Rate These Rom-Com Men And We’ll Reveal What Type Of Guys You Attract

Watching romantic comedies is a super fun thing to do! It is nice to watch an amazing romantic comedy completely solo but it is even more fun to watch romantic comedies with a group of girlfriends, with a significant other on a date, or with family members!

Romantic comedies have an uncanny way of making us feel super hopeful in the world of romance and love! They remind us that true love exists and that it can appear in our lives around any corner and at any moment! Romantic comedies are really amazing for so many reasons but another big reason is the fact that they usually include some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood. Most of the time when we watch romantic comedies, the person that the storyline focuses on is the woman!

For this quiz though, we are going to focus on the handsome men of the romantic comedies that we adore so much! There are a lot of cool guys from romantic comedies who treat women with love and respect! They cherish the women in their lives and give a great example of what actual men should act like in real life too! Go ahead and rate these guys so we can guess everyone's type!

Question 1

Jacob from Crazy, Stupid, Love?

Jacob from this movie is played by an actor named Ryan Gosling. His love interest in this movie is played by Emma Stone and the two of them have amazing on-screen chemistry together! He plays the role of a player who teaches her dad how to date in the modern world.

Question 2

Andrew from The Proposal?

The character of Andrew is played by an actor named Ryan Reynolds. He is the assistant to a woman who is played by an actress named Sandra Bullock. In the movie, he goes along with the idea to pretend to be her husband so that she does not get sent back to her home country.

Question 3

Kevin from 27 Dresses?

This romantic comedy man is named Kevin and he is from the movie 27 Dresses. He plays the character who is the best friend in the background that no one really pays any attention to but eventually, it becomes clear that he is the guy who is there for her all along and she finally takes him seriously.

Question 4

Danny from Just Go With It?

This romantic comedy man is named Danny and he is played by an actor who goes by the name of Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler is known for being in super comedic and hilarious movies! He stars in this particular one with the beautiful and talented Jennifer Aniston! Rate this character!

Question 5

Ethan from When We First Met?

Ethan is the handsome guy from this adorable romantic comedy. He ends up with the girl that everyone likes because of his charm, intelligence, and attractive luxe. The question is… Is he the right guy for her or is someone else a better match for her? Is he a handsome pick?

Question 6

Brooks from The Perfect Date?

This romantic comedy guy goes by the name of Brooks and he is a teenager who decides to earn money by going on dates with girls who need a partner for school dances and other events. He earns money going on these dates for college. Rate a character like Brooks!

Question 7

Ben from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

Matthew McConaughey is the actor who plays the role of Ben in this amazing movie! Another reason why this movie is so amazing is because it stars Kate Hudson as the female lead and she is so incredible. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are both so talented and they work so well together in movies.

Question 8

Tom from Made of Honor?

The character of Tom is a really great romantic comedy guy who is there as a supportive member of the movie character list. He treats the main female character with a lot of respect and love throughout the process of the entire storyline. Tom from Made of Honor needs a rating!

Question 9

Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

The character of Peter comes from this hilarious romantic comedy about a man who is mourning the loss of his relationship. He is still very much in love with the woman of his dreams but she has moved on and started a relationship with someone else who she likes a lot better.

Question 10

Noah from The Kissing Booth?

Noah is the character from this movie who steals the heart of the main female character. He is the older brother of her best friend and someone who did not really notice her as a potential girlfriend in the past. When she got older, he realizes that he was interested in her.

Question 11

Declan from Leap Year?

This romantic comedy man comes from this amazing movie that he stars in with an actress who goes by the name of Amy Adams. She is a beautiful actress who a lot of people know and love for her bright red hair and her gorgeous smile! This movie is great because of the onscreen chemistry.

Question 12

Edward from Pretty Woman?

This romantic comedy is a love story for the ages. It is about a woman who earns money in a very unsavory way and she ends up meeting a man who is very wealthy! He is able to enter into her life and change things for her in a major way. Rate him right about now!

Question 13

Blake from Isn't It Romantic?

The character of Blake comes from this hilarious romantic comedy and he is played by the handsome Liam Hemsworth. Liam Hemsworth is the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth and the two of them are incredibly handsome and smart! Rate the character of Blake from this cute and funny romantic comedy!

Question 14

Neil from He's Just Not That Into You?

This handsome romantic comedy character is named Neil and he is not a really great character at the beginning of the movie because he does not want to give his partner what she needs. He is not being a fulfilling meet his partner and it leads their relationship to crumble.

Question 15

Will from Definitely, Maybe?

Ryan Reynolds is the actor who plays the role of the leading romantic comedy guy in this movie. He spends the entire movie explaining the story of his love to his young daughter as she tries to piece together the details and figure out where her mom comes into play through all of it.

Question 16

Henry from 50 First Dates?

Henry is the name of the romantic comedy main character of this movie! He is played by Adam Sandler and this is another movie that he stars in with Drew Barrymore. The two of them make a great team since they are both so hilarious with their different acting styles.

Question 17

Eric from Life as We Know It?

Eric! is the name of the romantic comedy main character in this amazing movie about the way that life changes. This movie focuses on the way a couple's life totally changes once they have their first child! Nothing is the way that it was before for them as a couple.

Question 18

Tim from About Time?

The character of Tim comes from a movie called About Time about a man who can time travel in order to make changes in his life and create improvements. His love interest is played by an actress who goes by the name of Rachel McAdams. She is one of the greatest additions to this movie.

Question 19

Peter from To All the Boys I've Loved Before?

This romantic comedy guy is named Peter and he is the main character in this amazing movie. It is about a girl who writes romantic love notes to all of the guys that she ever had crushes on in her life and somehow, each of the notes gets mailed out to the boys on the list.

Question 20

Tom from 500 Days of Summer?

Tom is a loving character from this movie who has strong feelings for a girl who does not feel so strongly about him. He gets very wrapped up in a relationship and hopes for the best with her even though things do not end up the way that he wants them to. She ends up falling for someone else.

Question 21

Alex from Hitch?

Will Smith is the actor who plays the role of Alex from the movie Hitch! This movie is all about a man who is hired by other men who need help in the love world. Men who want help finding love with the right woman lean on him and depend on him for guidance on how to act and what to say.

Question 22

Joe from You've Got Mail?

This movie is really cool because it stars Meg Ryan as the female lead. The romantic comedy guy is named Joe and he is the man who is in love with her! He does whatever it takes in order to make his romance with her to survive and thrive as time progresses.

Question 23

Max from Everybody Loves Somebody?

This is a character named Max and he comes from an amazing romantic comedy about a couple who go through their fair share of struggles and hardships! There are lots of ups and downs in this movie as well as many different twist and turns! Give Max an honest rating!

Question 24

Kumail from The Big Sick?

This romantic comedy guy is a man who falls in love with a girl who is very ill. He spent time visiting her in the hospital and falls for her despite her illness. He cares about her no matter what is going on with her health and it is very romantic of him to stand by her side.

Question 25

Charlie from Set It Up?

The character of Charlie is a guy who works as an assistant for a very uptight and bossy manager. He peers together with another girl who is dealing with the same thing with her boss. The two of them decide to set their bosses up with each other in order to help them fall in love.

Question 26

Simon from Love, Simon?

The character of Simon comes from this super cute romantic comedy about a boy who is in the process of growing up and learning about the meaning of life! He is discovering new things about himself that he never knew before as he gets older and gets through high school.

Question 27

Frank from Destination Wedding?

The character Frank comes from this romantic comedy and he is played by an actor who goes by the name of Keanu Reeves. This movie is about two people who end up falling for each other after realizing that they are on the same flight to a wedding that they both do not want to attend.

Question 28

Leonardo from Overboard?

This movie is really fun to watch and is hilarious when it comes to what lengths people would go to in order to maintain a lie or a secret. This movie is also a remake of a classic movie that was filmed back in the 80s. They did a great job filming the new version.

Question 29

Noah from When We First Met?

This character is a dorky guy who has a crush on a girl who is with someone else. He decides to travel back in time in order to try his hand at getting a chance with her. He replaces the night over and over until he knows exactly what to say in order to get it right and get a chance with her.

Question 30

Alex from Music and Lyrics?

This romantic comedy man is named Alex and he is a musician who writes beautiful lyrics with the help of a woman who has a simple job watering plants and flowers. She is played by Drew Barrymore. The two of them immediately have a connection and end up writing a beautiful song together.

Question 31

Alex from Alex Strangelove?

Ever heard of Alex from Alex Strangelove? This character is named Alex and he is a super adorable character who is easy to love. He comes from a movie that a lot of people enjoyed and respected because of the interesting storyline that was included in it. Go ahead and rate him!

Question 32

Stillman from Time Freak?

Any movie that stars Sophie Turner is bound to be a hit! That is why we know that this movie is a great one to watch. She is one of the main characters from the Game of Thrones show so of course, she would only sign on to be in a great movie like this one. Go ahead and rate Stillman!

Question 33

Josh from The Holiday Calendar?

The character of Josh comes from a romantic comedy called The Holiday Calendar. It is about a woman who works as a planner, arranging details and events on a monthly calendar! This is a really great movie to watch and it includes a beautiful love story. Give Josh a rating!

Question 34

Leo from Little Italy?

The character of Leo comes from the movie Little Italy and he is a really cool character to consider for a quiz like this one! He falls in love with a girl who is played by an actress who goes by the name of Emma Roberts. This is a great movie about young love and romance.

Question 35

Steve from The Wedding Planner?

Matthew McConaughey plays the role of Steve in this amazing movie! He stars in this movie with Jennifer Lopez and she is an awesome actress to work with. The two of them obviously did a really great job on this movie together because it is considered a classic wedding will be to watch.

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