Rate These Action Movies And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl

Get ready guys, we are about to hop on a thrill ride like no other! When it comes to movies, there is a genre for just about everyone. That being said, anyone who knows what's what, would obviously have to select action as their genre of choice. There is just no beating the adrenaline pumping scenes offered in these films. Today we will be rating some of the very best movies to ever come out of the action genre.

Here is how it will work: We are going to list popular action films one by one, and everyone here will get the chance to voice their opinion on each of them. Once that part has been completed, we will then be able to match everybody up with the leading lady of their dreams!

Question 1

The A-Team

Question 2


Question 3


Question 4

Wonder Woman

Question 5

The Equalizer

Question 6

Suicide Squad

Question 7

The Wolverine

Question 8

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Question 9

Edge of Tomorrow

Question 10

Van Helsing

Question 11


Question 12

The Magnificent Seven

Question 13

Avengers: Infinity War

Question 14

The Dark Knight Rises

Question 15

Thor: Ragnarok

Question 16

30 Minutes or Less

Question 17

The Nice Guys

Question 18


Question 19

Jack Reacher

Question 20

The Expendables

Question 21

Top Gun

Question 22

The Avengers

Question 23

X-Men: First Class

Question 24

Mad Max: Fury Road

Question 25

John Wick

Question 26


Question 27


Question 28

The Commuter

Question 29

The Terminator

Question 30


Question 31

Captain America: The First Avenger

Question 32

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Question 33


Question 34

Ride Along

Question 35

Deepwater Horizon

Question 36

Sucker Punch

Question 37

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Question 38

Captain America: Civil War

Question 39

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Question 40

The Other Guys

Question 41

Iron Man 2

Question 42

Green Lantern

Question 43

Power Rangers

Question 44

The Amazing Spider-Man

Question 45


Question 46

Jurassic World

Question 47


Question 48


Question 49

The Accountant

Question 50

Doctor Strange

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