Rate These Marvel Movies And We'll Guess Your Favorite Superhero

The MCU is over 10 years old. How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday fans were being introduced to the idea of a shared universe. Seeing all the heroes and villains interact with each other was what every fan of the genre wanted. For years, Marvel heroes had been crossing over with each other in the comics, but fans never got to see that in the movies. The addition of Nick Fury in the end credits scene in the first Iron Man changed all that. It started off slow, with a character here and there crossing over into other heroes' movies, but then Avengers came out. This placed all the heroes that had been introduced in the MCU together. Now with Infinity War, fans got to see almost all the characters they had been following team up against Thanos!

Picking favorites in the Marvel movies can explain a lot about what attributes and skills a person looks for in their favorite heroes. Sometimes fans want the paragon who is always proven to be the best, and sometimes fans want the cathartic hero who succeeds in spite of their shortcomings. Heroes come in all styles, but which one is your favorite?

Question 1

Rate Iron Man

The first Iron Man Movie was a big gamble for Marvel. There had been good comic book movies before this one, but they had all been made in a partnership between Marvel and a large studio, like Sony or Fox. Iron Man was taking a lesser known hero and a brand new studio hoping to find success. It was far from a guarantee, but it worked better than anyone could have hoped. It gave us the start of the MCU. How does this movie rate?

Question 2

Rate The Incredible Hulk

This is often the forgotten MCU movie. It came out right after Iron Man, its main star, Edward Norton left the role before Avengers was filmed, and the main villain wasn't well received by many. This Hulk movie did start to tie the world together though, and it had Easter eggs like The Leader and Mr. Fixit. There is a small but loyal group of fans that enjoy this movie. How does it rate?

Question 3

Rate Iron Man 2

Looking back on the order of MCU releases it is hard to believe that Iron Man already had two movies out before many of the heroes had even one. Iron Man 2 had some dramatic action scenes, and they added new characters to the world like Black Widow and War Machine. Whiplash was a forgettable villain, but introducing Justin Hammer gave the universe another tech company that would come back to annoy heroes, specifically Luke Cage. How does this movie rate?

Question 4

Rate Thor

Thor added even more dimension into the Marvel World. It added the idea of multiple planets with aliens that had the powers of gods. Many of the powers and abilities of the Asgardians were explained by science, though some of Loki's skills still seemed magical. They added potential new stories to the MCU and allowed for all kinds of adventures to be told. This was also the first movie that Hawkeye showed up in. How does this movie rate?

Question 5

Rate Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America did something amazing for comic book movies, it added the term Avenger to the discussion. On top of that, it gave us a great Red Skull character, introduced the MCU to Peggy Carter (Who would star in an underrated TV show) and showed us a young Howard Stark. The movie gave Cap both his classic costume, and his original triangle shield, but also showed us his much more action ready armaments. How does this movie rate?

Question 6

Rate Avengers

When a movie places Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Nick Fury together for the first time, people are going to be excited. Avengers was the first time fans of comic books and superheroes got to see all of their favorite characters together on the big screen, and the world rejoiced. It was one of the first movies to fully utilize the idea of a shared universe, and it would set the standard for many movies since. How does this movie rate?

Question 7

Rate Iron Man 3

One of the best things to see in Iron Man 3 was the House Party Protocol. All the different Iron Man suits buzzing around the screen, fighting the bad guys and saving the day was incredible. At the time this movie came out fans were speculating about how much Robert Downey Jr. would be involved in upcoming movies. The answer ended up being a lot, but there was a concern. He is Iron Man, as he said about 7 times during that movie and fans didn't want to see him go. How does it rate?

Question 8

Rate Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World had a lot of things going for it. It brought back everyone's favorite villain, Loki, it had a great cast including a former Dr. Who and it had tie-ins to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, even with all this, it is still often considered one of the least memorable Marvel movies in the franchise. This movie did give fans a chance to see some more of the expanded Marvel Universe though, which did excite some. How does this movie rate?

Question 9

Rate Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is often talked about with reverence. The movie added an element of thriller to the MCU. Winter Soldier reintroduced audiences to Bucky, and it was the debut of Falcon. Some of the best fight scenes were shown in this movie, especially the elevator fight and the Batroc the Leaper fight in the beginning. This movie turned the MCU onto its ear with the big Hydra reveal. How does this movie rate?

Question 10

Rate Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge tonal change from Winter Soldier. Whereas the other Marvel movies had elements of humor in them, Guardians seemed to revel in the ability to make the audience laugh. There were very few scenes in this film that were not intended to bring a chuckle out of the crowd. The team was not a bunch of stalwart heroes, but instead, it was a hodgepodge of losers and criminals who came together out of need. How does this film rate?

Question 11

Rate Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is sometimes criticized for having to include far too much information about upcoming movies. At times scenes felt like small trailers for other movies in the franchise. This film did introduce a lot of new characters including Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Claw, Ultron, and Vision. This movie had one of the best hero scenes in the franchise when Hawkeye explains to the Scarlet Witch what it means to be a hero. How does this movie rate?

Question 12

Rate Ant-Man

Ant-Man became the heist movie of the MCU. The characters that were introduced in this movie felt somewhat detached from the rest of the universe. Though there is a scene with Falcon in this movie, the Avengers seem to be less emphasized than other movies in this franchise. The film introduces us to Hank Pym, who was a founding Avenger in the comics but had not been mentioned yet in the MCU. How does this movie rate?

Question 13

Rate Captain America: Civil War

Civil War didn't really feel like a solo character film. It felt more like Avengers 2.5. So many characters were apart of this movie that it was hard to pinpoint who the focal point was. Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man all played huge roles in the film. They each got their own starring moments during this movie and the events in the film affected every hero in the MCU. This movie had the best fight sequence with the Airport scene, and the movie brought home Spider-Man to the Marvel Universe. How does this movie rate?

Question 14

Rate Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange added the element of magic to the MCU. It is surprising that over 13 movies into the series there were still new aspects of the Marvel Universe being added to the MCU. Not only did magic exist, but it was set up to defend the earth from invasions from other realms. It makes one wonder where the Ancient One was hiding when Loki attacked New York though. How does this movie rate?

Question 15

Rate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The MCU has shown fans many things over the last 10 years of movies, but it has ever shown us anything as cute as baby Groot. The character got to be silly and fun, but also dangerous when the opportunity arose. This movie finally shared the origins of Star Lord's strange powers that allowed him to hold an Infinity Stone, and it gave us a glimpse at the classic 70's Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy, with Sly Stallone joining the MCU. How did this movie rate?

Question 16

Rate Spider-Man: Homecoming

After Spider-Man came home to the MCU it was only a matter of time before we got a movie featuring the new young hero. Seeing Spider-Man get a new high tech based suit was hard for some fans to get behind. Spider-Man has always been a hero based on this power, and not about his tech, outside of his web shooters. Seeing Spider-Man fight the Vulture in a costume that looked like Scarlet-Spider though excited most fans. How did this movie rate?

Question 17

Rate Thor: Ragnarok

There have been interviews that stated that Thor: Ragnarok wanted to change everything in the franchise to build excitement for the character. After two movies that had been ok, but almost no one's favorites in the MCU, the creative team behind Ragnarok decided to shake things up. They took the hammer, they took the hair, and they took Asgard away from the main character. He even lost an eye to this wave of changes, but he came out as a much stronger hero. How does this movie rate?

Question 18

Rate Black Panther

Fans had already seen Black Panther and vibranium in earlier movies, but nothing had prepared us for what we were going to see when we actually got to visit the wonderful world of Wakanda. Black Panther had some breathtaking visuals that excited fans and invigorated the MCU. Couple this with the addition of another interesting and dynamic villain and this movie was poised for success. How does this movie rate?

Question 19

Rate Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War took almost every character that Marvel had introduced over the last 10 years of stories and put them together in one epic movie. The team has to come together in hopes of defeating one powerful villain, Thanos, who is trying to eliminate half of the universe. This movie managed to have so many characters, but never felt overdone, and it delivered a gut punch with the ending, especially when one particular character "didn't feel so well". How does this film rate?

Question 20

Rate Ant-Man and The Wasp

Ant-Man and The Wasp shows fans what was happening in other parts of the MCU while the whole Thanos fight is going on. The movie introduces us to Janet Van Dyne, who was a founding member of the Avengers in the comics, and it gives the team of surviving heroes one more character who can come and help the team defeat Thanos and get everyone back. How does this movie rate?

Question 21

Rate Spider-Man

When someone says Spider-Man today, everyone thinks of the MCU version of the character. They may forget that there have been two early versions of the character. Though this movie isn't an MCU film, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man is a Marvel movie and it had a huge impact on Marvel's decision to start their own film branch. This movie showed many fans the fun and exciting life that Spider-Man, one of the faces of the comics company, lives. How does this film rate?

Question 22

Rate Spider-Man 2

There was a time in comic movie history where Spider-Man 2, with Dr. Octopus, was considered the gold standard in Superhero movies. The movie still holds up over 13 years later, even with some of the special effects being a bit dated. Seeing Spider-Man stop the train is still one of the most satisfying moments in Marvel film history. It was even copied in Homecoming when Peter tries to pull the boat back together. How does this film rate?

Question 23

Rate Logan

If anyone ever feels the need to shed a few tears, Logan is the right movie. Seeing an old and decrepit Wolverine decide that it is up to him to protect and save his clone, who had become his daughter is one of the most heartwarming, and heart-wrenching moments in all of comic book movies. Now that the MCU owns the rights to X-Men we may get another Wolverine, but this will always be one of the character's defining movies. How does this film rate?

Question 24

Rate Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 did its best to end the Spider-Man franchise. The director stated in multiple interviews that he didn't want to deal with Venom, but it was forced on him by the studio, and it showed. The character was not used to his full capacity, and it even affected the rest of the movie. There is not much worse than seeing Peter Parker dancing down the street. It was not a great moment. How does this movie rate?

Question 25

Rate X-Men

X-Men was a movie that had been 20 years in the making. Ever since the X-Titles had been rebooted with the addition of Storm, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler, in Giant-Sized X-Men 1, fans had wanted to see a movie. The 90s cartoon continued to increase the fame of these heroes, and it is hard to believe that it took 10 more years to get a live-action film made. The movie did well and help prove that more comic movies could be made. How does it rate?

Question 26

Rate X2: X-Men United

X2 is sometimes regarded as the best none MCU movie that Marvel has ever made. It added more characters, more themes, and adopt one of the best comic book storylines of all time. The movie took a look at many of the problems that mutants faced in society and how it changed everything they did in life. We get to see a team up with Magneto and the X-Men and it introduces the concept of the Phoenix to the movie universe. How does it rate?

Question 27

Rate X-Men: The Last Stand

After such great outings with the first two X-films it the franchise was due for a bad one, but many fans didn't know just how bad it could be. This movie tried to accomplish far too much in too little time. This lead to a jumbled mess that was hard to figure out at times. However, it did give us some fun moments as well. Hank McCoy appearing as the beast, and our first look at a Sentinel makes this movie beloved by a small group of fans. How does this movie rate?

Question 28

Rate Blade

Some fans forget that Blade was the first good Marvel movie ever made. Before Blade Marvel had created a few TV shows and movies, and they had tried to make a poor Captain America film and a bad Punisher movie. Some people didn't even know that Blade was a comic book movie, they hadn't heard of Tomb of Dracula, and didn't know him as a member of the Midnight Sons. His film proved that Marvel movies could make money, and lead to the X-Men and Spider-Man movies of the 2000's. How does this movie rate?

Question 29

Rate Blade 2

Even though the first Blade was a good movie, there are very few fans who don't like Blade 2 more. Take everything that was good about the first movie and add move vampires, with acting talent that included Norman Reedus, Ron Perlman, and Donnie Yen. The movie amped up the fights and the effects while still showing the same heart that had been in the first movie. How does it rate?

Question 30

Rate X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Long before Ryan Reynolds would take the world by storm with his portrayal of Wade Wilson, he would almost lose the whole franchise because of his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Taking the Merc with the Mouth and sewing his mouth shut may have been one of the worst decisions in any movie ever. This movie had some choppy moments that didn't quite mesh into the greatest film, but there were many lines and scenes that were exciting and fun. How does it rate?

Question 31

Rate X-Men: First Class

Right about the time that the X-Men needed a reboot, X-Men: First Class came out. It gave us brand new versions of Xavier, Magneto, Beast, and Mystique. It also introduced us to new mutants, like Havok, Banshee, and Darwin. The movie did a great job of capturing the feel of the 1960's and introducing fans to a new era of mutants. The movie gave the franchise a chance to start over without all of the problems they had developed during the first 10 years of X-Men movies. How does it rate?

Question 32

Rate X-Men: Days of Future Past

Though the X-Men franchise could have just explored the older adventures of the team, they realized the need to bring Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey into this new film universe. They needed a way to allow the franchise to tell new stories with these fan favorites. Days of Future Past used time travel to allow a full reboot of the series. The movie told a good story and freed the team up for brand new stories. How does it rate?

Question 33

Rate X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse was extremely ambitious. It attempted to add a bunch of new characters, tell an incredible story, and outdo every other superhero movie in scale. Like many things that have such high hopes, it missed the mark according to some fans. The movie even takes a jab at its own ambition with Jubilee mentioning that the third movie in a trilogy is often the worst. She was referencing Return of the Jedi, but the statement was prophetic in the eyes of many. How does this film rate?

Question 34

Rate Fantastic Four

The first family of Marvel is a great team but has yet to really get its due in the movies. They have been part of three released movies, and one unreleased convention classic. Some fans would say that the best version of this team was shown in the movie Incredibles, and it is hard to argue with that statement. When Fantastic Four was released in 2005 it was well received by many fans, but some argue that it hasn't aged well. It was the first time we got to see Chris Evans in a Marvel movie before he would become Captain America. How does this movie rate?

Question 35

Rate Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Though this movie is not one of the highest rated by critics, many fans enjoyed this movie more than even the first Fantastic Four. This was largely due to the addition of Silver Surfer who is a fan favorite Marvel hero. He has always been considered one of the more intellectual heroes in comics, with his titles focusing on philosophy, even though he does have great action scenes. Is Norrin Radd enough to save this movie though? How does it rate?

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