Rate These 90s Actresses And We'll Guess Which One Was Your Crush

Those who remember the 90s will know that although we didn't yet have the internet (at least the way we know it today), Netflix, or the Kardashians yet it was still an amazing time to be alive. And one of the reasons it was so awesome was because all of the great movies and TV shows that were made during this decade. Think of shows like The Simpsons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Friends - these shows all became big during this time. But we had to sit down and watch them when they aired because like we said, there was no Netflix yet.

This decade also gave us incredible movies like Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, Jurassic Park, Clueless, The Matrix, The Lion King, Fight Club, Scream, Forrest Gump, and loads more, that are still fun to watch, even today.

Today we are looking back at some of the actresses who made 90s TV shows and movies so worthwhile. What we want our readers to do is rate these actresses, based on their performances, and at the end, we'll try and guess who their 90s crush was. Ready to see if we can get it right? Then go ahead and rate these 90s actresses:

Question 1

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

Question 2

Reese Witherspoon:

Question 3

Alicia Silverstone:

Question 4

Debra Messing:

Question 5

Jennifer Love Hewitt:

Question 6

Liv Tyler:

Question 7

Kate Winslet:

Question 8

Demi Moore:

Question 9

Heather Locklear:

Question 10

Alicia Witt:

Question 11

Angelina Jolie:

Question 12

Heather Graham:

Question 13

Alyson Hannigan:

Question 14

Lacey Chabert:

Question 15

Tara Reid:

Question 16

Mena Suvari:

Question 17

Shannon Elizabeth:

Question 18

Michelle Pfeiffer:

Question 19

Neve Campbell:

Question 20

Robin Tunney:

Question 21

Eliza Dushku:

Question 22

Christina Ricci:

Question 23

Winona Ryder:

Question 24

Rose McGowan:

Question 25

Halle Berry:

Question 26

Juliette Lewis:

Question 27

Bella Thorne:

Question 28

Sharon Stone:

Question 29

Drew Barrymore:

Question 30

Jodie Foster:

Question 31

Alyssa Milano:

Question 32

Michelle Trachtenberg:

Question 33

Claire Danes:

Question 34

Uma Thurman:

Question 35

Calista Flockhart:

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