of a mixture of brown sugar, molasses, and either honey or maple syrup. On top comes the pecans. An entire layer of these nuts are placed on top of the desert. So to enjoy this dish, one must be really into both pecans and sugar! Who here is lining up for a slice?

Question 19

Lemon Squares

Here is our second stop aboard the citrus express. Lemon squares are definitely less sour than a lot of other citrus themed desserts. While there is a bunch of lemon that goes into them, there is also usually a layer of powdered sugar on top, which tends to break down the sour taste. These could make the perfect desert for any pregnant women craving a slight taste of lemon. Who here wants to sink their teeth into one of these squares?

Question 20

Cherry Pie

Now this one is a real classic. While some pies can be extremely sweet, cherry pie is traditionally prepared using tart berries. This means that if we are not feeling the sugar too much, we can still enjoy some dessert! Some sugar crystals may be added to the top of some of these pies, but if it has been prepared with tart berries, the sugar should not be very strong at all. Is this one a go-to dessert for anyone here? Let us know!

Question 21


Cannolis are an Italian treat which consist of a fried pastry shell, and a creamy filling made with some sort of cheese. The most popular cheeses used for these are mascarpone or ricotta. Many people will add additional treats to this dessert by sticking things on the end of them. We can easily add in some chocolate chips, nuts, or even some fruit! Who doesn't love a dessert that can be adjusted to one's taste? How is everyone feeling about cannolis?

Question 22

Grilled Cheese

Time to tuck into some comfort food. There is just something about a grilled cheese that is so appealing. There really isn't much to them, just a couple of pieces of sliced bread, some butter, and a bunch of whatever cheese is available. Whether we enjoy them alongside a bowl of soup, or just on their own, a grilled cheese will always be a feel good kind of food. Who here agrees, and who doesn't even want to look at a it?

Question 23

Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are something that are easy to make, and something we may very well be craving a lot of during pregnancy. Good new is, they they only take about 10 minutes to prepare. All we must do for these is heat up some marshmallows, toss in a bunch of the cereal, and coat everything in butter to ensure nothing sticks. We could even buy these premade is we really aren't feeling up to it. How does everyone here feel about these?

Question 24

Key Lime Pie

Switching over from the lemon fade, let's take a look at limes for a moment. Lemons are no doubt the more popular flavor. They are found in way more recipes, but there are a few that require limes instead. A key lime pie may just be the most popular lime themed dessert around. Not too much goes into the filling, just some key lime juice, condensed milk, and some egg yolks. Who is feeling up for a slice of this pie?

Question 25


We did say that these cravings were going to get weirder as we go! Ice is something many women have claimed to be obsessed with during their 9 months of pregnancy. We have to admit, the snack isn't going to add too much extra poundage. However, for those who have never been pregnant, it may be hard to see the appeal. We know it may sound strange to some, but does anyone here agree with ice as an acceptable pregnancy food?

Question 26

Frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo anyone? This frozen treat has been going head to head with ice cream for many years now. While many claim this dessert to be the healthier option, that is not really the question we are asking here. Some people do generally prefer the taste to frozen yogurt over ice cream. It is also always fun to go to the shop and fill our cups with all of the delicious toppings! Who here could get down with a bowl of frozen yogurt?

Question 27

Honey Mustard

If anyone wasn't into the ketchup from earlier, maybe some honey mustard would do the trick? This condiment is a surprisingly common pregnancy craving. Mustard is usually a hit or miss dipping sauce for people, but pregnancy cravings do not follow any kind of rules. Even if we wouldn't touch the stuff regularly, who knows what crazy things we may do while carrying around a baby. How do we feel about honey mustard? Not a chance, or keep on dippin?

Question 28

Hot Cheetos

Things are heating up once again, except this time it is because of some Hot Cheetos! We have already mentioned that spicy foods can be a big hit with pregnant women, but that does not mean that all of them are willing to bite straight into a chili pepper. Some may prefer to get their fix from a little snacking instead. Hot Cheetos are a super easy snack to munch on, though those pesky orange fingers are always something to consider!

Question 29

Peanut Butter Cups

Now these must be a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups can often be found at the tops of lists ranking the world's most popular candies. If people love them so much regularly, we can only assume that some pregnant women would simply go crazy for them. As hard as we may try to replicate this flavor at home, the fans of this treat know that there is no mixture of peanut butter and chocolate that could ever come close.

Question 30


Keeping on the candy theme for a moment, is anyone here a big fan of Twizzlers? We know the debate over Twizzlers and Red Vines is still in full swing, but either one of these treats could work for this question. Sometimes gummies just are not the right candy for the occasion. Sometimes licorice just seems like the better choice. While Twizzlers are not exactly licorice, they are pretty close. Does anyone here choose Twizzlers as their movie snack every time?

Question 31

Orange Juice

Now here is a more traditional way to get a good citrus fix. Orange juice is a healthy option, and for a lot of people, it is a delicious option as well. We will accept all levels of pulp for this question too! There are a ton of benefits that come along with drinking a glass of orange juice every morning, so craving it would really just be a bonus. Who here can't wait to get their hands on a glass?

Question 32


Olives anyone? These little babies are super versatile, so they may fall into more than one kind of craving! There are a ton of different kinds of olives out there. For starters, we have red, black, and green ones. Then we can also find them stuffed with all different types of goodies too. Sometimes almonds, cheese, or even bread crumbs can be found inside of these bite sized treasures. Is anyone here thinking olives may be the perfect snack for this evening?

Question 33

Pop Rocks

This one may sound crazy, but no judgements here in this quiz! Pop Rocks are not exactly known for their flavours. This candy is usually chosen because of the sensation it has on our mouths. When tossing back a pack of Pop Rocks, we can instantly feel them explode on our tongues. Not to worry, these candies pose no threat to our little angels! Can anyone remember the last time they had Pop Rocks? Who is picking up a pack today?

Question 34


We are not just talking chips in this question, nachos are a completely different snack. A plate of nachos can be prepared in many ways. We can add whatever we please to the mound of tortilla chips and cheese. Some may choose to add some peppers for spice, or some meat for protein. Others may opt to load up on veggies, while others will toss on a load of guacamole and salsa. There really are no wrong answers when it comes to nachos...

Question 35


The citrus is getting real in this question. We have talked a lot of about some lemon heavy dessert already, but what about the fruits themselves? It may sound weird, but some people do enjoy biting into these. It is rumored to have a ton of health benefits, but some people also just enjoy the taste. When our babies are craving the citrus, is there anyone here who would go straight to the source? Who is slicing up some lemon?

Question 36


Is there anyone here who would pass on the lemons, but dive right into a bowl of limes? While both of these are extremely heavy on the citrus and on the sour taste, they do both offer a different flavor. Limes do tend to be a little less sour somehow, although eating them straight is not recommended for anyone with sensitive taste buds. How are we feeling about sliced limes? Is anyone here thinking they may be good for something other than margaritas?

Question 37


Some enjoy the heat from the spicy, while others may prefer a nice cool down treat. A milkshake is a tasty dessert for anyone who is craving something a little cooler. A July pregnancy can get pretty warm, so having dessert options like a milkshake can be a very helpful thing. As long as we have ice cream, milk, and a blender, we are pretty much good to go (a cherry for the top would just be a classy bonus)!

Question 38


Carbs on carbs on carbs! While carbs may be something we try our best to avoid while we are not pregnant, good luck keeping that diet after finding out we are with child. Pasta comes in all kinds of different forms, and we will count all of them for this question. Whether we go for spaghetti, penne, tortelli, or fuzzili, the question remains the same. Who here loves the idea of a great big bowl of pasta for dinner? Any takers?

Question 39

Cadbury Cream Egg

Who doesn't love a treat that is seasonal? This one may really only work for people who have gone through a pregnancy during the months leading up to Easter. Cadbury Cream Eggs come out once a year. They are milk chocolate eggs, filled with a sugary creamy substance that is supposed to mimic an egg yolk. Even if they were not available during everyone's pregnancy, is there anyone here who wishes they had been? How do we feel about this treat?

Question 40


Ah pancakes, the dessert of the breakfast world! Not everyone is always down for the classic bacon and eggs in the morning. Sure we have covered alternatives like bagels and english muffins, but what if we are looking to treat ourselves a bit? Pancakes may just be the thing we have been looking for! These fluffy cakes can come in a bunch of different flavors, or we can simply enjoy them plain with a ton of syrup. Anyone whipping up a batch of these?

Question 41

Peanut Butter

Instead of the peanut butter cups, let's take a glance at some plain old peanut butter. There is a lot that can be said about this stuff. While there are things like oils and sugar in it, peanut butter does also have quite a bit of protein. Having a piece of toast with some peanut butter may sound simple, but it can actually be a filling and tasty snack. Even just scooping a spoonful out can be enough to squash a craving!

Question 42


We are almost done with the lemons, we promise. Lemonade could be an excellent pregnancy treat for anyone going through a summer trimester. Imagine sitting out in the sun with a huge baby belly, when all of a sudden, a citrus craving strikes. There could not be a more appropriate occasion to bust out some classic lemonade. How is everyone feeling about lemonade as a pregnancy treat? Is anyone here thinking they could easily down a whole pitcher of the stuff?

Question 43


We know there has to be some people who have just been waiting for these to pop up. When it comes to store bought cookies, Oreos are no doubt one of the most popular options on the shelves. These have actually been on the market since the year 1912, so many women have had the chance to experiment with them while pregnant (Wikipedia). Who here is a twister, and who is a dunker? How do we feel about these classic sandwich cookies?

Question 44


Movie night anyone? If we plan on going out to see a movie in theaters, we should probably prepare ourselves for the likely chance of a popcorn craving. The smell of it alone in the movie theater hallways, is usually enough to sell any of us on a bag. However, we have to remember that our sense of smell heightened during pregnancy, so avoiding the popcorn may be downright impossible. Who here is craving all of that salt and butter?

Question 45


Okay, who hasn't craved pizza at least a couple of times throughout their life? Usually pizza is something we can all agree on, but once again we must keep in mind that pregnancy cravings do not follow norms. It is totally possible that even the biggest pizza fans may choose to avoid it while carrying a baby. Regardless of our topping preferences, does anyone consider this dish to be a pregnancy staple? Are we picking up a pie for dinner?

Question 46

Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels are a staple at most malls. They are the kind of snack that tend to get us by their smell. Walking past a pretzel stand can trigger all kinds of cravings. We can enjoy them as a salty or a sweet treat, we just need to change up the toppings. A heavily salted pretzel is a classic, but there is nothing wrong with switching it up for a cinnamon-sugar coated one instead. How are we feeling about these?

Question 47

Junior Mints

Going back over to the movie snacks for a moment, who considers themselves a Junior Mints fan? All Seinfeld jokes aside, these are a candy that can be found at almost every movie theatre concession stand out there. They have been a popular snack for a long time, but one does really have to be down with the whole mint-chocolate combo to enjoy a box of these. Quite simply, these are dollops of mint cream surrounded by milk or dark chocolate. Any takers?

Question 48

Potato Chips

Instead of the messy Doritos and Cheetos we have already talked about, let's take a look at some good old fashioned potato chips. These will not leave our fingers coated in any orange powders, though there may be some salt left behind instead. There are a ton of different brands we can buy if we are feeling a potato chip craving coming, so we will let everyone base their decision off of their own personal favorite. We just need to know, who is picking up a bag?

Question 49

Hot Tamales

Okay, one last look at the spicy. In this question we are covering both the heat and the sweet. Hot Tamales are a spicy cinnamon flavored jubjub. They are not as spicy as chili peppers would be, but in terms of candy, they are pretty up there in the spice department. These are a totally muchable option. It would be super easy to finish a box while watching some tv or a movie. How is everyone here feeling about these as a pregnancy food?

Question 50


Now we will end this quiz with the most common pregnancy craving of all time. Even those who have never been pregnant, would no doubt know about this craving. It has been mentioned in just about every sitcom that has ever featured a pregnant character. While we can not say for sure why these are such a hit with expecting mothers, we can say that they are a healthy enough snack for anyone to enjoy! Who here is cracking open a jar?

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