Rate These Flawless Film Starlets And We'll Set You Up With One

Alright movie fans, time to see who everyone's favorite leading ladies are! While each of these women is truly gorgeous and talented in their own right, it is only natural for us each to have our own personal favorites. From the way they look, the way they play their roles and the way the act off-screen, there are a million different factors that go into choosing our favorite actresses and actors. That being said, today is all about the ladies! Leaving the actors behind for a moment, we will be taking a closer look at some of the most brilliant actresses currently working in Hollywood!

Is everyone ready for this star-studded event? We are going to be listing famous actresses one by one. All everyone here has to do is state how they feel about each one. That's right, there are no wrong answers here, just personal opinions. Once everyone has picked out their most favorite starlets of all time, we will do our best at matching everyone up to their dream movie star wifey! Honestly, what do we have to lose here? Get ready for this one, it is going to be an entertaining 5 minutes, that is for sure!

Question 1

Mila Kunis

After moving to the country at a young age with the rest of her family, Mila Kunis was enrolled in some after-school acting classes. Thinking this would just be a fun hobby, her parents never thought she would be discovered through these classes. Yet, Mila's talents did not go unnoticed. After people learned what she could do, she was offered her first leading television role. In terms of films, here are a few: Black Swan, Bad Moms, and Ted. (Wikipedia)

Question 2

Margot Robbie

Everything changed for this actress back in the year 2013. While she had done some minor acting before that on soap operas and a few lesser-known televisions shows, it wasn't until her breakthrough role in the popular film The Wolf of Wall Street that people really started to know who she was. After the success of that film, she basically had her pick of roles. Here are a few memorable ones: I, Tonya, Mary Queen of Scots and About Time. (Wikipedia)

Question 3

Emma Stone

This girl had to work hard for the fame she has today. When she was a teenager, her mother agreed to move with her to Los Angeles, where she would have a better shot at landing roles. This did not go very smoothly at first, only landing minor television roles. However, in 2007, she landed her breakout role in the film Superbad. Since then, she has starred in films like: The Help, La La Land and Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Wikipedia)

Question 4

Scarlett Johansson

Here we have one of the most sought after women currently working in Hollywood. While these days she is commonly known as Black Widow, her time acting in films did start way before she made her way into the MCU. As a child, she always dreamed of becoming a star. Even as a toddler, this star was able to book gigs on the stages of Off-Broadway. Check out these titles: Lucy, Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring. (Wikipedia)

Question 5

Cate Blanchett

Here we have a blonde starlet who has been dominating the award shows for years now. She has two Academy Awards, as well and three Golden Globes. In the year 2018, Cate Blanchett was ranked as one the highest-paid actress in the world! All of that being said, we still need to know who here is actually a fan of hers. Here are a few films to remember her by: Blue Jasmine, The Aviator and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Amy Adams

Here we have a redhead who went from being a talented ballerina, to a famous actress at the age of 18. After training as a dancer for most of her life, Amy eventually decided that acting was her true passion. Who here thinks this was the best call she could have ever made? While she's got a ton of films, here are just a few for everyone to remember: Catch Me If You Can, Into the Woods and Enchanted. (Wikipedia)

Question 7

Shailene Woodley

This starlet may be young, but she has already got tons of critics and audiences talking. She started working in the industry when she was only 4 years old, but really became a star during her teenage years after landing the lead role on a hit ABC television series. After winning a couple Teen Choice Awards, this girl began booking some real movie gigs. Just to name a few: The Divergent Series, The Spectacular Now and The Fault in Our Stars. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

Tina Fey

There is simply no denying that this girl is best known for her incredible sense of humor. Not only has this woman starred in some of the most unforgettable SNL skits of all time, but she is also the creator of several popular televisions shows as well. Anyone ever heard of 30 Rock or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? If her television series don't ring any bells, check out these movies: Whisky Tango Foxtrot, The Invention of Lying and Baby Mama. (Wikipedia)

Question 9

Megan Fox

It is hard to say what Megan Fox is best known for. While her movies have brought in a ton of money over the years, she has also done a lot of modeling work. She has appeared on the cover of countless magazines and is widely considered to be one of Hollywood's finest. For anyone looking at catching her in a flick, check out Jennifer's Body, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Who here is a fan? (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Uma Thurman

This starlet is one who can do it all! We have seen her kick some serious butt in action flicks, but we have also seen her fall for the guy in some romantic comedies. Talk about versatility! Apart from her impressive acting chops, this woman is also known for being a muse of the great Quentin Tarantino's. Here are a few films to check out: Les Misérables, The House That Jack Built and The Truth About Cats & Dogs. (Wikipedia)

Question 11

Blake Lively

She may have gotten her start as a television star, but these days this girl is known around the world. Not only has she managed to move from the small screen to the big one, but she is also married to popular funny-man Ryan Reynolds. Now that is a superstar couple! For those who have not yet seen her films, here are a few to watch: A Simple Favor, The Age of Adaline and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (Wikipedia)

Question 12

Brie Larson

Brie Larson was discovered at a very young age. People first started to notice her starpower when she was just six years old. That being said, it wasn't until 2013 that she landed her first major role. After starring in a few films, she was cast as the lead in the film Room. This role earned her the Academy Award for Best Actress. Here are some other titles to look for: Trainwreck, Captain Marvel and Kong: Skull Island. Thoughts? (Wikipedia)

Question 13

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is an actress who has been in the spotlight, even when she hasn't wanted to be. After landing the lead role of Bella Swan in the hugely popular Twilight series, Kristen Stewart became the biggest star in Hollywood almost overnight. Seeing as how she was so young then, we can assume it was not the easiest transition. However, now that the vampire craze has ended, she has been able to work on other projects like Equals, Personal Shopper and Still Alice. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

Angelina Jolie

Since her days as a child star, Angelina Jolie has gone on to achieve many things. Not only has she been ranked as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, but she has also taken home an Academy Award, as well as three Golden Globes. Not too shabby! She may have had a famous father, but this girl has climbed to the top all on her own. Check of these titles: Maleficent, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Girl, Interrupted. (Wikipedia)

Question 15

Lily Collins

She may have once been best known for being the daughter of famous singer Phil Collins, but these days her name is a household one on all its own. This starlet began acting in minor roles when she was just two years old, and now she is starring in all kinds of big time motion pictures. Here are a few of her bigger titles: Mirror Mirror, Rules Don't Apply and To the Bone. Anyone seen any of these films? (Wikipedia)

Question 16

Jennifer Lawrence

As a child, Jennifer Lawrence always had a passion for performing. Going out of her way to make it on stage whenever possible, she would act in church plays and star in local school musicals. When she was only a teenager, she was hand picked by a talent scout. After that kind of reassurance, we can see why she took her chances out in Hollywood! Here are a few of her movies: Passengers, Silver Linings Playbook and Red Sparrow. (Wikipedia)

Question 17

Leighton Meester

Here we have a starlet who doesn't seem to enjoy working on the same project for too long. She once dominated the television industry by playing one of the lead roles on the popular series Gossip Girl. She then went on to star in multiple films. After that, it was off to record some music. Throughout all of this, Leighton also modeled for some top designers. Here are a few films: Country Strong, Monte Carlo and Of Mice and Men. (Wikipedia)

Question 18

Elle Fanning

It isn't easy to grow up in the shadows of a super successful older sister, so instead, this girl decided to become just as successful as her sister! Elle Fanning's first role was actually to play the younger version of her sister Dakota in one of her films. However, it wasn't long before she started booking her own characters to play. Check out these titles to see what she can do: We Bought a Zoo, Super 8 and Maleficent. (Wikipedia)

Question 19

Jennifer Lopez

When talking J.Lo, it can actually be hard to decide what she is truly best at. She has done impressive things in the music, dance and film industries. However, since this quiz is about Hollywood starlets, let's focus in on some of her acting work. After releasing a few albums, Jennifer made the leap into film with her movie The Wedding Planner. She has since gone on to star in others like: Shall We Dance?, Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law. (Wikipedia)

Question 20

Emma Watson

Even though this face is one that will be recognized for generations to come, Emma Watson has also done a ton of great work off camera. Not only is she a graduate from Brown University, but she is also an appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Looks like we can expect some great things from her in the future! Going back over to her acting work, it would be tough to find a person who hasn't seen at least one of the Harry Potter films.

Question 21

Dakota Johnson

Even though Dakota landed her first role at the age of 10, she was not allowed to continue on the starlet path until after she successfully completed high school. Once she made it past those troublesome years, she began landing auditions in Hollywood. After taking on a few minor roles, Dakota found herself the star of the Fifty Shades film series. Not a fan of that series? Maybe try these titles: 21 Jump Street, The Social Network and Black Mass. (Wikipedia)

Question 22

Winona Ryder

Here we have an actress who has been in the business since the mid-80s. While she did work on some pretty big films in the 80s, it wasn't until the 90s that Winona found real stardom. Throughout the decade, it seemed like Winona starred in just about every big-ticket film. In recent years, she has switched over to television and is now one of the stars of the hit show Stranger Things. Here are a few films: Mermaids, Little Women and Beetlejuice. (Wikipedia)

Question 23

Cameron Diaz

It is true that Cameron Diaz is mostly known for her work in romances and comedies, but she has gone out of her comfort zone occasionally to prove that she has the acting chops to portray more serious characters as well. Nothing wrong with having a favorite genre, right? For those unfamiliar with her work, let us give you a few examples of her films: Any Given Sunday, Being John Malkovich and There's Something About Mary. Anyone seen these movies? (Wikipedia)

Question 24

Bryce Dallas Howard

Here we have the famous daughter of the even more famous Ron Howard. It was while she was acting on Broadway, that she got noticed by some Hollywood directors. Once that happened, she found herself getting offers to act in all kinds of big-ticket films. She has not yet won herself a Golden Globe, but she has received a nomination. Here are a few of her best-known films: The Village, Lady in the Water and Jurassic World (Wikipedia). Thoughts on Bryce Dallas Howard?

Question 25

Amber Heard

Back in 2004, Amber began slowly climbing the Hollywood ladder to success. That year, she landed herself roles in the films Never Back Down and Pineapple Express. Due to the success of both films, Amber Heard's name started getting passed around quite frequently. She continued taking on roles, eventually becoming the starlet we know her as today. Check out some of these hit titles: The Rum Diary, The Danish Girl and Aquaman. Any of these ring a bell? (Wikipedia)

Question 26

Saoirse Ronan

She may only be 25 years old, but this starlet already has the whole town buzzing. Since starting in the industry in 2003, this young actress has earned herself a Golden Globe Award, as well and three separate nominations for Academy Awards. Most critics are just waiting to see which role finally lands her a prestigious Oscar. Check out some of these hit films: The Lovely Bones, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Lady Bird. Who is a fan of Saoirse? (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Bella Thorne

She may have gotten her start by acting on the Disney Channel, but those days are far behind her now. Even though she has gone on to work on countless films, Bella Thorne has also branched out and started putting time into the music industry. She has not only released her own songs, but she has directed music videos for other artists as well. Check out these movies: The DUFF, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and Midnight Sun. (Wikipedia)

Question 28

Anne Hathaway

Sometimes it is the funniest projects that wind up making these actresses the huge stars that they are! When it comes to Anne Hathaway, who knows what would have become of her had she not landed the leading role in the Disney comedy The Princess Diaries. We guess it doesn't really matter, since she did in fact land the role, which then lead her on to so many others. Just to name a few: Brokeback Mountain, Les Misérables and Interstellar. (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Kristen Wiig

Here we have a real comedy queen! Like many other queens of comedy, Kristen Wiig began her rise to fame by starring in the hit show Saturday Night Live. After the world got an idea of what she could do comically, she began booking movies. While the roles started off minor, it did not take too long for her to become a lead. Here are just a few titles: Whip It, Bridesmaids and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (Wikipedia)

Question 30

Gabrielle Union

Here we have one of the most popular starlets out of the 90s. While she maybe hasn't been the biggest star in recent years, back then, it was hard to turn a TV on without seeing her beautiful face. This past year, Gabrielle has actually taken up a job as a judge on a popular reality talent show. For those looking to catch her in a movie, check out: Think Like a Man, Bring It On and City of Angels. (Wikipedia)

Question 31

Charlize Theron

It may not be everyone who knows how to say her name correctly, but that doesn't mean her name is not still a household one. Throughout her time in Hollywood, this starlet has earned herself both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. If that was not impressive enough already, she was actually the very first South African to ever win an Oscar in a major category. Way to go! Check out these titles: Mighty Joe Young, Monster and Young Adult. (Wikipedia)

Question 32

Keira Knightley

Here we have a beauty who has done very well for herself in both the movie business and the modeling industry. She has starred in countless blockbuster movies, and while she has never taken one home, she has been nominated several times for Academy Awards and Golden Globes. Hopefully she can seal the deal soon! Look out for these movies: Bend It Like Beckham, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and Pirates of the Caribbean film series. (Wikipedia)

Question 33

Elizabeth Banks

Now this starlet has a real knack for making people laugh! While she has made a living off of playing comedic roles, she has also recently made a name for herself as a director. After taking on the job of director for the Pitch Perfect sequel, Elizabeth broke the record for a first-time director when the film grossed $69 million on its opening-weekend. Now that is impressive! Also see these films: Power Rangers, What to Expect When You're Expecting and Role Models. (Wikipedia)

Question 34

Nicole Kidman

It doesn't seem to matter if she is acting on television or in movies, because either way, if Nicole Kidman is working on it, it's bound to be a smash hit. This pattern began back in the 90s. After landing her breakout role alongside Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, Nicole continued to take on hearty roles. By now, the world knows exactly what she is capable of. Here are a few films: Eyes Wide Shut, Virginia Woolf and Cold Mountain. (Wikipedia)

Question 35

Jennifer Garner

While many know her as a big time movie star today, some television fans out there may always best remember her from her role on the hit show Alias. The show ran from 2001-2006, but even while filming the series, Jennifer continued to work hard to earn movie roles. While her movies have yet to earn her any awards, the show Alias did win her a Golden Globe. Look for these movies: 13 Going on 30, Daredevil and Elektra. (Wikipedia)

Question 36

Anna Kendrick

Her claim to fame may be her acting abilities, but for those who have seen all of her films, they would certainly have to agree that this girl is just as talented a singer as she is an actress! By landing the lead role in the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Anna Kendrick was able to showcase just how awesome she is at both acting and singing. Some of her other films would include A Simple Favor, Twilight and Up in the Air. (Wikipedia)

Question 37

Sandra Bullock

Since Sandra Bullock only seems to be getting better with age, many kids of the new generation actually believe her to be a new star! Silly kids, Sandy B has been all the rage for years now! We cannot blame them for being impressed though, this starlet is as impressive at selecting roles as she is at playing them. For those unfamiliar with her work, check out: Miss Congeniality, The Blind Side and Bird Box. Any big time fans? (Wikipedia)

Question 38

Reese Witherspoon

Here we have Hollywood's very own Southern belle. Reese Witherspoon was raised in Tennessee, so her Southern roots usually have a way of seeping into the roles she plays. This has not held her back one bit. In fact, she has landed some of her best roles because of this charm of hers! Some of her bigger movies to check out would be: Walk the Line, Legally Blonde and Water for Elephants. What does everyone here think of Reese? (Wikipedia)

Question 39

Jessica Chastain

Here we have a starlet who is a little choosey about the roles she plays. While this may make her sound like a snob, it is not supposed to. Jessica Chastain is well known for portraying strong women and roles featured in movies with heavy feminist themes. Nothing wrong with standing up for your beliefs! These selections seem to work for her as well, since she has been nominated twice for Academy Awards. Check out: The Help, Zero Dark Thirty and Salome. (Wikipedia)

Question 40

Ellen Page

Here we have a starlet who is no stranger to playing fictional characters with incredible powers. Before landing any of her cool superhero gigs, Ellen page made her name a household one by starring in the hit comedy Juno. That one role earned her both an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe nomination. In the same year that Juno was released, Ellen was cast to play Kitty in the X-Men series. Also check out: Inception, Whip It and Super. (Wikipedia)

Question 41

Kate Winslet

Regardless of how we may each feel about Kate Winslet, the critics have certainly made their opinions clear. Kate is one of the very few actresses who have won an Academy Award, an Emmy, and a Grammy. Really, is there anything she can't do? Hard to believe that back in 1997 she was just getting her start in everyone's favorite romance Titanic. Here are a few others she's done: The Reader, Finding Neverland and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. (Wikipedia)

Question 42

Lucy Liu

For those who do not instantly recognize her face or name, this could be because this starlet has done a ton of voice-over work. While she has done a ton of work in front of the camera as well, this actress has really made some beloved cartoon characters come to life. She has voiced characters in both the Kung Fu Panda franchise, as well as the Tinkerbell film series. Her on-screen work includes: Set it Up, Shanghai Noon and Chicago. (Wikipedia)

Question 43

Mindy Kaling

She may not be everyone's favorite movie star, but we know for a fact that she has some people's vote for best television star! Mindy rose to fame by acting in and writing for the award-winning comedy series The Office. By the time The Office was coming to an end, Mindy was already hard at work putting together her new series, The Mindy Project. In terms of movies, we should look for: The Night Before, Ocean's 8 and Late Night. (Wikipedia)

Question 44

Kerry Washington

It is true that Kerry Washington has won more awards for her television work, than for her work in the film industry. However, it would be difficult to deny the fact that this starlet has some serious acting chops. From 2012-2018 she played the lead on the hit show Scandal. Throughout this time period, Kerry also starred in a number of Hollywood films. Some of these include: Django Unchained, Night Catches Us and Ray. What does everyone think about Kerry? (Wikipedia)

Question 45

Julia Roberts

Back in the day, Julia Roberts was known as the queen of the big screen. She brought the genre of romantic comedies into a whole new light. Without her role in Pretty Woman, who knows what would have become of the rom-com world? That being said, Julia proved to everyone that she was no one-trick pony. She has won three Golden Globes and has taken home an Academy Award for Best Actress. Check out: Erin Brockovich, Notting Hill and Runaway Bride. (Wikipedia)

Question 46

Emily Blunt

People started whispering about Emily Blunt back in 2006. While she certainly was not the star of The Devil Wears Prada, she played her secondary role well enough to encourage directors into casting her in their next big films. After the success of that film, Emily went on to star in other films, as well as marry The Office star, John Krasinski. For those looking to catch her in a film, look out for: A Quiet Place, Sunshine Cleaning and Looper. (Wikipedia)

Question 47

Gwyneth Paltrow

Now here we have a starlet who really knows how to keep herself busy. When she is not acting, Gwyneth is usually writing a new cook book, recording a hit tune, or managing her lifestyle company Goop. If this wasn't already enough, Gwyneth is also the face of the popular brand Coach. Some may think that this takes away from her acting, but come on, the girl has won An Oscar, an Emmy, and a Golden Globe! Check out: Shakespeare in Love, Seven and Proof. (Wikipedia)

Question 48

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore has proven herself to be a woman of many faces. While we have seen her take on some pretty comical roles over the years, she is no doubt best known for her portrayals of troubled women. When it comes to playing an emotional mess, it seems like she is the woman to call! In the award-winning film Still Alice, Julianne played the lead of role of an Alzheimer's Patient. Also look for: Magnolia, Boogie Nights and Hannibal. (Wikipedia)

Question 49

January Jones

Having a name like January Jones is an excellent starting place for becoming a huge star. This actress didn't even change her name once moving to Hollywood, knowing it was already perfect as is! January is best known for her role in the hit series Mad Men. However, she has also worked on quite a few other projects both on television and in movies. Here are just a few films: Seeking Justice, Bandits and We Are Marshall. What do we think? (Wikipedia)

Question 50

Joey King

As of now, she is only 19 years old, but this girl is ready to take Hollywood by storm! She has been acting since 2006, slowly but surely creating a portfolio full of some truly amazing pieces of work. Her first role came from the film Ramona and Beezus, though these days fans everywhere have been binge-watching her latest series The Act. In terms of films she has worked on, look for: Slender Man, White House Down and The Kissing Booth. (Wikipedia)

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