Rate These Pictures Of Nikki Bella And We'll Rate Your Eyesight!

The WWE has produced some of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time, and each era sees new faces emerge as potential legends. While men have largely dominated the sport, women have risen to the top in recent years. The women responsible for this revolution harness impressive physical talents as well as skills on the microphone. If that wasn’t enough, these women are as beautiful as they are talented, and they're inspiring young women to chase their dreams and enter the sport of professional wrestling. Though the company boasts plenty of talent, one woman has been a fixture in the WWE for quite some time.

Nikki Bella, whether performing as a singles performer or in a tag team, has become one of the most popular women in the history of the sport. She's talented and gorgeous, and the people who watch the sport on a regular basis have come to love and appreciate the performer. Though female wrestling doesn’t have a history that's as storied as men’s wrestling, the recent surge in talent will rectify that.

For today’s quiz, we'll be showing off 35 pictures of Nikki Bella for you to judge. Based on your answers, we'll tell you if you need your eyes checked!

1How Would You Rate This Photo?

Not only does Nikki Bella keep her body in tip-top shape, but she also likes to break a mental sweat as well. A toned body is one thing, but a sharp mind is a powerful tool that can be beneficial in the ring.

2How Would You Rate This Photo?

Some of the stars who compete in the WWE have skills that translate into other sports, and it looks like Nikki is quite the basketball player. But with a skirt like that, did you even notice the basketball in the picture?

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