Rate These Comedies And We'll Guess Your Favorite Funny Actor

There's nothing quite like a good comedy. With so much going on in the world, sometimes people have to just relax and laugh a little bit. Comedies can be based in real life, or they can be wacky and cartoonish. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they make people laugh, and laughter is always the best medicine. A great comedy is not just funny because of how silly it is, but also because of how reflective it is of real life. The jokes land harder when the audience can think about them and say "that's just like what happens to us!"

Often the characters in a comedy are facing familiar problems that most people have in their real life. The only difference is that they are not always dealing with those problems in the right way. Sometimes the characters are not smart enough to deal with them properly, and sometimes they are just everyday people who are put into situations that are entirely out of their control. One thing is for sure though, it is the comedic performers who make these roles special, and make the characters they play so unforgettable.

Take a shot at rating these comedy films, and we'll try to guess which comedic actor is your absolute favorite!

Question 1

21 Jump Street

After they completely mess up an easy arrest by not reading the culprit his rights, two low-level cops are transferred to a precinct on Jump Street. there, they are given the assignment to infiltrate a high school as students (since they are the youngest looking officers). There, they must uncover a criminal operation. Along the way, the two cops relive their own high school dreams, becoming the people that they thought they could never be. the film is based on a television show of the same name.

Question 2

Good Burger

After he gets into a car accident with a teacher from his school and is made to pay for it, a student must find a job. He applies at a local burger joint, which is run by a variety of strange and eccentric employees. Along with his new friends, the student learns how to make the best of his situation, while also battling against a giant burger conglomerate that has opened up right across the street. The film stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

Question 3

Step Brothers

When their parents decide to get married, tow childish forty-year-old men must learn how to live in the same house and get along with each other. Though they start off as enemies. they quickly become best friends and embark on some strange adventures. They build their own bunk beds so they have more room for activities, they make a music video on their father's boat, and they ultimately must grow up and get real jobs. Just kidding, they're right back to where they were by the end of the film.

Question 4

The Wedding Singer

When a wedding singer is left at the altar by his bride on his own wedding day, he begins to spiral into sadness and is unsure if he will ever perform at a wedding ever again. After he befriends a waitress at the reception hall where he often works, he agrees to help her with planning her wedding. However, as the two spend more time together, they become closer, until finally, the singer reveals his true feelings in a heartfelt song on an airplane.

Question 5

Pineapple Express

When a process server and an acquaintance with whom he typically has small transactions end up targeted by a group of criminals and hitmen, they must go on the run and figure out a plan to get themselves to safety. Unfortunately, these two are nowhere near smart enough to get away from their pursuers and instead must face them head-on. In the end, they get the upper hand, but are left a little bit worse for wear as they sit and have breakfast at a greasy spoon.

Question 6

Wayne's World

When two immature metalheads with their own public access television show are given the opportunity to take their show to the national level, they jump at the chance. Unfortunately, they learn the hard way that being under the thumb of a corporate boss is a lot worse than just doing things themselves. Wayne's World is filled with hilarious jokes, great comedic performances, and memorable lines. It was followed by a sequel, which upped the zaniness, and even featured a cameo appearance by Aerosmith.

Question 7

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is an incredibly unique movie that became a massive cult hit almost overnight. High school student Napoleon (yes, that is his real name) tries to get through every day but is often picked on by the bullies at his school. However, upon making friends with another young man named Pedro, Napoleon tries to help him get elected as class president. He also tries to stay sane at home while his meathead uncle looks after him and his older brother.

Question 8

Mrs. Doubtfire

After a divorced dad is kept from seeing his children, he comes up with a wildly ridiculous plan: he disguises himself as an elderly woman in order to work for his wife as a nanny and spend some time with his kids. However, things get out of control, especially as the dad tries to juggle both sides of his life. Robin Williams stars in this heartwarming comedy which became wildly popular when it was released and is still considered an all-time comedy classic.

Question 9

The Hangover

Four guys head to Las Vegas for a wild bachelor party, but end up getting way more than they bargained for. Three of the friends wake up the next morning and realize that they have lost the groom. what is worse is that they have absolutely no memory of what happened the night before. They must piece together the clues and retrace their steps to figure out what happened to their friend. along the way, they discover they did some really weird things.

Question 10

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

When the mascot for the Miami Dolphins football team goes missing, the police begrudgingly call in a well-known but very odd pet detective named Ace Ventura. Ace is not well-liked by any of the police, although he repeatedly proves that he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to solving a case. Along the way, Ace has to put up with a variety of obstacles. It turns out that the person who committed the crime is actually a disgruntled former football player.

Question 11

Wedding Crashers

Two divorce lawyers may seem like the completely wrong people to have at a wedding, but it doesn't matter, because they're not actually on the invite list. These guys just love to head to any random wedding and have as much fun as possible. Of course, things get complicated when one of the lawyers falls in love with someone he meets at a wedding. She is engaged to someone else, and the lawyers must pretend to be friends of the family to keep from getting found out.

Question 12


After he is called in on his day off, Dante must man the counter at a local convenience store, putting up with all kinds of weird customers and his own personal problems. He is joined on this day by Randall, his friend who works at the video store next door. The film is a little slice of life with some very weird occurrences and a lot of examinations on relationships and friendship, including a street hockey game taking place on the roof of the store.

Question 13


A woman who works as a writer at a magazine has embarked on several unsuccessful relationships in her life and prefers to just stick to singular flings. She is a complete mess, and never really takes anyone else's feelings seriously. That all changes when she meets a sports doctor who is charming, funny, and handsome. They start a relationship, but she is not entirely used to being there for someone else or putting their needs ahead of her own. The film stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.

Question 14

Tommy Boy

When his father's automotive parts business is about to be taken over by another huge company with a less than virtuous CEO, a young man must jump into the world of sales with his childhood friend. Although things start off going very wrong, the two friends discover that the son has the gift of gab which can help immensely with sales. They embark on a road trip to try and sell as many parts as they can in order to keep the business in the family.

Question 15

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

After Peter is unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend Sarah Marshall, he takes an impromptu trip to Hawaii in order to get away and clear his head for a little while. Unfortunately, Sarah happens to also be staying at the hotel with her new boyfriend, rock star Aldous Snow. Peter tries to make the best of the situation, taking part in surf lessons, spending time at the hotel bar, and generally just trying to move on with his life, which becomes easier when he starts seeing the hotel concierge.

Question 16

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

After he tries to take down his nemesis, Dr. Evil, super spy and ladies man Austin Powers is cryogenically frozen in the 60s and thawed out in the 1990s. He instantly becomes a man out of time, unable to connect with the modern age and struggling to fit in. However, he is still an excellent spy and goes after Dr. Evil with gusto. The film was incredibly popular when it came out and spawned many different catchphrases. It was followed by two sequels.

Question 17

Office Space

Peter Gibbons is tired of his job. Every day he goes in and does the same thing. He has to deal with eight bosses coming by his desk to let him know when he has made a mistake, and he is always being asked to come in on the weekend. After a hypnotherapy session, though, Peter learns to let go and stop caring so much. His new attitude makes him a much more attractive employee, but his friends' jobs are on the line, and he has to help them.

Question 18

Groundhog Day

Phil Connors is a vain weatherman who wants to be a news anchor. However, his bad attitude and general selfishness put him at odds with his fellow staff members. After he is sent to a small town in Pennsylvania to cover the Groundhog Day ceremonies, he begins reliving the same day, over and over and over. He must figure out how to break the loop, and along the way he learns some valuable lessons about how to be a better person.

Question 19

We're the Millers

After a small time crook is robbed, all of the money he owes to his boss goes missing. this means that in order for him to avoid losing his life, he must do a huge favor for him. He is tasked with transporting something across the border, but in order to do so, he must pretend to have a family. He enlists the help of some other ne'er-do-wells (and his geeky neighbor) to pose as his family so that they can get across the border and do their job.

Question 20

Billy Madison

Billy Madison is a lazy, rich, spoiled, manchild, who spends his days tanning in the sun and driving around his father's mansion in a golf cart. After his father decides that he is going to leave his hotel empire to someone else, due to Billy's lack of a proper education, Billy makes a deal with his father. He will complete every grade, from kindergarten through high school, in just a few weeks. Billy gets help from his friends and a tough third-grade teacher, in order to win back his father's trust.

Question 21

Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy is the man. He is San Diego's top news anchor, and he is beloved by the city he calls home. However, things start to change when the network decides that they have to bring a woman in to be Ron's co-anchor. Ron tries to get rid of her at first, but the two actually end up falling for each other. Ron and the woman have their share of misunderstandings, and there is one great scene where all of the various news teams fight each other.

Question 22

The Mask

Stanley Ipkiss is a typical down on his luck loser. He has a steady job at a bank, but he can never seem to land a date or overcome the people who push him around. One night, he finds a mysterious wooden mask floating on a pile of trash. when he puts it on, the mask binds to his face and after swirling around in a chaotic tornado, he becomes an entirely new man, one with a bright green face and unimaginable powers.

Question 23


When her best friend tells her that she is getting married and wants her to be the maid of honor, Annie is thrilled. Unfortunately, she is constantly being shown up by another member of the bridal party, and can't seem to get her act together. After her bakery business went under, Annie found it hard to get back on track, and now that she is trying her best and not succeeding at being a maid of honor, it seems like things are even worse.

Question 24


When he is fired from his job because his boss thinks he stole money, Craig must find another way to get some dough, and quickly. He and his friend Smokey try numerous plans to come into some money so that Craig can keep a local tough guy off of his back. However, their plans keep falling short, and the duo realize that they must face their problems head on. Luckily, the community rallies behind them, and everyone gets to stand up to the man who has kept them under his thumb.

Question 25


During one of the last nights of high school, two friends decide that now is the time to try and get the girls they like to notice them. They agree to buy some stuff for one girl's party, despite the fact that they have no way of doing that. Luckily, one of their other friends just got himself a fake ID. Nothing goes right during the entire night, but the friends eventually end up at the party, where things continue to go very wrong.

Question 26

Mean Girls

When a new girl goes to a real high school for the first time in her life, she is quickly confused by the high school's social structure. Luckily, she is taken in by a group of girls known as the plastics. Their leader, Regina George, is the queen bee of the school and is mean to just about everyone that she crosses paths with. Along with her outcast friends, the new girl plans to take down the plastics, but she ends up getting in too deep.

Question 27

Liar Liar

When a successful lawyer continually lets down his son, the son makes a special birthday wish that for just one day, his father would be unable to tell a lie. somehow, the wish comes true, and the father is left unable to lie or skirt the truth. He ends up spilling everything, almost losing his mind in the process, especially since he has an important case that is built on dishonesty. He eventually learns that to be a better father, he has to tell the truth.

Question 28


Buddy grew up at the north pole raised by elves and working for Santa Claus himself. However, once he grows up, he finds out that he is not really an elf, but a human who wound up at the north pole as a baby. He travels to New York City in order to find his father. Unfortunately, it seems like Buddy doesn't fit in with humans so well, either. Eventually, he learns how to just be himself and live in both worlds.

Question 29

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore has always had a tough time living out his dreams. He has had plenty of part time joe jobs, but all he really wants to do is be a professional hockey player. Unfortunately, he can't skate very well, and is prone to outbursts. One day, he discovers that his slap shot actually translates perfectly to golf, allowing him to easily drive a ball 300 yards. He joins the pro tour, but the other golfers are put off by his brash attitude and lack of decorum.

Question 30

Hot Fuzz

After he continually shows up every other cop in his division, Nicholas Angel is transferred to a small countryside town, where he will not outshine anyone because there is barely any crime there at all. At least, that is how things appear. As Nicholas angel beings to settle in, strange things start happening, and several of the townspeople are taken out by cloaked figures. It's up to Nicholas, and his new partner (who loves cop movies) to figure out how they can save the town.

Question 31

The Nutty Professor

An overweight professor, who is brilliant, but feels that he is unattractive, develops a formula that turns him int a much skinnier man. the only problem is that his personality also changes, and instead of being the kind-hearted professor, he instead turns into a rude, brash, and uncouth boor. When he decides to stop taking the formula, he realizes that this other person he has been turning into has gained a life of his own, and he must figure out how to stop this alternate personality.

Question 32

Dumb and Dumber

Harry and Lloyd are a couple of losers who just can't seem to get their acts together. Harry works as a dog groomer, and Lloyd drives a limousine. After Lloyd picks up an attractive woman and tries to return a suitcase she left at the airport, the two friends embark on a journey to find the woman and return the case. What they don't know is that the suitcase is actually full of ransom money, and they have just got themselves tied up in a crime.

Question 33

The Big Sick

Kumail is a struggling comedian who is trying to make it to the big time. One night he meets a student who is at one of his shows, and the two completely hit it off. They end up dating each other, and things are going great. That is, until the girlfriend becomes terribly ill and has to be put in a medically induced coma. Kumail stays by her side and befriends her parents, forming a bond over the girl they all love.

Question 34

Ride Along

A security guard is engaged to the sister of a cop, who thinks that the man is not good enough for her. He has always tried to show that he is worthy of the cop's sister, but just can't do it. After he gets into the police academy, his brother-in-law decides that he should go with him on a ride along through some of the city's toughest areas. Things take a strange turn though, and the two officers must work together.

Question 35


After a married couple moves into a new home, they quickly discover that their neighbors are actually in frat house. The couple has just had a new baby, and the shenanigans, parties, and general rowdiness of the frat house begin to get on their nerves. The neighbors end up going to war with one another, trying to show who is the leader of the neighborhood. The film was followed by a sequel, in which the couple and the frat guys have become friends, and now must deal with a sorority.

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