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The WWE has produced some of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time, and each era sees new faces emerge as potential legends. While men have largely dominated the sport, women have risen to the top in recent years. The women responsible for this revolution harness impressive physical talents as well as skills on the microphone. If that wasn’t enough, these women are as beautiful as they are talented, and they're inspiring young women to chase their dreams and enter the sport of professional wrestling. Though the company boasts plenty of talent, one woman has been a fixture in the WWE for quite some time.

Nikki Bella, whether performing as a singles performer or in a tag team, has become one of the most popular women in the history of the sport. She's talented and gorgeous, and the people who watch the sport on a regular basis have come to love and appreciate the performer. Though female wrestling doesn’t have a history that's as storied as men’s wrestling, the recent surge in talent will rectify that.

For today’s quiz, we'll be showing off 35 pictures of Nikki Bella for you to judge. Based on your answers, we'll tell you if you need your eyes checked!

1How Would You Rate This Photo?

Not only does Nikki Bella keep her body in tip-top shape, but she also likes to break a mental sweat as well. A toned body is one thing, but a sharp mind is a powerful tool that can be beneficial in the ring.

2How Would You Rate This Photo?

Some of the stars who compete in the WWE have skills that translate into other sports, and it looks like Nikki is quite the basketball player. But with a skirt like that, did you even notice the basketball in the picture?

3How Would You Rate This Photo?

Given that her partner is one of the most physically imposing wrestlers in the world, it only makes sense that Nikki does her best to keep up with him in the gym. When she works out, she looks as fierce as a lioness.


4How Would You Rate This Photo?

Not only is Nikki Bella an extremely accomplished wrestler, but she's also a genuine fan of the sport. Though the competition is fierce, she's known for supporting her fellow wrestlers, and she's been instrumental in the rise of women’s wrestling.

5How Would You Rate This Photo?

Nikki Bella has achieved a lot of accolades in her professional wrestling career, and this is largely due to her physical gifts. Of course, possessing the type of beauty that she does can have a positive impact on a wrestler’s career.


6How Would You Rate This Photo?

Though this photo wasn’t captured while she was in the middle of a legitimate workout, seeing pictures of Nikki Bella in the gym is more than enough to inspire any athlete. She's put in an insane number of hours to achieve her dream.

7How Would You Rate This Photo?

Performers go through a number of different looks and gimmicks before finding one that resonates with fans. Nikki Bella was fortunate enough to get things right very early in her career, and she's maintained her looks and popularity for the better part of her career.


8How Would You Rate This Photo?

The gym has practically become a second home for Nikki Bella, and this photo shows her enjoying some time in between sets. Her workouts have helped her build strength in both her upper and her lower body, making her, in the process, ready to rumble.

9How Would You Rate This Photo?

Thanks to the popularity that she achieved in the WWE, Nikki Bella was an easy choice to compete in the series Dancing with the Stars. Even when she isn’t wearing her ring attire, Bella is able to crank up the heat.


10How Would You Rate This Photo?

Not only does Nikki Bella intimidate her opponents before she gets in the ring, but she also leaves people in the audience speechless with her ring attire and her attitude. Few women in the world can rock a look like this.

11How Would You Rate This Photo?

There are plenty of people in the world who think of Nikki Bella as the woman of their dreams, but only one man can lay claim to her as his. Regardless of what you think about him as a wrestler, you have to respect Cena for getting Nikki.


12How Would You Rate This Photo?

Now, this is a smoking hot picture of one of the hottest women to ever compete in the WWE. There have been few women that look this good and are this athletic, which is exactly why Nikki Bella has continued to be a popular performer.

13How Would You Rate This Photo?

Professional photo shoots have a way of bringing out the best in a woman, and this photo here took Nikki Bella to another level. Of course, that depends on your preference. Either way, this photo is one of her best.


14How Would You Rate This Photo?

Don’t be fooled by the smile that she wears on her face. Deep inside, Nikki Bella has a fire and a passion that invoke fear in her opponents. Bella appreciates her fans, and she makes sure to acknowledge them as she walks to the ring.

15How Would You Rate This Photo?

Downtime is incredibly important to a professional athlete, and each person has a specific way that he or she spends this precious time. From the looks of things, Nikki Bella really loves spending time in bed when she's away from the ring.


16How Would You Rate This Photo?

Sporting a black outfit that would make any woman look hot, Nikki Bella really cranks up the heat in this stunning photo. The studs were a nice touch from the wardrobe team who chose to highlight the fact that Bella is tougher than she looks.

17How Would You Rate This Photo?

There's nothing fancy about this photo, and that's partially what makes it great. Nikki Bella possesses a natural beauty that women envy. Because of this, she's able to be the focal point of a photo that doesn’t require anything special.


18How Would You Rate This Photo?

When it comes to working out, taking a sledgehammer to a tire is a popular exercise that's renowned for building strength as well as allowing athletes to let off some steam. Nikki Bella looks ready to get aggressive in this photo.

19How Would You Rate This Photo?

Because John Cena comes across as the all-American hero, it only makes sense that Nikki Bella has expressed her patriotism in photos. You may not like what she's done to the flag, but few would complain about seeing her body.


20How Would You Rate This Photo?

Athletes need to make sure that they stretch, and this could sometimes require them to do it in odd places. Of course, getting paid good money for a seductive shoot could also play a factor. Milk has done this body good.

21How Would You Rate This Photo?

For a woman who's taken a ton of damage while competing in the ring, Nikki Bella looks like perfection in her photos. Wrestlers sustaining bumps and bruises is nothing new, but few still look this good after competing in the ring.


22How Would You Rate This Photo?

Appearing at high-profile events is simply part of the job when you’re a celebrity, and Nikki Bella has the popularity to get invited to plenty of parties. These events love bringing in beautiful women, and Bella has proven that she belongs with the elite.

23How Would You Rate This Photo?

Due to the titles that Bella has won over the course of her career, it only makes sense that she's developed a supreme confidence in her abilities. In this photo here, she's issuing a stern warning to her opponents.


24How Would You Rate This Photo?

Exposure to the masses makes people want you all the more, and Bella is no stranger to appearing in front of the camera. While headshots are standard in the entertainment industry, Nikki made sure to display her toned body for the world.

25How Would You Rate This Photo?

Say what you will about the talent pool that currently resides in the WWE, but most of these women stand little chance against Nikki Bella. She's a dangerous singles competitor who's just as lethal when she partners with her sister.


26How Would You Rate This Photo?

Before the current group of women’s performers made their way to the main roster, the women in the WWE were in some serious need of new talent. It was during this time that Nikki Bella established herself as a formidable opponent for any woman in the company.

27How Would You Rate This Photo?

Getting ready to be professionally photographed requires a great deal of preparation, and judging by this photo, Nikki Bella is very particular about her wardrobe. It's a huge reason why she always looks amazing in front of the camera.


28How Would You Rate This Photo?

Wrestlers who reach the WWE have an opportunity to gain a massive following as they try to forge a career that sees them be considered an all-time great. Nikki Bella is as popular as ever, and she's pictured here with her biggest fan.

29How Would You Rate This Photo?

Though the action that takes place in a wrestling ring is scripted, the athletes who compete professionally put their bodies through an immense amount of pain. Moreover, these individuals also train in a variety of martial arts, making some of them legitimate fighters.


30How Would You Rate This Photo?

There isn’t a magazine on the planet that hasn’t considered featuring Nikki Bella, and each time that she's been afforded the opportunity, she's produced quality photos. Her toned body allows her to sport a variety of styles and look good while doing so.

31How Would You Rate This Photo?

SummerSlam is one of the biggest wrestling cards that the WWE puts on each year, and it's important to have their biggest stars compete. Due to her status in the company, Nikki Bella is an obvious choice to appear on the storied card.


32How Would You Rate This Photo?

Performers looking to make a name for themselves in the WWE need more than just technical skills in the ring. They need to be able to put on a show and entertain the audience. Nikki Bella is a talent that can do both.

33How Would You Rate This Photo?

Thanks to the outfits that competitors on Dancing with the Stars are required to wear, we got to see Nikki Bella sport a number of different looks. Just like in the WWE, her time on the show was must-see television.


34How Would You Rate This Photo?

Is there a woman in the world who doesn’t look amazing in red? Despite other women being able to look good in a red dress, Nikki Bella looks nearly too hot to handle. This is a testament to her incredible looks.

35How Would You Rate This Photo?

It's one thing to look good while taking part in a professional photo shoot, but it's another thing entirely to absolutely slay while hanging out. Nikki Bella has proven that she looks phenomenal wherever she is or in whatever she's wearing.

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