Rate These Disney Classics And We'll Give You The Perfect Baby Name

Even though these movies were created with children in mind, we are thinking they are just as enjoyed by the grown-ups as they are by the kids! To be fair, we grew up watching these films, so it totally makes sense that we are still loving them to this day.

Today we have built a quiz all about these amazing Disney classics. We will be listing some of the most memorable films one by one, and everyone here just has to state how they feel about each of them. Once everyone has cast a vote on each movie, we will hand out some precious baby names for everyone's future children. Get ready for this one, Disney fans, it is going to be one magical ride!

Question 1


In this animated classic, we get to learn the whole truth about what happened to Rapunzel. After spending years locked away in a tower, Rapunzel finally decided to go after her dream. All she had ever wanted was to see the beautiful lanterns of her kingdom, and she was done letting her mother stand in the way.

Question 2

Peter Pan

This film was all about a boy's wish to stay young forever. Wendy Darling and her brothers used to love hearing stories of magic and adventure, but once Peter Pan came to their room and flew them to Neverland, they maybe got a little more magic than they were really ready for.

Question 3

The Incredibles

Once upon a time, the superheroes of the world were our greatest protectors. However, after some complaints were made, all of the supers were forced to take on secret identities and to hide away any powers they had. They may not be flaunting their abilities anymore, but they've definitely still got em'!

Question 4


When Tarzan was left orphaned in the jungle as a baby, things did not look good for him at all. However, he was lucky enough to get adopted into a family of Gorillas. It wasn't the most traditional upbringing, but we are thinking he had more fun than most kids on the playground ever did!

Question 5

Alice in Wonderland

When young Alice decided to go out looking for an afternoon adventure, she certainly did not think she would wind up finding such a strange and wonderful place. Everything about this new world was different from her own. The flowers could talk, the cats were extra mischievous, and it seemed like all of the rabbits were running late.

Question 6

The Lion King

While he was a cub, Simba always believed he was going to grow up to be the best king Pride Rock had ever seen. That being said, when his time to take over the throne came around earlier than he had been expecting, he fled from the responsibility. Little did he realize, our destiny always finds us!

Question 7


Hercules never fit in while he was growing up. While he could never quite explain this feeling, he always believed he was destined for something great. When he discovered that his parents were both in fact gods, Hercules knew he had to prove to them that he could be a true hero too.

Question 8


All Geppetto ever wanted was a child to call his own. When he made this wish one night while staring up at the stars, a fairy heard his every word. She granted Geppetto's wish by turning his wooden puppet into a real boy. She did warn Geppetto though, the boy must remain honest!

Question 9

101 Dalmatians

The wicked Cruella de Vil made up her mind the second she saw the newborn puppies. Their furs would make her the most beautiful coat in the world. While she figured taking the pups would be a piece of cake, with every animal in town now banned together, she doesn't stand a chance!

Question 10


Miguel knew from a very young age that music was his destiny. He was simply born with rhythm in his bones! However, with his family's strict ban on all things musical, living his dream has been quite difficult. If he truly wants to be a musician, he is going to have to change their minds!

Question 11

Beauty and the Beast

Even though Belle was the most beautiful girl in town, she knew she wasn't really understood by those around her. While girls her age dreamed of husbands and babies, Belle preferred to spend her time reading stories of adventure and romance. That being said, she never expected to find herself in the middle of a romantic adventure!

Question 12

A Bug's Life

Flik knew he was supposed to be helping his fellow ants collect food, but he thought if he could just perfect his invention, then maybe he could make the workload easier on all of the ants! However, when his invention wound up causing more harm than good, Flik had to come up with a plan to earn back his colony's trust.

Question 13


While many of our Disney heroes grew up believing they were destined for greatness, that was not exactly Aladdin's case. He was just a kid from the streets, and thought he would always be just that. Once he found that magic lamp though, everything he thought he knew about himself changed.

Question 14

Finding Nemo

It is true that Nemo was a particularly small fish, but his size did not exactly merit his father's overprotective attitude. While trying to prove his father wrong, Nemo wound up being taken by a scuba diver. Luckily, his overprotective father is now on the case! Nobody is getting away with stealing his son!

Question 15

Finding Dory

After Nemo was successfully rescued, he, his father, and their new friend Dory, were all looking at a long and happy life together. However, it seems like now Dory has gone missing! Looks like the adventure is back on, but this time Nemo and his dad are taking on the mission together.

Question 16

The Jungle Book

When Mowgli had to leave the safety of his wolf pack, he was facing a very long trek through the jungle all on his own. With so many predators lurking, this was a very dangerous undertaking. Luckily, a friendly bear and a strict panther decided to give him a helping hand!

Question 17

Sleeping Beauty

Even though Aurora was born a princess, after she was cursed by the wicked Maleficent, her parents had no choice but to send her away. She wound up being raised in a small cottage, by three well-meaning fairies. Now that she is of age though, she wants to head out and find a life of her own.

Question 18

Inside Out

Instead of fuzzy animal characters, in this film, all of our main characters are actually the emotions of one girl. As young Riley starts to grow up and experience new feelings, all of the emotions inside of her must adjust to these changes as well. Mixed emotions are tough for even most adults to understand!

Question 19


Even though Remy was part of a large and loving rat family, he never really felt like he fit in with them. While they were content spending their days eating scraps, Remy simply was not. He had a passion for cuisine, and he wanted to show Paris that even a rat could be a chef!

Question 20

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White was both beautiful and innocent. These two traits made her a great threat to the wicked witch in charge of her kingdom. When Snow White was forced to run from the witch and her huntsmen, she came across a cottage full of friendly faces ready to help her!

Question 21


Even though she knew she was different, Mulan did try her best to be the person she knew her parents wanted her to be. After all of her failed efforts though, Mulan finally decided to do what was right for her. She wanted to fight not only for her country, but for her family as well.

Question 22


Even though Cinderella had been born to two extremely loving parents, her childhood did not exactly play out the way her parents had wanted. After losing them both, Cinderella was left to be raised by her wicked stepmother. Even through all of the hardships, Cinderella always knew her happy ending was out there!

Question 23

The Princess and the Frog

After Prince Naveen foolishly fell for the devious tricks of Dr. Facilier, he found himself trapped inside the body of a frog. Looking to break the curse, he decided to plant a kiss of the beautiful Tiana. Unfortunately, all this did was transform her into a frog as well! Uh oh!

Question 24


Carl had spent almost an entire lifetime with his true love. He knew this made him one of the luckiest men in the world, but he couldn't help but to miss her now that she was gone. In an attempt to honor her memory, Carl has decided to finally go through with the greatest dream he and his wife ever shared.

Question 25


When they were kids, Elsa and Anna were the closest pair of sisters anyone had ever seen. That being said, once Elsa's incredible ice powers started to pose a threat to Anna's safety, Elsa knew she had to stay away. They are all grown up now, but it is high time they start rebuilding their friendship!

Question 26

The Little Mermaid

To some, being a mermaid might seem like a dream come true. But to young Ariel, nothing has ever seemed more magical than the human world. She knows she is forbidden from swimming to the surface, but something inside of her keeps pushing her there. We simply can't fight destiny!

Question 27

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Being the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, Jack had quite a few responsibilities. That being said, as soon as he stumbled across the mysterious Christmastown, he began to wonder if he was truly where he was meant to be. Loving his old home and this newly found one, Jack now has some pretty big choices to make!

Question 28


When young Bambi was left orphaned in the forest, he didn't know what he was going to do. Just as everything seemed lost, a few local animals stepped in to help out. One by one, these animal buddies came to Bambi and tried to teach him a few tricks of the trade!

Question 29


Here we have the most unique film to ever be released by Disney. In this classic, we see Mickey Mouse use incredible magic to create epic scenes of dance, animation, and classical music. This film truly stands out from all of the others in the Disney catalogue. What do we think?

Question 30

Robin Hood

When a mean prince decides to start charging all of the inhabitants of his forest with unreasonable taxes, local hero Robin Hood and his band of merry men decide to step in. They are ready to make this prince wish he had never asked for a single dime! Thoughts on this one?

Question 31


When a group of men arrived on Pocahontas's land, the men in her village were ready to go to war. Pocahontas knew there had to be a better way though. She was ready to show them the beauty of the nature that was all around them. She couldn't explain to them in words, but she could use the winds to help her.

Question 32

Lady and the Tramp

When a pampered pooch found herself lost on the streets, she had no idea how she was ever going to find her way back home. That's exactly when a handsome looking street pup showed up. As they headed off on a mission to find her home, they both found themselves falling in love as well.

Question 33

The Sword in the Stone

Young Arthur was an orphan, and he never really saw himself as a hero of any sorts. However, after he accidentally stumbled into a wizard one afternoon, he was told that he was destined for great things. Not wanting to believe it at first, once the signs started appearing, it became difficult to keep denying it.

Question 34

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo may have looked very different from all of the other people living in his city, but he had a heart of pure gold. After meeting the enchanting Esmeralda, Quasimodo could sense her heart was as good as his own. He may have been different, but he was ready to keep Esmeralda safe from any harm!

Question 35

Lilo and Stitch

When young Lilo went to the pound to pick out a pet dog, she obviously had to go with the strangest looking one there. Afterall, she was a misfit herself, so at least this way they could be misfits together. That being said, it wasn't too long before she learned her pet dog was, in fact, an alien.

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