Rate These Disney Characters To Get The Perfect Baby Name

When thinking Disney, a few things tend to come to mind. Of course, there are the catchy tunes, the magical amusement parks, and the excitement surrounding the upcoming live-action remakes, but the main thing we all love most about Disney, would have to be the characters! Without these characters, we would not have any of the other wonderful things that have come from the Disney company. While we may each have our own favorites, we all have to respect the hard work that went into creating each and every one of them!

Today's quiz is all about the Disney characters! We are going to be listing 50 popular characters, and everyone here is going to get the chance to rate each of 'em. In this quiz, we have heroes, villains, sidekicks and more! We have pulled characters from some of the most popular Disney movies out there, so we know everyone will come across a few of their favorites. Once everyone has stated how they feel about each of these cartoons, we will dish out the perfect baby name for everyone's future Disney-loving child! Even if we are not planning on children in the near future, this quiz is going to be all kinds of magical!

Question 1


He may not be easy to find, but when Genie is around, the good times are always rolling. Before being set free at the end of the film Aladdin, Genie had been forced to spend hundreds of years trapped inside of a magic lamp. He himself admitted that is was a pretty tight space to spend such a long time. That being said, Genie had a pretty important job. When his lamp was found, he was to grant three wishes to whoever had discovered it!

Question 2

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear was one of the main toys from the Toy Story film series. In the first ever film, we saw Buzz arrive at Andy's house as a gift. The other toys were impressed yet wary of him, since you know, he was battery operated and what not. While Buzz himself believed he was an actual space ranger at this point, he did eventually listen to the other toys and start to understand that he was, in fact, a plaything.

Question 3

Wreck-It Ralph

Even though he was the bad guy in his video game, Ralph was actually a pretty decent dude. After all, he never chose to be designed as the bad guy, he just had to play along with the role he had been given. That being said, the other characters of his game didn't see things this way. They always made him feel like an outcast, so that is why he decided to venture outside of his game. Ralph was on a mission to prove that not all villains were truly bad!

Question 4


On the day Simba was born, the entire animal kingdom came out to meet their new prince. He looked so much like his father, and everyone in Pride Rock was over the moon with excitement. Simba was next in line to be king and nobody was more excited about this than the young lion cub himself. That being said, when his time to rule came around earlier than expected, he decided to run from the responsibility instead. Thoughts on Simba?

Question 5


Not only did Jafar want world domination, but he wanted to be the most powerful sorcerer the world had ever seen. These were two very large requests! As badly as he wanted power, he was not all that great at getting it for himself. He first needed the lamp containing Genie, which he needed Aladdin to find for him. Once finally got a hold of Genie, it was his powers he needed to achieve his goals. All in all, Jafar really had no power of his own.

Question 6


Unlike a lot of the other Disney characters, Aladdin never really thought he was destined for much. He was just a kid from the streets and figured he always would be just that. However, pretty much as soon as he stepped foot inside the mysterious Cave of Wonders, Aladdin's true destiny started to play out. While he may have made a poor choice here and there, he eventually became the hero he was always meant to be! Thoughts on Aladdin?

Question 7

Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the very first full-length feature film to be released by Disney. Even though her movie premiered back in 1938, we are hoping most people will still remember her enough to be able to rate her (Wikipedia). Snow White had been born with a lot of beauty. While she put little stock into looks herself, the witch in charge of her kingdom thought a beauty like hers could simply not be allowed to exist.

Question 8


Belle was no doubt the star of the film Beauty and the Beast. Even though she was greatly misunderstood by the people in her town, she never let that bother her one bit. She was always too preoccupied with whatever was going on in the book she happened to be reading, to ever really notice that the town was gossiping about her. When she met and fell in love with Beast, she never worried about what others would think. She was in love and happy!

Question 9

Cruella de Vil

When it comes to wicked villains, Cruella de Vil is right up there on the top of the list. She never had any plans for world domination, or any kind of conquering for that matter. All this woman was after, was a litter of adorable newborn puppies. As we can tell from the photo, she had a thing for fur. She figured the dalmatian puppies would make her the most beautiful coat in the world. Little did she know, there was an entire town of animals waiting to protect the pups!

Question 10

Peter Pan

We are fairly certain most will be familiar with this guy! Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up. Instead of growing into a boring old adult, Peter Pan flew off to Neverland. In Neverland, there are no rules and more importantly, there are no adults! Peter would spend his days exploring jungles and caves with his fellow Lost Boys, but when night fell, the lack of loving mothers always made it tough for everyone to fall asleep. Thoughts?

Question 11


Pumbaa is without a doubt the most famous warthog in the Disney catalogue. Okay, so he may be the only warthog, but the statement remains true! When Pumbaa and his pal Timon came across young Simba, they were both a little concerned. However, Pumbaa saw the innocence in the baby cub and decided they could trust him. The three of them wound up being some of the closest friends to ever be in a Disney film! How does everyone feel about Pumbaa?

Question 12


When Tarzan was just a baby, he was left orphaned in the middle of the jungle. Clearly, this had not been his parents' plan for him, but they would have been happy to know that he was found and adopted by a loving mother gorilla. Even though he never knew his real parents, Tarzan had a very happy upbringing in the jungle. He was friends with all of the animals and he learned how to fly through the trees with great ease!

Question 13


Cinderella is easily one of the most recognizable characters out of the whole Disney bunch. Not only are most people familiar with her film, but when walking into Disney World, her castle is one of the very first things we see. Cinderella was always a very optimistic person. Considering her upbringing, this was actually a pretty impressive thing. Even while playing maid to her stepmother and sisters, Cinderella never lost hope that she would someday find her one true love.

Question 14


Here we have one of the most devious villains in Disney history. There has been a lot of wicked things done by villains in the past, but the actions Scar took just to become King of Pride Rock, were truly mean-hearted. That being said, he was overall one of the more successful villains. While he was not in charge for as long as he may have wanted to be, he did hold his crown for some time. Not something they can all say!

Question 15


Goofy is by far one of the most iconic characters in the Disney catalogue. While he may not be as famous as Mickey Mouse, he is not all that far off. Many may remember him as one of the stars in The Goofy Movie, but this character was actually created back in 1932 by Walt Disney himself (Wikipedia). He is a tall skinny dog, who has been finding himself in all kinds of pickles for over 80 years now. Thoughts?

Question 16


This red-headed character is actually the Princess of Arendelle. In the movie Frozen, Anna's older sister was crowned Queen of their kingdom after the passing of both their parents. Anna was never jealous and was truly excited for her sister. As excited as she was for her, she was also quite amped up over the fact that there was going to be a party thrown for the occasion, where she herself would get to meet many new people and eat tons of chocolate!

Question 17

John Smith

Here we have the leading man of the film Pocahontas. When John Smith and his team first arrived in the film, it was assumed that they were all bad guys. However, once John Smith met Pocahontas and fully understood the dangers he and his men were causing, he stood up to defend not only her, but her land as well. He showed tremendous bravery, as it is not easy to stand against the men who were once your teammates. Thoughts?

Question 18


Before she was Alice of the great and magical Wonderland, she was just a girl looking for a little adventure. When she went out exploring that day, she never assumed she would come across such an amazing land filled with so many curious creatures. Others maybe would have attempted to turn back, but not Alice. She had gone out looking for an adventure, and she knew that was exactly what she had found! How are we feeling about little Alice?

Question 19


Ah, The Sea Witch. Ursula was the villain of the film The Little Mermaid. When Ariel went out looking for a way to escape her father, she fell right into this wicked octopus's trap. Ursula used her magical powers to not only lure Ariel into her caves, but to trick her into signing her voice away as well. She should have realized that allowing Ariel to leave the ocean for land, would essentially mean both mer-people and humans would eventually be after her.

Question 20


Megara or "Meg", was the leading lady of the film Hercules. She was not exactly like all of the other leading ladies found in classic Disney films. When Hercules first met her, she was not looking to find love at all. While some of the Disney ladies would spend their days singing about true love, Meg's main song was more about how she refused to accept love altogether. Even though she resisted, she eventually did give into the mighty Hercules.

Question 21


Ariel was the youngest daughter of the mighty King Triton. Even though she had plenty of older sisters to show her the ropes, Ariel never really wanted to follow suit. She had her own dreams, and was not content being just another Princess of the Sea. Even though Ariel had always had a fascination with the human world, it wasn't until she laid eyes on Prince Eric, that she knew she had to become one of them. How are we feeling about her?

Question 22

Prince Eric

When it comes to Disney Princes, there are a fair few who we actually know very little about. Prince Eric though, was one we did get to learn a bit of information on. Before meeting and falling in love with Ariel, we learned that he was an excellent flute player, an avid sailor and a dog lover. He enjoyed sailing the open waters, with his sheepdog Max right by his side. How does everyone here feel about the charming Prince Eric?

Question 23


It is true that there has been a number of white horses in various different Disney films, but there has only ever been one Maximus. He was part of the film Tangled. In the movie, he was working for law enforcement. When news got out that local criminal Flynn Ryder was on the loose, Maximus became obsessed with tracking him down and bringing him to justice. Even when all of the human soldiers fell back, Maximus continued on in his pursuit.

Question 24


For those who do not immediately recognize this little fish, he was part of the film The Little Mermaid. Flounder was the very best friend of Ariel, and even after she left the ocean, he continued to help her out whenever he could. He was not exactly as brave as his best friend was, but once he learned that she was in danger, he pushed all of his fears aside to help save her. How do we feel about Flounder?

Question 25


Here we have the Queen of Arendelle herself. Almost as soon as she was born, it was clear that Elsa was going to be different. She was as happy as any other baby, but she was born with ice powers. She could do incredible things with her abilities, but as she grew, so did the strength of these powers. Instead of learning to control them, she instead decided to hide them away. This was ultimately not a good idea ...

Question 26

Mother Gothel

Her name may not sound all that menacing, but Mother Gothel was, in fact, the main villain of the film Tangled. While she spent years pretending to be the loving mother of poor Rapunzel, she was, in fact, an aging old witch who had stolen Rapunzel away when she was just a baby. Rapunzel had magical hair that could restore youth. Mother Gothel learned of this, and selfishly stole the baby to raise as her own. She should have known that secrets never stay hidden forever!

Question 27


Meeko was the trusty pet raccoon of Pocahontas. In the film, we saw Meeko go out on all kinds of adventures with Pocahontas. While for the most part, he was happy following her around wherever she went, he did have a tendency to sneak away when he started to feel his belly grumble. Meeko was just like any other raccoon. He simply could not hold himself back once he smelt snacks in the air. He was no picky eater either! Thoughts on Meeko?

Question 28


Gaston was a little different than some of the other villains we have seen over the years. He had no magic powers or abilities, but instead just happened to be the strongest man in his small town. Due to his unusually large size and the fact that he believed himself to be very handsome, Gaston felt as though everyone around him should fall to his feet. When the beautiful Belle refused his proposal, he decided to wreak havoc on all those she loved.

Question 29


Princess Jasmine was the leading lady of the film Aladdin. While some of the other Disney Princesses might have been thrilled to have Prince Ali turn up at their castle, Jasmine all that excited about his arrival. Even though her father wanted her to marry and prince, Jasmine was more concerned about finding someone she actually loved. Once she found out that Prince Ali was in fact street kid Aladdin, she did not turn away from him, but instead loved him for who he was.

Question 30


Sebastian was not only a musically talented crab, but he was also the individual put in charge of watching over Ariel. As soon as Triton gave him this duty, he knew he was in for trouble. Ariel had a habit of swimming up to the surface, and Sebastian knew it would be almost impossible to stop her from doing what she wanted. His impressive musical attempt at getting her to stay in the water was an epic part of the film, though ultimately unsuccessful.

Question 31


Does everyone here recognize this fiery villain? Hades was the bad guy of the film Hercules. Even though Zeus had already given him complete control of the underworld, Hades was looking for more. He wanted all of Earth to himself. He wanted the humans gone, and for the monsters to roam free across the lands. Since his dreams were so great, one would think he would have picked smarter henchmen to help him along with the planning and whatnot. What do we think?

Question 32


Even though Sven was a voiceless character, he was still able to show off quite a bit of personality. He had been best friends with Kristoff since they were both kids. He helped Kristoff develop his ice business and was a big part of the operation as well. Since his human friend knew him so well, Kristoff was usually able to translate for Sven. For the most part, Sven was thinking about carrots and other kinds of treats! Thoughts on Sven?

Question 33


Remy may appear to be just a rat, but he is so much more than that. While he is, in fact, a rat and proud of it, he is also one of the most talented chefs working in Paris. Before he was able to prove his talents in the kitchen, he was just a dreamer. He would gather whatever scraps he could and whip them up into something spectacular. He always knew he was destined for more, but had to wait patiently for his time to come.

Question 34


Moana was born to be the chief of her people. Her father had held the position for many years, and when the time came, she knew she would have to take over. That being said, Moana wanted to rule her people her own way. She wanted to explore to open ocean and adventure through undiscovered lands. Since this was not the way of her people, she first had to go out and prove to everyone that she knew what she was doing!

Question 35


Terk was one of the many animal characters from the film Tarzan. While Tarzan was growing up in his jungle home, Terk acted as his big sister. She was always very protective over Tarzan, even after he grew to be three times her size. She had a tendency to be a bit bossy, but Tarzan always knew how to put her in her place. Terk was also best friends with the elephant Tantor. How does everyone here feel about Terk?

Question 36


We first met Dory in the film Finding Nemo, but years after that movie, Dory was actually given her very own feature! In the movie Finding Dory, the blue fish went missing while out searching for her family. Her memory was never all that great, but once she started getting flashbacks of the family she had once known, she couldn't help but to go out looking for them. The odds were against her, but she was determined to find those she had lost.

Question 37


There was nothing Mulan wanted more than to be the daughter her parents so desperately wanted her to be. That being said, there came a time when she simply had to accept the fact that she was never going to be that person. Instead of dressing up and trying to find a husband, Mulan decided to camouflage herself in order to go off and fight for her country. It was not an easy decision for her to make, but she knew what she had to do.

Question 38

Thomas O'Malley

Here we have the jazzy cat from the film The Aristocats. Thomas O'Malley was one of the hippest cats living out on the streets. He knew of all the best hang outs, and where to find the best party every night. When he met Dutchess and her kittens, he was first and foremost taken aback by the beauty that was Dutchess. After getting a hold of himself, he then decided it was his duty to escort her and her litter back to their home.

Question 39

Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee was the main henchman of Captain Hook's team. While he wasn't really much of a pirate himself, he decided to hitch his ride to their boat anyway. Maybe he figured they would be the best at keeping him safe, but honestly, befriending Peter Pan would have probably been a safer choice. Regardless of why he chose Captain Hook, he was completely committed to serving him. The Captain was always mean to him, but his loyalty never wavered one bit.

Question 40


Cogsworth was just one of the enchanted objects living inside of Beast's castle. He and Lumiere were kind of the two in charge when Beast was nowhere to be found. When Belle came across the enchanted castle, it was the two of them who thought she could potentially be the one capable of breaking the curse keeping them from being human. Cogsworth was definitely the more nervous of the two, but his smarts played a big role in helping Belle along with breaking the curse.

Question 41


Beast is a character who we got to see develop quite a lot during his film. We learned that before he had been cursed into the body of a Beast, he had been a selfish and spoiled prince. Even though the curse did turn him into the angry beast we saw at the beginning of the film, by the end of the feature, we knew him to be both kind and loving. Talk about coming full circle! Thoughts on Beast?

Question 42


Like many of the other Disney ladies, Pocahontas was not crazy about the destiny she had been born into. While she did love her family and village deeply, she wanted to make her own choices in life. She knew she was supposed to settle down and marry a strong man who could protect her, but Pocahontas wanted more out of life. She wanted to explore and adventure through the wild outdoors. As long as she was in nature, she knew she didn't need protecting anyway.

Question 43


Rex was a toy dinosaur who was featured in all three of the epic Toy Story films. Even though he was shaped like a fierce dinosaur, in reality, Rex was the most cowardly of the whole gang of toys. While he did very much enjoy fighting imaginary battles in video games, when it came to being brave in real life, he always found it a little difficult. He may have been a little too worried about some things, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Question 44


Here we have one of the most innocent characters to ever be part of a Disney film. To be fair, Thumper's film was chock full of innocent and adorable characters. After Bambi had been left orphaned in the forest, Thumper was one of the very first creatures to befriend him. Thumper knew his way around the forest and certainly how to have a good time. He took it upon himself to help Bambi figure these things out too. Thoughts on Thumper?

Question 45


Tito was one of many pooches from the film Oliver and Company. He was a chihuahua and acted very much like real life chihuahuas tend to. Even though he was the smallest pup in his gang, he was always the loudest and the fiercest. He was not scared to face off with anyone, especially not dogs who were double his size. He also considered himself to be quite the ladies-man. How does everyone here feel about the adorable chihuahua Tito?

Question 46

Vanellope Von Schweetz

She may look sweeter than pie, but this girl has got one fiery attitude! Vanellope Von Schweetz was a born racer. Even though a devious villain altered the code in her game, making everyone think she was nothing more than a glitch, Vanellope always knew she was meant to race in her game. Once the villain's actions came to light, Vanellope was able to prove to everyone that she was in fact the fastest race car driver in her entire game!

Question 47


Pascal was a voiceless character from the film Tangled. Not having a voice, Pascal made great use of his hands and facial expressions to make sure we always knew what he was trying to say. During the years Rapunzel had spent locked away in her tall tower, Pascal had been her only true friend. Even though he was free to leave the confines of the tower, he always stayed right by her side. How does everyone feel about little Pascal?

Question 48


Esmeralda was one of the most important characters in the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While everyone in town went to the church to pray for selfish things, Esmeralda went to pray for those less fortunate than she was. Not that she had any money to her name, but she knew she was clever enough to be able to provide for herself. She was always most concerned about those who could not do the same. A genuine person through and through! Thoughts?

Question 49


While we have known many human and animal characters over the years, Olaf was the first ever snowman. He was created by Elsa with her ice powers, though even she did not realize that he would come to life. After he was built, Olaf sprang to life and pretty much started cracking jokes right away. Since he was new to the world, there was a lot he did not understand. The main thing is, that his dream of soaking up the sun would not end the way he imagined.

Question 50


While Tiana is now a bonafide Disney Princess, this was not the case when her movie first began. Before meeting and ultimately falling in love with Prince Naveen, Tiana had just been an ordinary girl trying to make her dreams come true. She always imagined herself owning and operating her very own restaurant, but to get there, she knew she had to work very hard. She was not afraid of hard work and enjoyed every step that leads her closer to her dream!

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