Rate These Classic Kid Snacks And We'll Reveal Your Toy Story Twin

We hate to be all "back in my day, we had to walk to school in the snow, uphill both ways, barefoot and with three tons of bricks strapped to our backs for no apparent reason", but it does seem like the kids today have things a lot easier than we used to. They've got their iPads and their laptops and their touchscreen phones. Compared to the way we were raised, these rugrats live in a push-button era! They've got it so good, their lives are so cushy, their gig is so sweet, they don't even know it! But there is one thing that was a lot better back when we were kids—the snacks.

The food that they market towards the kids these days are all about "health" and "vitamins" and "minerals". What is that all about? Ick! Spare us from that nonsense, please. We would rather have our prepackaged junk food deliciousness any day of the week, and we bet most people our ancient age would agree with us, too! Get nostalgic. Consider these delicious classic kid's snacks. Remember them. Rate them. Google them and see where to buy them. And once that's done, we'll reveal everyone's Toy Story character twin. So much win!

Question 1


Tiny cookies with a frosting dipping sauce, Dunkaroos were like chips and dip and dessert had a baby. We were always partial to the chocolate icing, ourselves, but the rainbow, vanilla and strawberry flavors were delicious, too. Sadly, Dunkaroos were discontinued (in 2012 in the US, and in 2018 in Canada), but their tasty memory will live on forever.

Question 2

Fruit Gushers

Gushers are like fruit snacks, but with pharmaceutical liqui-gel technology. Their gorgeously bright exterior almost makes them look like gemstones, so they were always a big hit with the kiddos. From watermelon and strawberry to kiwi and grape, these delicious little doodads came in all kinds of fruit flavors, and we enjoyed every single one of them.

Question 3

Graham Crackers

Ah, yes. Graham crackers. The crackers of the cookie world. Graham crackers serve two purposes: construction material for gingerbread houses and base layer for s'mores. They look like they would taste like cardboard tossed in cinnamon, and, to be honest? Their looks aren't entirely deceiving. But, still and all, they're an iconic kid's snack!

Question 4


If you found a Lunchable in your lunch bag, we don't mean to be melodramatic, but it was like heaven. Any Lunchable was a delicious delight, but the pizza ones were especially popular in our cafeteria back in our day, as were the mini hot dogs. We can almost hear the cracking of the plastic seal, now.

Question 5

Toaster Strudels

If this were a meme, then Pop-Tarts would be "you" and Toaster Strudels would be "the guy she told you not to worry about". Honestly, we don't know who came up with this (actually, yes we do, it was Gretchen Weiner's dad), but we'd like to shake hands with them. *Draws smiley face with icing*

Question 6


One thing kids don't go crazy for? Yogurt. Yoplait's solution to this problem? Put it in a tube. Not sure how a simple packaging switcharoo was enough to convince kids to that they do, in fact, like yogurt, but dang if it wasn't. Every tot loves snacking on-the-go, so Go-GURT was always a real winner!

Question 7

Capri Sun

Not a snack, per se, but the perfect snack accompaniment. Adults have drinks and cheese, and kids? Well, they have Capri Sun and Goldfish Crackers. There are a lot of flavors (or, at least, the packaging said there were a lot of flavors, but they all kind of taste the same, TBH), and they were all irresistible.

Question 8

Nutter Butters

Kids love peanut butter, kids love cookies. It only made sense to combine the two. These cookies are the epitome of yum, and they are so stinkin' cute, too, with their iconic peanut. shape. A sandwich cookie that provides a saltier alternative to Oreos, a couple of these with a tall glass of milk? Unbeatable.

Question 9

Super Pretzels

Crunchy pretzels are tasty, but soft pretzels? That's where it's at. Every kid had a box of Super Pretzels in their freezer. All you had to do was pop 'em in the microwave for a few seconds, sprinkle some of that rock salt on 'em, and boom. Perfect carb-heavy after school snack. It was that easy.

Question 10

Fruit Snacks

Featuring all of the things kids love about fruit, like the sweetness, bit without all of the things kids hate about fruit, like the everything else, fruit snacks were a staple in every family's pantry back in the day. There were so many brands, so many shapes and sizes to admire. How could you say no to these?

Question 11


Pringles are made from potatoes and wheat, so they're less of a chip and more like a cracker trying to be a chip. Don't get us wrong, though, we're not complaining. We could easily slam a stack of these, and we have many, many times. Pretending to be a duck just wouldn't be the same without Pringles.

Question 12

Fun Dip

Literally a packet of sugar, you eat this stuff with Lik-A-Stix—also made of sugar. The perfect candy for any kid who enjoys a snack with multiple steps, just lick the candy wand, stick it in the bag of flavored sugar, and repeat. If you think about it too much, it starts to sound kinda gross, so, uh...don't.

Question 13


SunnyD, like Capri Sun, is not a snack. But can you imagine being a kid and not having a SunnyD with your fruit snacks? We love this stuff, and not just because it tastes like aliens tried to make orange juice using Tang they stole from NASA, but because...no, we guess that's the only reason.

Question 14

Animal Crackers

When Shirley Temple put these in her soup, it was a move that rocked the world. You know, they say they're crackers, but they taste more like cookies, and you know what else? That's A-OK by us! As long as they retain their lion, tiger and bear (oh, my!) shapes, we'll be happy to keep snacking on them.

Question 15

Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal

Some people called Quaker Oats crazy for teaming up with a group of paleontologists, but we're so glad they made that bold move because if they hadn't, we might never have tasted the sheer delicious weirdness of Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal. Truth be told, we're not really sure how this stuff came about, but, whatevs. We dig it.

Question 16

Tootsie Pops

A hard candy that turns into a soft candy, these suckers were the first to have the guts to reach across the aisle and bring the opponents of one vicious and years-long candy debate together. As for how many licks it takes to get to the center, your guess is as good as ours.

Question 17

Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispies are tasty by themselves, and so are marshmallows, and butter, too. But who knew that throwing them all together would create such a fantastic snack? Rice Krispie Treats are exactly that. Treats. Great for in between meals and for a dessert, these little bricks of yum make up the foundation all our childhoods are built upon.

Question 18

Snow Cones

Snow cones, when you break them down to their basest elements, don't seem very special. They're just shaved ice and flavored syrup. What's so great about that? But one bite in, and you know you're onto something good. A refreshing summer treat, there's no end to the flavor combination possibilities with this classic kid snack.

Question 19

Star Crunch

Star Crunch is such an appropriate name for these cookies because they don't taste like cookies at all—at least, not as we earth creatures know them. These caramely, chewy, crunchy bits of pure delight taste like they came from the cosmos, like they're a gift from the heavens. Oh! And that layer of fudge? Wowza!

Question 20


Earlier, we kinda made it sound like Pop-Tarts can't compare to Toaster Strudels, but that's not true! If you're jonesing for a Pop-Tart, only a Pop-Tart will suffice, you can't quench that craving with a Toaster Strudel. A frosted shortbread pastry filled with fruits and sauces, this classic kid's snack gets it oh, so right.

Question 21

Pixie Sticks

Fun Dip and Go-GURT got together and had a brainstorming session. The result? Pixie Sticks. Okay, so we don't actually know that that's what happened, but what else could explain these tubes of pure sugar? These paper straws full of sweet are as tasty as they are bad for you. What do you think of them, eh?

Question 22


Applesauce is, like, the only food you eat as a baby that you could eat in public as an adult and not get looked at weird because of. Some people reach a point where they feel they've outgrown this mushy stuff, but others enjoy it until they lose all their teeth, making it necessary for them to go back to it again anyway.

Question 23

Teddy Grahams

Oooh, Nabisco, you tricky devil! You knew all you had to do to get us to eat your cookies was to bake them in the shape of tiny bears doing jumping jacks, and darn if your scheme didn't work! We love these things, but we couldn't tell you if it's because they're tasty or if it's because they're cute.

Question 24

Squeeze Its

Squeeze Its came in several flavors, but whenever you went to someone's house to play Tetris on their Game Boy and they asked if you wanted one, they didn't tell you what flavors they had, they just told you the colors. Purple, red, blue, whatever the shade of these drinks, they didn't taste like they were supposed to, but they were still delicious. What a happy accident!

Question 25

Nutty Bars

Little Debbie took Reese's peanut butter and chocolate combination idea and they totally ran with it when they created this delicious lunch box snack. Salty yet sweet and layered between cookie wafers to achieve a state of snack flawlessness, how could you possibly say now to a prepackaged sweet treat like this?

Question 26

Ring Pops

You know what this world needs? More edible jewelry. Engagement rings and wedding bands are all well and good, but if you took those two out of the equation, Ring Pops would easily rise to the top in the race to become humanity's most favorite ring. It's wearable candy. How could you not like that?!?!

Question 27

Fruit By The Foot

They sell fabric by the yard, and they sell fruit by the foot. Not sure who was in charge of picking the method of measuring fruit—'course, it's not really fruit, is it? It's fruit leather—but we like the think. Plus, we also like pretending we're a lizard, so this hits all two of the marks.

Question 28

Bomb Pops

These popsicles are aptly named because they really are the bomb. If you spent even one day at any pool ever back when you were a kid, then chances are you enjoyed one of these refreshing frozen treats. You can't have a pool and not have these popsicles on hand, too. In fact, we think it's the law.

Question 29

Bagel Bites

We thought bagel pizzas were lazy, but apparently it gets even lazier. Hey, we're not saying we don't love us some bagel bites, but you enter a whole new level of couch potato when you start purchasing bagel pizzas premade and frozen. We mean...we're still going to buy them because we are lazy couch potatoes, but still.

Question 30


Another drink people only describe based on colors, not flavors, Kool-Aid is nothing if not iconic. This drink's delicious, there's no doubt about that, but if that popular spokes-pitcher weren't there to represent it, we doubt it ever would've gained such popularity. We mean, the Kool-Aid Man is just so cool. Who wouldn't wanna be *just* like him?

Question 31

Kid Cuisine

Let's face it, all frozen meals, whether they're Lean Cuisines or Hungry Mans (Hungry Men? Ah, whatever), are disappointing. When we begged our moms for these Kid Cuisines, we did it knowing that half of it was going to end up in the garbage. And yet, we still wanted them. Why? Who among us can say...

Question 32

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

This was a snack that was never really a snack at all, it just tricked us into thinking it was because we had to chew it. In reality, this wasn't a food item at all, it was just busy work. But it came in a dispenser, it tasted good and it helped pass the time, so we give it two thumbs up.

Question 33

Goldfish Crackers

When it comes to crackers and cookies shaped like animals, marine life is woefully underrepresented. The makers of these crackers saw the need for fish-shaped finger foods, and they rose to the occasion like only they could. These happy goldfish are the snack that smiles back. Hey, wouldn't that be a great slogan?

Question 34

Popcorn Balls

Popcorn is pretty much a hit with everyone, young people and old people alike. We're not really sure what molding popcorn in the shape of a ball does to it that adds so much to its flavor, but it's super effective and we like it. Where do you stand on this issue? Hmmm?

Question 35

JELL-O Pudding Cups

You know, pudding in general is fairly underrated. People these days are all about the cakes and the pies and the various fruit-filled pastries—and we're not saying those treats don't have their benefits. It's just that pudding, especially these JELL-O pudding cups, don't get the appreciation they deserve. Talk about yum!

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