Rate These Haunted Destinations And We'll Guess Your Favorite Horror Movie

Wouldn't it be interesting to visit a haunted destination? There are haunted destinations that people love to visit all over the world. Haunted Lunatic Asylums, which once treated their patients just as the name suggested. Most of these places were shut down by the late 90's when a law was put in place to deinstitutionalize. Now, the buildings are either left as haunted, crumbling eyesores, or in some cases are used as actual haunted houses. There are prisons that closed their doors decades ago, only to be haunted by the violence that once occurred there.

Besides that, there are many haunted houses. In most cases, they are haunted by people who lost their lives abruptly. In some cases, they loved their home so much that they simply refused to leave. Not to mention, there are haunted hotels where one can spend an entire night being entertained by ghostly past guests. The top it off, there are cities where ghosts seem to be lurking in every dark corner. These are the places and ghosts that inspire the best horror movies ever made. In fact, rating haunted destinations can say a lot about one's preference in horror movies. Why not rate these haunted destinations and we'll guess the favorite horror movie of the rater.

Question 1

Savannah, Georgia

Georgia's first city, Savannah, GA is known as one of the most haunted cities in the US. The history behind some of the cities most tragic death tolls come from several outlets, including, slavery, war battles, epidemics, fires, hurricanes, and horrific murders. This has left the city with various ghosts, who dwell in old mansions, cemeteries, hotels, pubs, and restaurants. There are dozens of ghostly tours to pick from. What do you say?

Question 2

The Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, is said to be the home of several ghosts. In fact, there have been enough reports of haunted activity to intrigue paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Some guests have claimed to see a ghostly girl carrying flowers and a friendly man in a top hat on the fourth floor. Meanwhile, guests in room 301 have claimed to have woken up with the presence of a man watching over them in their sleep. How creepy is that?

Question 3

Hampton Mansion

The Hampton mansion is the national historical landmark of Towson, Maryland and was built in the 1700's. There have been reports that it is haunted by the family who lived in it for seven generations. In the late 1900's, there were even ghost tours of the spectacular mansion, although, none of the historians in Towson want to to acknowledge those old tales now. There have been mentions of the ghosts in books, though. One of which includes a wall of swinging horse harnesses. It was enough to scare off a couple of park rangers. How haunted is it?

Question 4

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

Alcatraz is considered to be the haunting place for many ghosts. Why shouldn't it be? It was built over Indian graves, used as a war prison, and eventually remodeled as a federal prison, which housed only the worst criminals. Those prisoners faced severe isolation techniques that drove many of them insane. Today, it operates as a museum. There have been reports from tourists, that have seen and heard the souls lost there. How would you rate this haunted prison?

Question 5

Athens Lunatic Asylum

The Athens Lunatic Asylum is now known as The Ridges and is owned by Ohio University. The asylum was originally opened in Athens, Ohio in 1874, with only the best intentions for its mentally ill patients, but was closed in 1993 after laws were passed to deinstitutionalize. By the 1900's, the asylum was overcrowded leading to abuse and treatments, such as Lobotomies. In fact, one lady wandered off and her body wasn't found for over 40 days, which left a permanent stain on the floor. Now, The Ridges offers tours that include the grounds and the cemetery. Is this spot haunted, or what?

Question 6

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

Known as one of the most haunted hotels in the US, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa has had various uses throughout the years. It was originally opened as a hotel for the rich and famous, but one of its most haunting uses was as a medical spa. The owner of that timeframe, boasted cures for cancer among other illnesses, although, he wasn't even a licensed physician, himself. The ghost sightings consist of a man who smoked cherry tobacco, a little girl, and other ghosts who reside in the morgue. There are haunted tours as well as plays to satisfy ghost hunting tourists. What do you think?

Question 7

Amityville Horror House

The house in Amityville, NY, needs no ghostly introductions. It's the house where 23-year-old Ronald DeFao Jr., took the lives of his parents and his siblings, claiming that voices told him to do it. The Lutz's were the next family to live in the home and their stories of being tormented by the spirits of the house has resulted in several movies. The home is still there, although its appearance has been changed throughout the years. It's been painted and the shape of the signature windows has been changed, also. How haunted is this destination?

Question 8

Athens, Ohio

There is history that says Athens, Ohio is altogether a haunted city, aside from being the home of one of the US's most haunted old asylums. There are 5 cemeteries that are said to be in the shape of a pentagram when traced together on a map. Plus, one of these, the West State Street Cemetery, has a large angel statue that cries real tears. Also, not far from Athens, there is the Moonville tunnel, which used to be used for mining coal and is home to a railroad conductor who past. How haunted is this?

Question 9

Beechwood Lunatic Asylum

The Beechwood Lunatic Asylum, in Victoria, Australia, was open from 1867-1995. The treatments here included isolation, restraint, lobotomies, and electroshock therapy, which was often done in groups. They say it only took 2 signatures to get placed in the asylum, meanwhile, it took 8 signatures in order to get out. Over 3,000 patients died as a result of natural causes, treatments, neglect, and one patient's life was taken after being thrown from a window because someone wanted her cigarettes. It's said to be haunted by one of its few caring nurses. It's only natural that a place this dark and twisted would be haunted. How haunted is it?

Question 10

Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA, was built for constant solitary confinement. It was supposed to make prisoners repentant and quickly became the moniker for prison systems around the globe. Prisoners were kept alone in single-person cells. Masks were even worn to keep prisoners from conversing while outside of their cells. With accommodations like these, it's no wonder that they say that it's haunted by the ghosts of former prisoners. In fact, so haunted that it now operates as a haunted house in the fall. How haunted does this sound?

Question 11

Baker Hotel, Mineral Springs, TX

The fabulous Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX, opened it's doors in 1929. It became a hot spot for the rich and famous. As if the 14 story hotel wasn't enough, it boasted a mineral spa which was a cure for many illnesses before modern medicine. Afterward, the hotels business slowed down with only a couple bursts of popularity from the 1940's through the 1950's. By the late 1970's it doors were closed. However, the ghosts remained. One ghost is said to be the former mistress of the hotels manager, who jumped to her end from the roof. There is currently a plan in place to restore the grand hotel. How haunted is this place?

Question 12

Danvers State Hospital

Danvers was a Massachusetts insane asylum that was opened in 1878 and used controversial techniques to treat mental illnesses. As most mental institutions at that time, Danvers ended up overcrowded and the patients were often mistreated. They also underwent lobotomies, ice baths, and electroshock therapy. Now, Danvers has been turned into an apartment complex where it's likely that some of their ghosts still roam. All that's left of the original Danvers State Hospital is the shell of the main building and the cemetery where the former residents were laid to rest.

Question 13

Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas is ranked in the top ten most haunted cities in the US. In fact, Galveston has so many ghosts, that many tourists have written tales of walking among ghosts and experiencing mysterious happenings on their own blogs. One tourist revealed that she was relieved that the hotel that she'd dined at was the haunted one, only to find out that the one where she was staying had tales of its own, including a ghost of a young boy who'd been hit by a car. The city is rich with a history of untimely demises, such as the thousands who passed in the hurricane of 1900. How haunted is it?

Question 14

Jennie Wade House

Jennie Wade was the only civilian to lose her life, in the Gettysburg battle of the US civil war. Her house still stands today is a stop on the local ghost tours. Her full name was Mary Virginia, "Jennie" Wade. She was in the kitchen baking bread when a stray bullet came through her door. Most believe that her spirit still haunts the old house. There have been sightings, sounds, and smells. It's a popular tourist stop in Gettysburg for both a historic and haunted tour. Rate this haunted house!

Question 15

Missouri State Penitentiary

The Missouri State Penitentiary is located in Jefferson City, Missouri and sat on 47 acres of land. The land that it sits on has been referred to as the "bloodiest 47 acres in America", due to its violent history. The penitentiary was open from 1836 to 2004. In that time, there were riots, assaults, and 40 executions, which makes for a great haunted location. However, to the inmates of MSP, it was known better as "The Walls". The massive prison is still there today, where both regular and haunted tours are available. How haunted is this destination?

Question 16

The Historic Bullock Hotel

The Historic Bullock Hotel is located in Deadwood, South Dakota. As if the name of the city isn't already a clue, the hotel is already situated in a spooky town. The hotel itself is named after the first sheriff of Deadwood, Seth Bullock, who was given the title on just his second day in town. He and a partner built the Bullock Hotel and it's said that his ghost still haunts the place. In fact, he wasn't too happy with some of the renovations, which included adding slot machines in the lobby area. Haunted, or not?

Question 17

Helltown, Ohio

Helltown, Ohio is one of Ohio's most haunted towns. It was formerly known as Boston Mills, but that was a long time ago. In 1974, the government forced the townspeople off of their land. Some say that this was due to the amount of paranormal activity that already existed. Meanwhile, it has also been said that the people were forced to relocate to make room for a national park. Either way, it now sits vacant and haunted stories have swirled. Everything, from a school bus full of children who supposedly lost their lives, to a church with upside down crosses. How haunted is this place?

Question 18

Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, GA

Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA, was first known as Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum. It was the worlds largest insane asylum and housed up to 13,000 patients, with one person being responsible for 100 of those patients at a time. At its peak, children were treated by being locked in cages. Plus, lobotomies, shock therapy, steam baths, ice showers, and restraint were also used for treatment. Most of the 2,000 acres remain, but are vacant and crumbling. Meanwhile, 200 patients, most declared insane at trial, still reside there. Also, there are over 25,000 graves marked with 2,000 numbered stones. The grounds are said to be haunted by the hospitals mistreated patients. Rate Central State Hospital.

Question 19

LaLaurie House, New Orleans, Lousiana

The LaLaurie House is considered to be one of the most haunted places in New Orleans' French Quarter. It was the home of Delphine LaLaurie and her husband, whose tale was fictionally featured on American Horror Story: Coven. It's true that she mistreated her slaves in the LaLaurie House. However, not quite to the extent of AHS. There had been reports that she was mistreating the slaves, although, nothing much came of it, until a fire broke out at the mansion. Afterward, the starvation, mutilation, and lives taken were finally revealed. Some say that she still haunts her mansion and that the souls of the mistreated slaves are still present. How haunted is the LaLaurie House?

Question 20

Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory was opened in 1891, with the plan of reforming first-time offenders. However, it quickly became overpopulated and a place of lost lives, torture, and inhumane living conditions. It was shut down by court order in 1990. During its time of operation, hundreds of people lost their lives and haunt the prison, including the warden's wife, who was accidentally shot while searching through a closet in the family quarters; the warden, who lost his life to a heart attack in his office; and various prisoners and guards.

Question 21

Concord's Colonial Inn

Concord's Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts, was once a place for injured soldiers to come for assistance. During the Revolutionary War, a portion of the inn was owned by a doctor, Timothy Minot, who treated the injured soldiers there. One popular room to stay in is room 24, where he used to operate on the soldiers, many of whom perished. Another is room 27, which was used as a morgue. Rate this haunted inn!

Question 22

Key West, Florida

Ask any of the ghost tours in Key West, FL, and they will tell you all about the cities haunted mansions, cemeteries, forts, and hotels. There are even stories about a museum where a doll that is rumored to be haunted can move, cause problems to keep from having its picture taken, and tap on the glass. There's also a portrait of a girl, Hannah, which has had such and effect on people that it was moved to a more isolated spot. Not to mention all of the lives lost to yellow fever, at Fort Zachary Taylor.

Question 23

Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri

The infamous Lemp Mansion was the home to a couple of generations of the Lemp family. The Lemp family business of beer brewing began with Johann Adam Lemp. He started off by making his homemade light lager from his grocery store and later his own pub. The company eventually grew to be the largest brewing company. However, tradies played a major role in ending the Lemp family line. The father, his daughter, and two of his sons took their own lives, all of the men did so in the Lemp Mansion. It's been said that their ghosts still haunt it today.

Question 24

Norwich State Hospital, Preston, Connecticut

Norwich State Hospital opened its doors in the early 1900's and remained open until 1997. During Norwich State Hospital's time as an asylum, it held the most violent patients and had a dark history of abuse. The patients were mostly those who had been deemed criminally insane by the court system. Treatments included ice baths, lobotomies, restraints, and torture. There's no telling how many patients perished there, but there were 13 passings caused by escapees, car accidents, patients, and even accidental passings related to the buildings. Most of the buildings have been demolished, although, a plan is being developed to preserve the administration building. All sorts of paranormal activity have been reported at the site, including apparitions.

Question 25

Old Idaho Penitentiary

The Old Idaho Penitentiary was open from 1870 to 1973. Also known as "Old Pen", it was well-known for its brutal conditions. The place was too hot in summer and freezing in the winter, with no plumbing. Aside from that, it quickly became overpopulated and prisoners were mistreated. There were at least 110 prisoners who died there due to mistreatment, illness, and lives taken. Ten were even executed. It's no wonder that people have reported a feeling of sadness, apparitions, voices, and being touched while on tours.

Question 26

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, in Quebec City, Quebec, is well-known for its resident ghost, Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac. The hotel was named after the 17th-century governor. The story is that he passed and had his heart sent to his fiancé in Europe, but she was so heartbroken that she sent it back. His ghost is said to have a temper and often tosses objects about. Aside from that, it's also been reported that his ghost wanders the hotel looking for his lost love.

Question 27

Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

It's hard to forget bout the gruesome losses of Andrew and Abby Borden. Both of their lives were taken in their home by an axe, in 1892. Lizzie Borden, who was tried and acquitted for the crimes, was the daughter of Andrew Borden. Back in those days, the crime was so horrific that a song was made up and sung about the events, which is still known by some today. The house where the disasters occurred is still standing in Fall River, Massachusetts and is currently run as a bed and breakfast.

Question 28

The "Old Main" of the Penitentiary of New Mexico

The "Old Main" of the Penitentiary of New Mexico, in Sante Fe, New Mexico, is now a tourist attraction. However, in 1980, it was the place where over 33 inmates lives were taken during the most violent prison riot in US history. Over a hundred people were severely injured, including the 12 guards, who were held hostage as the entire prison was controlled by inmates. Most of the lives that were taken were from a cell block that housed inmates in protective custody and theirs were the most brutal. People on tours have reported hearing sounds and voices, feeling saddened, and seeing things move as well as apparitions.

Question 29

Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Pennhurst State School and Hospital, which has also been referred to as "The Shame of Pennsylvania, operated from 1908 to 1987. The patient population included those that were mentally ill, orphaned, elderly, epileptic, and criminally insane. Like most asylums, it quickly became overcrowded and patients were neglected and mistreated enough that it became the first mental institution to have a lawsuit filed against it for mistreatment. Patients were neglected, abused, restrained, overmedicated, and worse. Children were sometimes placed in cages. There have been claims of hauntings for years at Pennhurst, including people being scratched by unseen forces. Now, the facility operates as a haunted house around Halloween.

Question 30

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has been listed as one of the most haunted cities in the US. There are several abandoned buildings that have had reported hauntings. There are also several places that have been renovated and are operating as museums, restaurants, pubs, and hotels. There's even an old cinema that still operates as a cinema, along with the bonus of a pub. It's the Bagdad Theater, which is known for being haunted by a maintenance man who took his own life.

Question 31

Hanover Inn, Dartmouth, New Hampshire

The Hanover Inn was originally home, then tavern built by General Ebenezer Brewster. His son eventually replaced it with a larger plan for Dartmouth Hotel. Then, Dartmouth college remodeled it into Hanover Inn. There are several spirits that have been reported at the inn, which is beside Dartmouth College, including 9 frat boys who past away from a gas leak in the early 1900's. Guest of the inn has reported a guest room that's not really there, along with sounds of a party.

Question 32

Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany, New York

Rolling Hills Asylum opened as the Genesee County Poorhouse in 1827. Anyone who was orphaned, poor, mentally ill, or even criminally insane was dumped here. There isn't a whole lot of information about how mistreated its inhabitants were, although, thousands of graves are on the grounds and can't be located to this day. Everyone who was placed there was called an inmate and it's been reported that their ghosts still haunt the asylum today, including a man who was dropped of as a boy with gigantism. Now, it still operates for haunted tours.

Question 33

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts was home to the infamous witch trials of 1692, where 200 people were accused of witchcraft. In fact, 20 were executed as a result of those trials. Today, the people of Salem run tours, museums, and hold over 1,000 Halloween events in October. Aside from that, Salem is reportedly haunted. Locations to visit, including the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin who sat for the trials that sent "witches" to the gallows. There's also a memorial site, which displays who, when, and how each of the 20 accused lives were taken.

Question 34

Sallie's House

In Atchison, Kansas, the Sallie's House is best known for the ghost of a 6-year-old little girl named Sallie. The house was once used as a physician's office and Sallie was brought there by her mother with severe abdominal pain. Apparently, her appendectomy was so dire that the doctor attempted the surgery right away, but he started before the anesthesia had kicked in and she didn't make it. Later, a family rented the home and the husband was the focus of the young spirits anger. Now, anyone can visit Sallie's House, which is a museum, although, guests shouldn't expect their electronics to work and might come out with some unexplained scratches.

Question 35

Shepton Mallet Prison

Shepton Mallet Prison was once Britain's oldest running prison. It opened in 1610 and didn't close its doors to prisoners until 400 years later in 2013. In its early years, it housed men, women, and children as prisoners in what was often called horrendous conditions. At one point, a treadwheel was installed to make grain that took 40 prisoners to run it, causing many of their intestines to burst. It's no wonder that they say it has been haunted for years before it ever closed. Not to mention the prisoners that were buried on the grounds without markers. Now tours are available.

Question 36

Marshall House, Savannah, Georgia

The Marshall House was built by Mary Marshall in 1851 on land that she had inherited from her father. Not only was it used as a hospital during the Civil War, but it was also used as one during the yellow fever epidemic. Plus, there were remains found under the floorboards in the late 1990's. After investigating, it was discovered that they were amputated limbs from Civil War soldiers. How haunted is that?

Question 37

Squirrel Cage Jail, Council Bluffs, Iowa

This Council Bluffs jail hasn't been used to hold prisoners since 1969. It was built in 1885 with a circular, wheel type of design that was meant to allow jailers to turn it in order to see the prisoners. However, the design often caused mechanical failures and oftentimes it got stuck. In one example, a prisoner past away and the body was unreachable for days. The jail wasn't a particularly violent place and there were only 4 losses accounted for, including 1 suicide, 1 fall, 1 heart attack, and one jailer shot himself on accident. Despite this, there have been sightings of a little girl, movement, and sounds on the 3rd and 4th floor.

Question 38

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota is said to be the home of many ghosts. Forepaugh’s Restaurant is a great example. it's named after Joseph Forepaugh, who built the mansion, which is now a restaurant. He had an affair with one of the maids named Molly and his wife made him move out of the country. Molly ended her life in the mansion when she discovered that she was pregnant. Later, Joseph moved his family back and ended his life at a park. Aside from the restaurant, there are haunted theaters, universities, and the Wabasha Street Caves.

Question 39

Sauer Castle

The Sauer Castle was built by Alton Sauer somewhere between 1869 and 1871. He built the house for himself and his 5 children after the passing of his first wife. He remarried and his second wife already had 2 daughter, aside from that they had 5 more together. Alton eventually past away in the castle, not long after one of his daughters past at 14 months. Throughout the years, five generations have lived and past in the house, which is now owned by Alton's great, great grandson. Despite most generations living in the home and never leaving, he lives in New York and has let the house fall into disrepair. These days, only the ghosts of former relatives haunt the crumbling castle.

Question 40

Augusta Mental Health Institute, Augusta, Maine

The Augusta Mental Health Institute now sits abandoned in Augusta, Maine. The tales of ghosts have been reported all through the grounds. Disembodied voices, movements, and sightings of orbs are among some of the unexplained things that have been seen here. It's no wonder that this place is so haunted. Especially, since there have been over 1,200 lives lost, mostly violent, and hardly any information as to where their bodies were buried. Recently, a memorial was set up by a former patient.

Question 41

Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary is currently a hotel that sits off of the port of Long Beach, California, where it docked for the final time in 1967. However, it was built as a glamorous British cruise ship until it was repainted grey and used in WWII and was nicknamed the "Grey Ghost". After the war, the Queen Mary was remodeled back into a cruise ship and remained that way until it was sold and docked in Long Beach. As elegant as the ship/hotel/museum is, there are reports of it being haunted by at least 150 spirits, with over 90 lost lives recorded over the years she was in service.

Question 42

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has topped the list of most haunted US cities for centuries. This is mostly due to New Orleans' history, which is full of fun French Creole personality, battles of the past, voodoo, and natural catastrophes. There's the LaLaurie Mansion, where Delphine LaLaurie tortured her slaves, the St. Louis cemetery, which is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans and where voodoo queen, Marie Laveau is said to be buried. Aside from that, there are all sorts of haunted locations where any of the cities many ghost tours would love to take anyone looking for a good scare.

Question 43

Trans-Allegheny Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Asylum opened its doors to help the mentally impaired in 1863. It was built to hold 250 patients, but by 1950 there were over 2,500 patients. They were living 4 or 5 per room, which was designed as a single. Food was scarce and there weren't enough people to run the facility, so the patients ran wild. Some of the patients were being kept in cages and the graveyard was expanded to 666 acres. The doors were closed in 1994, but would reopen in 2007 for tours. Many say that there are hundreds of ghosts wandering the halls whose lives were lost at the facility.

Question 44

Villisca Axe House, Villisca, Iowa

The Villisca Axe House was the location of the 1910 deaths of J.B. Moore, his wife, Sarah, their 4 children, and 2 of their children's guests, ages 43 to 5. Their lives were all taken in their beds. The murders remain unsolved to this day, but in 1994 the house was restored to its original state and tours are now offered. There is even an option to stay overnight, despite the report that one paranormal investigator was somehow cut while investigating the house. It's been said that the ghosts of the Moore's and their guests are still haunting the home, waiting for the truth to finally come out.

Question 45

West Virginia State Penitentiary

The West Virginia State Penitentiary ran 1876 to 1995. In its earliest years it was a top-rated prison, although, things eventually changed and it made the list of Top Ten Most Violent Prisons. There was gambling, lives were taken, and other horrible things happened to the inmates. In the end, there were at least 36 lives that were taken at the prison, with over 90 executions. Another part of interesting history is that, Charles Manson asked to be moved there to "be closer to his family", although, the request was denied. Today, the prison operates as a tourist attraction, but beware for the ghosts of prisoners who are said to walk its halls.

Question 46

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Colorado

This infamous hotel is known as one of the most haunted hotels in the world. It's the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write "The Shining", after he stayed there himself. The hotel was opened by the Stanley's in 1909. Guests and employees of the hotel claim that the couple still haunt the hotel to this day. Plus, a maid lost her life in room 217 when the power went out and went into the room with a candle. Unfortunately, she didn't realize that there was a gas leak and the room exploded. She suffered two broken ankles. The maid worked at the hotel until she passed away. These days, her ghost has been reported to put away guests clothes, but she also will get into the bed to separate unmarried couples.

Question 47

Virginia City, Nevada

Virginia City was one of the towns that had a large boost in population due to the mining industry in the 1800's. The town's population rose as high as 25,000 in those days, but as of 2010, it had become more of a ghost town, with its population only in the 800's. In 1875, there was a fire that nearly burned down the entire town. There's even a parking lot that is said to be haunted by ghosts of the three hotels that were destroyed over the years. Aside from that, there are haunted tales about cemeteries, mansions, salons, and even the courthouse.

Question 48

Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Louisville, Kentucky

Waverly Hills Sanitarium was originally a home and school for a family. In 1910 it became a hospital for tuberculosis, which was expanded as the need increased. It went from treating 40-50 people to 400. Waverly Hills quickly became a place to experiment on its patients, since there wasn't yet knowledge of how to treat the disease. Patients would be put outside to breath in fresh air and sunlight, no matter what the weather was like. In worst case scenarios, patients ribs would be removed in order to make more room for their lungs to expand. It was closed in the 1960's, after a cure for tuberculosis was found, but reopened as a nursing home where patients were so mistreated that it was shut down. Now, it's open for tours and haunted sightings. Guests have reported several occurrences, including sounds, sightings, and even the smell of bread baking in the kitchen area.

Question 49

Winchester Mystery House

Ever since its construction in 1884, the Winchester Mystery House has been considered to be haunted. The house was built by Sarah Winchester, who was the widow of William Winchester of Winchester rifles. As the story goes, Sarah Winchester began building the house after her husband passed and continued until she passed away in 1922. Apparently, it was the only way that she could appease the spirits of those who passed as a result of Winchester rifles that haunted her. Today, the house still said to be haunted by those ghosts, as well as Sarah's. It is a popular tourist site and the inspiration for several movies.

Question 50

Wyoming Frontier Prison, Rawlins, Wyoming

Wyoming is home to several old prisons that have haunted histories. The Wyoming Frontier Prison is the one with the most violent history, making it one of the most haunted. All levels of criminals were sent here to do their time together, including women until 1909. There was no separate housing and this led to violence and lives being lost. The conditions were also bad and at least two inmates lost their lives to cold temperatures. Aside from the living conditions, the procedures for execution were unthinkable. One way was by a gallows setup that didn't properly work, which made executions slow and painful. Later, there was a gas chamber installed. Its no wonder that they say its haunted. Apparitions, sounds, and bad feeling have all been reported.

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