Rate These Holiday Treats And We'll Guess A Favorite Christmas Movie

The holidays are a special time. We get to see old friends and family, we get to take a break from work and school, the holiday movies and specials are playing all day long on just about every channel, and the treats... the treats are flowing all December long! Whether we like cookies, pies, chocolates, or candies, there is a holiday treat out there for everyone! Today we are going to go through 40 of everyone's favorites, so get ready for this tasty ride!

Who here has a hankering for all things holiday? We are talking everything from roasted turkey to eggnog and everything in between. This quiz will hit on all of the sweet favorites, as well as the traditional savory dishes. All everyone has to do is pick out their favorites. Once this has been done, we are going to take a guess at a favorite Christmas movie of everyone! We will warn everyone before hand that the pictures in the quiz can cause extreme hunger and cravings. Since we still have a bit of time to wait before Christmas dinner, we suggest that everyone prepare some snacks to have handy while taking this quiz. This is sure to be the jolliest 10 minutes of the day!

1Sugar Cookies

Here we have a rather standard Christmas treat. They are in all of the stores, the bakeries, and the coffee shops. There may not be a whole lot of ingredients in these treats, but they can be cut into any fun holiday shape we desire! We also can't forget about all the delicious icing that typically goes on top them...

2Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark is a pretty simple treat to prepare and the pay off can be super delicious! Basically all you have to do is layer some chocolate (dark and white chocolate are the most common combo), then before it cools, just sprinkle some crushed candy canes on top! Sound like a good treat, or not so much?

3Christmas Fudge

Okay, we know that fudge is not limited to only Christmas, but it is a treat that tends to get passed around a lot during the holiday season. The treat is the same delicious recipe as always, but around Christmas people enjoy preparing gingerbread or peppermint flavors! How do we feel about some fudge?

4Candy Canes

Candy canes have become somewhat of a symbol for representing the holidays. They really can't be found any other time of year. People use them for more than just snacking also, candy canes are actually a popular Christmas tree ornament as well! These days we can find just about any flavor of candy cane, but we all know that the peppermint ones are the originals!

5Yule Log

Now here we have a pretty popular Christmas dessert. The yule log is essentially just chocolate sponge cake, which has been prepared to look like a log. They are often decorated with holiday floral accents. While these cakes can now be found pretty much everywhere, they were once more popular in certain areas of Europe (Wikipedia).


Eggnog, some people love it and some just can't stand it. We are guessing this one is going to split the room in half. It is definitely a beverage served strictly around Christmas time. It's a dairy based drink, which has a rather sweet taste. Often times people will sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg on top.

7Fruit Cake

Here is another holiday treat which people tend to either really enjoy, or really dislike. It is a stiff cake which has been loaded up with dried or candied fruit. Often times people will also throw some nuts and spices into the cake. Sometime, when people are feeling extra festive they will soak the cake in spirits as well (Wikipedia).

8Hot Chocolate

This chocolaty drink is one that can be enjoyed all winter long. There are just about a million different recipes for this treat, but essentially it breaks down into being warmed chocolate milk. It is also usually recommended to add a handful of mini marshmallows to the top! How does everyone feel about hot cocoa?

9Holiday Ham

Every family does holiday dinners a little differently. Some swear by the turkey route, while others feel like it is just a bit overdone. A common substitute for the big bird would of course be a holiday ham. It can be prepared with pineapples all over it, or simply doused in maple syrup. What is everyone's take on this one?

10Gingerbread Man

These guys are another popular Christmas cookie. Their entire bodies are made up of gingerbread, and they can be prepared as soft or crunchy cookies. These cookies are especially fun to decorate, as they can look like anything we want them to! Who here makes a batch of these every year?

11Apple Cider

For those who find regular old apple juice to be a bit boring, try some apple cider! Usually the beverage is unsweetened and non-alcoholic, but it can be adjusted to fit anyone's taste! The most common garnished used for this drink would no doubt be a stick of cinnamon. How do we feel about apple cider?

12Apple Pie

Apple pie is a popular dessert year round, but it always seems to sneak onto the holiday treat table as well. Everyone out there has their very own recipe for apple pie and everyone swears that there's is the best one. The dessert is best served with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream on top. Who is grabbing a piece of pie?

13Pumpkin Pie

This one is sometimes labeled a Thanksgiving dessert, but a lot of people still enjoy this pie all the way through till Christmas. Maybe some just do not care for the apple pie as much as others? If that is the case, would a slice of pumpkin pie hit the spot a bit better? Don't forget the dollop of whipped cream!

14Cranberry Sauce

This holiday staple is one that is sure to stir up some controversy. Sometimes it seems that there are already so many delicious things being served at Christmas, that the poor cranberry sauce tends to get forgotten about. However, we are willing to bet that there are some big time fans of this dish out there!

15Dinner Rolls

No holiday meal would be complete without a basket of dinner rolls being passed around. Although, some may argue that the bread is just to filling. This is something to consider since we want to be sure we save room for all of the delicious dishes being served along side of the rolls.

16Roast Beef

Here we have another substitute for those who just don't get down with the whole turkey thing. Roast beef is a popular meal served around the holidays. They can be bought in fairly large sizes, so serving a large group is no problem with one of these. Who here would be up for a roast beef this Christmas?

17Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are essential to a proper holiday spread, but the question is how do we prepare them? Some families do roasted potatoes, some do scalloped, and some even toss some tots onto the table! However, one of the most classic options would no doubt be mashed potatoes. Who thinks mashed is the only way to go?

18Chocolate Chip Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie may not be as traditional as the sugar cookies or the gingerbread men, but at the end of the day what kind of cookies are we leaving out for Santa to snack on? It is almost always chocolate chip! Who here agrees that Santa's favorite are the chocolate chip variety?

19Green Beans

Some may argue that beans could never be considered a treat, but hey, after all of those cookies we are thinking some greens could be good for everyone! What is a more common green served during the holidays than these beans? Who here grabs a big spoon full when the bowl gets passed around?

20Pecan Pie

Now this is a pie option designed for those with an intense sweet tooth. Obviously a main ingredient in this pie is pecans, but there is also a ton of sweetness added with brown sugar, maple syrup, and even sometimes honey. Who here chooses this pie above all others when creating a dessert plate?

21Cinnamon Rolls

While cinnamon rolls are a great treat that can be picked up year round at the mall, there is something very holiday feeling about walking into a house which has just baked a fresh batch of these. Their warm cinnamon smell can be quite intoxicating for anyone who truly loves this dessert.

22Bowl of Nuts

This is one of those old school traditions that some people may not really understand. A real bowl of holidays nuts comes with its very own cracker. These days people aren't always crazy about having to work for their snack, but there is something very traditional about cracking into a walnut in December.


Some may ask why these are being considered a holiday snack...let us explain! Citrus fruits can be bought all year of course, but their true seasons is early winter. Especially in terms of these baby oranges, they are just the freshest this time of year. This has lead to households always having a bowl of these through the month of December. Who loves em?

24Chocolate Covered Cherries

This is a great treat because while the chocolate is just as rich and delicious as ever, we can also fib to ourselves a bit and say we are technically eating fruits! There is not much to this treat, just cherries dipped in chocolate. Who here waits all year to enjoy these?

25Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is often served in the place of pumpkin pie. The choice between the two usually comes down to where we are from. Certain areas prefer the pumpkin, while others enjoy the sweet potato version more (Wikipedia). A bonus we get when choosing the sweet potato version, is the layer of toasted marshmallows that comes on top!

26Peanut Brittle

For those who are not crazy about the whole peppermint bark thing, peanut brittle would make an excellent replacement. This treat basically just consists of hard candy which has been loaded up with peanuts. Something to keep in mind...one needs to have very strong teeth to enjoy this treat! Who here is down for a piece?


Okay, we will admit that cheesecake is not really a traditional holiday dessert, but it is one that we still find being passed around the table. Since cheesecake is loved by so many people, it just makes sense to have one in the dessert spread. Who here picks cheesecake over all other desserts?

28Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs can be found on just about any appetizer table during the holiday season. These are especially popular when doing things potluck style. They are not particularly difficult to make, and most people really do seem to enjoy them. What about everyone here? Do we love them, or not so much?


Here is a question we know will excite some people. Stuffing really is one of those things that only comes around during the holidays. Mostly this is due to the fact that it is commonly cooked inside of a giant turkey. Recipes for this dish vary depending on who we ask, but one ingredient remains constant...BREAD!

30Panettone Bread

Not everyone may be familiar with this treat, but some are sure to know it all too well. This is a staple in most Italian households. Although, these days it can be found in just about any grocery store around Christmas time. It is really just a sweet bread loaf, with the added bonus of some candied fruit.

31Mincemeat Pie

For anyone who has been curious about this treat, let us fill you in on a secret...there is no meat included in these pies at all! This dessert is an English tradition. The tiny pies are filled with a combination of dried fruits and spices, which is referred to as "mincemeat" (Wikipedia). Any takers?

32Jello Mold

Jello molds is a very old school tradition. While some families may be serving these up still, they are definitely not as popular as they once were. There is not much to them, just some Jello which has been prepared in a cake pan. Usually there are fruits or even marshmallows inside of them.

33Roast Goose

Here we have our final substitute for a turkey dinner. The roast goose or duck option is not the most popular, but those who enjoy it swear by this style of meat. It is said to be extremely rich and juicy, so we can see why it would be chosen as a holiday special. Is anyone here into roasted goose?

34Green Bean Casserole

For anyone here who was thinking plain old green beans are just not Christmas enough, maybe the green bean casserole is more your speed? Green bean casserole is a traditional dish served at both Thanksgiving and at Christmas. It consists of green beans, mushroom soup, and crunchy fried onions on top. Pass it over, or leave it at the other end of the table?

35Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding or "plum pudding" is another traditional English dish (Wikipedia). For those who have never actually tried it, here is the break down: Basically a bunch of dried fruits are being held together by egg and suet. Sometime molasses and spices are also tossed into the dish (Wikipedia). Love it, or not so much?

36Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a staple side dish for most English families, but they are now being enjoyed by people around the world! They are baked and often served alongside the main meal. Often times it is suggested to pour gravy right into them! Who here thinks these should be on every holiday table?

37Homemade Cannoli

Here is another treat that Italian households swear by. Cannolis are a classic dessert and often times a special batch is prepared just for the occasion of Christmas! Their shells are fried pastry dough, and they are filled with a rich cream filling usually made with some sort of cheese. Yay, or nay?

38Butter Tarts

Here is a treat that changes in popularity depending on where we live. They are tiny desserts prepared with a combination of butter, syrup, and and egg (sometimes raisins or pecans are also included). The filling is served in small pastry shells. Who here loves this dessert, and who thinks they can be left out?

39Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies do not have much to them, but man do they ever taste like the holiday season. It seems weird to say, but some things truly do just taste like Christmas. Inside these cookies is basically just sugar, butter, and flour. Who here needs to have some of these every December?


Here it is, the moment we have all been waiting for! No ham, no beef, no goose, just good old fashion turkey! This meat option is no doubt the most popular. Every family has a different technique for preparing this kind of bird, and there is no wrong answer when it comes to turkey. Who here thinks it's not Christmas until the turkey is carved?

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