Rate These Baby Names To Find Out The Baby's Celebrity Twin

Anyone here got babies on the brain? When it is time to start thinking babies, one of the very first things that comes to mind is the name selection. Even those who have never actually considered having a baby themselves, have at least toyed with the idea of picking out a name. It is just a fun thing to think about. After all, how much time and energy have we put into naming things like our pets or even our cars?

Today's quiz is all about the baby names. We will be listing both boy names and girl names, and all everyone here has to do is pick the ones they like best. Some of them will be classics, while others will be more "out of the box" options. If there is one thing Hollywood has taught us over the years, it is that anything goes when it comes to naming our children. As fun as looking at the baby names will be, we also have an adorable baby pic to go along with every question! If all of that was not already tempting enough, once all of the questions have been answered, we will guess the baby's celebrity twin! What could be more amusing?

Question 1


Here is a name that was once pretty popular, and seems to be coming back in a big way these days. There is no doubt that the popularity of this name has been totally based on the original film Sleeping Beauty, and now the sequel film Maleficent. After all, Aurora is certainly a less "in your face" Disney name than going with Snow White or Pocahontas (not that these would not be totally awesome baby names themselves). How do we feel about this baby girl name?

Question 2


There has been no limit to the number of famous Marks we've had. Of course, we must pay tribute to the late but great novelist, Mark Twain. Even those who have never read his material, must have at least visited the Mark Twain Riverboat ride at Disneyland, right? There is one Mark that happens to stand out in our minds when considering the baby name, and that would have to be good old Marky Mark. Mark Wahlberg is no doubt one of the biggest celebrities with the name.

Question 3


This pretty girls name has a variety of different spellings. If someone here enjoys the name but prefers it spelled a different way, we can totally count it for this question! We see nothing wrong with maybe dropping an L, or perhaps switching the I to a Y. In terms of celebrities, we have to mention the ever so talented Allison Janney. She may not be a red carpet favorite, but man can she act! How do we feel about the name?

Question 4


There is no shortage of handsome men in Hollywood with the name Liam. For any old school One Direction fans out there, we could never forget Liam Payne. Then on another note, we have Liam Hemsworth. Who doesn't love that guy? He is the new husband of our girl Miley Cyrus, and the two have actually managed to keep their relationship going for some time now. Last but not least, we feel the need to mention the amazing action star, Liam Neeson.

Question 5


So there is a good chance that this name actually originated from the word "olive", but for anyone who isn't a big fan of the food, we might know of a few other selling points. For one thing, the name first rose to popularity when it was used by William Shakespeare in his play, Twelfth Night. If we do not have any theater fans here today, why not think of Olivia Wilde. She is obviously gorgeous, but she also acted in everyone's favorite medical-drama, House! (Wikipedia)

Question 6


Logan is actually a name with some heavy Scottish roots. It was once a word used to describe a place, and not actually a name at all. Because of that, this name ended up with the meaning "hollow". If all of that sounds a little old school, why not take a look at some fictional characters with the name? The most popular would have to be Wolverine of course. He actually just has a stand-alone film which was called "Logan". (Wikipedia)

Question 7


Jennifer is a very popular name indeed. Everybody knows at least a Jennifer or two. Hollywood actually has a fairly long list of them as well. Jennifer Lopez has been a force for years. She can dance, sing, and act! Jennifer Aniston is a woman who seems to never age, literally. If it is even possible, she looks better now than she did on Friends. Of course, we can't forget the quirky Jennifer Lawrence either. Thoughts on this baby name?

Question 8


James is a great name because it can be transformed in so many ways. Someone with the name can choose to go by James, Jim, or even Jimmy. When thinking of famous men with the name, we actually have quite a few. James Cameron is the hotshot writer and director behind some of our greatest films. He was the man responsible for both Titanic and Avatar. On a sadder note, we have James Blunt. His music is emotional, yet beautiful.

Question 9


There is something very magical about the name Sabrina. We are going to assume that this magical energy comes directly from the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. While the actress who played Sabrina was technically named Melissa, there is no denying that her face pops up when we are thinking of the baby name. How does everyone here feel about the name Sabrina? Are we feeling the magic within it, or are we waiting for a better option to come along?

Question 10


Mason was at one time strictly used as a boys name. However, these days it is commonly used for both boys and girls. The name itself comes from the term "stone mason", which basically meant "a man who worked with stone". In terms of big-time celebrities, we do not have as long a list for this name. There is one who happens to stand out in our minds, even though he is not super famous just yet. The firstborn Kardashian grandchild, Mason Disick! (Wikipedia)

Question 11


Over the years, the names Sophie and Sophia have switched back and forth in terms of popularity. For the sake of this question, we can use either if we prefer one over the other. Both of the names come with the same greek meaning, which is "wisdom or skill". Anyone leaning towards the Sophie end of the debate is probably a Game of Thrones fan. Sansa Stark is played by the ever so talented Sophie Turner. Thoughts on the name? (Wikipedia)

Question 12


Here is another name which can be used for both boys and girls. However, it is no secret that it has been more popular for boys throughout the years. This name actually tends to resurface everytime the Spider-Man craze gets started again. The question now must be, which Spider-Man are we naming our kid after? Is Tobey Maguire our favorite? Andrew Garfield? Or is it our newest and youngest addition Tom Holland? How does everyone here feel about this potential baby name?

Question 13


Emma, Emily, Em, Emmy, all of these names derived from the same spot. Since the name Emma has become its own stand-alone name though, we will only be looking at that option for this question. The meaning of it is "universal". This is fitting since we have Emma Roberts, who by this point is pretty much a universal celebrity. She is the niece of the famous Julia Roberts, but she has not stayed in her shadow. In fact, Emma has become her very own star! (Wikipedia)

Question 14


Whether we like the full name or the shortened Ben, it does not matter for this question. Many celebrities who were born with the name Benjamin, have decided to cut it down to its shortened version. We have Ben Affleck of course, who has done amazing things both on screen and behind the screen. Then we also have the ever so funny Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller has acted in tons of movies like Dodgeball, Along Came Polly, and of course, Zoolander.

Question 15


Like the previously discussed name Jennifer, Jessica has been popular for ages now. It seems there is always someone around with the name, and this very much includes Hollywood. We have a ton of different famous Jessica's to look at. There is Jessica Alba, who these days is more of a businesswoman than an actress. We have Jessica Biel, who has left the days of 7th Heaven behind and is now married to the amazing Justin Timberlake. Need we go on?

Question 16


Stay with us, because we are about to confuse everyone about the famous people walking around with the name William. Brad Pitt's first name is actually William, but he decided to drop it for his stage name. Who knew? Then we have Will Ferrell, whose name is not actually Will at all. His middle name is William, but his first name is John. How strange is that? At least it is comforting to know that if our children do not like the names we pick for them, they can always choose to go with their middle name instead.

Question 17


This name can be used for both boys and girls, and it actually has a fair amount of spelling options as well. Most of the celebrities with the name have spelled it this way, so let's go with that for this question. Dakota Fanning was one of few child stars that everyone actually liked. It was hard to find someone who had a critique for her back in the day. More recently, we have had Dakota Johnson on our screens. She played Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades series.

Question 18


Okay so these days, naming a child Chris is basically a sure fire way to ensure that they are extremely handsome. It is just so bizarre to think about how many handsome celebrities have the name Chris right now. Let's run down the list. We have everyone's favorite funny guy Chris Pratt. There is the super talented Chris Pine. We have the God of Thunder himself Chris Hemsworth, and how could we ever forget our leading Marvel man Chris Evans. Not too shabby huh?

Question 19


Kimberly is not a name we hear too often anymore. Although, there are still some pretty big celebrities with the name. The original meaning of it is actually quite beautiful "from the wood of the royal forest". This all just all too fitting since our biggest celeb with the name is from the royal crew of Calabasas. Of course, we are talking about beautiful Kim Kardashian. If we are not big fans of Keeping Up, then we can always turn our attention over to the talented Kim Cattrall. (Wikipedia)

Question 20


Charles is another name that can be altered quite easily. Many with the name Charles choose to go by Chuck or even Charlie. When thinking Charlie, or Chuck for that matter, it is hard not to picture little Charlie Brown. However, that kid has the worst luck, so it is understandable to not want to name a child after him. If we are planning on a tough boy, we can easily look to Chuck Norris for inspiration. How do we feel about this name?

Question 21


Clearly, this name is a variation on other names like Isabel and Elizabeth. Isabella though seems to be popular enough these days to have its very own question, so let's just go with that version here. There is no denying the reason behind the popularity of this name. It has everything to do with the vampire craze that kicked off a few years back. Once everyone finished reading the Twilight books, it seemed everyone wanted their very own Bella. What do we think?

Question 22


Elijah is a cute name on its own, but once we nickname the kid Eli, it almost becomes too cute for words. There is one big actor in Hollywood that comes to mind when we are considering this baby name...Elijah Wood. This was the kid that journeyed his way through Middle-Earth, to get to Mordor. It was a dangerous journey, but our young hobbit made it there in one piece (almost). It is true that a finger was lost, but overall he did a pretty great job.

Question 23


This baby name has been around for ages. It is short and simple, and can even be reduced further by trimming it down to the name Meg. There is one exceptionally pretty face that we must consider when thinking of the name Megan, and that would, of course, have to be Megan Fox. While she has not been too active recently, she has done enough in the past to leave a lasting impression on most of us. How do we feel about Megan?

Question 24


Sometimes the most famous people with the names we are considering, are not actually Hollywood folk at all. When it comes to the name Noah, first thought for a lot of people is naturally Noah's Ark. Anyone who plans on having a little animal lover should definitely give this name a closer look. If we are determined to go off a Hollywood star, there just happens to be a young Cyrus sibling with the name Noah, who is starting to pop up all over the place.

Question 25


Mia is a simple and adorable name. It requires no nickname, as the name is already so short on its own. We have not had a ton of people with this name in Hollywood over the years, but there is one fictional character who definitely deserves a shout out. Mia Thermopolis was, and always will be the Princess of Genovia. For those who don't recognize the name, Mia Thermopolis was the main character of the Princess Diaries film series. Thoughts on Mia?

Question 26


Just like the name Chris, giving a baby the name Ryan seems like a solid way of ensuring they are the most handsome baby of all. When looking at the long list of handsome male celebs, it is surprising how many of them have the name, Ryan. Ryan Reynolds has been making us laugh for years now. Ryan Phillippe was the ultimate heartthrob of the 90s. Then there is Ryan Gosling, everyone's favorite lead for a romantic film. How do we feel about it?

Question 27


Avery was at one point only a last name, but recently many people have started using it as a first name for their children. It is equally popular for boys and for girls. If we have any big time Grey's Anatomy fans with us here today, they would certainly know how important this name has been to the show. At this point in the long-running series, the name Avery belongs to a few of the most prominent doctors. Any thoughts?

Question 28


Here is another name that gained some popularity after the whole vampire craze. Of course, this name has existed for much longer than the Twilight series has, but the series still caused interest in the name to spike when it first came out. Every reader or watcher of the series had a side. We were either Team Edward or Team Jacob. People took their team very seriously, so we can totally see Team Jacob members choosing the name for their babies.

Question 29


Abigail is not one we hear too often in day to day life. However, we have had quite a few pass through Hollywood over the years. Abigail Spencer is a knockout. She has had roles on big shows like Mad Men and Suits, and she was stunning in all of them. Abigail Breslin rose to popularity when she was just a child. She, like Dakota Fanning, is one of few child actors who managed to make the job last past their childhood.

Question 30


It is no secret that Luke is a name from biblical times. However, we do not need to look back that far to find some famous people who have had the name. Luke Bryan is a big-time country star, so maybe the name will lead to a nice singing voice? If we aren't too into country, maybe there are some fans of the show Gilmore Girls out there? Any fans of the show would know that naming a kid Luke, is a compliment of the highest regards.

Question 31


If we take the name Amelia from its Latin background, then it would translate to "industrious". Clearly, this name would be great for anyone with a fierce work ethic. If that is not enough to convince you on the name, we can always turn our heads to the amazing Amelia Earhart. This woman was the very first female to ever fly a plane solo over the Atlantic Ocean. While we cannot promise the name will lead to an interest in aviation, it certainly couldn't hurt! (Wikipedia)

Question 32


When looking at the name Seth, it does not scream "hilarity". However, if we look at the list of male celebs with this name, they are literally all comedy stars. Seth MacFarlane has made us laugh through shows like Family Guy. Seth Rogen really only knows how to do comedy. Seth Green has been a funny guy on the scene since his days in Buffy. We even have Seth Meyers, who is the king of the Late Night stage. Who doesn't love to laugh?

Question 33


Fun fact about this name that many people may not know already, is the meaning of it. When translated, the name means "Christmas Day". Clearly, if we are expecting a holiday baby, this name would be very fitting. If we are in fact little grinches, then we can always use the beautiful Natalie Portman to persuade us on the name choice. How does everyone here feel about the name Natalie for a baby girl? Do we love it, or not so much? (Wikipedia)

Question 34


The name Matthew has always been a popular choice. It has been around for a very long time, and people just never seem to get sick of it. Since it is so common, we actually have quite a long list of celebs with the name. Any fans of the show Glee would surely recognize the name, Matthew Morrison. Then, of course, we have the handsome and talented Matthew McConaughey to consider as well. Is Matthew a name anyone here would choose for their child?

Question 35


This name comes from a Greek background. When translated, the name means "moon". If anyone considers themselves a "night owl", this name may just be the perfect pick! In terms of famous people, obviously, we have the talented singer/actress Selena Gomez. If we aren't too into the pop sensation, then we have to look at the original singer with the name... Selena. She rocked the name so well, that she did not even require a last name! How do we feel about it? (Wikipedia)

Question 36


Colin is another name that really does not require a nickname. It is short on its own, and it rolls off the tongue quite nicely. There are two big-time celebs that come to mind when considering the name Colin. Obviously, we have Colin Firth. The guy has taken home both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Then, on the other hand, we have Colin Farrell. He has been a handsome Hollywood dude for some time now. Many are looking forward to seeing what he does with his role in the new Dumbo remake. (Wikipedia)

Question 37


For this time only, if anyone happens to be a huge fan of the Kardashian clan, we will allow the name to be spelled with either a C or a K. Khloe Kardashian is really the only one rocking the K version, so anyone who picks it for their child may have to face Kris Jenner. If we like the spelling with a C, we can always look to the adorable Chloë Grace Moretz. She has recently taken a break from Hollywood, but we are all hoping she makes a comeback soon!

Question 38


If we thought that the girls' name Sabrina had magical energy to it, it was nothing compared the magic emanating from the name Harry. While some will point out that Harry Styles is a pretty popular kid with the name right now, there is simply no avoiding the Harry Potter references in this one. While we would not wish Harry's unfortunate circumstances on anyone, there is something to be said about choosing the name of the "chosen one". Thoughts on the name?

Question 39


Instead of a specific celebrity, the name Victoria tends to make us think of the popular lingerie store Victoria's Secret. While we cannot promise that any baby with the name will turn out to be one of their angels, it certainly is a pretty choice! For those who do not pay much attention to retail, maybe How I Met Your Mother was a favorite show of someone? Who could forget the on and off relationship of Ted and Victoria? Impossible! How do we feel about it?

Question 40


There really is no limit to the number of famous people we have had with the name George. Where would the world of Sci-Fi even be if George Lucas had never come up with the idea for Star Wars? If we aren't very interested in the far far away galaxies, we need only turn our heads over to the unforgettable George Clooney. The man has been the silver fox of Hollywood for longer than most of us can even remember.

Question 41


The name Penelope has recently started to come back around. It really is a lovely name, and it can easily be shortened down to Penny, which is simply adorable. Penélope Cruz has found success in acting and in modeling, so naming a baby after her would be quite the compliment. If we are part of a younger generation, we may like the name because of Kourtney Kardashian's only girl Penelope. Instead of Penny, they have nicknamed her P! How cute!?

Question 42


Here is another name that may tickle the fancy of any big-time Grey's Anatomy fans out there. Owen Hunt was Seattle Grace Hospital's Chief of Surgery for many years. He was respected by all of the other doctors, and he even married a few of them. In terms of real-life people, Owen Wilson is usually a fan favorite. After all, who didn't get a kick out of the film Wedding Crashers? How are we feeling about this baby name for a boy?

Question 43


This is a name that belongs to plenty of celebrities, however each of them has their own way of spelling it. Zoë Kravitz, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, has the whole umlaut thing going on. Then we have Zooey Deschanel, who has added in that second O. Both of these women are awesome, so we see no problem choosing whatever spelling we like best! How is everyone here feeling about the short but cute name Zoe? Do we love it, or not so much?

Question 44


While the name Jonathan has always been quite popular, these days people have actually started giving out the shortened version of the name out instead. For this question, we are looking at the short version, John. When it comes to celebs, we have quite a few to look at. John Cena is sporting all kinds of muscle, so there's that. John Legend, on the other hand, has the ability to make us all cry with his music, so he would make for a great inspiration as well.

Question 45


For this final question, we will be looking at the baby girl name Mila. It is similar to the name Mia, which we have already covered, but a simple L can make all the difference. There is only one woman who comes to mind when thinking about this name. Naturally, we are talking about the gorgeous Mila Kunis. She has proven herself capable of being a comedy actress as well as a serious one. How is everyone here feeling about the name Mila?

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