Rate These Movies To Discover A Fortune Cookie!

Although fortune cookies are associated with Chinese takeout, the first example of a paper message inside a cookie was in 19th century Japan. These cookies were more savory than their sweet counterparts and were made with miso opposed to vanilla.

There are a handful of people who claim to have created the fortune cookie we know and love today in the United States. All three of these people are of Asian descent and live in California. In the San Francisco courts (yes, this went to courts), it was ruled that Makoto Hagiwara, a Japanese landscape designer, was the first to produce modern fortune cookies in the United States.

How do fortune cookies relate to movies? Well aside from the 1966 comedy, The Fortune Cookie, movies tell stories that are designed to resonate with viewers. For example, a heartbroken person may go for "500 Days of Summer" over an action movie like "The Dark Knight". If you're looking for a sign, there's no need to order fried rice or orange chicken from the neighborhood Chinese restaurant...although that sounds like a good idea anyways. No, if life advice is needed, rate some movies and we'll reveal what is needed to hear. A fortune is only 35 movie reviews away.

Question 1

Rate Schindler's List

Schindler's List is a historical period film about World War II that was released in 1982. A businessman during Nazi Germany, who joins the party at the beginning of the war, employs a group of Jewish refugees. This in turn saves them from the Holocaust. This popular movie is based on a book of the same name.

Question 2

Rate Toy Story

Many children have a favorite toy that they pretend is real. In this movie, Toy Story, the toys come to life when the children are away. Andy has a favorite toy, a cowboy named Woody. He receives a new toy as a gift and Buzz Lightyear becomes his new favorite toy. Woody gets jealous, but the two must work together to protect the other toys.

Question 3

Rate Jurassic Park

This movie, first of a series that continues today, was released in 1993. Jurassic Park the movie is based on a novel of the same name by Michael Crichton. A billionaire created the island of cloned dinosaurs, but they get a little out of control. They’re dinosaurs after all. At the time, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park was groundbreaking animatronic technology.

Question 4

Rate Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump’s mother once told him “life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Well, what we got was a heart wrenching tale about a fictional disabled man’s life, played by Tom Hanks. Despite his physical and mental struggles, Forrest Gump lives a fulfilling life.

Question 5

Rate Up

A pair of childhood friends fall in love and get married. After they find out they can’t have children, they dedicate their lives to adventure and travel. They were saving for a trip to Paradise Falls, but the wife passes away before they can go. In memory of his wife, her husband creates a balloon contraption to fly the house to Paradise Falls.

Question 6

Rate The Godfather

This American crime movie is considered one of the best films of all time. It’s based off a novel by Mario Puzo that was published in 1969. Al Pacino plays the notorious Michael Corleone who becomes a mafia boss. The Godfather has two sequels that were released in 1972 and 1990.

Question 7

Rate Avatar

The fictional moon of Pandora is sought to be colonized to mine unobtanium to save Earth from an energy crisis. A paraplegic marine is sent to survey the moon but becomes conflicted once he immerses himself in the culture of the natives. He ends up staying on the moon as an avatar.

Question 8

Rate Pulp Fiction

This cult classic film from 1994 is as witty as it is violent. The story isn't told in chronological order like a typical movie, but follows three character’s story lines. These three characters are: Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta, Jules Winnfield played by Samuel L. Jackson, and Mia Wallace played by Uma Thurman.

Question 9

Rate Argo

This film takes place during the Iran Hostage Crisis and is based on true events as experienced by Tony Mendez. Mendez and his crew disguised a hostage rescue mission as a production of a sci-fi film called Argo. It’s adapted from the book Mendez wrote called “Master of Disguise.”

Question 10

Rate Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a semi-biographical story about a rebellious teenage girl about to enter college, and her mother. Christine "Lady Bird" MacPherson doesn’t feel herself in the small town she was born and raised in, and she longs for adventure and sophistication in a big city, like New York. Her mother, however, doesn’t think she can afford her daughters dreams.

Question 11

Rate Moonrise Kingdom

Two twelve year old kids meet at a play production at the church in town and start a love affair. They begin by writing letters and decide to leave their mundane, unfulfilling lives by running away together. A massive search of the island begins for the orphan boy scout and wealthy girl.

Question 12

Rate Slumdog Millionaire

A young Indian man finds himself on the television show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He is underestimated by the producers and, because he has made it so far in the show, it is believed he is cheating. However, the movie shows his life and how he learned the answers to the questions asked.

Question 13

Rate The Dark Knight

The second installment of the Batman series by Christopher Nolan, this movie is famous for the portrayal of The Joker by Heath Ledger. Not only is Ledger's performance outstanding, but the actor passed away six months away from the release to theaters. The movie is well received but it's Ledger's passing that led to much of its success.

Question 14

Rate Frozen

Princess Elsa screams "let it go" at the top of her lungs in the tundra, however viewers had a hard time letting this Disney animated film go. The story is about two sisters, Anna and Elsa, that build their relationship after Elsa's ice powers become two strong. A much anticipated sequel is to come with the first film's success.

Question 15

Rate The Devil Wears Prada

A recent journalism school graduate is looking for her foot in the door in the world of publishing. She gets an interview with Miranda Priestly, a famous magazine editor. She completely bombs the interview at the fashion magazine but is given a chance because Priestly thinks she'll be different than the other girls she's hired.

Question 16

Rate Get Out

Rose invites her boyfriend, Chris, to meet her parents. Chris is very nervous to meet her family due to the fact that he's a different race, but things seem to be going fine. The more time he spends with the family, however, the more terrifying secrets he finds out about them.

Question 17

Rate Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio may steal hearts off the screen, but in Inception, he is a thief of secrets in the dreams of others. The science fiction film is produced, directed, and written by Christopher Nolan, who is also famous for the Dark Knight (Batman) trilogy. Inception was originally written as a horror film but it was later reworked by Nolan.

Question 18

Rate Logan

This extension of the X-Men series (pun unintended) follows the story of an aging Wolverine and ill Professor X. He has separated himself from the world with the exception of Professor X who has developed a seizure disorder. A woman asks for help from Logan which leads him to meet a young mutant girl with the same powers as him.

Question 19

Rate La La Land

A successful actress plays a struggling actress in Los Angeles who meets a jazz musician. They both try to further their careers while maintaining a romantic relationship. This 2016 film is a movie musical and is well received for its soundtrack, and the film broke the record for Golden Globes received.

Question 20

Rate Inside Out

This Disney-Pixar animated film is a film about phycology and human emotions, specially of an adolescent girl named Riley. Her family moves from the Midwest to California due to her father's job and she has a very hard time adjusting to life on the West Cost. Her different emotions are animated characters that influence her decisions and mood.

Question 21

Rate Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill is a space adventurer, played by Chris Pratt, who steals an important orb in the universe. Bounty hunters come after Quill after he steals the orb and he has to protect it after finding its true power. He's assisted in this by a group of misfits he comes across along the way.

Question 22

Rate Gone Girl

A Midwestern man falls in love with a posh New York woman who comes from a wealthy family. They seem to have the perfect relationship, but after he forces her to say goodbye to her New York life, she snaps. It's revealed that the relationship is problematic on both sides, and she fakes her disappearance for revenge.

Question 23

Rate Spotlight

Based on true accounts of an investigative journalist team from the Boston Globe, Spotlight reminds us how important journalism is. The team investigates corruption in the Catholic churches in Boston and the cover up of priests in the wrong. Through interviewing victims and community members, the Spotlight team uncovers a scandal bigger than they could imagine.

Question 24

Rate Arrival

After long vertical spaceships appear on Earth, a group of specialists are brought together to uncover the mystery of the vessels. Louise Banks, a linguist played by Amy Adams, is recruited and she tries to decode massages from octopus like creatures they call Heptapods. Studying the language, has Louise start seeing visions of a little girl; her future daughter.

Question 25

Rate Her

Theodore Twombly makes a living by writing love letters for other people. He, however, going though a divorce from his childhood love, is a lonely and introverted man. He purchases an operating system with an artificial intelligence component. He and the system fall in love, and he has a hard time explaining and justifying being in a relationship with a computer.

Question 26

Rate Back to the Future

Marty McFly, a regular teenager in the eighties, befriends a mad scientist who sends him back in time in a DeLorean. He accidentally augments the present with his actions in the past and Marty has to work to get his parents to meet in order to save himself and his siblings.

Question 27

Rate The Matrix

A computer programmer leads a secret life at night as a hacker by the name of Neo. Neo is sought out by a large network of hackers and he is suddenly being watched by police. He enters an artificial reality called The Matrix where machines have taken over the human race.

Question 28

Rate The Lion King

A young lion is born in Africa to royalty and it's expected he will be the future king of the pride lands. His uncle plots to take the throne instead and makes Simba and Mufasa both disappear. Simba, however, returns after being reunited with a childhood friend, and goes with her to take Pride Rock from his uncle.

Question 29

Rate Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, is a high rating news anchor in the '70s in San Diego. The news world is highly dominated by men at the time, but is shaken up when Veronica Corningstone joins Channel 4. The news guys pick on Veronica, but she makes her way to the top.

Question 30

Rate Zoolander

Derek Zoolander is a three-time winner of model of the year, but his rein is taken by a newcomer by the name of Hansel. He becomes depressed and the rest of his world falls apart, as he is not the best anymore. A fashion agent takes advantage of Zoolander and brain washes him to defeat the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Question 31

Rate Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

A private candy giant holds a contest to open his factory to five lucky ticket holders. The tickets are in chocolate bars for purchase. A poor boy gets a stroke of luck and obtains one of the golden tickets. Each ticket holder can bring a guest, and ten people are get into Wonka's factory for the first time.

Question 32

Rate Home Alone

A large Midwestern family take a trip to France and accidentally leave the youngest child, eight-year-old Kevin McCallister, behind. Kevin was sent to his room the night before and completely slept through his family leaving. The eight-year-old is left to protect the home from two burglars that plan to rob the house on Christmas Eve.

Question 33

Rate Ghost

Banker, Sam Wheat, and artist, Molly Jensen, are in love. Sam gets involved with a shady business partner, another banker named Carl Bruner, who arranges to get rid of him. He becomes a spirit and tries to warn Molly about the man who hurt him. Sam seeks out a medium to get to and protect Molly.

Question 34

Rate 500 Days of Summer

Tom, a writer for a greeting card company, falls madly in love with the assistant of his boss, Summer. Summer has a cynical view about love and relationships, but decides to give the hopeless romantic a chance. Things are fun at first, but Summer doesn't feel the same way about Tom and breaks it off.

Question 35

Rate Finding Nemo

Out of thousands of fish eggs, only one survives after a bigger fish feeds on a clown fish nest. Even then, Nemo has a small disability and his surviving father is very protective over what's left of his wife and family. Nemo is apprehensive against this and goes against his father's wishes, which gets him in big trouble.

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