Rate These GOT Characters To Get Matched With One Of The Ladies

Game Of Thrones has ended, but its legacy lives on… like right now, with this quiz! Yes, we are going to be going through some of the most notable characters from this dramatic television series, all in order to get matched with one of the leading ladies from the show.

The rules are pretty simple: For each character below, tell us if he/she is a favorite character, one of the best, just okay or someone that is not favored at all. Some of these will be easy to answer (Who would pick Joffrey as a fave?!), while others will be a bit more difficult to answer. Despite how easy or hard, though, a rating must be given on every question - all 35 of them; this will help decide the final result that is given in the end.

Yes, then, after all of these fictional people have been rated, everyone will get something exciting: a match! Who will it be? A star like Daenerys or Sansa? A supporting character like Margaery Tyrell? A dream girl? A pleasantly surprising option? We will soon find out!

Get ready to rate these GOT characters and to get matched with a woman from this TV series...

Question 1

What’s the rating for Ned Stark?

When it all began, Ned Stark was a main character - a loving husband and father, a brave warrior and a decent human being, overall. It is sad to think back on how we lost some of these people, but for now, just tell us: What is the rating for this main man?

Question 2

What’s the rating for Robert Baratheon?

Another guy who was a big deal (he was the king, after all) is Robert Baratheon. He, too, is long gone, and when he was alive, he seemed to favor drinking, hunting and being surrounded by pretty girls more than anything else. So what is his rating here and now?

Question 3

What’s the rating for Jaime Lannister?

Ah, those Lannisters … One of them is Jaime, who has done some not-so-great things but who, in a couple of instances, has seemed like maybe he does have a heart, too, deep down. We are anxious to learn his rating from everyone, since the answers may vary a bit!

Question 4

What’s the rating for Catelyn Stark?

The leading lady of House Stark was Catelyn, who met her demise during the Red Wedding. She would have done anything for her family (well, except for Jon, since she didn’t consider him part of it all!), and she went down fighting at least! Go ahead and give her a rating.

Question 5

What’s the rating for Cersei Lannister?

Of course, this show would not be complete with Cersei Lannister, who always makes for some interesting scenes. Is she the best character? One of them? Just an okay character? Or do most people not like her at all? Tell us by selecting a rating below, then continue on in this quiz.

Question 6

What’s the rating for Daenerys Targaryen?

Here she is - Daenerys Targaryen! From her braids and her dragons to her fierce leadership, she has always been a fan favorite, but we know there are those people out there who actually don’t really care for her at all. So what answer will be picked out here today?

Question 7

What’s the rating for Jon Snow?

Another very popular character is Jon Snow. For some, he may be the number one fave. For others, he may just be one of the best on the show. Others, though, will consider him just okay or not to be good at all. Pick an answer, then move forward to what’s next.

Question 8

What’s the rating for Sansa Stark?

Sansa Stark had to grow up rather quickly, and she made quite the progression over the years. If she put up with and survived ol’ Joffrey Baratheon, though, she must be at least sort of pretty great, right? Tell us all the thoughts and the opinions by rating her here.

Question 9

What’s the rating for Arya Stark?

Another Stark child who learned some crazy life lessons at such a young age is Arya. She was never afraid to fight - physically or verbally! - for what was right, and we bet she gets lots of positive ratings (though not 100 percent, of course). So what will it be for her?

Question 10

What’s the rating for Robb Stark?

Back in the day, Robb Stark was fighting for his people. He then fell in love and was going to be a father, but fans know how that sad story ended. Think back to this handsome, kind and brave character, and then pick out a rating for him down below.

Question 11

What’s the rating for Bran Stark?

Bran Stark was just an adventurous little boy when this series started, but he grew to be a very vital component in the story. Some liked him and his plot, while others were not really a fan of his. Tell us the answer, then go to whatever question is next.

Question 12

What’s the rating for Joffrey Baratheon?

Ah, here he is - Joffrey Baratheon. There is too much to even try and say about this character, and besides: His actions spoke quite loudly for themselves. So while picturing some of his scenes, rate him down below as either a favorite, one of the best, okay or not good at all.

Question 13

What’s the rating for The Hound?

The Hound is a tough guy who also did some sort of nice things at times, too. We are anxious to learn everyone’s overall thoughts on this character. We are also very ready for everyone who is here with us today to end up with a lovely gal from GOT!

Question 14

What’s the rating for Tyrion Lannister?

Of course, Game Of Thrones featured Tyrion Lannister, with his wit and bravery and memorable moments. We are sure that he will also receive many positive ratings, though we are sure there are those who did not like this character. Just go ahead and rate him now, please and thanks!

Question 15

What’s the rating for Khal Drogo?

Early on, Dany was married to Khal Drogo, a fierce man who was very easy on the eyes. Was he the best character on this TV show? Was he one of them? Was his character just okay? Or did people not really like him? Tell us by picking out an answer below.

Question 16

What’s the rating for Littlefinger?

This show wouldn’t be the same without ol’ Littlefinger! He is pictured here, and he needs a rating. And remember: All of these answers will help in determining the woman from this show that everyone will get matched with soon. So what is the rating for this man named Petyr Baelish?

Question 17

What’s the rating for Samwell Tarly?

Samwell Tarly was a friend, a companion, a father figure even and a comedic relief… and here and now, he needs to be rated. Think back to his scenes, picture his lines, and imagine him fully, in order to pick out the best answer below, out of the four choices that are provided.

Question 18

What’s the rating for Stannis Baratheon?

Another Baratheon in this story is Stannis, the man who is pictured right here. We are not sure if anyone would consider him a favorite character, since there are so many other great ones on this show, but nevertheless, he needs a rating, like everyone else on this quiz here!

Question 19

What’s the rating for Melisandre?

Speaking of Stannis Baratheon, fans and other characters in the series got to meet Melisandre, a Red Priestess. She was certainly an intriguing character, whether she was definitely not liked or not. So choose a rating for her and wonder about who all will get matched with her in the end...

Question 20

What’s the rating for Bronn?

By Tyrion Lannister’s side was Bronn, a funny yet fierce man. He stood up for Tyrion when no one else would, and then, he became an important part to the overall story and was along for the exciting journey. So what will his rating be, out of these four options?

Question 21

What’s the rating for Varys?

Another wise man who was around was Varys. He was a eunuch. He was the Master of Whisperers on the King's Small Council. And he needs a rating here, so that everyone can get a match really soon! So give us the thoughts and opinions on this supporting character here.

Question 22

What’s the rating for Shae?

Once upon a time, a man named Tyrion Lannister - who had been around many women in his life - met a woman named Shae, and they fell in love. Yes, this pretty lady was there for him, and for Sansa Stark, during their time in the castle, so rate her now.

Question 23

What’s the rating for Margaery Tyrell?

Let's keep on moving forward here ... Margaery Tyrell came into the picture and ended up marrying Joffrey Baratheon. And man, their wedding day was certainly exciting, wasn’t it?! Think about this attractive woman. Remember all she brought to the show. Then pick out a rating for her down below.

Question 24

What’s the rating for Talisa Maegyr?

Talisa Maegyr was a healer, and while working, she ended up meeting Robb Stark. These two fell in love, got married and even ended up pregnant. But then, the Red Wedding happened. Before we start crying about it all again, please give us a rating down below for Talisa Maegyr!

Question 25

What’s the rating for Ygritte?

Ah, Ygritte. She had an interesting introduction, as fans met her out in the wild and the snow with Jon Snow. We are wondering if the majority of people here enjoyed Ygritte’s time on the screen or if more people did not care for her at all. Let us know by answering!

Question 26

What’s the rating for Brienne of Tarth?

Another intriguing woman on this show was Brienne of Tarth, who showed her loyalty to different characters over time. She was one of the best fighters on the show, but she was also a kind and caring human. Which rating, of the four below, will she end up with here today?

Question 27

What’s the rating for Ramsay Bolton?

Since everyone on this show wanted to be on the Iron Throne, there were many not-so-nice people who did many not-so-nice things, such as Ramsay Bolton here. Imagine all of his many moments within this story, and when ready, rate him. After that, get ready for just a couple of more questions!

Question 28

What’s the rating for Missandei?

Missandei stood by Daenerys Targaryen’s side, after being rescued. She was not a main character or the star of the entire series, but her role was very important and grew as the story progressed. Rate her and wonder about who will get matched with her at the end of this quiz!

Question 29

What’s the rating for Roose Bolton?

Roose Bolton was another head honcho of another family within this story. Was he the favorite character on this television series? Does anyone consider him one of the best characters? Was he just okay? Or are most people not a fan of his at all? Tell us below right now.

Question 30

What’s the rating for Grey Worm?

Another person who supported Daenerys Targaryen was Grey Worm, who is pictured right here. Imagine all of his moments and lines and scenes. Rate him by clicking on an answer below. Then move forward, to answer just a few more questions that are on this GOT quiz we have here.

Question 31

What’s the rating for Rickon Stark?

There was another Stark child, Rickon, and he needs to be rated, too! Some may actually consider him a fave. Some may think he is one of the best (He is a Stark, after all.). Others may consider this character to be just okay or not good at all, though.

Question 32

What’s the rating for Jorah Mormont?

One final man who is on this quiz and who was in Daenerys Targaryen’s life was Jorah Mormont. Look through the four ratings that we have listed out down below. After that, click on one. And know that soon, everyone will get matched with a woman from Game Of Thrones!

Question 33

What’s the rating for Tywin Lannister?

The father of the Lannister group was named Tywin. He helped bring Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion into the world, whether he liked it or not. We can probably guess what the majority of people here today will pick for his ratings, but go ahead and click on an answer now.

Question 34

What’s the rating for Hodor?

Let's see who is next on this quiz... Another fan favorite was Hodor, this gentle giant. This quiz will soon be over, but first, everyone must think back on this loyal friend - who was there for his loved ones / the Stark family, no matter what - and rate him.

Question 35

What’s the rating for Theon Greyjoy?

One of the main supporting characters in all of this is Theon Greyjoy. Remember him? Yes, he had quite the journey! We wonder what ratings people will give him? And, more importantly, we wonder which woman everyone will end up with in the end of all of this here.

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