Rate These Common Pet Peeves And We'll Reveal Your Emotional IQ

Everyone has a pet peeve. Even if you are the calmest and most accepting person in the world, you have something that annoys you. Something ticks you off! Most of you don't have to think that hard. Usually, these things come to mind easily. Some simple pet peeves include leaving the door open, nails on a chalkboard, pronouncing library like "liberry," and people who cut in line. Or maybe none of these things annoy you! There must be something that pushes your buttons!

This quiz will give you the opportunity to get as mad as you want at all of the little things. Usually, you probably have to reign in your anger and frustration and pretend to be okay with all of your pet peeves. Well, not today! Today is your lucky day! Today you get to express everything you have ever wanted. No more holding yourself back. Tell us exactly how you feel about all of these annoying things in life and in return, you will learn your emotional IQ! The less that things annoy you, the higher your emotional IQ will be. Be honest and get all that frustration out now!

This will be the most satisfying quiz you ever take! Get your anger out today!

Question 1

Loud chewers

How annoying are loud chewers to you? Imagine listening to them chew every single bite of their incredibly moist yet crunchy meal. Loud chewers give people the shivers! It is as if they have no respect for anyone else's earbuds. How annoyed do you get by loud chewers?

Question 2

People who are always late

People who are always late make everyone around them suffer. It is so unfair! They hold the entire group. If you know that you are always late, why don't you do something about it? This is a pet peeve that can be incredibly irritating. How much does it bother you?

Question 3

Fingernails on a chalkboard

Don't stare at that picture for too long. If you do, I guarantee it will make you shiver. That sound makes you want to scream. The feeling makes you want to wash your hands immediately. How intensely does it bother you?

Question 4

People who don't cover their mouth when they cough

It is not that difficult to cover your mouth when you cough! Think about all of those germs spraying everywhere which each cough. It makes me shudder! People who don't cover their mouths have no human decency and no respect for anyone around them. How much do these people bother you?

Question 5

Misusing the word "literally"

This word is often used to emphasize that people REALLY mean what they are saying. They use it to get their point across strongly. Instead, it can be incredibly distracting. That is not what "literally" means! Do you agree? How annoying is it when people misuse this word?

Question 6

People who eat your food without asking

Does it get on your nerves when someone reaches over and takes some of your food without asking? Do you find it extremely rude and a tad too entitled? Well, lots of people feel the same way! One cannot just reach over and take some of your food without asking first! Where is the common sense? How does this make you feel?

Question 7

Too many hashtags

You know exactly what I'm talking about. Those people on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., that hashtag everything. It looks a little something like this: "I ate yogurt for breakfast! #yogurt #breakfast #meal #healthy #yum #yummy #instagram #instadaily #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthfreak #hashtag" ...How much did that annoy you?

Question 8

People who clip their nails in public

People who think that this is okay to do in public blow my mind. Watching someone clip their nails at work or on a bus or in the park astound me. This is clearly a public space! Nail grooming should be done in the privacy of your own home. What do you think?

Question 9

Slow walkers

Walking behind slow walkers is one of the worst pet peeves. People who walk slowly are very frustrating, especially if there is no way to get around them! Walk at a normal pace so that people can get where they need to go! What do you think of slow walkers?

Question 10

People who stand on the wrong side of the escalator

Everybody knows that the right side of the escalator is for standing and the left side is for walking. It is a social rule. Problems arise when people are unaware of this rule and stand on the left side, blocking everyone else's path! It is incredibly frustrating, especially when you're in a rush! Do you agree?

Question 11

Line cutters

I don't care if you magically ran into your friends and they let you cut the line. Cutting the line is unacceptable etiquette! It has made the line longer for everyone behind you, which is completely unfair. Do you feel like this too? Do you hate line cutters?

Question 12

Shipping charges

Online shopping is very fun. Paying for shipping... not so much. Think about all those times you have bought something online, all excited about the deal you are getting, and then are slapped with a huge shipping charge! It is very unfair. Is this one of your pet peeves?

Question 13

Being interrupted

When you're clearly in the middle of a sentence and then someone interrupts you or speaks over you... does this get your blood boiling? Probably. How about being on the phone and being interrupted by a needy coworker? Being interrupted is a common and unfortunate pet peeve. Is it one of yours?

Question 14

People who pour the milk before the cereal

People who pour their milk before the cereal are spawns of the devil. If you don't have the cereal in the bowl yet, how do you know how much milk to pour? This is a dangerous risk you are taking! Think about all of the milk you are wasting. The cereal probably ends up overflowing, too. Does this annoy you?

Question 15

Someone else's music that you can hear through their earphones

Some people listen to music so loudly that you can hear it too. Other people just have bad quality earphones that allows you to listen to the music too. Either way, it is uncalled for and unacceptable. It is something that is unavoidable. We have all heard someone's music through their headphones at some point. Is it a pet peeve of yours?

Question 16

Slow wifi

I think everyone can relate to this. Having slow wifi can slow everything down, from watching a video to scrolling through Twitter to trying to get work done. Slow wifi can really ruin your day! Don't you agree?

Question 17


Kids are definitely adorable. They are mini people who are innocent and see goodness in the world! But then, they whine. Whining is unacceptable. What is worse than kids whining, you may ask? Adults who whine! Yes, adults who whine are some of the more frustrating people in the world. What is your opinion on whining?

Question 18

Touching chewed gum

We have all probably touched somebody else's chewed gum at some point in our lives, especially as students. You can't put your hand beneath any surface without touching a chewed up wad of gum and it is absolutely disgusting. Am I right? Is touching chewed gum one of your pet peeves?

Question 19

Attention seekers

Some people out there never have enough attention. It's as if their life goal is to gain as much attention as possible. Attention is like oxygen. They don't need plants to emit oxygen. Instead, all they need is for someone to pay attention to them! And they ask it for it in obnoxious ways. What do you think?

Question 20

People who leave your door open

Think about all of those times where your door was shut and someone walked in. They proceeded to talk to you, and then leave your room without closing your door! The injustice! You had to resort to screaming after them to close it or you had to get up and close it yourself. What an unnecessary part of your day! What do you think about this topic?

Question 21

The sound of cracking knuckles

I understand that some people crack their knuckles. It is inevitable that you will stumble across many of these people in your lifetime. But does that cracking noise have to be so loud and intrusive? I can't think when someone else is cracking their knuckles! Do you dislike this sound too?

Question 22

Slow elevators

Slow elevators are the absolute worst because they are basically laughing at you for not taking the stairs. When you take the elevator, you are making the conscious decision not to walk up or down those flights of stairs. Slow elevators make you regret that choice! You have somewhere to be, don't you agree?

Question 23

Loud breathers

Those people who breathe so loudly that it's as if you are listening through a stethoscope are the ones who are a pet peeve. Can they not breathe any quieter? They give the Big Bad Wolf a run for his money! They could blow the homes of the Three Little Pigs straight to the ground. What do you think about loud breathers?

Question 24

When someone vacuums while you are sleeping

Sleep is not for the weak. In fact, sleep is very important! Everyone needs seven to eight hours a night. Imagine sleeping blissfuly and then being awoken by the loud sound of a vacuum! It is downright rude. Can't they see that you are sleeping?! What do you think about this?

Question 25

Clicking pens

People who click their pens non stop must be banished. When you're in the library, studying or reading while enjoying the silence, and then someone has to start clicking their pen, don;t you get annoyed? If you don't you must have a really high tolerance to pet peeves! Most people would consider it incredibly distracting. what about you?

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