Rate These Engagement Rings And We'll Reveal The Perfect Baby Name

Engagement rings vary in terms of price, sentimentality, and look. Some people opt for diamond coated goodies, while others choose plain metal or silicone rings to express their engagement. At the end of the day there’s no right or wrong way to wear an engagement ring. They’re simply an expression of two people’s love, which means the engagement ring only needs to satisfy those two people. Sometimes people go a little overboard, though, as the ring can become a status symbol, or even an attempt to prove just how much somebody loves someone else.

Make no mistake: we LOVE sparkly jewelry and ostentatious rings just as much as the next person. But when it was bought as “proof” rather than a pure expression of “I think this would make my partner smile” we can’t help but give a thumbs down to the ring. That’s what this quiz is all about. Rate the engagement rings based on how great they would look on that ring finger. Is it a bling thing, or is plain and simple the way to get a “yes”? Rate the rings, and we’ll reveal which baby name will be ideal for the future family member (that might even be on the way).

Question 1

This silver ring:

This more traditional kind of ring is one that many people will think of when we say the words “engagement ring”. Looking like a simple band on one side, but lined with diamonds on the other, this is the type of ring that’s subtle, but still offers a little bit of shimmer and shine. The diamonds look like little stars, making it glint even in low light. Who wouldn’t love this understated piece of beauty? Well, anyone who thinks bigger is better.

Question 2

This round-cut ring:

This round-cut ring is a lovely option for anyone who likes a whole lot of sparkle and shine. Not only does it have a spark to it that makes it impossible to overlook, the round shape catches the light well when photographing it. Truly the ring for anyone who likes to show off their good fortune, it’s also a great option for anyone who skews a little more to the fancy side of personal style (or those that just want to shine).

Question 3

This triforce ring:

This engagement ring is essentially a triforce of diamonds that show us just how easy it is to look stylish and show off while staying within a budget. The price of engagement rings can be ridiculous, which is why we’re not adverse to throwing in some cheaper options. After all, people of all income levels want to get married. Cost shouldn’t be a boundary in the vast challenge of love. If anything, the more accessible rings might feel even more special.

Question 4

This sparkly ring:

Here’s a ring that shines with the light of true love. Not only does it feature rows of diamonds, but the centre piece diamond makes it perfect for those that want one defining feature on their jewelry. Some of us like to have a small variety of larger stones and jewels. Others prefer to have a ring that’s got smaller diamonds, but many of them. Whether we’re a multitude or a centerpiece person will determine how highly we rate this diamond engagement ring.

Question 5

This gold ring:

Gold engagement rings are either the most classic ones in the book, or they’re a strange and unheard of concept. For those that like gold, this is an excellent choice that will likely pair with the rest of the jewelry that they own. However, for those of us who are silver snobs, gold is not the greatest choice. We would much prefer to pair our engagement jewelry with all the other silver things we own. Is that vain? Maybe a little. Oh well.

Question 6

This silicone ring:

This kind of engagement ring is built for those that don’t want to show off at all. If it was up to them, they might not even wear a ring. Luckily for hard working almost-married folks all over the place, these engagement rings were built with the force of everyday jobs in mind. There’s no worries about getting this ring caught in a tool or it getting too heated against skin. This was made for everyone who needs a strong but simple engagement ring.

Question 7

This basic ring:

We can’t believe that it took us this long to show off a regular, plain old engagement ring. The one simple diamond in the centre is truly the classic style of ring that we personally love very much. A plain band, no additional shine, and a simple stone in the centre; it’s straight to the point, and would look stunning in the hand of any person that wishes to propose to their partner. Unless, of course, it’s not shiny enough for some couples.

Question 8

This beautiful ring:

Who doesn’t love a multi-faceted cut stone? It’s a unique look that often has many additional sides to it to make it look dramatically sparkly. Being able to pair with almost anything and everything, this is a ring that fits in with many people’s personal styles, no matter how classic or eccentric they are. Not only do we personally like the uniqueness of this super sparkly ring, we also love the compatibility of its look. It’s 4 stars from us, but what about everyone else?

Question 9

This dramatic ring:

Let’s stop beating around the bush and get right to those second-mortgage kind of rings. These are the rings that almost cost more than a whole condo, which only a few folks are lucky enough to afford. While we know the pricetag is certainly impressive, is the ring itself worth a 4 star rating? We’re honestly not sure, though it depends on who’s doing the rating. If it’s someone who likes sparkle, they just might appreciate the over-the-top aspects of this ring.

Question 10

This art deco ring:

“Art deco” is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit when it comes to jewelry. Contemporary jewelry can often try to emulate the Art Deco style without actually fulfilling the nuances or details of it. This ring seems to not only emulate, but make the Art Deco style its own. The dramatic lines and the bold shape would be an awesome addition to any ring finger (whether there’s an engagement involved or not). Then again, its quirkiness might not be for everyone.

Question 11

This vintage ring:

Vintage rings are a popular option for those that might not want something as stylized and modern-looking as today’s engagement rings. The vintage rings are often a little more ornate, with many diamonds and interesting shapes built into them. Not to mention the fact that this ring is the perfect low-key bling for those that don’t necessarily want the obvious amounts of sparkle that a lot of contemporary rings have. Detailed and divine, we love this engagement ring; but how does everyone else feel about it?

Question 12

This square ring:

Oftentimes we see engagement rings that are distinctly rounded. Teardrop shapes, hexagons, circles, and even cushion-cut jewels all have a certain rounded softness to them. Rarely do we find hard edges, such as the case of this this ring. This ring is the best of both worlds, as it features a square made of round diamonds. By adding the edges around the circle, it gives the ring more of a centrepiece feeling, with a great combination of both softness and attention-grabbing.

Question 13

This decorative ring:

This decorative ring is one of our personal favorites. Crafted in more of a rose gold color, the ring itself is a twist towards the non-traditional. We love the fact that it’s almost reminiscent of a flower. The little diamonds encircling the big diamond look almost like flower petals, while the attachments look like vines and leaves encircling the flower. We’re big fans of this style, and think it would work for both a more refined style as well as a more boho one.

Question 14

This pink ring:

Talk about a unique ring! This pink hue is a fantastic piece for anyone who’s looking to add a little bit of fun and fancy into their outfits. The diamond outline just adds to the delicate beauty of the pink shade, while the color of the metal is just rosey enough to make this ring into a pretty pink lover’s dream. While it might not work with every single outfit, it’s certainly a shade that would make anyone blush with pride.

Question 15

This circular ring:

This unique ring is unlike any we’ve seen so far. Normally engagement rings feature one regular diamond or stone right in the centre of the band. There might be some accent diamonds or stones around it, but generally there’s just the centrepiece. We’re surprised at this ring’s design, as it almost looks like they’ve focused on the centre diamond and extended its shine outwards, like a starburst. We’re super intrigued by this unique ring, and think that everyone else will be as well!

Question 16

This classic ring:

Who doesn’t love a classic engagement ring? All of the jewelry store commercials show the same sort of design when it comes time for proposal season. The band that has the diamonds studded along it, with one larger (but not too large) diamond in the centre. Anyone who’s dabbled with the idea of proposing would definitely recognize this style of ring. Typically on the cheaper side, the ring is enough bling to look impressive, but not enough to come across as ostentatious.

Question 17

This unique ring:

On the more unique end of the engagement ring spectrum lives this lovely gold look. The delicate diamond in the centre and the swooping band holding it inside is definitely one of the more creative designs we’ve seen on this list. While many folks might want a classic engagement ring, this is one that shows just how stylish a more creative one can be. It’s subtle as well, which means the unique elements aren’t as in-our-faces as we might worry they would be.

Question 18

This blue ring:

Speaking of unique rings, let’s try this one on for size. This variation of a classic engagement ring is the perfect option for someone who likes to stand out. Not only does the central placement of the blue stone make it seem like a traditional engagement ring, but the diamond-studded band also makes it look classic and chic. The perfect pairing of a unique color and a traditional style, we’re big fans of the composition of this ring, even if blue isn’t our color.

Question 19

This two-tone ring:

Can’t decide between silver and gold? We don’t blame anyone that has difficulty choosing between one precious metal or the other. After all, different outfits require different jewelry additions. We personally love silver, but we know people that definitely prefer gold. Unsure what the fiance-to-be likes? Why not bet on both sides and pick up this two-tone engagement ring. Both silver and gold outfit options now await! Not to mention the fact that the pairing of the two looks so good together. Delicate, but still with that centrepiece look that’s so popular.

Question 20

This literally-a-diamond ring:

Talk about unique rings! In a mountain of traditional silver rings there sits this fun and fancy one. With swirls on the side and a big ol’ diamond placed right in the centre, this whole ring is sparkly enough to pass as just one big rock. Look closer and people will see that there’s actually a whole lot of intricate detailing, right down to the little diamonds embedded in the band. It’s a glorious feat of ring engineering, but we know its over-the-top-ness might be off-putting to some.

Question 21

This decorated ring:

A deliciously decorated ring that’s also playing off of those two-tone ideas that we saw earlier, this is an engagement ring that we’re sure anyone would be proud to wear. With a hint of a floral vibe, the decoration on this ring makes it a beautiful and delicate piece that would be at home on someone who has a more romantic fashion sense. The style is definitely one where sparkle is the name of the game, and the unique shape is the way that that sparkle is delivered.

Question 22

This contemporary ring:

Sleek and contemporary, this ring is not for those that like delicate nuance and a dramatic amount of sparkle. Not only does the smoothness of the silver and the dark purple jewel give this ring a more sophisticated vibe, but the design in general suits someone who’s not one for frivolity. Not to say that that’s a bad thing; in fact, we’re glad that there’s an option out there for the more business-minded engagement parties. The dark purple color adds an element of quirkiness, balancing out this contemporary ring.

Question 23

This very rectangular ring:

Rectangles on rectangles! This ring is rectangular, which makes it one of the more unique options. The stones are cut with straight edges and sharp angles, making them less reflective than some of the other diamond cuts we’ve seen. With a solid base that’s not overloaded with sparkle, the three rectangles really solidify what we’re looking for in a ring: that is, simplicity and shine. While it doesn’t have the starry-night-sky effect that other, multi-faceted diamonds have, these rectangles shine with their own unique brightness.

Question 24

This double-banded ring:

More is always better, right? More doughnuts, more ice cream, more diamonds… Okay, maybe more isn’t always better, but it’s certainly looking good in the case of this ring. Not only does it have twice the amount of diamonds as other engagement rings, but it’s even got twice the amount of stability. The two bands make it very strong and sturdy, while the shiney centre is able to hold everyone’s attention. Talk about a conversation piece ring! This is a look that just won’t quit!

Question 25

This scalloped ring:

One of the more vintage-inspired ones, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this ring gracing the finger of a thankful hipster. Not only does it have some lovely scalloped edges, but it’s also got a nice yellow tone to it overall. Not quite gold, but not quite silver, this unique metal seems to embrace both sides of the jewelry world. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this appear in a Wes Anderson movie, as the whimsical scalloped edge design of this ring makes it a dream come true.

Question 26

This cha-ching ring:

We need to shield our eyes when we’re looking at this ring. Not only does the gold and silver create an incredible sparkle, but the number of diamonds that are encrusting it makes it impossible to ignore. We can’t imagine how much sparkle and shine that ring will give off when it’s placed underneath the light. There’s more little stones than we can count on this ring, which means it’s probably going to cost more than we can count as well. Cha-ching! Somebody’s investing in the relationship with this engagement ring.

Question 27

This opal ring:

On the flipside of all the diamond-encrusted rings out there, this engagement ring style is built around the opal stones embedded in it. Opal is a beautiful stone that pairs perfectly with any outfit and style. Not quite as sparkly as diamond, but still as gorgeous and glamorous as any of those multi-faced rings, opal gives off an iridescent shine that we know and love. We’re big fans of opal, and would definitely give it a four star rating. But would others? That’s a decision that’s simply not up to us.

Question 28

This shapely ring:

A more copper-toned band than we’ve seen before, this ring has a feeling of tough industrialism to it. Built to be sturdy, the embedded diamonds almost make it feel like it’s putting on a delicate air, rather than owning a more subtle and sweet nature. Maybe it’s the pointiness of that diamond. All the edges make it seem like it’s more fit for a dramatic exit than the beginning of a beautiful new life together. But hey, whatever floats the engaged couples’ boat, right?

Question 29

This geometric ring:

Talk about a unique shape to a ring! This is a style that actually grows on us the more we look at it. The angles make it visually interesting, while the geometric design goes well with most current outfit styles. Whether the look is “modern hipster with an industrial edge” or simply “classic and chic little black dress”, this engagement ring is a perfect pairing for all of it. Not to mention the fact that a minimal amount of diamonds likely means a lower price tag.

Question 30

This floral ring:

A bit of a difference from some of the other floral rings we’ve looked at, this ring is one that makes us smile. It’s incredibly sweet, and leaves us marvelling at the way that jewelers can craft metal and stones to look like a whole other material. This is essentially a flower that lives on our finger, and we couldn’t be more impressed. The delicate carving makes it a must for anyone whose style is more romantic and sweet, though it can also be dressed up thanks to its luxurious sparkle.

Question 31

This pointy ring:

On the topic of flowers, here’s a more dangerous flower. It’s warning everyone else to keep away thanks to its sharp spikes and pointy petals. Looking like a cross between a flower and a star, this ring is perfect for anyone who appreciates a bold shape but a more simplistic design. We love the way that the diamonds play off the light, especially in those little curved pockets, while the band stays simple and functional. It’s just so lovely, and one that we can’t stop staring at.

Question 32

This large ring:

Big and bold is the best way to describe some people, which are typically the ones drawn in by this kind of engagement ring design. Not only does the central stone give us a ton of bling, but the ring itself serves as a kind of beacon towards other people. This is a ring that says “ask me about my engagement”, and isn’t for the faint of heart. Those that love weddings and relationship talk are perfectly matched to this bold ring, which can’t be hidden no matter how hard someone tries.

Question 33

This triangle ring:

Want to get engaged, but don’t want a ring that looks like an engagement ring? This triangular ring is a great option for those that might not be sure the commitment will last. Looking trendy means that it can be worn as a regular fashion ring should something happen to the engagement. Practicality aside, it’s also a great choice for the unique and creative couples out there. Anyone can rock an engagement ring. But sharing a triangle ring? Now that’s special.

Question 34

This star ring:

While we’re going on about unique engagement rings, this is a ring that takes the cake for most creative ring. We all know about the powers that shooting stars have. Making a wish on one is said to be the most powerful wish-making method out there, second only to blowing out the birthday candles. Why not carry that wish of love and happiness on our finger all the way throughout the engagement? That must be the thinking behind this creative ring, which has serious bling as well as star power.

Question 35

This infinity ring:

The infinity ring that we’re looking at here has got to be the most on point engagement ring ever. Engagement means committing to spending the rest of our lives together. For many of us, that basically means forever. Is it any surprise that somebody wanted to put a symbol of forever on top of another symbol of forever? While it might not get us double the commitment, it certainly makes for a unique engagement ring. Not to mention all that sparkle! Wow!

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