Rate These Girly Movies And We'll Reveal Your Dream Guy

Who's up for a girls night? After a rough week, an emotional breakup, or even just for the fun of it, a girls night is sometimes all we need in our lives. What better activity for a girls night could there possibly be than binging on snacks and watching classic girly movies? We all do it, so there is no point in denying it now! Sure we all have our favorite ones, but when it comes to girly movies, there really is no wrong choice.

Is everyone ready for this ultimate girly movie quiz? We are going to be listing some of the most classic ones of all time. All everyone here has to do, is let us know exactly how they feel about each one. Since everyone's tastes are a bit different, we are expecting some fairly varied results in this quiz. Once everyone has voiced their opinion for each film, we will dish out some totally handsome dream guys to everyone. We have nothing to lose by taking this quiz, and only new girly movies and handsome men to gain! It is time to call up the ladies, get the snacks out, and take this girly movie quiz today!

Question 1

The Proposal

It is not everyday that we meet someone who actually loves their job. Well, Margaret is one of those few lucky people. She works as a book editor and she takes great pride in the job she does. However, she has just found out that she is facing deportation. If she wishes to stay in the country and continue working her job, she is going to need to come up with a plan. She has decided her best bet is to find someone to marry ...

Question 2

(500) Days of Summer

Before meeting Summer, Tom was living a fairly unfulfilling life. He did not care much for the work he was doing, and he was feeling pretty bored with his daily routine. Once Summer did come along though, Tom thought all of his troubles were gone. They shared an epic romance for about a year, but after 500 days together, she decided to leave. All Tom can do now is look back on his time with her, and try to figure out what went wrong.

Question 3

Notting Hill

Ever hear the saying "opposites attract"? Well, this was particularly true for the two main character in this film. Anna was a famous Hollywood actress. She could not walk the streets of any city without being bombarded by paparazzi and fans. William on the other hand, was a small town bookstore owner. He would have never met Anna if she hadn't stumbled into his shop one day, but now that they have met, they want to figure out a way to make their two lives work as one.

Question 4

The Notebook

While it is not everyone who believes in soulmates, this movie does make a compelling argument in their defense. There is simply no denying that Allie and Noah were meant to be together. They had a million different obstacles standing in their way, and they managed to pass through all of them just to be together. Sure their life wasn't perfect, but neither of them would have changed a thing. As long as we end up with the right person, what more could we ask for?

Question 5

Love, Simon

Simon is one of the lucky kids in school. He has a great group of friends, his home life is peaceful, and he is overall a pretty bright kid. All of that being said, Simon has also been keeping that fact that he is gay a secret from everyone that he knows. He hasn't been able to figure out how to tell anyone yet, but after a fellow classmate anonymously comes out online, Simon is thinking he might follow suit.

Question 6


Now here is a film that many consider to be the ultimate girly flick. However, it is not everyone that can sit through such a lengthy film. While the love story of Jack and Rose is one that nobody will ever forget (or stop crying about), the almost 3 and a half hour run time could turn people away from choosing the film for their next girls night. How does everyone here feel about this classic? The best, or overrated?

Question 7

Just Friends

When they were growing up, Chris and Jamie were inseparable. They were the ultimate pair of best friends, but once high school rolled around, Chris's feelings towards her began to change. Chris wanted more than friendship, but that was not what Jamie wanted. After graduation, Chris left town swearing that he would make something of himself. Well, he did and now he is back in town to show off. Does anyone here consider this one to be a classic holiday movie?

Question 8

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Once we hit an age where we start developing crushes on our classmates, things can get pretty confusing. What are we supposed to do? Go right up to them and confess our love? Not likely! Lara Jean is a high school girl who has had her fair share of crushes over the years. Even with all of these romantic feelings, Lara Jean has never actually had a boyfriend. This is 100% due to the fact that she had never once uttered a word about her true feelings to anyone.

Question 9

The Big Sick

Kumail was a funny guy. In fact, his entire life was about him being a funny guy. He was an aspiring stand-up comic, who was moonlighting as an Uber driver. Every week his mother would have him over for dinner to introduce him to a new Indian woman she thought was acceptable for dating. Of course, Kumail had no interest in any of them. His mother did not know it, but Kumail was in love with a girl he had met at one of his shows, who was not Indian at all ...

Question 10


Now who doesn't love a good animated film from time to time? Cinderella is no doubt one of the most recognizable ones out there. We all know the story... She was raised by her wicked stepmother who treated her more like a servant than a daughter, but she never lost hope that one day her true love would come for her. On one magical evening, her fairy godmother arrived, and showed her the way to her happily ever after. Thoughts?

Question 11

Bridget Jones's Diary

We all do it, a New Year rolls around and we figure we are going to come out the other side an entirely new person. We set impossible goals, and more often than not, we drop them all 2 days into January. Bridget Jones however, has a bit of a different plan. In this New Year, she plans on keeping a journal. While this isn't some unachievable goal, she did not think doing it would change her life so drastically. Her journal has quickly become the most interesting book she has ever read.

Question 12

Me Before You

Louisa is the kind of person who sees the best in every situation. Her family has never had much in the way of money, but she bounces from job to job to help them get by. She has never complained about a single thing, but her new job is about to put her optimistic outlook to the test. She has just agreed to take on the job of caretaker for a wealthy man who recently lost his ability to walk. Needless to say, he is less optimistic about life ...

Question 13

The Shape of Water

Eliza was a woman who enjoyed solitude. She was born a mute, so being by herself was something she got used to at a young age. She has a few friends who she works with down at a top secret government lab, but apart from them, she tends to keep to herself for the most part. While cleaning the lab one day, Eliza came across something she could not explain. It was some sort of creature. While some may have been frightened, Eliza couldn't pull her eyes away.

Question 14

Valentine's Day

How does everyone here feel about celebrating Valentine's Day? Some people look forward to the holiday all year round, while others tend to think it is a wasteful event. This movie showcases all of the different feelings wrapped around this special day. Some characters are experiencing new love, others old love, and some are just trying to survive the day all together. How did everyone feel about this girly movie? Did we love it, or should we move onto the next?

Question 15

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal knew he wasn't exactly the coolest dad on the block, but he had been happily married for years, so "being cool" was not exactly on the top of his priority list. However, after his wife announced that she wanted a divorce, Cal realized he had no idea how to be single. He had virtually no game at all, and it seemed the women in the bars could sense it. Luckily, a hip younger man has just decided to take Cal under his wing ...

Question 16

The Fault in Our Stars

We think it would be best for everyone to get the tissues out before rating this one. Hazel Grace was a teenager who had had a particularly rough life. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was a kid, and the struggle has just been getting worse every year. Her mother has finally convinced her to join a support group, though Hazel Grace is not feeling too optimistic about it. However, after meeting the enchanting Gus, she is feeling lighter than she has in years.

Question 17

Enough Said

For the most part, Eva is a pretty happy person. She is a divorced single parent, but her life with her daughter has been amazing. The only thing in life that really gets her down, is thinking about her daughter going off to college. In an attempt to distract herself from this quickly approaching date, Eva decided to enter a romantic relationship with a man named Albert. Nobody has ever been able to make Eva laugh as hard as Albert.

Question 18

The Five-Year Engagement

Tom is about to make one of the biggest decisions of his life. He is preparing to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He has put together a crazy plan for the proposal, and he simply cannot wait to hear her response. However, on the night of the panned proposal, everything went wrong. Nothing turned out the way it was supposed to, and now the couple is starting to think the universe may not actually want them together at all.

Question 19

Set It Up

Harper and Charlie work in the very same building, but have somehow never met. This is mainly due to the fact that they both work as personal assistants to some high-powered business execs, and they do not exactly get free time to roam around the building. Both of them have been feeling extremely overworked and have been looking for a cure. Once finally meeting and realizing they were both in the same boat, they decided to come up with a plan together!

Question 20

Silver Linings Playbook

Pat has just arrived back at his parents place after spending some time away working on his mental health. Not too long ago, Pat had a meltdown which basically brought an end to his marriage. He is now feeling loads better, and thinking he may be able to win back his ex. However, he has just met the beautiful Tiffany who also happens to be going through a rough time. Neither of them was looking for new love, but sometimes we just can't plan for these things.

Question 21

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button was born with a very rare condition. He arrived in this world looking like an elderly man, and as time passed, he seemed to grow younger instead of older. It was the oddest case doctors had ever seen, and nobody was quite sure how long he had. Benjamin was determined to live his strange life to the fullest though. After meeting the lovely Daisy, he became more determined than ever to try to have the things others got to have.

Question 22

About Time

What was the best birthday present you ever received? Usually we each have one that tends to stand out in our minds when thinking on this question. When Tom turned 21, his father gave him the best gift in the world. He informed him that, along with all of the other men in their family, Tom had the ability to travel through time. It took a minute to fully sink in, but once Tom came to terms with this information, he knew exactly what he wanted to use it for. He was going to get himself a girlfriend!

Question 23

No Strings Attached

Emma and Adam have known each other since they were just kids. They have both watched each other in relationships over the years, though none of them ever seemed to work out for either of them. One night, they decided to see what it would be like if they took their friendship to the next level. The agreed they wouldn't get feelings involved, and that it would purely be for the fun of it. Well, we all know how these things tend to work out ...

Question 24

Something's Gotta Give

Harry thought he was living the life. He was an older man who never settled down, but instead always had a new young attractive date on his arm. His newest girlfriend was Marin. The two decided to head to her Hamptons house for the weekend, but once arriving, they discovered Marin's mother would also be spending the weekend. To say things were awkward, would be quite an understatement. Harry was old enough to be with Marin's mother, but he never actually considered dating someone his own age ...

Question 25

The Time Traveler's Wife

Here we have another film, which is based around a man being able to travel through time. Henry's case though, was a little bit different. While Henry was very much a time traveler, his genetic condition made him unable to control when and where he went. He would simply float through time uncontrollably. On one of his pit stops, he met the love of his life. However, staying in the same year long enough to "woo" her was not something he could really do ...

Question 26

Just Go With It

Danny is a very successful plastic surgeon. While one may think that this would make him the ultimate catch, he has struggled quite a bit in his dating life. He has tried to make relationships work, but for one reason or another, he keeps getting his heart broken. He has decided that instead of relationships, he will take a shot at casual dating. To avoid any messy feelings, he has decided to tell all future dates that he is technically married to an estranged wife. What could go wrong?

Question 27

The Vow

Paige and Leo had the kind of romance most people never get to experience. They loved each other so completely that neither of them could ever imagine a life without the other. However, after Paige got into a car accident, their future seemed uncertain. Paige had woken up from her coma, but she had no memory of Leo or their time together at all. Her most recent memory was being engaged to a completely different man. How do we feel about this one?

Question 28

Made of Honor

Hannah and Tom were two very different people, but they were best friends nonetheless. Tom was afraid of commitment and preferred to live life as a serial dater, but Hannah had always wanted to get married one day. As it turns out, Hannah has actually just met her Mr. Right. She could not be more excited about the engagement. However, after announcing her news, Tom finally came to the conclusion that he was in love with his best friend. Who loved this one?

Question 29

50 First Dates

Henry had never put much thought into relationships. He had a plan for his future, and it did not involve a girlfriend. He wanted to sail his boat around the ocean to study marine life. However, after he met the adorable Lucy one morning, he found it hard to get her out of his head. He went looking for her the next day, but she had no recollection of him at all. Of course this was because Lucy had no short term memory ...

Question 30

Letters to Juliet

Sophie had been dreaming about visiting Rome her entire life. She could not help but to be entranced by its romantic history. When her fiance informed her that he had to go on a business trip, she naturally jumped at the chance to tag along. Being left alone for most of the trip, Sophie went out exploring. She came across a wall full of letters people had written to Shakespeare's Juliet. One of these letter in particular, stood out to Sophie ...

Question 31


Amy grew up thinking that all relationships were bad. Her father was very against commitment, and he instilled this mindset in his young daughter. Instead of dating, throughout her adult life, Amy has always kept things casual. Although, she has just met a handsome doctor who she can't seem to forget about. Never having been in a real relationship before, Amy has virtually no idea how to go about things. How did everyone here feel about this romantic comedy? Let us know!

Question 32

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter was thinking he had the perfect set up. Sure he didn't care much for his job, but he had been with his girlfriend for years and he truly did love her. Of course, this all ended when she arrived at their apartment one morning and told him she was leaving. Not knowing what else to do with himself, he decided to take a long overdue vacation to clear his mind. Naturally, Peter wound up at the same resort as his ex and her new boyfriend ...

Question 33

Sweet Home Alabama

Melanie grew up in a very small town in Alabama. Her mother always had big plans for her, but as a kid, Melanie was just fine with the life she had. She married her high school sweetheart, and figured she would be happy staying in her small town forever. However, as they got older, Melanie's dreams started to change. She wanted to head to New York to make something of herself. Of course she didn't think about getting a divorce before leaving ...

Question 34

Never Been Kissed

Josie grew up with a baby-face. She has had it her whole life, and it wasn't until recently that she actually thought of it as an asset. Her boss has just asked her to take on a very special job. Her company wants to investigate high school trends, but they need someone on the inside to do it. Since Josie looked so young, she was the lucky girl chosen to go undercover. She was actually doing a great job too, until she fell for one of her teachers anyway.

Question 35

There's Something About Mary

We have all known a girl like Mary. She is beautiful, kind, and a bit quirky. Men cannot help but fall for Mary. Everywhere she goes, it seems men fall at her feet. All Mary really wants is to find honest to goodness love, but with all the men around her turning into blabbering buffoons in front of her, she has never managed to find it. Things are getting even worse now that there a few guys trying to "woo" her with lies.

Question 36

The Twilight Saga

For this question, we will be talking about all four installments of the series. When Bella first moved to the town of Forks, she never assume anything exciting would happen. However, on her very first day of school, she met the enchanting Edward. They didn't speak a single word to each other, but Bella was already obsessed. She couldn't figure out why, but something about him was drawing her in. Of course she later found out that this was because he was a vampire ...

Question 37

Yes Man

Carl has been spirling further and further into his negative ways, and his friends have had just about enough of him. After they told him they were done unless he could figure out a way to cheer himself up a bit, Carl decided to go to a self-help seminar. While there, he discovered the power of the word "yes". This one tiny word seemed to completely change Carl's life. He is happier than he has ever been, and there is even a new girl in the mix!

Question 38

Beauty and the Beast (Animated)

Here is one we are thinking most will be familiar with. Belle was the most beautiful girl in her small village. Everyone knew this to be true, but everyone also thought she was a bit strange. Afterall, she would spent most of her time reading, and why would a girl so beautiful ever want to do such a thing? Belle loved the adventure and romance she found in books, but she never quite thought she would find any of it herself ...

Question 39

Beauty and the Beast (Live-Action)

Let's take a look at the life-action remake of the film we were just talking about. After Belle's father went missing, she knew she had to go out looking for him. She followed his trail, and wound up in the middle of the forest staring at a castle she had never noticed before. It was not long after she walked into the castle, that she began to realize things were special there. All of the furniture and decor were alive, and some of them were even singing!

Question 40

Friends With Benefits

Jamie met Dylan while trying to persuade him to take a job. She was a recruiter, and she knew Dylan was the best fit for the position. However, Dylan was sceptical. Jamie decided to show him around town, so he could get a feel for his potential new environment. They two hit it off, and started talking about their love lives. Neither of them had been very successful in the department, so they figured they'd give each other a shot!

Question 41


Jim and Aurora were both promised new lives on a new planet. When they signed up to live on this newly discovered dream planet, they were told the trip there would be lengthy. They would be put into an artificial sleep for 100 years, and they would not age a day. However, something on the ship went wrong and Jim was awaken 90 years too early. Not wanting to spend the rest of his days alone, he decided to wake Aurora.

Question 42


Giselle was just like every other fairytale princess. She dreamed of true love, she sang songs, and she was friends with all of the woodland animals. However, almost as soon as she met her prince, a wicked witch decided Giselle could not be allowed to marry him. The witch decided to send Giselle away to a dangerous land, where no one would ever find her. Of course we are talking about New York City. How did everyone feel about this one?

Question 43

13 Going on 30

Jenna was just like every other 13 year old out there. She wanted to be popular more than anything else in the world. She figured her birthday party would be the perfect occasion to show everyone just how cool she was. However, her party did not exactly turn out the way she had pictured, and instead she spent the night crying alone in the closet. In this sad moment, she made a wish. She wanted to be 30 and fabulous ...

Question 44

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

While Nick and Norah did not have a whole lot in common, their taste in music was certainly something they shared. Nick was in the process of trying to mend his first broken heart, and Norah was simply tired of guys only being interested in her because of her famous father. Needless to say, neither of them were on the lookout for love. Although, after meeting each other at a concert, they felt strangely connected. How did everyone feel about this movie?

Question 45

Dear John

Almost immediately after meeting, John and Savannah knew they had found their soulmates. Savannah was a college student, while John was an active soldier. John knew that he had to end things with her before heading off to war, but Savannah refused to let things go that easily. She was determined to make things work long-distance. The two began communicating through letters, and even though it was hard, they both knew they needed each other. Who loved this one, and who didn't care for it?

Question 46

The Lucky One

Keeping on the military theme for a moment, let's take a look at this emotional film. Logan has just returned home from the war. He is having a hard time letting go of the things he went through, and adjusting to his new "normal" life. When he was away at war, the only thing that got him through, was a picture he had of a beautiful girl. He did not know her, but now that he is home, he is thinking he should find her to thank her for keeping him alive.

Question 47


Here we have yet another animated film for everyone to vote on. Aladdin was just a kid from the streets. He didn't have a dollar to his name, so never in a million years would he have guessed that he would one day wind up with a princess. However, after coming across a magical lamp containing a wish granting genie, everything about Aladdin's life changed. He now had the power to be anyone he wanted, but it seemed like the princess just wanted him to be him.

Question 48

The Princess Switch

Stacy is the kind of girl who plans out every minute of her day. She is not one for surprises, so she tries to avoid them at all costs. She works as a baker, and she has just found out that she has qualified to participate the biggest baking competition in the country. While preparing for this contest, she met a princess. This was not just any princess either, this princess was identical to Stacy. Was this a favorite of anyone's?

Question 49

The Last Song

Ronnie is furious with her mother after learning she is being forced to spend her summer holiday with her father. All she wants is to enjoy her time off at home with her friends, but her parents decision is final. Once arriving in her father's town with quite a chip on her shoulder, she met a very handsome local boy. It did not take long for Ronnie to change up her attitude after that. How does everyone here feel about this movie?

Question 50

Sleeping Beauty

Let's end this quiz with a feel good animated film. Princess Aurora was set to be the next ruler of her kingdom. However, before she was even able to reach her first birthday, a wicked villain put a curse on her. Trying to keep her safe, her parents had to send her away to be raised by others. While this did keep her safe for a while, now that Aurora is of age, she wishes to start her own life.

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