Rate These LA Tourist Destinations To Get A Sunset Strip Shopping Buddy

When it comes to going on vacation, planning the places that a person wants to go and the things they want to see is super important. Most places have a ton of different things to see and places to go and it can be tough to plan a trip that gives the person time to visit everything they want to visit. We think that's just an excuse to go back and visit again sometime!

Los Angeles, California is definitely a place that has a lot to see. It's the home to a ton of celebrities, shopping, restaurants, and other tourist attractions that can make it hard to decide what all to do while visiting there. One thing that many people who visit LA would love to do would be to take a trip to Sunset Strip to go on a shopping spree with their favorite famous BFF! Unfortunately, that's not something many people can do, but we can dream, right? Whether it's an actress, a model, or a musician, everyone has a favorite famous person that they would love to be best friends with and get to spend a day in LA shopping with.

Plan a trip to Los Angeles and rate these popular tourist destinations to get an LA shopping buddy!

Question 1

Visit the SkySlide at OUE Skyspace?

OUE Skyspace LA is an open-air deck that gives a completely 360 degree view of Downtown Los Angeles. They also have really cool technology inside that highlights a lot of awesome cultural attractions around the city that anyone visiting LA would love to learn about. On the outside, the SkySlide is a 45 foot, fully enclosed glass slide that wraps around the US Bank Tower.

Question 2

Visit Voodoo Doughnut?

Voodoo Doughnut is a bakery that originally opened in Portland, Oregon but has since expanded to have a few locations in other cities as well. One of them is in Universal City and is a popular place for people in Los Angeles to visit in order to get their fix of super creative sweets.

Question 3

Visit Universal CityWalk?

Universal CityWalk is the name of the area near Universal Theme Parks. It's the home of a ton of different restaurants, shops, and even movie theaters that visitors can visit and enjoy their time as they walk around and explore. Other attractions include indoor skydiving which means there's really something for any visitor.

Question 4

Visit Little Tokyo?

Little Tokyo is a cultural neighborhood in Los Angeles that is also known as Little Tokyo Historic District. It's home to the largest population of Japanese people living in the US and is one of only three Japantowns in the US. Little Tokyo is a popular destination for shopping and restaurants and was named a National Historic Landmark District in 1995.

Question 5

Visit the Santa Monica Pier?

This California landmark first opened in 1909 and is a super popular destination for people visiting southern California. The Santa Monica Pier is best known for the huge, solar-paneled Ferris wheel that is located there but it also has a lot of restaurants, shops, an aquarium, and even a carousel that was first built in the 1920s.

Question 6

Visit the Gamble House?

This national landmark is a house that acts as a museum that was designed in 1908 and was named as a landmark in the 1970s. For people who appreciate architecture and like to see unique interiors, this museum is definitely one to visit. The house was built for David B. Gamble of the Procter & Gamble company and is considered one of the best examples of an Arts and Crafts style home.

Question 7

Visit this iconic Theatre?

This iconic theatre was originally known as Grauman's Theatre and is a historic movie palace located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It opened in 1927 with the premier of The King of Kings and has since been the home of many different movie premiers including the first Star Wars movie.

Question 8

Visit the Los Angeles Central Library?

The Los Angeles Central Library is a Downtown Los Angeles landmark that was built in the 1920s. The branch of the Los Angeles Public Library system is a popular one for people visiting the city to check out because of its Egyptian-inspired architecture and gorgeous interiors.

Question 9

Visit The Grove?

The Grove is one of the most popular destinations in Los Angeles when it comes to shopping, eating, and general entertainment. The Grove is open seven days a week, 365 days a year in any weather and is the home to a ton of different stores and restaurants. Sephora, Pressed Juicery, Ladurée, and Anthropologie are among the places that a person can visit at The Grove.

Question 10

Visit the Venice Canals?

The Venice Canals, also known as the Venice Canal Historic District, is a location in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles. It's known for the man-made canals that were built in 1905 and were inspired by Venice, Italy and the architecture and feel of that city. Although the canals fell into disrepair for around 40 years, they were since improved and are now a historic landmark.

Question 11

Visit Rodeo Drive?

When it comes to shopping, the options in Los Angeles are pretty much endless. Seriously, no matter what a person might want to buy or what kind of store they want to visit, they'll probably be able to find one in Los Angeles without much of a problem. Rodeo Drive is a popular shopping spot for people who want to visit more high end stores and is a favorite of the rich and famous.

Question 12

Visit the Korean Bell of Friendship?

This enormous bronze bell is located in Angel's Gate Park in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles. This bell was a gift to the US from South Korea in 1976. The bell is located inside of a beautiful stone pavilion and the bell is struck on five particular days during each year and has been since 2010.

Question 13

Visit The Original Farmers Market?

The Original Farmers Market is an area in Los Angeles that is full of food stalls, produce vendors, and eateries. For people who like to eat and buy fresh produce, going to this farmer's market in LA is a total must. It first opened in 1934 and now features over 100 different vendors.

Question 14

Visit Pacific Park?

Pacific Park is an amusement park that is located on the Santa Monica Pier. When most people think of the Santa Monica Pier, they think of the huge Ferris wheel that's located within Pacific Park but there are a lot of other rides there as well! There is no admission fee to enter the park and instead, each ride charges a separate fee for people who want to ride.

Question 15

Visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery?

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles and is a super popular tourist destination for people visiting the city due to the fact that it's the final resting place of a ton of people who were involved in the entertainment industry in their lives. From musicians to actors to directors, their graves can all be visited here.

Question 16

Visit Topanga State Park?

Topanga State Park is a state park located within the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles county. The park is near the Los Angeles neighborhood of Topanga and one of the main characters on the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World got her name from this park! With more than 60 entrances to the park and over 11,000 acres, this is the largest park that is located within the boundaries of a city.

Question 17

Visit Runyon Canyon Park?

Runyon Canyon Park is a park located in Los Angeles that is super popular for both residents and visitors for the fact that there are all kinds of trails through the park that people love to hike and jog on. If you've ever seen someone post a picture on social media of themselves sitting on a bench on a picturesque trail above the city, odds are that it was probably at Runyon Canyon Park.

Question 18

Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific?

The Aquarium of the Pacific is located in Long Beach, California and sees over a million visitors per year! Luckily, the aquarium is well-prepared with over 900 employees that include 650 volunteer employees. Inside, the aquarium is the home to over 11,000 different animals in several different exhibits including the Northern Pacific Gallery and Explorer's Cove.

Question 19

Visit the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum?

The La Brea Tar Pits are natural tar pits that were formed by asphalt naturally seeping out of the ground and forming a large pool on the ground. In the 1900s through the 1950s, the fossils of large mammal bones that were found to be up to 12,000 years old were found inside the tar pits and excavated. Next to the La Brea Tar Pits is a museum dedicated to them that shows these fossils and explains the history of the pits.

Question 20

Visit Madame Tussauds Hollywood?

Madame Tussauds Hollywood is a wax museum located on Hollywood Boulevard. It is one of several Madame Tussauds wax museums that have locations around the world and have wax figures modeled after musicians, actors, fictional characters, and other public figures for display. Iron Man, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, and Beyoncé are among wax figures currently on display.

Question 21

Visit Muscle Beach?

Muscle Beach first opened in 1934 and is the name of the beach located near the Santa Monica Pier that is known for being a place where gymnasts, acrobats, bodybuilders, and other performers would spend their days in the beautiful sunshine showing off their skills on the beach. Today, there's a location called Muscle Beach in Venice and one in Santa Monica that are still popular tourist destinations.

Question 22

Visit the Venice Beach Skate Park?

This skate park is located on the sand in Venice Beach and is a super popular destination for thrill seekers in Southern California. This public skate park has a total area of 18,000 square feet with all kinds of different stairs, rails, and pools that skateboarders love to show off their skills and ride around in.

Question 23

Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art?

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also known as LACMA, is the largest art museum in the western half of the US. LACMA is located on what is known as Museum Row and is located super close to the La Brea Tar Pits and the museum there. Outside of LACMA is an exhibit called Urban Light which is a sculpture done by Chris Burden and is made of over 200 street lamps from the 1920s.

Question 24

Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most popular tourist destinations in LA and is definitely a place that a lot of people visiting the city put on their bucket list to see before they leave. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is known for their sidewalk which has tiles that are dedicated to different famous people including fictional characters, musicians, and actors, as well as other public figures.

Question 25

Visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood?

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is a popular tourist attraction located in Warner Bros. Studios that gives visitors a glimpse inside the studio in one of two different tours that are available to visitors. The tours have different stops that show off different parts of the studio and the history of the movies made there including props from famous movies and soundstages for different shows.

Question 26

Visit the Griffith Observatory?

The Griffith Observatory is a popular tourist destination located in Los Angeles' Griffith Park. The observatory has a stunning view of the famous Hollywood sign, another popular tourist attraction that can't actually be visited and has to be viewed from somewhere else, and has different space-related, scientific, and educational exhibits inside.

Question 27

Visit the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens?

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a public zoo located in Los Angeles that is the home to over 1,100 different animals of over 250 different species. The zoo first opened in 1966 and has several different popular exhibits inside that tourists can visit that include The LAIR, an exhibit focusing on amphibians and reptiles, Elephants of Asia, and Campo Gorilla Reserve.

Question 28

Visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall?

This concert hall opened its doors in 2003 and is the home to two different Los Angeles musical groups, the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. The project began with a donation from Walt Disney's widow, Lillian Disney, in 1987 and construction began in 1999. The concert hall has been featured in different movies, TV shows, and video games.

Question 29

Visit the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County?

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is the largest historical museum in the western half of the US. This makes it a hugely popular tourist destination for people who like to visit museums and learn more about the history of the world around them. The museum opened in 1913 and has exhibits that explore subjects like anthropology and archaeology, mammalogy, and history.

Question 30

Visit Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood is a film studio and theme park located in Universal City, an unincorporated city that lies mostly within the Los Angeles city limits. It was initially built to host studio tours and is now one of the many Universal Parks & Resorts located around the world. Visitors who want to experience a little magic on their trip can head here to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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