Rate These Popular TV Shows And We'll Guess Your Sign

As we all come out of our winter hibernation, the one thing we all want to discuss is, of course, the awesome television series we have just spent months binge watching. With so many different television shows available to us these days, there really is no limit to the amount we can watch. Some of us may enjoy re-watching the same ones over and over, but there is always something new coming out for those with a more adventurous spirit. Regardless of our watching preferences, each of us will defend our favorite shows until the end of days!

Today, everyone is going to get the chance to stand up for their favorite shows of all time! We will be listing 50 popular series from all different genres, and everyone will get the opportunity to vote on each one. Since we all have our own go-to shows, we are expecting some fairly varied results in this one. That being said, there really are no wrong answers here! Once everyone has answered each question as honestly as possible, we will take a shot at guessing everyone's sign! Time to turn the televisions off (only for a minute or two) and take this ultimate TV quiz today!

Question 1

The Mindy Project

Even though Mindy is an established doctor and fertility specialist, she doesn't exactly have every other aspect of her life figured out. She is smart, funny, and all kinds of cute, but for whatever reason, dating has not been going her way. She is determined to change things around though. She is looking for her rom-com happy ending, and nothing is going to stop her from finding it! How does everyone here feel about this comedy series? Let us know!

Question 2

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith Grey was born to be a surgeon. Her mother had been an award-winning general surgeon herself and Meredith had basically been raised inside the hospital's walls. With her mother's brilliant genes and the kind of childhood she had, what else was she really going to do? She has officially made it out of med school, but now it is time to start her intern year. Oh yea, she will be doing this at her mother's old hospital! Thoughts?

Question 3


So, Dean and Sam did not exactly have a normal upbringing. After losing their mother to a mysterious force, these two almost immediately began their demon hunting training. Now that they are adults, they are the best darn pair of monster hunters the world has ever seen. Even with their extensive training, these guys have to be careful every day if they wish to keep themselves alive. One never knows what kind of demon is lurking just around the corner.

Question 4

Game of Thrones

Here we have one of the most popular television shows of all time. In this heart-pumping series, we see several noble families go to war over the coveted Iron Throne. Whoever sits upon the throne, is in charge of all seven kingdoms in Westeros. With this kind of power on the line, there are no rules. It is a free for all of sword fights and alliances, though if we have learned one thing from this series, it's that nobody can be trusted!

Question 5

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Even though Kimmy Schmidt missed out on a huge chunk of her life, she is not dwelling on anything. She is a free woman and the world is her oyster! Just having moved to New York City, Kimmy is all kinds of optimistic about her new life in this magical place. However, her new roommate is quick to dash her dreams every time he gets the chance to do so. Even still, Kimmy's upbeat personality just refuses to quit! Thoughts?

Question 6

2 Broke Girls

There has never been a more unlikely pairing than the two main characters in this series. Max and Caroline have virtually nothing in common. Max is a kid from the streets with a wisecracking attitude, and Caroline is a rich girl from a very nice part of town. After Caroline was hit by some pretty bad luck though, these two found themselves working at the same diner. It may not be ideal, but these girls kind of need each other.

Question 7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There may be millions out there with the ability to take down bad guys and keep our streets safe from everyday criminals, but there is only one person in the world capable of keeping us safe from the things that go bump in the night. Buffy was born with a destiny. She may not have chosen it herself, but there is nobody else in the world who can do what she does. When it comes to vampires and monsters, she is our only hope!

Question 8


Here we have one of the most memorable sitcoms of all time. In this popular series, we meet 6 friends all living close by in New York City. As they go through their late 20s and early 30s, these friends hit every possible bump along the way. While they try to make something of their professional and dating lives, most days these 6 wind up with each other sipping coffee. Is anyone here a huge fan of this popular sitcom?

Question 9

The Simpsons

Here we have a real television classic. This animated series has been on the air for 30 seasons now! That is no easy feat for any genre of television show. This series focuses on the Simpson family. Homer is the father and the supposed head of the household, though his antics usually find him in more trouble than anything else. Their eldest daughter Lisa is definitely the brains of the family, and there is never a dull moment with son Bart around!

Question 10

Broad City

They may not have any money, but all these two girls need is each other. Abbi and Ilana are both in their late 20s and trying to figure life out while living in New York City. While Abbi would love to make a permanent profession out of her art, her job as a gym cleaner seems to pay a lot better. Ilana enjoys working odd jobs here and there, and honestly, the lifestyle suits her better than one in an office would.

Question 11

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones once had dreams of becoming an epic superhero. She had the attitude, the look, and the powers to pull it off. However, after being tricked by a wicked villain at a young age, everything about her dreams for the future changed. Just trying to get through each day, Jessica has given up on her superhero plans, and is instead opening up a private investigation business in New York City. Is anyone a fan of this MCU television series?

Question 12

The Vampire Diaries

When Elena first met Stephan, she was in need of a distraction. The past year of her life had been tough, so making friends with the new handsome kid certainly wasn't going to hurt. That being said, when she found herself smack bad in the middle of a war involving mythical creatures like vampires, witches and werewolves, she realized maybe this was not the best distraction after all. How does everyone here feel about this classic vampire-themed drama? Let us know!

Question 13


To everyone around, Joe seemed like a nice guy. He helped care for the boy living next door, he managed a local bookstore, and he was all around pretty charming. That being said, Joe was excellent at keeping secrets. While nobody else in his life knew it, Joe had a track record for obsessing over women. After meeting the beautiful Beck, Joe's obsession took him over completely. Willing to do anything to make her his own, Joe is going to make Beck wish she had chosen a different bookstore.

Question 14

No Good Nick

Just how far is everyone here willing to go for revenge? In this original sitcom, we meet one crafty teenage girl who is ready to go the distance. She has been wronged by the Thompson family, and has now come up with a plan to get them back. She will pretend to be an orphan, get adopted into their family, then do her best to bring them down from the inside of their own home. How do we feel about this one?

Question 15


This series is all about the mysteries. In season 1, Archie was trying to deal with the fact that his music mentor was no longer around, just as the rest of the city was plunged into a mystery surrounding a very wealthy local boy gone missing. Archie and his pals join forces and attempt to get to the bottom of the case, but instead of solving any mysteries, they just seem to keep finding more of them. So, any thoughts?

Question 16

New Girl

Families can come in all different shapes and sizes! This series gives us an inside look at one of the stranger families on television. After Jess is left single with no place to live, she responds to an add and moves into a loft with three single men. None of them exactly have their lives together, but neither does Jess. While the four of them try to figure things out, they form an unbreakable bond in the process. Any fans?

Question 17

Santa Clarita Diet

Sheila and Joel seemed like the most average suburban couple in the area. To be fair, for many years they were. However, after a freak accident, Sheila was left changed forever. While she still has all of her human memories and emotions, her entire body is now controlled by her new "zombie-like" impulses. She is looking and feeling better than ever, but she just cannot resist her craving for humans. What's a girl to do? How does everyone feel about this one?

Question 18

Parks and Recreation

When it comes to installing a new park in a small peaceful area, one may not think that too much work really goes into the process. However, this is not at all the case. In this series, we watch as Leslie Knope and her colleagues fight against impossible odds while on the mission to beautify their neighbourhood. They may only be mid-level government employees, but when it comes to parks, they do not mess around. Okay, maybe they mess around a little ...

Question 19

The Big Bang Theory

There are smart people, then there are the stars of this show. Sheldon and his roommate Leonard are both scientists. They also both happen to be sci-fi fanatics and could probably recite any given comic book in its entirety. That being said, when an attractive, new neighbour moves in, these two clearly have no idea how to handle the situation. Nothing in any of their videogames could have possibly prepared them for this turn of events. Who loves this show?

Question 20


The zombie apocalypse was naturally pretty rough on the entire human race. However, things were particularly bad for Rick Grimes. When it all went down, Rick was in a coma. When his city was forced to evacuate, his family had no choice but to leave him in the hospital. Now that he is awake though, he is all alone and has no idea what has happened. Navigating his way through this new world is going to be tough to say the least.

Question 21

13 Reasons Why

Here we have a series that was based on a popular book. When Hannah Baker took her own life, nobody knew what to think of it. How could she have been that sad, with nobody even noticing? Well, as it turns out, she has left 13 tapes behind explaining exactly what drove her to such lengths. Each of the 13 tapes is dedicated to one person who played a role. They are not going to be easy to listen to, but her message is one that must be heard!

Question 22

The Act

This Hulu original series has got plenty of people buzzing. Based on the crazy true story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, this series gives us an inside look at what truly went on in her bizarre life. While growing up, Gypsy believed just like everyone else did, that she was very ill. The older she got though, the more she left as though she was being lied to. Feeling trapped by her mother and her lies, Gypsy came up with a plan to escape.

Question 23

The Umbrella Academy

In the year 1989, 43 infants were born under peculiar circumstances. None of their mothers had been pregnant on the morning of their birth, yet somehow, these 43 children all came to be. Knowing there was something special about these babies, a billionaire went looking to adopt as many as possible. He wound up with 7 of the babies, and as he had guessed, they each had incredible powers. After learning how to harness their abilities, The Umbrella Academy was born!

Question 24

Prison Break

Michael was a very smart kid, who never had any plans of going to jail. That being said, when his brother gets arrested and sent away from a crime Michael knows he did not commit, he is forced to think outside of the box for a solution. With no other choices, Michael has decided to break his brother out. First things first though, he has to get himself in. How does everyone here feel about this series? Let us know!

Question 25

How I Met Your Mother

Ted is entering his 30s and he is finally ready to settle down. To be honest, he's been ready to settle down for quite some time now, but the poor guy just can't seem to find "the one". While he has watched his two best friends fall in love with each other, Ted is still out there looking for his Mrs. Right. In order to find his perfect mate, he is ready to date as many ladies as necessary, literally.

Question 26

Boy Meets World

Growing up can be tough at times, but having a few good friends, a supportive family, and a wise teacher around, can really help. In this series, we watch Corey Matthews as he goes through all life stages. We first meet him as a schoolboy, then we get to see him make his way through high school, and eventually even college. There are ups and downs in every stage, but he's got a few people who always have his back!

Question 27

The 100

In the not so distant future, our planet has been left unlivable after a nuclear war. With most of humanity gone, the remaining survivors all take to space. Three generations have passed, and the survivors are now running low on all supplies up in their orbiting spaceships. With no other options, the survivors must see if Earth can be re-inhabited. Not wanting to risk anyone too important, the captains of the ships decide to send 100 teens down to check things out.

Question 28

Young Sheldon

Before Sheldon was the established scientist we know him as today, he was just your everyday normal child genius. Being the youngest kid in high school would not exactly be easy on anyone, but the fact that Sheldon can't stop rubbing his brilliance in everyone's face, is pretty much making him the biggest target at his high school. What is he really to do though? He is smarter than everyone there, including the teachers! Is anyone a fan of this one?

Question 29


Kara was only 12 years old when she had to say goodbye to everything she knew. Right when planet Krypton was about to be lost forever, Kara's parents sent her down to planet Earth for survival. Now living amongst us humans, Kara must hide her powers away to not drawn in too much attention. An alien girl growing up as the foster daughter, while hiding away incredible powers. Now that is a storyline! How does everyone feel about this show?

Question 30

This Is Us

There has never been a couple quite as in love as Jack as Rebecca. In this emotional series, we get to see the young couple meet and fall in love, have triplets, raise their babies into young adults, then ultimately say goodbye to each other. In present day scenes, Jack is no longer around, and Rebecca along with her three children all have their own way of coping with the grief. Nothing is ever more important than family! Thoughts on this one?

Question 31


Returning to his hometown of Gotham, James Gordon is surprised to see the state the city is in. Employed as one of the city's detectives now, James is quickly figuring out that the entire city of Gotham is pretty much run by criminals. Without his fellow authorities for backup, James takes on the mission of ridding the city of villains and criminals all by himself. It won't be an easy job, but who else is going to do it? Thoughts?

Question 32

Fuller House

Back in the days of Full House, D.J Tanner was a teenager living in a house with her siblings, father and many family friends. These days, she is a newly widowed mother of two, and she has found herself with no other choice but to move back into her old family home. With the help of her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, D.J learns what it really means to run such a busy household. How does everyone feel about this reboot?

Question 33

The Good Doctor

Shaun is very advanced for his age. Even though he was diagnosed with autism when he was just a boy, he has been able to use his overachieving mind to turn himself into one of the youngest doctors in history. He may not have the best people skills out of all the doctors working in his hospital, but it would be hard to find one better at diagnosing and curing the ailments of their patients. Thoughts on this series?

Question 34


Being one of the most successful lawyers in Manhattan, one might assume that Harvey Specter could argue his way out of almost any situation. While he certainly does know his way around the courtroom, Harvey's confident attitude and high ranking position are constantly putting him in all kinds of tricky situations. Luckily, his crew of allies is usually around to help, even if it is only reluctantly. How does everyone here feel about this trendy law-themed show? Any big fans?

Question 35

Family Guy

Here we have an animated series that is impressively on their 17th season. This show centers around Peter Griffin and the rest of his oddball clan. His wife Lois is a traditional stay at home mom, though nothing about caring for their youngest is all that traditional. Their two older children attend high school, so there are always a few laughs over there. They even had a dog, who believe it or not, seems more adjusted than the rest. Thoughts?

Question 36

Black Mirror

In this series, each episode is its very own story. There are new characters and actors involved in each one, though the general theme always remains the same. The show's goal seems to be getting everyone to think a little bit about how much trust we put into technology and new gadgets. While we all know how fun these things can be, this show paints a picture of the other possible turnout to this growing obsession of ours. Thoughts on this one?

Question 37

The Office

Anyone with a Netflix subscription should already be familiar with this popular comedy. This series is shot like a documentary, though it is a lot more silly than most. While the boss of the office, Michael Scott does his best to avoid working all together, the rest of his employees spend their days avoiding the boss's distractions, just trying to get in a few solid hours of mundane work. Nothing about the 9-5 lifestyle has ever been this entertaining! Any fans?

Question 38

Stranger Things

Back in the 80s, some pretty weird stuff started happening in a small town. It all started when young Will Byers went missing after a regular Dungeons and Dragons night at his friend's house. Even though the boy was found, nobody would have been able to guess at the beginning exactly where his trail was going to lead them. Now that they have all seen what they have seen, there really is no going back to regular everyday life. Thoughts?

Question 39

Big Mouth

They may be cute cartoons, but these kids are going through the exact same trails we all had to. Just as they thought they were entering a new, more mature part of their lives, these kids all fell down with a wicked case of puberty. They have no idea what's happening to their bodies, and their minds have even started playing tricks on them. Could this really be what growing up is all about? How does everyone feel about this one?

Question 40


In this show, we learn just how important it is to have a full understanding of our history. When Claire unexpectedly got sent back to the year 1743, she was naturally very wary. Even though she recognized nothing and no one, she knew she had to think quick on her feet if she was going to have hope at surviving. Luckily, Claire was all too aware of the happenings of 1743 Scotland and the highlander communities. Any fans of this one?

Question 41

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Even though technically these guys would be labeled "friends", nothing about their dynamic is very friendly at all. They have all been together since high school and they even own and operate a bar together now. That being said, there is nothing any of them enjoys more than watching the others fail. Each one of them is so far past the point of redemption, it would be hard to pick one out as the hero of the series. How are we feeling?

Question 42

Bob's Burgers

Bob's greatest dream in life had always been to open up his very own restaurant. Now that he is a father of three, his dream has finally come true. He and his family now own and operate the burger shop below their apartment. While Bob pours his heart and soul into creating a new "burger of the day" every single day, his wife and kids are usually up to something weird that inevitably turns the paying customers away. Any fans?

Question 43


When Marty made the bad investment that ultimately led to him fleeing to the Ozarks with his family in toe, he was doing it with the best possible intentions. He was a pretty regular guy, just one who happened to make a very pricey mistake. Now that he and his clan are on the run, they are going to get the chance to learn more about each other than maybe they ever really wanted to know in the first place.

Question 44


Annie and Owen both had their own reasons for wanting to participate in the strange pharmaceutical trail that wound up bringing them together. While Annie was trying to move on from her past struggles with her sister and mother, Owen was just trying to prove to everyone in his life that he wasn't crazy. Even though they were both looking to fix their minds, once part of the trail, neither could focus on anything but each other. Any fans of this series?

Question 45

The Flash

After getting hit by lightning during a freak storm, Barry Allen wound up in a coma for 9 months. Once waking from his deep sleep, he found out that he had somehow developed super speed from the accident. Pretty excited about this new power, Barry was ready to test it out and see just how fast he could really go. However, it was not long before he realized he was not the only one who walked away from the storm with a new power.

Question 46


This comedy series focuses on a study group at a community college. Each member of the group is at the school for a different reason. Some are right out of high school, some are just trying to pick up new skills, and some have been forced into attending by the courts. Regardless of why they each initially signed up for Greendale Community College, now that they are there, they couldn't picture spending their days anywhere else. How do we feel about this one?

Question 47


Newly single-mom Liza had no idea just how difficult getting back into the working world was going to be. She knew she wasn't going to be the youngest applicant but was 40 really too old to hire? As it turns out, yes, yes it is. After not being able to land a single interview, Liza decided to change things up a bit. If it wasn't a 40 year old they wanted, then she was going to be the best 26-year-old worker out there!

Question 48

The Handmaid's Tale

It started slowly, but once the ball was rolling, there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. When religious fanatics took over the government, the people left living in the country were faced with an entirely new reality. Anyone who was not part of the high ranking families was going to be a worker or a handmaiden. The handmaids were the few fertile women left in the country. Their only job was to now have babies for the "right" families.

Question 49


Back in medieval times, things were not all that different. Sure there were elves, ogres and trolls running around everywhere, but many things were actually the same as they are now. Young Princess Bean, for example, was completely under the rule of her father, who also happened to be the king. Wanting nothing more than to go out and have a good time with her buddies, she finds herself in a constant battle against her father's wishes for her to settle down and get married.

Question 50

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When it comes to detectives, there are none better than the few working at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. They may pull more pranks, crack more jokes, and waste more time than any other precinct, but when it comes to catching bad guys, no one can beat em'. They certainly have their own way of going after criminals, but at the end of the day, as long as they're behind bars, who really cares, right? How do we feel about this one?

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