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One of the things that keep people going in this world is their passions and hobbies, the things that get them up in the morning. They can become all consuming, offering people a chance to take part in art and creativity on the side of their professional and personal lives. This is how some people become real film buffs, obsessed with the way that cinema is going and how it could be better or worse. We wanted to make a quiz that celebrates the film buffs, and takes a look at how much of a film buff they truly are!

We have pulled together some of the greatest performances in cinema history, and we want people to take a look and decide if they think they're the actor's greatest performance. We want people to rate these performances on a scale of 1 to 4, 1 being the best and 4 being the worst, and we will reveal to everyone which movies they should be watching next!

So, want to see which movie we think people should be watching next? Want to be reminded of some of the best performances by the greatest actors out there? Well then, it's about time we got started!

Question 1

Al Pacino In Scarface

Playing this sort of character would be difficult for a lot of actors, but for many, Pacino was able to bring out some of his best acting talent. Some of the scenes are loud and others are subtle, but always brilliant.

Question 2

Brad Pitt In Fight Club

Attempting to play a character that has this amount of energy can be difficult for many actors to keep up for an entire movie, but in Fight Club, Pitt proved that he was up to the task to continue the sort of energy he has in Twelve Monkeys.

Question 3

Charlize Theron In Monster

Winning an Academy Award for this performance, Theron was able to bring to the screen a brutal woman who performed actions that most of us can never comprehend.

Question 4

Christian Bale In American Psycho

The director of this film pointed out that Bale was the only actor who turned up to the audition for this movie understanding that it was meant to have an element of dark comedy. That's what makes his portrayal of this character brilliant.

Question 5

Christoph Waltz In Inglourious Basterds

The ability to play this sort of evil is something that not many actors could pull off, but Waltz managed it, while also bringing an almost camp sensibility to the character as well. There's something creepy about him.

Question 6

Frances McDormand In Fargo

This woman has done a lot of work with The Coen Brothers, but we think that this is the role that brought the best out of her. Playing a pregnant woman on the case of a killer isn't exactly the easiest role out there!

Question 7

Heath Ledger In The Dark Knight

One of his last performances before he was sadly taken away from us well before his time, Ledge appeared in The Dark Knight as the Batman's most famous enemy, The Joker, a performance that was widely critically acclaimed.

Question 8

James McAvoy In Split

Some actors struggle to keep ahold of the mindset of a single human being, not being able to get into the mind of their character McAvoy was able to accurately portray an entire cast of characters from within his own mind.

Question 9

Javier Bardem In No Country For Old Men

Something that The Coen Brothers like to put into a lot of their movies is a major evil, something that seems to be evil for evil's sake. When the adapted No Country For Old Men, Bardem was able to perfectly embody evil for them.

Question 10

Jeff Bridges In The Big Lebowski

With The Big Lebowski, Bridges brought to life a character that has since inspired an entire lifestyle. He brought the cult of slacker to the big screen, and some people will never be able to look at him without seeing The Dude.

Question 11

Uma Thurman In Kill Bill

Attempting to play a woman entirely overcome by the need for revenge is a feat that not many actors would be able to take on. Thurman was able to capture this rage brilliantly and audiences across the world loved her for it.

Question 12

Tom Hanks In Forrest Gump

In quite possibly one of the most famous movies of all time, Tom Hanks brought a naive young man to life as we all followed him through the various crazy adventures that he found himself stumbling into throughout his life.

Question 13

Samuel L Jackson In Django Unchained

Taking on this role must have been difficult for Jackson, as he knew he was taking on a character that would be loathed by everybody. However, he saw the role as a great challenge, and performed it perfectly.

Question 14

Robert DeNiro In Raging Bull

With the sort of films he's appearing in now, it can be easy to forget that DeNiro has actually appeared in some of the greatest American movies of all time, and this is one of them. He put himself through a lot for this role, and it paid off.

Question 15

Phillip Seymour Hoffman In Capote

Taking on the role of a human being that actually existed can be difficult for some actors, but people like Hoffman were able to recreate their character perfectly. He ended up winning the Academy Award for his performance.

Question 16

Adrian Brody In The Pianist

The story goes that Brody actually have up everything in preparation for this role, giving away everything he cared about, including his apartment, and splitting up with his girlfriend. This was so he could see how it felt to truly lose everything.

Question 17

Anthony Hopkins In The Silence Of The Lambs

Creating a creepy and spooky character is about more than just looking at the screen and saying boo, which is something that Hopkins clearly understands as he knocked this role out of the park!

Question 18

Cate Blanchett In Blue Jasmine

This black comedy from Woody Allen tells the story of Jasmine played by Cate Blanchett, a woman who has fallen on hard times and is going through a nervous breakdown. She manages the very difficult role very well.

Question 19

Daniel Day-Lewis In There Will Be Blood

Lewis really dialled it up for this appearance. This man is known for smashing it out of the park in every role he takes on, so it is saying something to decide that this is the best acting that the man has ever done.

Question 20

Halle Berry In Monster's Ball

This thriller is pretty depressing, so it needs somebody who can keep the audience interested rather than just getting too bogged down in sadness. That's why Halle Berry was a perfect choice, proving that she could keep the movie afloat.

Question 21

Hellen Mirren In The Queen

Taking on the role of a person who actually existed is hard enough, but to take on a woman as well known as The Queen is taking it to another level. Getting something like this wrong can ruin an entire career!

Question 22

Tom Cruise In Magnolia

When taking part in an ensemble drama, it can be easy to get lost in all of the talent on the screen, so it's important that people do whatever they can to be seen by the audience, without becoming too annoying while doing it!

Question 23

Sean Penn In Milk

There are a lot of movies out there that still deal with taboo subjects and social issues, meaning that they have to be very careful they don't upset the people currently dealing with them. Thankfully, this movie deals with homosexuality as taboo incredibly well.

Question 24

Sandra Bullock In Gravity

Bullock isn't a woman that immediately springs to people's minds when they think about the greatest actors of all time, but let's not forget that she has an Academy Award and is great in this film.

Question 25

Rosamund Pike In Gone Girl

Psychological thrillers often have a lot of balls in the air, having to juggle various threads at the same time. It takes a strong actor like Pike to make sure that people stay engaged as they watch and are able to follow the plot.

Question 26

Hilary Swank In Million Dollar Baby

There's a long history in film of making movies about boxing, so it can be difficult for anyone to really stand out. However, it's the acting of Swank that arguably put this movie on the map, along with some help from Eastwood.

Question 27

Jack Nicholson In Chinatown

Generally considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, Chinatown sees Jack Nicholson take on the role of Jake, a private investigator that is sucked into a world when he takes on a job for a woman named Evelyn Mulwray.

Question 28

Jennifer Lawrence In Joy

Sure, there's a point to depressing movies, but sometimes it can be a nice thing to see a movie made about a real story, the story of a woman who manages to get herself out of a bind with her own ingenuity.

Question 29

Joaquin Phoenix In Her

The concept of a man falling in love with a female AI is something that really sticks in the minds of people living in the modern world, and it's the performance from Joaquin Phoenix that really helped that concept stick in their minds.

Question 30

Ralph Fiennes In The Grand Budapest Hotel

This man puts in the work, a meticulous actor who likes to make sure that every movie gets his best. However, that's what makes it harder to say which of his roles brought the absolute best in him!

Question 31

Julianne Moore In Still Alice

An independent film, this movie obviously had less money put into it than many of the other projects that Moore has taken part in, which is why it was incredibly important she brought all of her acting talent with her.

Question 32

Orson Welles In Citizen Kane

Regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, if not the greatest film of all time, this movie is one of the many reasons that Welles has gone down in history as one of the most important names in cinema.

Question 33

Natalie Portman In Jackie

Bring across the stoic nature of this woman, something that people couldn't even believe when they saw it in real life, is something that Portman must have struggled with for a long time before she was comfortable she was getting it right.

Question 34

Meryl Streep In The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher is one of the most divisive politicians of all time. It is impossible to go through this movie without taking in that she is quite possibly one of the hardest women to like and yet she garners a lot of respect.

Question 35

Kirsten Dunst In Melancholia

Lars Von Trier is a hard one to get a hold of, and yet at the same time actors are always wanting to work with him. The reason for this is that many people believe he can get a lot of his actors, which he definitely did on this movie.

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