Rate These Celebs In Yoga Pants, And We'll Reveal If You Can Pick Up At The Gym

So, your current mission in life is to pick up at the gym, is it? Oh, we already knew that. We could tell by your hairdo. Just kidding, your hair looks fine.

Having a glorious coif is important, because the gym is a jungle. Here, the natural order of things follows accordingly; the more time an evolved primate has spent at the gym, the higher he or she places on the ladder of hotness and desirability.

There are plenty of ways you can go about picking up at the gym. For instance, you can bother everyone between sets of your dumbbell curls, saying in so many words why going for coffee with you is super worth it. Or, you can keep a safe distance away and eyeball every lady at the gym through the mirror. Maybe your plan is to do that through all your gym sessions for months until the right time strikes. That would be creepy, though.

As an alternative option, if you're looking to skip out on the mystery, you can simply take this test and find out how your gym pick-up game will go. We have a crystal ball, after all, and know everything that happens through time.

As it turns out, for this little challenge, you'll need to first tell us how these celebs rate in yoga pants. Things could be worse, we know.

1Iggy Azalea

Holy yoga pants. We knew that Iggy Azalea can rap, but we didn't know she could... wear yoga pants like that. That's a talent that we definitely don't have. We can't rap, either. How would you rate this content over here?

2Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is internationally famous for her starring role in the TV series Big Bang Theory. Legions of nerds and non-nerds have fawned over her for years, and you can see why. Here she is in yoga pants - how would you rate her?

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