Rate These Cars And We'll Guess Your Favorite Hollywood Actress

I'm sure this might seem like a pretty strange idea. How is it that we can guess a favorite Hollywood actress based on nothing more than the way a quiz-taker rates a series of cars? Well, let's just say that certain cars are prettier and more talented than others...which is obviously the same in the Hollywood scene as well. So, sure, there are some pretty awesome high-end, luxurious, and fast-paced cars on this list. But don't think people won't get to rate their thoughts about the Prius or the Element or even the HHR.

Every sort of car has to be looked at in order to get a real sense of just which actress might be best suited to the comments people choose for each machine. And hey, even if people end up with an actress they actually don't like...at least there were still 50 cars that everyone got to take a look at...and maybe a good 35 of them, at least, are very pretty to look at. That has got to count for something, right?

So, what is everyone waiting for? Get in the driver's seat and take a ride to see which Hollywood actress is waiting at the finish line!

Question 1

Mazzanti Evantra?

This car is a special sort of production car in that only five Evantras are built every year. They are all built on commission and with only five max going out every year, I'm sure everyone can see just how rare and high-end this car is. It is interesting that such a rare car would get a name like 'Evantra" since the creators of this car take the name to mean something like unity and eternity. I mean, this car is not uniting many people together...but I suppose the few that are out there could live forever. The car starts at $800,000...

Question 2

Lamborghini Aventador S?

The Lambo Aventador S is certainly a fun update on the regular Aventador. There are new electronic systems on board for a better right and the V12 powering the car dishes out an additional 40 horsepower over the original, totalling 730 horsepower. That being said, it seems to be that all this took was a bit of tweaking on the engine because the heft of the car has not changed one bit. And it doesn't hurt that this machine can go 0-60 mph in only 2.9 seconds. And let's be honest here, this is a pretty mean-looking car that has really made a name for itself.

Question 3

McLaren F1

This car used to be, at one point in time, the fastest street legal production car on the market. Of course, that title came with a pretty incredible price that was only about $100,000 shy of a million bucks. However, there has been at least one version of the McLaren F1 that has since sold at auction for over $15 million! That is nutty and just goes to show how important this car has been to the automotive world. And please remember that this is a car that came out in the 90s and people still love it this much!

Question 4

Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is actually a pretty interesting car in that it is only known as the Acura NSX on this continent. Typically, this is actually just a Honda car, but maybe after being flooded with Civics we just didn't want to see another "sporty" Honda on the roads? That being said, the Acura NSX is certainly a far superior car to the Honda Civic. The whole idea behind this car was to do nothing more than to either match or top the level of the V8 Ferrari range back in 1984. Considering when this car did finally drop, that has taken them some time to do.

Question 5

Tesla Model X?

Here is a pretty new and wicked vehicle out on the road. If there is one thing that Elon Musk has done right (in spite of his legal troubles) it has been the building of his awesome Tesla cars...all of them. Sure, the base price of this bad boy is over $120,000 but it is a luxury CUV that is electric and can run between 237-295 miles between charges. That is not too bad at all, so far as I'm concerned. And the tech for these cars is only going to get better, and the price of these cars will only get cheaper and then we won't even need to have the petrol-powered hybrids out there. We'll just need more charging stations.

Question 6

Lincoln Navigator?

This giant SUV has been on the market from Ford for 20 years now. Originally making its debut in 1998, the Navigator is pretty well sold only on this continent exclusively. There is not much of a market for an SUV like this around the world. Looking for a higher end version of the Ford Expedition, the Navigator has been pushed out onto the wealthier market with great success. Maybe not the same amount of success as the Cadillac Escalade but I think it's no secret that Cadillac has long been the better luxury brand. That being said, this still is a beast of a car.

Question 7

Ford Mustang Shelby?

Here is one of my personal favorites on this list of possible fav cars. Of course, that means very little to anyone else's personal choices but the Shelby Mustang has got a lot of history and a lot of love, for sure. Carroll Shelby has worked on a great number of Ford cars in his day before he passed and while there was a time that the Shelby badge wasn't being pushed out on Mustangs, Shelby came back in 2005 and the Mustang itself has made a bigger and better name for itself as a high-end car now that the company has managed to escape the ridiculous 90s Mustangs.

Question 8

Ford F-450

Here is a heavy duty truck, to be sure. The F-450 is a whole lot more truck to use on the job than the F-150, make no mistake. In terms of hauling, it could put out perform the Raptor. Of course, the Raptor is just a luxury pickup with a lot of power for fun driving and not as much for actual work. But this Super Duty truck is a monster that first made its debut in 1998. And it's not even that expensive a truck even these days. It is still pretty comparable with what people would pay out there for a much smaller and less able truck. Dropping $50,000 on this thing is worth it for the money one could make with it.

Question 9

Dodge Viper?

This is a pretty awesome car straight from the U.S. It's always nice to see that there are some pretty powerful cars coming from the U.S. and not just from Italy and Germany. The Viper first hit the streets back in 1991 and while there was a brief halt in production for a few years, popular demand brought the car back again. To be fair, the company was worried about going straight into the hole but an executive decision kept the car and the company afloat. There are some pretty hardcore fans of this car, to be sure. I wonder how many of those fans are here taking the quiz right now...

Question 10

Chrysler 300?

THis car is actually pretty fun, I have to say. I ended up with a quadruple upgrade from an economy car when I rented once and I landed one of these for no charge (other than the gas it sucked up). It has a decent amount of power and is a lot of fun to drive around in the snow because all of the power only goes to two of the wheels and it's very easy to spin. It first came to market in 2005 and not only came in its regular form but also a station wagon form as well...which sounds...interesting. The car has still been going strong since its first production year with only a couple of evolutions.

Question 11

Rolls-Royce Phantom?

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a car that has gone through ten different evolutions throughout the years and those evolutions go as far back as 1925. Leave it to Rolls-Royce to know just how to morph a car from one era to another and still make it one of the best luxury cars on the market with an interesting new look. That being said, the current edition of the Phantom, with all of its luxury, does not go cheap. It starts at about $450,00 and due to the many features that Rolls-Royce offers, the price can very easily make its way up to $600,000.

Question 12

Porsche 911?

This is a pretty classic sports car right here. Porsche has been putting out the 911 since the early 60s. The first year this car rolled into the market was back in 1963 and it has been around ever since. There has yet to be any sort of hiatus for this car. That's how popular it ultimately is. Sure, it is a pretty cool car but I'm sort of amazed that the Dodge Viper went out of style for a bit over this car that has never once gone out of production. This car has quite the range when it comes to price. It starts at about $90,000 but it can go beyond $300,000 depending on the specific model of 911.

Question 13

Nissan GT-R

Who would have ever thought that Nissan, of all car brands, would actually have something of a very high-end and sporty car? This car started out back in 1969, if anyone can believe that. It ran until the mid 70s and then the car ran again from 1989-2002. It is pretty surprising to think about a Nissan that costs just about $100,000! It's not something I think anyone would expect but it is a pretty high-performance machine, for sure. Riding with the power of 565 horses and going as fast as 195 mph, this is a pretty powerful car, to be sure.

Question 14

Mercedes SLS AMG?

This is, for sure, one of my very favorite cars on this list and it is certainly my favorite modern Mercedes. However, starting out at about $200,000, it's not exactly a car that will end up in my garage any time soon. Either way, the car is also a limited production car anyway so it's not like there are any left to score. Some people here might wonder what SLS stands for with this Merc. It means Super Light Sport. The run of this car lasted from 2009 until 2014 with its limited production line. It's not the lightest car in the world, but it's lighter than other Mercs in its class.

Question 15

Lexus LFA?

So, look. This car is pretty well $450,000 but most people would not pay that much right away for this machine. Lexus likes to point out that one only needs to drop $375,000 at first and then, after two years, can drop an additional $90,000 or so to pay off the rest of the car. I'm not sure this is too much of a deal but there it is. The Lexus LFA is one of the favorites of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear and Grand Tour fame. There is something special about this car for him. a V10 engine and over 550 horsepower? I can see why.

Question 16

Lamborghini Diablo?

This really cool car started its foray into the market back in 1990 and has long been one of my favorite cars out there. There is just something about that stock purple paint job that gets me in a special place. When I asked my parents for a car way back in the day, they got me a Hot Wheels version of this very car in the standard royal purple. I'm sure that cost about $7.00. The real car? Oh, it started out at over $200,000 in the 90s until the end of its run in 2001. Now it can be got for about $130,000. Not all that much of a difference, ultimately.

Question 17

Koenigsegg One:1?

There is something very special about the Koenigsegg One:1. What is it? Well, it's the meaning behind the name of the car. Sure, the Agera and Regara are pretty sweet machines too but this car has a special quality, to be sure. For nearly every single kilogram of this car, there is the power of a horse which ultimately leads this car to have over 1300 horsepower in the end. That is some serious power, I must say. Of course, that power does not come cheap. This car goes for $1.5 million. Power is not exactly cheap, it would seem.

Question 18

Lamborghini Huracan?

If no one can tell by the name of this car, it is named after a hurricane...that might just give everyone an idea of the kind of power that it might just happen to have. The Lambo Huracan is a replacement for the previous Lambo V10 which was called the Gallardo. One could snag one of these bad boys that rides with the power of 610 horses and that is not to be taken lightly. One can also get this with four-wheel drive which is pretty nutty to think about. I mean...imagine taking this car off-roading...sounds like fun to me.

Question 19

Honda Civic?

Well, here is a car that is probably one of the most popular on this entire list of 50 cars. There is pretty well no mistaking that fact here. Ever since The Fast And The Furious first hit big screens all over the place, the Honda Civic has become one of the most popular cars to buy and then deck out to be "sporty" in one way or another. That, or people will just really mess with the camber angle on the wheels and the make the car look truly ridiculous. I think it's the ease with which this car can be modded that people love so much.

Question 20

Hennessey Venom?

Here is one of the fastest production cars in the world. Built and sold for about six years, the Hennessey Venom has been able to boast a faster run than the Bugatti Veyron, though due to the number of Venoms sold, it could not officially be claimed to be the fastest street legal production car. That being said though, this thing can ramp up to an astonishing 265.7 mph...that is just nothing more than a butty speed that I would never want to drive at, that's for sure. Which is fine because I'll never be able to afford the $1.2 million car anyway.

Question 21

Ford Mustang?

I'd like to say that it honestly does not matter which Mustang we want to talk about here, I love them all, but that is just not the truth. There are some pretty ridiculous Mustangs out there, for sure. I mean, the 90s was a really bad decade for these once beautiful cars. The Fox bodies for the Mustang did nothing to help it, that's for sure. However, each year now they are getting closer and closer to looking something like the great Mustangs of old from the 60s and 70s. I'd love to have a Shelby GT500 in the garage that I don't own.

Question 22

Ford GT?

Well, here is a car that is all about paying homage to a classic Ford of old. This updated and pretty mean-looking machine is the epic Ford GT. For about $450,000, this car could be taken home to ride with the power of 647 horses. That is not a bad go. I mean there are cheaper cars that have comparable horsepower out there but they do not look like this thing, nor do they have the history of the original Ford GT under their belt. That being said, this is ultimately just a really pricey decoration for anyone who lives in a place with bumpy streets.

Question 23

Ferrari 458 Speciale?

Well, here is a car that starts out at about $330,000 for the base model. That is not a cheap car by any means. So what does someone get when they buy a 458 Speciale? Well, there is a V8 sitting in there that can push the car to ride with the power of 597 horses, so that is something I'd call pretty decent. It can run up from 0-60 mph in only three seconds. Of course, that is not by any means the fastest 0-60 run, but it's not a trivial time, for sure. And with a top speed of 199 mph, I'd say that this car has some pretty sweet power behind it.

Question 24

DeLorean DMC-12?

Alright, if no one here knows what this car is or where it is from then there are some serious issues, for sure. I mean, this is probably one of the greatest film cars of all time. Sure, it's not the Aston Martin DB5 from the Bond series. It's not the Mustang Fastback from Bullitt either, or the Trans AM from Smokey and the Bandit but this is the time machine from Back To The Future! And that was certainly a huge part of my childhood, for sure. While this car can do more than 88 mph, I think everyone who knows the film would recommend probably not doing that for safety's sake.

Question 25

Chevy Camaro?

This car has been around for quite some time and while it did halt production for a while in the 00s, the Chevy Camaro is pretty well the best of the Chevy attempts at a muscle car. I mean...it is pretty well the only one that has managed to survive the original muscle car era of the late 60s. After all, the Camaro was the original competition for the Ford Mustang back in 1966 and there is a lot of history there, for sure. And then, of course, Dodge started pushing out there own go at muscle cars too. This is still a popular car, for sure.

Question 26

Bugatti Veyron?

Alright, so this is one of the fastest street legal production cars in the world right now. Sure, it's sister car, the Bugatti Chiron is ultimately faster and more powerful (and more expensive) but this $1.5 million car does ride with the power of over one thousand horses and that is nothing to joke about, for sure. That is a fierce machine. And with a quad turbocharged W16, it is no wonder that this thing can 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and run up to 255 mph at its top speed. This car means business...and can only be afforded by someone who is very successful with business.

Question 27

Toyota Yaris?

This car is not exactly a match for all of the high end and sporty and luxury cars that are found on this list but that does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that there are not people here who would still like to own one of these cars. And that being said, this is at least a car that most people here could probably afford, and that does go a long way. I recall that the Yaris is one of the first race options in one or two of the Forza games. This little thing could easily be turned into a bit of a rally car.

Question 28

Tesla Roadster?

There is something about the Tesla Roadster that is just inherently awesome. It could be that it's a sporty car that is run completely on electric power as opposed to petrol. That could be part of it. Elon Musk certainly did a bang up job on this baby. Or it could have something to do with the fact that Elon Musk now has one of these thing out in orbit to make the record of the fastest car in the known universe. It has been flying through space at a speed of 7,532 mph. That is just ridiculous, to say the least.

Question 29

Bugatti Chiron?

Alright, everyone get ready to feel the pain in each other's wallets. Does anyone want to even venture a guess as to how much the Bugatti Chiron costs? Well, let me just say that if we're just talking the base model, the price is already sitting at a nutty $3 million. And that is before adding any fun features which could eventually push the price up another couple hundred thousand. That being said, it does have 1479 horsepower...and a capped speed of 261 mph...because faster than that would be irresponsible.

Question 30

Audi R8?

In comparison to a lot of the cars on this list, this is actually not a very pricey machine. It only starts at just over $160,000. Yes, I know. I realize that pretty well no one here is buying one of these any time soon but at least we can all stop and stare at it. That can be fun. Or we can watch Tony Stark tear down the road in one of these in the Iron Man series. That's always fun. I think Marvel and Audi had a pretty special deal for the Iron Man franchise because they push the Audi out there quite a bit.

Question 31

Aston Martin Valkyrie?

Well this is no cheap car, that's for sure. It's like Aston Martin decided it would be a while before they build the next Bond car so they should build a car that only has a total of 150 units to be sold and that goes for a starting price of $3.2 million. That is something else, for sure. I don't know what was going through their minds but they did manage to sell them all, of course. Maybe it has something to do with the V12 engine and the fact that it rides with the power of over 1,100 horses.

Question 32

Toyota Prius?

I know that there must be some people out there taking this quiz who are laughing at the idea of commenting on a Toyota Prius. I know. I get it. It's not exactly very high-end. Though it is rather more high-tech than people might want to give it credit for. It does have a battery to run on for a time (being a hybrid and all) and that does push the whole "going green" concept by wasting less gas. And it is a car that is under $30,000 so that has ultimately got to count for something, right? At least that.

Question 33

Nissan Juke?

This is one of the most ridiculous cars that I have ever seen and that is saying a lot because I have also seen the Honda Element and the Nissan Cube. Either way though, for starting out at $23,000 and going to upwards of just over $30,000, depending on the features chosen at purchase, the Nissan Juke is at least an affordable car, even if it only has 188 horsepower under the hood and looks more like a dune buggy or a toy car. There are some people who love that concept. So...what does everyone think? Give us a rating!

Question 34

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X!

This has got to be, pretty much hands down, the most douchebag sort of car on this list. I actually recall writing an article once about how this was one of the douchiest car of all time. It's not so much to do with the car itself. It's about the sorts of people who love to drive this car and trick it out to be like a "totally sweet ride bruh." People love to try and make this car the best racer in the world, while adding underglow, changing up the camber angle (to a ridiculous degree) and giving the thing a pretty deplorable paint job while they're at it.

Question 35

Hummer H2?

I'm not sure that I have ever actually met someone who owns a Hummer but I have certainly had a few issues with people who drive them. When I used to live in Toronto, people who drive Hummers would love nothing more than to ride down the smallest streets just to force other cars almost onto the sidewalks to avoid being crushed. It's the interesting this about the Hummer. It's based on a military all-terrain vehicle, but it certainly spends most of its time driving down city streets so that it can be shown off. Take the thing mudding for goodness' sake!

Question 36

Honda Element?

This is sort of a laughable car, to say the least. I mean, this isn't exactly in production much anymore and that has led the car to being sold for anything from $4,000 to over $20,000. That is the wide range that people are pushing these out for these days. I guess having the squared off back end does help with storage and stacking so it's not like there are no pros when buying one of these but don't expect a world of power to underneath that hood. Especially considering that this thing rides with the power of only 166 horses.

Question 37

Ford F-150 Raptor?

Well, here is probably one of the prettier of all the pickup trucks out there. It's not like there are a lot of people who love to look at sports car who would also be really down for gazing at one of these but there is quite a bit of power under the hood of the F-150 Raptor and the starting price is only just over $50,000 which makes this machine way cheaper than most of the other cars on this list. That being said, while it is a pickup, this truck is meant way more for showing off its power through speed and tearing up off road...not by hauling or anything productive like that.

Question 38

Ford Bronco?

Here is a Ford that has not been in production for years and years now by this point. That being said, it is amazing that they are bringing this thing back. Or at least I think it's amazing. I remember I used to see these vehicles driving around all the time back in the 90s and the early 00s. I think that O.J. might have had a bit of influence in this car being taken off the market but I guess Ford has deemed the Bronco worthy of a comeback and the thing looks better than I think it ever has. I'm excited to see these out on the road soon!

Question 39

Dodge Nitro?

This car sort of makes me laugh. I mean, it has definitely got storage space, and that is a very useful thing but in terms of Dodge vehicles out there, this is by no means the prettiest, that's for sure. I have a friend who has a very vibrant orange one of these and I often get a lift to work in it. It's comfy enough but it really does have a...unique look, to say the very least. It makes me think of what I can only describe as a slightly better looking Chevy HHR, if that helps people to understand what it is I think of this machine.

Question 40

Dodge Charger?

Now here is a classic car, to be sure. When this car was first seen anywhere, it was as a show car and nothing more. This was back in 1964 before the muscle car craze really took over. Two years later, however, is when the Dodge Charger made it out onto the muscle car scene to compete with the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro. All of these cars really were pushed out in 1966 and they all started something that has never quite left in the States. All three of the aforementioned cars are still in production and are not likely to go anywhere.

Question 41

Bentley Continental?

Here is one of the most luxurious cars out there in the world. Or...at least this is one of the best known luxury cars out there in the world, hands down. There is something about the Bentley COntinental that does sort of scream "old man" but there is also something about it that seems to whisper "understated". Sure, the Continental has really not changed its look much in decades but I think that's because this over $200,000 machine has never needed to be anything more than the standard for high-end luxury cars. Not even the GT has changed much in looks...but it is about $450,000.

Question 42

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon?

The Challenger Demon is certainly a powerful machine that does give Ford and Chevy a run for their money in one way or another. That being said, it's not like the Mustang or the Camaro or Corvette are ever going to go out of production but they will certainly be outperformed by this machine that rides with the power of over 800 horses. That being said, the price of one of these cars is about triple the price of a standard Mustang and about twice the price of a base Shelby. This thing starts out at about $80,000. Not a cheap show off car.

Question 43

Cadillac Escalade?

This is perhaps one of the most popular SUVs out there for some odd reason. It is incredibly popular with people who have positions of power in the government and it definitely is very popular with the rap community for some odd reason. I guess rappers need to have a tricked out and giant SUV that is overpriced for no other reason than the fact that this machine has the Cadillac badge on the front end. This SUV is over $70,000 but there are certainly cars out there around the same size for at least $20,000 cheaper, that's for sure.

Question 44

Dodge Caliber?

I have to say that while this is certainly by no means the most reliable of Dodge cars (it actually has one of the poorest reliability ratings out there for Dodge) and while it is by no means the most powerful of Dodge cars, I happen to actually like the Caliber. And I am not even a fan of hatchbacks by any stretch of the imagination. There is something about the power in its take off that is pretty fun. But also dangerous when worrying about cops. Just lightly touching the gas will jump this thing up over the speed limit without the driver even noticing.

Question 45

Chevy Corvette Stingray?

This is a pretty old car, that's for sure. Obviously not the model in the photo here, but the Corvette has been around since the late 50s and the Stingray was not all that far behind. While this has never really been fully included in the muscle car classification of cars, the Vette Stingray is still a fun car that often is put alongside the Mustang, the Charger, and the Camaro when looking back at that wonderful era of 60s machines. Today, this car starts at about $55,000 which is about twice the price of a base Mustang. Is it worth it?

Question 46

Dodge Avenger?

Dodge seems to have a thing for not really giving its clientele very reliable cars outside of their muscle car options. The Dodge Avenger has always seemed to be, to me, an attempt of making a car that is slightly lower in class than a muscle car like the Charger or Challenger, while still selling all sorts of units. That being said, the Avenger is not still in production and it not the highest in terms of reliability. The number of forums out there where people have complained about this car falling apart is actually pretty surprising. At least it does look pretty good.

Question 47

Chevy HHR?

I do happen to make fun of this car fairly often when I see one driving down the road. I do not know what was going on at Chevy that they decided that this was a good look for a vehicle but that being said, there is something about it that still got people to buy it. It could have something to do with the fact that there is actually quite a bit of space in this vehicle and it does cost under $20,000. That would be my guess as to why this machine has sold as well as it has. I think Chevy was basically saying "If anyone wants storage space for cheap...this is the look."

Question 48

Chevrolet Malibu?

There used to be two of these cars parked in my family's driveway. There was something about the car that we thought was reliable. I always loved the fact that we had one or two if only because I have gone out of my way to see what these cars used to look like. I hope that one day the classic look of the Chevy Malibu comes back because it was something to behold and would actually be worth the $25,000 it costs to get one of these machines. Either way, this is still a fairly reliable and common enough vehicle.

Question 49

Chevy Impala?

Here is a car that is still in production. Or at least one can still find one of these machines fairly easily out there. That being said, the ones that people will find out there these days will likely look nothing like the one in this photo. This is why I love the show Supernatural. It is a great thing they did to have the classic Chevy Impala as the car of choice for the lead characters. It is sad to see that same car getting toasted every other episode, but that doesn't change the fact that it still is a very pretty car to look at, for sure.

Question 50

VW Beetle?

This is probably one of the most iconic of cars on this whole list (if not the most iconic). The Beetle has been around on the market in so many variations since as far back as 1938. That is a long run for a car. Sure, it's not like there has been a new evolution of this car every production year since then, but there have been enough that this is still a very common car to see out there on the road. I remember when yelling out "punch buggy" or "slug bug" was a big deal in the late 90s and early 00s. Lots of fun and bruises to be had.

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