Rate These Fictional Couples To Get A Real Life Celebrity Husband

Love is in the air today! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is hard not to stop and think about all of the couples that exist around us. None of which are more important than the ones we watch regularly on television and in the movies. Okay okay, so maybe our own relationships are a tad bit more important, but honestly, they are usually just less fun. It seems that a lot of the time, even when we are in fact in our own relationship, we look to the fictional ones we know and love for a comparison. Who hasn't considered which fictional couple they and their significant other are most like?

Today we will be paying tribute to all of the fictional couples we have watched come and go over the years. Some of them drive us crazy, some of them break our hearts, but all of them keep us coming back for more. Today everyone is going to get the chance to vote on which couples really stole the show, and which should have given up long ago. Once everyone has made their selections, we will be able to match them to their perfect celebrity husband! Get ready for this ultimate romance quiz!


Question 1

Allie and Noah (The Notebook):

No matter how many odds were stacked against them, these two always found a way back to each other. Throughout their romance, they had been separated by war, by family, by money, and by foolishness. However, neither of them ever lost hope that they would one day be able to make it work. Eventually, the two of them got married for good and had several children. They grew old together and when it was time to go, they went together as well.

Question 2

Jim and Pam (The Office):

Here is a very popular sitcom couple. Throughout the first few seasons of The Office, we saw Jim and Pam interacting only as friends. It was no secret how desperately Jim wanted to be more, but at the time, Pam was engaged to someone else. Jim was so heartbroken over this, that he, in fact, had to leave the office by transferring to a different branch. It wasn't until he was gone, that Pam truly realized her feelings for him. Once Jim came back, Pam told him she was ready.

Question 3

Mia and Sebastian (La La Land):

These two were drawn to each other simply because of their shared interests. When they met, they were both out chasing wild dreams of stardom and fame, and they bonded through this passion. However, it was also this shared passion that seemed to pull them apart later on. Once these two actually started to achieve their goals, they found it harder and harder to remain by each other's side. Sometimes even the best couples can't seem to make it work...

Question 4


These guys were not exactly the classic case of love at first sight. WAll-E had spent many years all by himself. He was a lonely robot, so when he saw someone else arrive on his planet, he was naturally very excited. He would have been happy to see anyone at this point, but the fact that it was a pretty girl robot, just told WALL-E that it was meant to be. EVE was reluctant at first since she was so dedicated to her work, but it did not take her long to fall for the adorable WALL-E.

Question 5

Jackson and Ally (A Star is Born):

Jackson found fame before he even met Ally. By the time their paths crossed, he was already a star and she had just about given up on all of her dreams. Jackson saw something in Ally the night they met though, he knew she had something real to offer the world. Jackson decided to take Ally under his wing. He brought her stardom and fame, and she gave him a kind of love he had never experienced in his life.

Question 6

Ross and Rachel (Friends):

Now here is a real old school favorite. Ross had been in love with Rachel since high school. She was the best friend of his younger sister, and she never gave him much thought at all. However, once they were both older and single, they managed to start up a relationship. While all of their friends and family knew they were meant to be from the beginning, it took about 10 years for these two to come to the same realization themselves.

Question 7

Emily and Kumail (The Big Sick):

Neither Kumail nor Emily was out looking for love on the night they met. Kumail was performing his stand-up comedy routine, and Emily just happened to be in the audience with some friends. They met after the show and they hit it off instantly. The relationship caught them both by surprise, but they were happy with how it had worked out. Although after Emily found out that Kumail would never be comfortable introducing her to his family, she knew she had to end it.

Question 8

Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter):

Do we have any Harry Potter fans with us today? Fans waited a very long time for this couple to become a thing. As children, these two bickered back and forth. Harry was constantly mediating the tension between them, but even he could tell the were holding back their real feeling for each other. We had to watch 7 movies before we finally got to see it, but by that 8th film, we were ready for these two to fall in love.

Question 9

Jamie and Chris (Just Friends):

Jamie and Chris were the best of friends throughout their high school days. Even though Chris was not exactly popular with the other kids, Jamie always had his back. Even then, Chris had always wanted more out of their relationship but he could never figure out how to verbalize this to Jamie. Years after high school, Chris returned to his hometown and saw Jamie there looking as good as ever. He knew it was finally time to make his move.

Question 10

Phil and Claire (Modern Family):

Phil and Claire are the kind of people who compliment each other perfectly. They are not together because of how similar they are, but instead because they each have what the other is missing. Claire is a great mother but she is controlling, and she forgets to have fun from time to time. Phil is all about having fun, but he sometimes gets carried away with it. These two are truly the better halves of each other. How do we feel about them?

Question 11

Belle and Beast (Beauty and the Beast):

Now here is a slightly bizarre couple (even for Disney). When Belle first met Beast, he was holding her father captive inside of his enchanted castle. In order to free her father, Belle traded her freedom for his. While this is not the traditional way to start a relationship, it did not take too long for these two to fall for each other once they were living in the same space. The feelings crept up slowly, but eventually, they both saw a completely different side of each other.

Question 12

Michael and Holly (The Office):

For years, fans watched Michael try his best to make toxic relationships work. For a good stretch we all feared that he may actually end up with Jan, but then out of the blue, Holly arrived. Michael and Holly's connection was instant. While Michael may have felt it first, it did not take long for Holly to see that Michael had everything she was looking for. These two understood each other in a way that nobody else ever could. Thoughts?

Question 13

Jack and Rose (Titanic):

Jack and Rose never got to have the relationship they deserved. When they first met, Rose was engaged to another but she was not exactly thrilled about the arrangement. Jack was just a kid looking for an escape. They didn't plan on it, but after they laid eyes on each other, there was simply no turning back. They may have only been together for a short period of time, but their love was greater than anything either of them had ever felt.

Question 14

Derek and Meredith (Grey's Anatomy):

Derek and Meredith had one of the most powerful love stories to ever be written for a TV show. In the very first episode of Grey's Anatomy, we saw these two meet in a bar. It was only ever supposed to be a one-night thing, but 10 seasons later, they were married with 2 children. These two never had it easy, but even with all of the hardships, they always managed to come out of them together. They loved each other right up until the very end, and probably even after that as well.

Question 15

Summer and Tom (500 Days of Summer):

When Tom met Summer, he was not exactly feeling fulfilled in his life. He felt stuck in his job, and he just couldn't figure out what to do with himself. However, when Summer came along, he felt as though none of it mattered anymore. Tom thought he was on top of the world, but after a year together, Summer decided to leave. While the love they had shared was strong, sometimes it is just not enough to make things last.

Question 16

Marshall and Lily (How I Met Your Mother):

Marshall and Lily met each other on their very first day of college. Neither of them had planned on committing to the first person they met, but after meeting, neither of them could imagine finding someone they would like more. These two have seen each other through thick and thin, and they have always come out of the situation laughing. Marshall and Lily are the kind of couple everyone else looks up to. Even during there roughest patches, everyone knew they would make it work.

Question 17

Juno and Paulie (Juno):

These two were not even really a couple when their love story got started. They were a couple of high school friends, who thought they would try something. Neither of them expected it to end up in pregnancy, that is for sure. However, after the pregnancy happened, they still managed to be there for each other. While they had no plans on raising the baby themselves, Paulie still helped Juno through the 9 long months of carrying it around. Thoughts?

Question 18

Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls):

Here is a television couple that still bugs people today. After watching the very first episode of Gilmore Girls, every fan out there knew these two were meant to be together. Still, the writers made us watch them both go through meaningless relationships for years. It wasn't until seasons 5 that these two finally decided to give it a shot. While this should have been the end of their story, we had to watch them become an on and off couple throughout the next 3 seasons of the show.

Question 19

Tiffany and Pat (Silver Linings Playbook):

When these two met each other, they were both pretty damaged. Pat had recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and he was determined to win back his ex-wife. Tiffany had recently been widowed and was barely hanging on at all. However, it was their baggage that seemed to pull them together. They were both a unique kind of crazy, and they found that their crazies complimented each other. Sometimes love is waiting for us in the most unexpected of places. What do we think about them?

Question 20

Jess and Nick (New Girl):

Here is a couple that is still waiting for their happily ever after. While they have tried to make a relationship work in the past, these two have always struggled. Nick isn't the most mature man around, and this has caused him issues in many of his relationships. While Jess is more mature than Nick, she has trouble focusing. Fans have never given up on these two though, and we do not think that they have given up on each other just yet either...

Question 21

Hazel Grace and Gus (The Fault in Our Stars):

Get the tissues ready for this one... Hazel Grace had given up hope on ever experiencing love in her life. After all, she was just a child when she was diagnosed with cancer, so she figured love was just not in the cards. However, after meeting Gus at a support group, Hazel was taken aback by their connection. It did not take long for these two to become one. They knew their time may be limited, but they were ready to make every second count.

Question 22

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine (Aladdin):

Aladdin never imagined a woman as beautiful as Jasmine would ever be interested in him. He was so sure of this fact, that he actually used one of his three wishes to become a prince himself. He assumed this was the only possible way of winning over her heart. Of course, this charade was what caused him to almost lose her for good. Jasmine wanted Aladdin for him, not for what he pretended to have. Is this animated couple a favorite of anyone?

Question 23

Jacob and Hannah (Crazy, Stupid, Love):

Jacob was and always had been a bachelor. Before Hannah arrived in his life, he had never even thought about committing to one woman. He was so set in his ways, that he was actually coaching other men on how to live life the way he did. However, there is nothing like a good woman to change the way a man does things. After Jacob met Hannah, he was ready to throw in the towel. He had found his "one" and he was not going to let her go.

Question 24

Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine Nine):

Before Jake and Amy were a couple, they were actually rivals. They both worked as detectives for the same precinct, and they were constantly in competition to see who was the best. After Amy got into a relationship with someone else though, Jake started to understand his true feelings for her. Without pressuring her, Jake informed Amy of how he felt. While it did not happen right away, eventually Amy did realize she felt the same way for Jake. Season 5 just premiered, and these two kicked it off with their honeymoon!

Question 25

Lady and Tramp (Lady and the Tramp):

These two were polar opposites when they first met. Lady was a home dog, who only knew what it was like to be cared for. Tramp was a street pooch, who only knew how to care for himself. Tramp showed Lady his way of life, and she discovered that she could make it on her own. However, once she found her way back home, she knew she had to bring Tramp with her. It was then his turn to see how she lived.

Question 26

Claire and Henry (The Time Traveler's Wife):

Most couples face obstacles during their relationship. This is especially true for fictional couples, because where else would the story come from? Claire and Henry may have had the toughest obstacle of all to overcome. They had time standing in their way. Henry had a condition which made him float in and out of time uncontrollably. He was never around for very long, but when he was, these two could not stay away from each other. How does everyone here feel about this couple?

Question 27

Harry and Ginny (Harry Potter):

Apart from Ron and Hermione, these two were the fan favorite couple of the franchise. Ginny loved Harry before she even met him. She was of course just a child, but she was so infatuated by him that she could never even speak when he was in the room. It took Harry a while to finally see her as a love interest, but once he did, he never looked at anyone else that way again. During the Battle of Hogwarts, when it looked like Harry had been lost, nobody was more affected than Ginny was.

Question 28

Louisa and William (Me Before You):

Louisa was a born optimist. Life had not been kind to her or her family, but she kept her head high and her spirits even higher throughout everything. When she met William, her bright spirit was put to the test. He was depressed and negative about every aspect of his life. Of course, he had recently been paralyzed, so his negative views were justified. However, she took on the responsibility of cheering him up, and she eventually succeeded in her task.

Question 29

Glenn and Maggie (TWD):

In a show with so few happy moments, it seemed that almost all of the ones that did happen belonged to Glenn and Maggie. The fact that they met each other during a zombie apocalypse was already crazy enough, but the way that they managed to find each other every time they were separated, was nothing short of a miracle. When it came time for these two to finally part ways for good, it did not only break their hearts but all of ours as well.

Question 30

Leo and Paige (The Vow):

Leo and Paige both had previous relationships. In fact, before Leo came around, Paige had actually been engaged to another man. Clearly, after these two met though, they had to be together. They shared an epic romance, up until the moment Paige was in the car accident. After she finally woke up from her coma, all she could remember was being engaged to the man she had previously left. Even though she did not remember him, Leo was determined to win her heart back.

Question 31

Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World):

For 90s kids, this couple was THE couple. Cory and Topanga met when they were just kids in school. They were each other's first everything. They shared their first dance, their first kiss, and of course, their first relationship. Even back then, neither of them probably would have guessed that they would end up being each others only relationship. Some people are just meant to be, plain and simple. Who still holds a place in their hearts for these two?

Question 32

Henry and Lucy (50 First Dates):

Henry was a lifelong bachelor. His job always took priority over his relationships, so he never invested much time into them. Lucy was a kind soul, who probably would have loved the chance to marry one day. However, Lucy had been in an accident which left her with no short-term memory. Even if Henry did want to commit to Lucy, he would have to find a new way to do it every day. This one was not an easy relationship, but so few of them are.

Question 33

Monica and Chandler (Friends):

While Ross and Rachel struggled to make their relationship last for longer than a few episodes at a time, Chandler and Monica never played the "on and off" game. They had been friends for years and never considered dating. However, during that memorable trip to London, everything changed between them forever. At first, they thought they would keep it casual, but neither of them was able to hold back their feelings. What are everyone's thoughts on this popular sitcom couple?

Question 34

Bella and Edward (Twilight):

Here is an interesting one. Some people think they are the ultimate love story, and some people never understood the appeal at all. When Bella first saw Edward, she was instantly attracted to him. Of course, he was attracted to her as well, but for completely different reasons. For the first stretch of their relationship, their toughest struggle was keeping Bella alive. Not only were there bad guys after her, but even Edward couldn't help but crave her blood. Yikes!

Question 35

Carl and Ellie (Up):

Carl and Ellie were a couple of dreamers. They met when they were just kids and they stayed by each other's side every day after that. They shared so many wild dreams together, and a lot of them they actually managed to accomplish. However, they were never quite able to achieve their greatest dream of all. After Ellie passed, Carl decided it was time for him to do the impossible. He was going to do what they had always dreamed about, and he knew she would be watching him as he did it.

Question 36

Carl and Allison (Yes Man):

If Carl had met Allison a few weeks earlier than he did, they would have never become an item. Carl had been a negative grump for so long, that he had actually went to a self-help seminar. While at the seminar, Carl discovered the power of the word "yes". Allison was a free spirit, who did not need to learn that the word "yes" could open doors. That simple seminar turned Carl into the perfect match for Allison. Sometimes love is waiting for us, and we just need to open our hearts a little to let it in.

Question 37

Bob and Linda (Bob's Burgers):

Bob and Linda have a very close relationship. Not only are they married with three children, but they work together as well. To be able to spend every waking minute with a person, they have to be the perfect match. While these two do get on each other's nerves from time to time, they always manage to squash the fight before it turns into anything big. They have somehow managed to figure out the perfect balance. How does everyone feel about them?

Question 38

Aurora and Jim (Passengers):

These two should have never been a thing. Some could even argue that the only reason they ended up together, was because Jim technically stole Aurora's life away. They were both on a spaceship headed for a new life on a new planet. They were told they would remain asleep for 100 years, and when they woke, they would not have aged at all. Well, something went wrong in Jim's chamber and he woke up about 90 years too early. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life alone, he woke Aurora.

Question 39

Ben and Leslie (Parks and Recreation):

Leslie is not exactly an easy woman to deal with. She is not high-maintenance, but she is determined. Once she sets her mind to something, everybody else better get out of her way. When Ben first met her, he did not instantly think she was his soulmate. However, as these things tend to do, his feelings for her grew the more he spent time with her. Before he knew it, her strange behavior was his favorite thing about her. Thoughts?

Question 40

Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

Has there ever been a more classic love story? These two mice have been together longer than any other couple on this list. They have seen each other through thick and thin, and neither of them has ever wavered. Their looks have changed over the years (who's hasn't?), but their love has remained just as strong as ever. It seems that nothing in this world (except for possibly an eraser) could ever separate these two. How does everyone feel about the animated duo?

Question 41

Dylan and Jamie (Friends With Benefits):

When these two met, they were both determined to stay far away from relationships. Their relationship was actually a professional one a first, so they saw no danger in hanging out as friends. However, after a few too many drinks, these two found themselves in a familiar situation. Since they had both sworn off dating, the only option they had was a "friends with benefits" type of deal. We all know how these things tend to work out... How do we feel about them?

Question 42

Pocahontas and John Smith (Pocahontas):

Pocahontas and John Smith were from two completely different worlds. She believed in the power of nature and knew that no price tag could be put on the land she called her home. John Smith, on the other hand, arrived on Pocahontas's land with the intention of mining it for gold. They did not speak the same language, so Pocahontas had to show John Smith the beauty that surrounded them. How is everyone here feeling about this classic film duo?

Question 43

Will and Veronica (The Last Song):

Veronica was a stubborn teenager when she met Will. Her mother had forced her and her brother to spend their summer vacation with their father in his smaller than small town. Obviously, Veronica was not thrilled about the situation, but after meeting the extremely handsome Will, her mood started to change. Maybe being stuck in such a small place with some so cute was not the worst way to spend a vacation after all... Are these two a favorite couple of anyone?

Question 44

Shrek and Princess Fiona (Shrek):

On the outside, Shrek and Fiona did not look the part of a happy couple. Before her transformation, Fiona was a beautiful princess and Shrek was just an ogre. However, Fiona saw something in him. She knew under all of that mud and mess, he was actually a sweet and gentle person. Little did he know, that deep down, she was also just an ogre, like him. These two taught us that looks only mean so much when it comes down to finding our true love.

Question 45

Peter and Lois (Family Guy):

Many do not think these two should be together. In fact, Lois's father has fought for years against their relationship. Peter is not the brightest bulb in the box, nor is he particularly good looking, so many never understood why Lois had chosen him in the first place. However, we do not choose the ones we love. Lois loved Peter then, and she still does now. If they could make it work against all odds, maybe we all have a hope at finding our soul mate!

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