Rate These Movies To Get One To Watch Tonight

Calling all movie lovers! While some may prefer to binge-watch the new season of whatever Netflix has just released, some people out there know that cinema is where all the true watchers reside. We may each have our own favorite films, but we can all agree that nothing beats coming home to a freshly popped bowl of corn and watching a classic film. When our daily lives become too stressful or we just need a few hours of relaxation, it is hard to beat a good old fashioned movie night!

In this quiz, we will be asking everyone to rate 50 films from all different genres. Since everyone's tastes vary, there truly are no wrong answers in this quiz. Everyone is free to rate each film however they please and once all of the questions have been answered, we will recommend the perfect film for everyone's movie night! Some of these films may already be classics to some, but we are willing to bet that everyone here picks up at least a few new movies that are sure to peek their interests! Who is ready for this ultimate movie quiz? Put the popcorn in the microwave and turn the DVD players on!

Question 1

Iron Man

Tony Stark had not planned on becoming a superhero. He was a genius, richer than almost anyone else and he was very handsome. He truly thought he had it all. However, when he found himself the hostage of some pretty bad men, his options were limited. By the time he was ready to escape, he was already halfway to becoming the epic hero we all know him as today. Who here was a fan of this very first MCU film?

Question 2

Easy A

Olive is not like all of the other girls in her school. She has no interest in popularity, as she much prefers being left alone. Her best friend enjoys the spotlight, so Olive has always let her enjoy the attention. Now that a rumor has started involving Olive though, it seems like she is the only thing people are talking about. Having never been in this situation before, Olive has virtually no idea how quick a reputation can change in high school.

Question 3

Harry Potter (Series)

In this question, we will be talking about all 8 installments. On his eleventh birthday, Harry found out he was a wizard. That was already tough enough for him to wrap his mind around, but after learning that he was actually the most famous wizard in the world, Harry thought he had to be dreaming. After 6 years of studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry though, Harry thinks there is nothing left that could surprise him anymore. Who's still marathoning these?

Question 4

Mean Girls

To Cady Heron, nothing was more exciting than finally getting the chance to attend a normal high school. Wanting to give her a shot at normalcy, her parents have uprooted their lives from Africa and moved into a suburban Illinois areas. Since all Cady knows of high school is what she has seen on television, she has no idea of all the real struggles that are awaiting her there. There are clicks, cute boys and a group of very very mean girls.

Question 5

The Hangover

When these four friends headed off to Vegas, they were thinking they were in for a wild ride. Even with these predictions, none of them could have guessed exactly where this simple weekend trip would take them. While they were supposed to be celebrating the upcoming marriage of their buddy, they instead lost him somewhere in the city and now they have no idea what to do, or what they are going to tell his bride-to-be. Uh Oh!

Question 6

Bird Box

While thrillers normally lead us to believe we are safest in the light, this one changes up the rules a bit. In this movie, the only way to stay safe is to ensure we cannot see anything. When looking out into the open, there is a force waiting to alter your images and ultimately change what your brain sees and thinks. It is a very dangerous time, but as long as the blindfolds stay on, there is still a chance at survival.

Question 7

Black Panther

T'Challa is forced to return to his home nation of Wakanda, after the sudden loss of his father. Now that his father is gone for good, T'Challa has no choice but to take his place. He will not only be the ruler of his kingdom, but he will now have to wear the Black Panther suit and protect his people however he can. It is a lot of responsibility for such a young man, but he must do it to keep Wakanda safe!

Question 8

The Martian

Mark Watney was an experienced astronaut and botanist. His trip to Mars with his crew was supposed to be a cake walk. However, when a storm abruptly hit the planet, Mark was caught by some flying debris and left behind by his ship mates. Now stuck on a waterless planet completely alone, Mark is going to have to take his survival day by day. Good thing he's got a pretty good sense of humor about things! How do we feel about this one?

Question 9

The Princess Diaries

Mia had always wondered what it would be like to be one of the popular girls. She was happy with her life, though being invisible to the majority of the school does have its downfalls. When a long lost relative shows up and explains to Mia that she is actually the princess of a far off land, Mia gets way more attention than she had bargained for. She was just looking for a boyfriend, not an entire kingdom! Thoughts on this one?

Question 10

Christopher Robin

When he was a boy, nobody had a greater imagination than Christopher Robin. He would spend his days roaming through the forest, going on adventures with all of his furriest friends. However, once he began to grow up, Christopher started to forget about his pals and all of the games they once played. Now he is a full blown grown up, and in desperate need of a fun afternoon. A few of his old pals are on their way to help!

Question 11

Get Out

As soon as Rose asked Chris to meet her family, he had his reservations. He knew all too well how some folks chose to view mixed race relationships, and he wasn't sure he was ready to bring on those kinds of judgments. That being said, it is only natural for a boyfriend to eventually have to meet his girlfriend's parents. After finally agreeing to the visit, Chris arrives on their property and knows something is wrong right off the bat.

Question 12

There's Something About Mary

Mary is the kind of girl that boys can't help but fall for. She is sweet, innocent, quirky and downright adorable. It seems like no matter where she goes, some boy is falling at her feet. All Mary wants is to find an honest to goodness boy who will care for her, but all the ones she meets keep coming up with lies trying to impress her. How does everyone feel about this old school favorite? Love it, or not so much?

Question 13


For most of his life, Buddy believed that he was an overgrown elf. He had grown up in the North Pole after all, and had even landed himself a toy building position in part of Santa's crew. However, he has just found out that he is, in fact, a human. Now he's heading out past the Candy Cane Forest, in hopes of meeting his real family. His father may be on the naughty list, but Buddy thinks he can turn things around!

Question 14

The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel Grace is a 16 year old girl, but her daily trails are not that of an average teen's. Hazel Grace has been battling cancer for years, and even the doctors do not know how much longer she can continue to fight. After a support group was suggested, Hazel Grace attended, though she didn't think it would bring her much happiness. Or at least she didn't, until she met the handsome Gus. Gus was the first person she had ever felt truly understood her and what she was going through.

Question 15


Once a new livable planet was discovered, everyone living on Earth was offered a new home to live. Jim and Aurora were just a couple of the people who decided to take their chances on this new planet. They were to be put into an artificial sleep for 100 years, and when they awoke, they would be in their new home. An excellent plan in theory, but when Jim wakes up 90 years too early, he fears he will spend the rest of his days alone.

Question 16

Game Night

Max and Annie are just like any other couple out there. Okay, so they may enjoy a nice healthy competition a tad bit more than the next couple, but how different does that make them really? This couple is all about winning. They can turn just about anything into a game. That being said, when one of their game nights gets a little out of hand, they may be the only ones experienced enough to save the day! Who loves this one?

Question 17

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

The title of this comedy is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? Mike and Dave are a couple of brothers with a habit for trouble. Anytime a family event is planned, they find a way to mess it up. Now that their baby sister is getting married though, their parents have decided they will only be allowed to attend if they can find respectable women who can watch over them during the event. How hard could it be to find a couple of charming women?

Question 18

The Shape of Water

Since Elisa was born a mute, she has never been great at communicating. She works as a cleaner for a government lab, where it is preferred for cleaners not to talk anyway. A few of her fellow cleaners are her friends, but that is pretty much where her relationships end. After some government officials bring a strange creature into the lab though, Elisa begins to feel for the first time in her life, that someone (or something) actually understands her.

Question 19

Enough Said

Eva has been so focused on raising her daughter these past few years, that her own personal life has been put on a back burner. Now that her daughter is headed off to college though, it is time for Eva to find a way to distract herself. After meeting funny guy Albert, Eva thinks she may have finally met her match. However, a conversation with Albert's ex-wife could be enough to change her mind. Any fans of this romantic comedy?

Question 20

Love, Simon

In terms of high school kids, Simon has it pretty good. He has a solid group of friends, his grades are decent and his family is super supportive. All of that being said, Simon has also been carrying around a pretty big secret for a few years now. He knows he is gay, but how is he supposed to tell this to everyone in his life? Scared he will be treated differently, Simon decides to take to the internet to get his secret off of his chest.

Question 21


When it comes to big life-changing events, none of them are more important to a teenager than prom night. These three girls are no different. They have been planning for this night ever since they were just kids. They are going to party harder than they ever have before, and with any hope, they will finally become women in the process. The only thing they have to do now is to keep their parents as far away as possible. What do we think?

Question 22

A Quiet Place

After our planet was invaded by aliens, most of the human race was lost. These aliens have the ability to hear the slightest of sounds and if they hear you, they come for you. That being said, one family has managed to stay as quiet as humanly possible. For all they know, they are the only survivors left. As badly as they want to keep it this way, one of them is about to give birth and labor is no quiet process.

Question 23

Pitch Perfect

Beca is as surly as a teen can be. She has just finished high school and wants nothing more than to jet off to California, where she can begin working in the music industry. However, her father is set on her attending college first. Beca has no interest in furthering her education obviously, but after meeting a few quirky girls, she may be forced into having a few friends she never wanted in the first place. College can be so much more than just books and classes!

Question 24


Giselle was just like any other princess. She loved animals, had a beautiful singing voice and would dream of the day when her prince would find. When this day finally came and Giselle met her prince, she figured she was on her way to her happily ever after. However, the prince's wicked stepmother had different plans for Giselle. She was sending her somewhere the prince would never find her ... New York City. Who here thinks this one is a classic?

Question 25

Best in Show

To some, it may just be another dog show, but to the contestants and their owners, the Mayflower Dog Show is the event of the year. Every participant spends months preparing for this day and when we say the competition is steep, we really mean it. These pooches will stop at nothing to win the top price and their owners are just as determined as they are. Only the best of the best belong at this party. Thoughts on this one?

Question 26

Eight Crazy Nights

Time to get into the holiday spirit for this question! While other holiday films tend to be feel-good family pictures, this one is a little different. Davey was once the brightest kid in town, but after losing both of his parents, Davey lost his way. He is now all grown up and he is in all kinds of grown-up trouble. He is either going to have to give into the spirit of the holidays, or face some real adult punishment.

Question 27

Bad Moms

It can sometimes be easy to forget just how much our moms do for us on a daily basis. Amy and her friends have just decided that they are going to remind everyone just how valuable they really are. They have given up the regular routines and are taking time for themselves. Sounds like a normal thing to do, but when the people who depend on them realize they aren't there, things can get a little chaotic. Thoughts on this one?

Question 28

How To Train Your Dragon

If there was one thing that Vikings didn't like, it was dragons. For years these creatures had been burning up their lands and stealing their livestock. That being said, none of them ever took the time to wonder whether or not these beasts could be trained. Not until Hiccup came around anyway. Hiccup knew there had to be more to the dragons than just destruction. Once befriending one himself, he had all the confirmation he needed. How do we feel about this animated film?

Question 29

Everything, Everything

While everything about Maddy looks to be completely normal, nothing about her life has been average. Because of an illness, Maddy must stay within the walls of her sealed bubble. This limited lifestyle may have stopped her from living a normal teenage life, but the boy next door is determined to not let it stop her from experiencing true love. Through text messages and window glances, these two fight to have a relationship, even when everyone else around them doesn't seem to understand why.

Question 30

The Dirt

Before they were Mötley Crüe, they were just a couple kids trying to make it big out on the streets of Hollywood. They had an ear for good music, a knack for trouble and real rockstar attitudes. They used all of these things to make their name a household one, though staying on top is going to be much harder than making it there in the first place. Resisting temptation will be just about the hardest thing any of them have ever done.

Question 31


Back in 1987, Bumblebee was looking for a safe place to hide out. He found a small junkyard where he knew he would be safe, at least for a short time. While mending his wounds in the junkyard, he was discovered by a teenage girl. They were an unlikely duo, but for whatever reason, they seemed to understand each other. Their past and current issues were quite different, but maybe they could find a way to help each other out anyway. Thoughts?

Question 32

The Nice Guys

A private investigator and a hired enforcer are forced to partner up after they discover a woman named Amelia has gone missing. Thinking they are the perfect pair to track her down, they quickly realize they are not the only ones on the hunt. They are definitely the nicest guys looking for her, but they are going to have to be the brightest too if they want to get to her before the bad guys do. Thoughts on this one?

Question 33


We have watched Wolverine go through some tough stuff over the years. That is exactly why he has been going by Logan and doing his best to stay out of the public's eye. While caring for an aging Professor X, Logan is forced out of hiding after meeting a young mutant with powers very similar to his own. There are a lot of people after this new mutant, but Logan knows he is the only one capable of keeping her safe.

Question 34

The Boss Baby

Having a new baby in the home is never easy on the existing children. This time though, the new baby is causing even more mayhem than usual. Even though his parents refuse to believe him, Tim knows his new baby brother is actually a secret agent spy sent to complete a top-secret mission. With no help from the grownups, Tim is going to have to bring an end to this wicked baby's plans all on his own. Was this an instant classic?

Question 35

Couples Retreat

Choosing the perfect vacation spot takes time and research. Or in the case of these couples, it just takes agreeing to travel to whatever resort their friends have already picked out. Not having done any research themselves, the traveling couples have just made it to their destination and realized they are at a couples retreat. Instead of relaxing poolside, they will be attending counseling sessions and working on their relationships. Not exactly the vacation they had in mind. What do we think?

Question 36

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman and the local authorities have done a pretty good job at keeping the streets of Gotham free of crime. They have wiped out all the bad guys and are enjoying seeing their city prosper. Of course, this was before The Joker came to town. This clown obsessed maniac is threatening Gotham and its inhabitants in a much creepier way than anyone else ever has before. Batman may have finally met his match with this guy. Anyone love this one?

Question 37

Little Miss Sunshine

Normal family life has always meant something a little different to the Hoover family. They bring the word dysfunctional to a whole new level. Even so, when the youngest of their clan decides she wants to participate in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant, they all pile into a van and head out on the road to support her. They may be loud, crazy and all up in each other's personal space, but family is family and they will be there for each other no matter what!

Question 38

Peanuts Movie

It's true that things have never been easy for young Charlie Brown. No matter how hard he tries, things just never seem to go his way. Although, with a pretty red-haired girl moving into town, he is thinking his luck may be changing. While Chuck thinks up ways to impress this new girl, his best pal Snoopy also tries to win over the heart of a local poodle. Love is definitely in the air during this animated film! Was this a favorite of anyone's?

Question 39


While fans of the sport think that driving in Formula 1 is all kinds of glamorous, this film gives us an inside look at what really goes on inside the fastest cars in the world. As two racers go head to head, they push themselves both mentally and physically to their limits. Every lap they race, they put themselves in greater danger. As long as the fans are cheering though, that's all that matters, right? Was this one a favorite of anyone?

Question 40

The Lobster

In this film, the world is a very different place than what it is now. All humans must find a way to live in a relationship. Should a human be left single, or not be able to find a mate, they will be turned into the animal of their choosing. Seems crazy, but it is what it is. One man has just been left by his wife and is in a real time crunch to find another. Thoughts on this one?

Question 41


Remy is a rat first of foremost. That being said, he doesn't like the rat way of life so much. While he loves his family, he can't stand the idea of spending the rest of his life eating scraps. Deep down, Remy has a passion for cuisine. He knows that if he were to be given the chance to cook, he could come up with a dish so exquisite, every restaurant in Paris would want to hire him. What's a rat to do?

Question 42

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack was born to be the Skeleton King of Halloweentown, but whoever said we were born to be just one thing? After Jack discovered everything that Christmastown had to offer, he couldn't help but be torn between the two worlds. While his spooky pals would never understand, Jack knew there were perks to both worlds and he didn't want to have to choose between one or the other. Was this animated classic a favorite for anyone? Let us know!

Question 43

Lady Bird

Marion is now the main earner for her family. Her husband just lost his job, so now the full weight of things has fallen to her shoulders. While working overtime as a nurse, Marion still tries to maintain a bond with her quickly aging daughter. However, each day her daughter seems to be a whole new person and keeping up is becoming harder and harder to do. Is growing up tougher on us, or on our parents? How do we feel about this one?

Question 44

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Gary never knew his father, so he definitely was not aware that he had been part of some secret service organization. However, while running away from some trouble of his own one evening, he was stopped by a man in a suit. This man informed him of his father's past, and offered Gary his very own spot as a trainee in the program. Can this street kid really become a butt-kicking special agent? Only time will tell! Thoughts on this one?

Question 45

Blades of Glory

In the world of competitive skating, there were no fiercer competitors than these guys. They were the best in the world, and boy did they know it. During their Olympic Games, they both figured it would be their chance to finally be labeled #1. When they both tied for gold though, they threw a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. This lead to them both being banned from the sport, unless they could partner up and learn how to skate together.

Question 46

Ralph Breaks the Internet

A few years after Ralph's original film, things have been going pretty good for him. He has a new best friend and even things in his own video game have gotten better. However, when his arcade gets hooked up to wifi, everything changes. Ralph and Vanellope venture into the great wide web, where all new adventures are bound to take place. We have to be ready to move with the times, if we do not want to get left behind!

Question 47

Mary Poppins Returns

It has been decades since Mary Poppins was put in charge of the Banks children. While they are all grown up now, it seems like they still have quite a few things to learn. Not to worry though! Mary Poppins has just decided to fly back into town, to check up on the children and perhaps even get to know the new generation of Banks kids. We are never too old for a spoonful of sugar, that is for sure!

Question 48

Lady and the Tramp

Lady is a pooch who has only ever known what it's like to be pampered. Tramp, on the other hand, is a pup who has only ever known life on the streets. They are from two completely different worlds, but one bowl of spaghetti may be enough to bring them together. When Lady finds herself lost on the streets, Tramp takes on the responsibility of making sure the beautiful pooch is safely escorted back home. What a gentleman! Who loves this classic?

Question 49

The Other Woman

Kate thought she had the best life in the world. She got to stay in and build a home for her and her husband, while he went out every day to make money for their family. He was devoted, caring and all kinds of handsome. Little did she know though, he also had a handful of girlfriends across the city. When she finally came face to face with one of them, the two decide to take action against the fool who thought he could trick them!

Question 50

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

These four friends have been inseparable since birth, literally. Every single day since they have been alive, they have been right by each other's sides. That being said, for the first time ever, all four of these girls are going off in their own direction for summer vacation. To try and remain as close as possible, they will be sending a pair of jeans back a forth between each other, along with messages and stories of their individual adventures. Who loves this one?

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