Rate These Grey's Anatomy Characters And We'll Guess Your Favorite One!

Alright fans, we are about to dive deep into the catalogue of Grey's Anatomy characters. In this kind of show, there are new characters popping up every episode. While we know this can be hard to keep up with, any true fan will surely recognize all 50 of these characters. Some of them are still around, some we have had to say goodbye to, and some we are still waiting to see whether or not they make a return. Today we take a look at each one of these characters individually.

In this quiz, we have handpicked 50 of the most known characters from the series. While some are sure to be fan favorites, we are certain others will force people into remembering some of their least favorite storylines. Everyone here is going to get the opportunity to rate each of these characters. Since everyone has their own opinions, we are expecting some fairly varied results in this one. Once all of the questions have been answered and we have an idea of how everyone feels about each character, we will take a shot at guessing everyone's all-time favorite Seattle Grace employee. This one is really for the fans who have been with Meredith and her crew since day one!

Question 1

Meredith Grey

Just because she is the main character, certainly does not mean that she is everyone's favorite character. Meredith has been the main star of the show since its very first day on the air. We have watched her struggle through countless rough patches, but we have also watched her shine as both an outstanding surgeon and a caring mother. Regardless of how we may feel about her, there is just no denying that this woman is a true fighter. Thoughts?

Question 2

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd is no longer part of the show, but it will take many more seasons before another man is considered to be the male lead. Derek was with the show on day one and stuck around until the end of season 11. While it is true that he may not have been everyone's favorite throughout the entire course of his character's run, watching him leave the show was still an emotional moment for many fans. How does everyone feel about him?

Question 3

Alex Karev

Alex Karev is one of very few characters who has managed to stay on the show since the very beginning. While he has been around much longer than most of the other characters, he has changed a whole lot since episode 1 first played. Back then, Alex was the bad guy of Seattle Grace. The nurses disliked him, his fellow surgeons didn't want to be around him, and even the attendings were losing patience. However, once he found his passion for pieds, everything changed.

Question 4

Christina Yang

Back in season 10, we had to say goodbye to Christina Yang forever. Many have debated whether or not she will come back, but it has been 5 seasons and still no sign of her anywhere. As we know right now, Christina is using her brilliant mind to cure all kids of medical mysteries out in Switzerland. We also know that she recently helped intern Sam Bello by offering her a job at her Swiss Hospital, back when she was facing deportation.

Question 5

Owen Hunt

Owen Hunt showed up in a very mysterious and surprising way. In his very first episode, he made it clear that he had eyes for Christina. However, it seemed like his story was just going to be part of a stand alone episode. About 15 episodes later, he came back, took a permanent position at the hospital, and began what was one of the most complicated relationships of the entire series. Owen is still working at Seattle Grace now, though he is no longer the Chief.

Question 6

Richard Webber

It will be interesting to see how everyone feels about Richard Webber. While he has been a very important part of the series since its beginning, his relationships have caused a huge amount of drama over the years. Not only did we learn early on that he and Meredith's mother had a past romance, but we later learned that they had even had a secret child together (though he did not know about it himself at the time). All of that being said, he is one talented general surgeon!

Question 7

Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan was a character who developed quite a bit right before our eyes. When we first met Mark, he was the ex best friend of Derek Shepherd. While the two had basically grown up together, Derek broke ties after learning Mark had been with his first wife. Fair enough. However, once Mark made the move to Seattle and met little Lexie Grey, he was no longer the villain he had once been. He wanted to be good, for her.

Question 8

George O'Malley

Throughout his 5 seasons on the show, George O'Malley proved himself to be a standup guy. He definitely had some ups and downs just like the rest of the cast, but George really did seem to learn from most of his mistakes. Even though he was never the handsome guy or the most talented doctor, his patients loved him and so did his superiors. In fact, he was good friends with almost every staff member at the hospital except for Alex Karev.

Question 9

Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson may have only come around in the 9th season, but she has managed to wiggle her way into many hearts since then. While at first she was just another new intern (as if we hadn't seen those before), she really did managed to outshine the rest of her group, not to mention outlast most of them too. These days, she is married to Alex Karev, and may be well on her way to changing the entire medical world!

Question 10

Teddy Altman

Teddy is a character that tends to come and go from the series. This could mean that many get intreguide when she decides to come around, though it may also mean that some have missed major parts of her storyline. When she was originally introduced, she was a soldier fresh out of the military. Being old army buddies with Owen Hunt, she secrused herself a job at Seattle Grace. However, it was not long before we learned that she had been harboring secret feelings for Owen.

Question 11

April Kepner

Whe April first joined to show as part of the season 6 merger, people were not sure what to think of her. As determined as she was to stand out enough to be offered a permanent position at Seattle Grace, she seemed more concerned with sucking up to the attendings than with actually proving herself with her work. However, since being given a second chance and finding her passion for trauma surgery, she has become a force to be reckoned with.

Question 12

Maggie Pierce

There is no denying that Maggie came around with one of the most interesting back stories of the show. When she showed up, we learned that she was not only very young and technically a child genius, but that she was in fact the secret daughter of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber. Since Richard had no idea of her existence, this made for a very drama-filled first couple of episodes. Her parentage also made her half sisters with our leading lady Meredith Grey.

Question 13

Jackson Avery

Jackson was not so upfront about his family when he first took a job at Seattle Grace. At the beginning, we thought he was as average as the next new resident, though we quickly learned that his family had more famous surgeons in it than even Meredith's did. Jackson gained a lot of respect for trying to prove himself with his own talents, and not by who his family was. That being said, his family did eventually purchase most of the hospital.

Question 14

Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey was another one of Meredith's half sisters, except she came from her father's side. As surprised as Meredith was to have Lexie show up in a new batch of interns, they did eventually grow to be very close. Lexie was well known for her photographic memory, as it helped her to become one of the leading stars in her group of interns. Even though she first developed feelings for George O'Malley, Mark Sloan eventually became her true love.

Question 15

Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Shepherd has had a rollercoaster ride of a storyline since she first began working at Seattle Grace. While her brother Derek was still alive when she first showed up, their relationship was very rocky. We saw them both work hard trying to patch it up, though it still was not perfect by the time she had to say goodbye to him forever. That is pretty much when her rocky relationship with Owen Hunt started. Can't she catch a break?!

Question 16

Preston Burke

Here we have a character who has not been seen in quite some time. While he did appear briefly in season 10 to offer Christina Yang a job, before that, he had not been a main cast member since back in season 3. When the show began, Preston was not only the Head of Cardio, but he was next in line to be Chief as well. That being said, his on and off relationship with Christina Yang eventually forced him to leave for good.

Question 17

Denny Duquette

Here we have a character who was actually a patient and not a doctor at all. While it may be hard for fans to remember every single patient the hospital has ever had, Denny Duquette would certainly be a tough one to forget. He entered the hospital because of his bad heart, and basically stuck around until his final days. From his hospital bed, he fell in love with intern Izzie Stevens. The feelings were mutual, and Izzie wound up putting her medical license on the line for him.

Question 18

Nicole Herman

Nicole Herman was not around for too long, so it is possible some may have missed her storyline all together. Before losing her eyesight, Nicole had been one of only a handful of surgeons in the world qualified to operate on pregnant women. She was a prenatal specialist, and she knew that she had a brain tumor threatening her life. That is why she took Arizona Robbins under her wing. She wanted to make she her valuable knowledge was passed on to the right mind.

Question 19

Andrew Deluca

This character really flew under the radar for his first stretch on the show. He had come along as another new intern, and many of those do tend to fall through the cracks. That being said, Andrew held his own and stuck around through the hard times. This lead to him being a standout by the end of his intern year. Now he is one of the brightest residents Seattle Grace has, plus he has even began a romance with Meredith Grey.

Question 20

Izzie Stevens

Now we know for sure that everyone is going to have a different opinion on this character. Izzie was one of our original interns. Many had a soft spot for her early on, because she was underestimated due to her beauty. That being said, once she put everyone's jobs on the line but cutting Denny's LVAD, many began to feel differently about her. The selfish behaviour continued once she was diagnosed with cancer and left husband Alex Karev behind with her medical bills.

Question 21

Addison Montgomery

Here we have the only character from the show to ever be given her very own spinoff series. Before Addison left to star in Private Practice, she was the star OB/GYN at Seattle Grace Hospital. While she had been living in New York, she had been married to Derek Shepherd. She made the move to Seattle in an attempt to win him back, though it ultimately did not work. After making a few friends she decided to stick around, though it became increasingly more difficult for her the longer she stayed.

Question 22

Ben Warren

Ben Warren is currently working on crossover series, though we wouldn't really call it a spinoff. Before Ben Warren left the medical world for the life of a fireman, he had been on his way to becoming a certified surgeon. He first started off as an anesthesiologist, but then got inspired by his surgeon wife Miranda Bailey. About half way through his training, he had another change of heart. It took him a while, but firefighting really does seems to be his true passion.

Question 23

Sadie Harris

Does everyone here remember Sadie Harris? She was not around for very long, nor was she ever a main character, but her storyline was certainly interesting enough to remember her by. When she arrived as a new intern, we found out that she was old buddies with Meredith Grey. Thinking her friend would help her pass through her internship, she put in basically zero effort. It was not too long before George O'Malley discovered she had virtually no medical knowledge at all.

Question 24

Finn Dandridge

Here we have another character who has not been seen in ages. Back when Meredith had decided to let Derek and Addison give their marriage a second chance, she began a relationship with Finn. He was the veterinarian caring for her dog, and he truly seemed like a good fit for her. Even though he was ready to put the work into their relationship, Meredith eventually had to cut ties since she knew her heart belonged to Derek. Thoughts on Finn?

Question 25

Catherine Avery

We did not meet this character until season 8, though she did always have many ties to Seattle Grace Hospital. Catherine Avery is the mother of Jackson Avery. She is also the head of the Avery Foundation (which has recently been renamed the Fox Foundation). She is a majority owner of Seattle Grace, and she is now even the wife of Richard Webber. She may not be a main character, but she has deeper connections than most do to our leading characters.

Question 26

Leah Murphy

Leah Murphy really did show a lot of promise when she first started working as an intern, but she had a habit of letting her emotions distract her from her work. Unfortunately, when lives are on the line, this is not an acceptable habit to have. She may not have ever been the top contender in her class, but she was certainly not at the bottom of the barrel either. After falling for too many attendings though, she began to slip.

Question 27

Ellis Grey

Even though Meredith Grey is our main character, the show would be nothing without Ellis Grey. While she has long since passed away, the mark she left on her daughter and the medical world in general, is still there today. She was never an excellent mother, and even gave her second daughter up for adoption, but there is simply no denying that she changed the medical world for women surgeons everywhere during her time in the spotlight. Thoughts on Ellis?

Question 28

Stephanie Edwards

There has been numerous interns who have come and gone without us even blinking an eye, but Stephanie Edwards was not one of them. During her time as an intern, she was the very best. Every attending wanted her on their specialty, and all the other interns knew she was the only real competition. However, after almost losing her life in a hospital fire, she decided to give up the job for good. As far as we know now, she is still traveling the world.

Question 29

Charles Percy

Charles Percy was not given enough time to prove himself one way or another. When he first showed up during the merger, there was so much going on that nobody even seemed to notice him. He was the tallest guy on staff, so unfortunately that became what he was most known for. That being said, in the episode where he lost his life, he went down as a brave fighter. Regardless of how we feel, we know for sure Mirada Bailey has nothing but good thoughts!

Question 30

Dylan Young

Dylan Young was only ever alive in one episode. However, we did see him again in the afterlife after that first episode of his. When he was living, he was the man in charge of the local bomb squad. He and his team were called into the hospital on that fateful day when a man shot himself with a bazooka. Dylan stayed calm through the event and safely evacuated every staff member working near the danger. Unfortunately though, he was not able to save himself.

Question 31

Adele Webber

She may not have been everyone's favorite character, but it would be hard to deny that Adele Webber had a pretty unfortunate storyline. She was always very much in love with her husband Richard Webber. She knew that he had been unfaithful to her, and still she stuck around. It was not until he refused to retire and spend their remaining years together, that she finally decided to leave him. Once he was ready to retire and win her back, we discovered she had Alzheimer's disease.

Question 32

Reed Adamson

During her brief time on the show, Reed Adamson was quite a firecracker. She came along during the merger, and really made sure people knew who she was right away. She started flirting with fellow residents not long after her arrival, and had a pretty ruthless attitude when it came to securing surgeries for herself. Had the hospital shooting not have happened, who knows how far she could have made it in the medical world. How does everyone here feel about Reed Adamson?

Question 33

Erica Hahn

Erica Hahn is just one of the cardio experts we have gotten to know over the years. For whatever reason, in terms of hospital specialties, cardio does seem to have the largest amount of employee turnover. After Preston Burke left, Seattle Grace needed a new Head of Cardio. Erica was brought on and she started impressing people right away. However, over time we saw that she really did not enjoy teaching and training the interns at all. Thoughts on Erica?

Question 34

Heather Brooks

Heather Brooks was one of the quirkier characters we met over the years. While her quirks did make her a bit of an outcast amongst her peers, they did keep Derek Shepherd well entertained while she worked on his service. She showed a lot of promise in the neuro department, which is ironic since it was her brain that gave out on her after she was injured in the storm that flooded the hospital. How does everyone feel about her?

Question 35

Rebecca Swender

Now here we have a character who's screen time was limited, though she did make quite an impact. When Izzie Stevens was diagnosed with cancer, her friends and colleagues all gathered around to help however they could. That being said, Rebecca Swender was the specialist in charge of her case. While the others wanted to coddle sick Izzie, Rebecca knew tough love was the only was for her to make it into remission. She was strict, but also a genius.

Question 36

Julia Canner

This character is one that is sure to split up the room. There was never too much drama surrounding this character, but she was the girlfriend of Mark Sloan during a time where many were hoping for him to be with Lexie Grey. Julia was kind and a good girlfriend, but everyone knew that Lexie was Mark's true love. It was sad that she did not get let in on this secret until Mark was breaking things off with her from his sickbed.

Question 37

Kyle Diaz

Here we have one of the more popular patients of Seattle Grace Hospital. Kyle Diaz was diagnosed with MS at a young age. It was not so much his diagnosis that bothered him, but the fact that it was creating an issue in his work as a musician. He was very talented in his craft, so naturally he was willing to do anything to save the mobility in his hands. This is why he let Amelia operate on his brain while he was awake. Yikes!

Question 38

Lucy Fields

One can say what they want about Lucy, but the girl has got guts. When we first met her, she was working at Seattle Grace as an OB/GYN. She had a rocky start with pediatric resident Alex Karev, though they pushed through and wound up starting a brief relationship. Many had been hoping for it to work out given Alex's previous bad luck with relationships, but after she stole a job right out from under him, there was really no turning back.

Question 39

Nathan Riggs

While there are many reasons to like Nathan Riggs, there are quite a few to dislike him as well. Nathan had been a fellow soldier and best friend to Owen Hunt during their time serving in Iraq. While their friendship did not make it past the war, he did come around to Seattle to try and make things better. While doing this, he also somehow became Meredith's first love interest after the passing of her husband. How does everyone feel about Nathan?

Question 40

Raj Sen

Now here we have one of the funnier characters on the show. While there are always a few laughs to be found in each episode, we would exactly not call Grey's Anatomy a comedy series. However, whenever Raj Sen appears, we know the scene is going to be lighthearted. Raj is a psychiatrist at Seattle Grace. Whenever things are slow on the surgical floor, our residents head on over to his department and try to steal cases. Naturally, Raj has some issues with the surgeons.

Question 41

Shane Ross

We are hoping everyone here remembers Shane Ross. He was once an intern at Seattle Grace, though his time there was rocky at best. While he did not lose his life in any dramatic accident, he did mistakenly lead one of his fellow interns to her destiny by sending her down to the flooded basement of the hospital. Even though this was totally an accident, it changed Shane forever. Once given the opportunity to leave to work for Christina Yang, he grabbed it and ran.

Question 42

Thatcher Grey

Here we have the father of both Meredith Grey and Lexie Grey. If we were to ask each of them how he had been as a father, they would both give vastly different answers. After Meredith's mother left Thatcher, he never contacted Meredith again. He instead went on to have two more daughters with his second wife. This second situation turned out much better for him, as he was a great father to Lexie and her sister. How does everyone feel about him?

Question 43

Virginia Dixon

Virginia Dixon is yet another cardio specialist who has come and gone from Seattle Grace. She was originally called upon to help out at the hospital while they were in between cardio specialists. The chief at the time had been hoping for her to enjoy her time there, and to maybe even take the job permanently. However, her Aspergers Syndrom made it very difficult for the others to connect with her. Ultimately, she was just not a good fit for the job.

Question 44

Sloan Riley

Now here we have a character with a rather unusual storyline. While she was briefly a patient at Seattle Grace, she was first and foremost the daughter of Mark Sloan. Mark had no idea of her existence until she showed up on his doorstep looking very pregnant, but he did not run away from the responsibility at all. In fact, he was very committed to helping her and her new baby. She, on the other hand, was just looking for cash.

Question 45

Jason Myers

We may not know where he is now, but back when he was a character on the show, we knew plenty about this guy. He came around as a new love interest for intern Jo Wilson. He was working as a resident OB/GYN, and for a while, he and Jo seemed quite happy. However, once things turned violent, the relationship was naturally over for good. Alex Karev warned him about staying at Seattle Grace and it seems like he listened.

Question 46

Sam Bello

Sam Bello was shaping up to be a pretty good character, but unfortunately, her time was cut a bit short. While she did not pass away or anything, she did find herself facing a pretty tough situation after accidentally running a red light. Not being a citizen, she was about to be deported for this minor infraction. However, with the help of a few staff members, she was able to flee to Switzerland where she took on a job with Christina Yang.

Question 47

Mary Portman

This hospital patient was quite legendary, and not just because she was played by Mandy Moore. Mary Portman had once been Miranda Bailey's favorite patient. She was always in good spirits and she truly did deserve a happy ending. After making it out of the hospital shooting alive with the help of Miranda, we thought she was well on her way to her happily ever after. However, after some minor complications, we had to say goodbye to her for good.

Question 48

Sydney Heron

This character was one who really knew how to push everyone's buttons. Back when we first met her, she was competing against some fan favorites to win the position of Chief Resident. She was overly optimistic and bubbly, and this was just not the right vibe for the surgical floor. While we are certain her patient care was excellent, it is also important for a surgeon to work well with their colleagues. Sydney Heron has not been seen since season 4.

Question 49

Penelope Blake

Now here we have a character that is sure to ruffle a few feathers. While it would be unfair to blame the passing of Derek Shepherd solely on Penelope Blake, she is the best we have if we are determined to point our fingers at someone. Derek was in a rough state when he arrived at her hospital, but had she followed her instincts and had his brain checked before his abdomen, he could have very well survived the accident.

Question 50

Atticus Lincoln

Here we have the new guy of Seattle Grace. He prefers to go by "Link", and even though he is new, he has already got the entire hospital buzzing. It has not gone unnoticed that he is a very attractive doctor, but he has done quite a good job at proving that he is not just a pretty face. While he has been pursuing Meredith since his first episode, he has also impressed many with his above average ortho skills.

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