Rate These Male Singers And We'll Guess Your Age

When it comes to male singers, there is a lot to love. Not only are they usually fairly easy on the eyes, but their voices are enough to make the best of us swoon. What chance does a girl stand if a guy with piercing blue eyes shows up and starts a serenade? As much as we may try to deny it, a guy with a guitar is simply our greatest weakness.

Today we will be looking through photos of 50 talented men. Everybody here is going to be asked to rate each one of them. There are no wrong opinions here, so answer as honestly as possible. Once we have an idea of everyone's taste, we will try guessing everybody's age. Who's ready for this musical cutie quiz?

Question 1

Justin Bieber

Question 2


Question 3

Sam Smith

Question 4

Justin Timberlake

Question 5

John Mayer

Question 6

Ricky Martin

Question 7

Nick Jonas

Question 8

Louis Tomlinson

Question 9

Nick Carter

Question 10

Luke Bryan

Question 11


Question 12

Troye Sivan

Question 13

Childish Gambino

Question 14

Kanye West

Question 15

Harry Styles

Question 16

Blake Shelton

Question 17

Will Smith

Question 18

Jack Johnson

Question 19


Question 20

Niall Horan

Question 21

Enrique Iglesias

Question 22

Liam Payne

Question 23

Charlie Puth

Question 24


Question 25

Post Malone

Question 26

Nick Lachey

Question 27


Question 28


Question 29

Zayn Malik

Question 30

The Weeknd

Question 31

Joe Jonas

Question 32

Brad Paisley

Question 33

Sam Hunt

Question 34

Alec Benjamin

Question 35

Jared Leto

Question 36


Question 37

Pharrell Williams

Question 38

Darren Criss

Question 39

Bruno Mars

Question 40


Question 41

Michael Bublé

Question 42

Lenny Kravitz

Question 43

Jamie Foxx

Question 44

Ed Sheeran

Question 45


Question 46

Adam Levine

Question 47

Bradley Cooper

Question 48

Jason Derulo

Question 49

Shawn Mendes

Question 50

Jason Mraz

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