Pick Or Pass On These NFL Cheerleaders To See If You've Got Game

Every single year, millions of men gather around their televisions to watch numerous NFL games. While they are usually doing this because they genuinely care about the sport and want to see if their team wins, they also do this for the cheerleaders. Sure, the cheerleaders aren't the ones responsible for filling up the seats in the stadium, but their perkiness and enthusiasm ensures that the viewers are going to have a good time.

If you have eyes and half a brain, surely you know that cheerleaders can be a little distracting. This is partially due to them all being drop dead gorgeous and peppy. While not every man is going to be attracted to this type of lady, this won't stop them from gawking at them during the halftime show. In the end, cheerleaders are needed and valued members of the NFL squad. Without them, a lot of people would be devastated and quite frankly a little bored.

If you're a real NFL fan, you can probably name every single cheerleader belonging to your favorite team. Being able to do so doesn't prove anything, however, which is why we want to find out if you've got game on our own terms. Are you ready to play pick or pass?

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1Pick or Pass? Taylor

When Taylor dances her way onto the field, does your heart immediately start beating like there's no tomorrow? If so, you should probably start buying tickets to the Vikings' games. So, pick or pass on this pretty lady?

2Pick or Pass? Kat

If this woman doesn't immediately take your breath away, we don't know what you're looking for in a lady. Kat is the proud cheerleader of the Cowboys NFL team. Would you jump at the chance to meet her or not?

3Pick or Pass? Karielle

If there is one lady who can steal your heart, it's Karielle from the St. Louis Rams team. This stunning woman is always happy and energetic when on the field. Would you pick or pass on her if you had the chance?


4Pick or Pass? Melissa G.

Most NFL cheerleaders are so beautiful that they could become models if they wanted to. However, many of them do not meet the height requirements. So, would you pick or pass on Melissa from the 49ers? If you'd pass on her, you're crazy!

5Pick or Pass? Stephanie A.

Stephanie A. isn't one to joke around when it comes to cheerleading, but that doesn't mean that she won't be smiling from ear to ear. Do you have the hots for the Buccaneers' cheerleader? Or would you pass on the chance to meet her?


6Pick or Pass? Javai

If you like cheerleaders who aren't afraid to represent their team on and off the the field, you're going to fall in love with the gorgeous Javai. This Redskins' cheerleader is definitely a force to be reckoned with. So, pick or pass on this beauty?

7Pick or Pass? Kristen

What are you looking for in a woman? It it's good looks, a beautiful smile, and a down-to-Earth personality, you're going to fall for the gorgeous Kristen. This Cardinals' cheerleader is definitely one of a kind — wouldn't you agree? So, pick or pass?


8Pick or Pass? Jessica

If the Titans are your favorite NFL team, you're probably already aware of the beauty that is Jessica. This stunning lady is definitely a great addition to the Titans' cheerleading team. So, would you pick of pass on Jessica?

9Pick or Pass? Summer

This pretty cheerleader is definitely someone to keep an eye on, and this is due to her spunky personality and gorgeous looks. If you're not a fan of the Saints, it's only a matter of time before you become one. So, pick or pass?


10Pick or Pass? Danielle

What do you look for in a woman? Is it good looks, a killer body, and a wicked personality? If so, you're probably going to fall head over heels for the gorgeous Danielle. So, are you a fan of this Cowboys' cheerleader or not?

11Pick or Pass? Gretchen

Are you the type of guy who falls in love with gorgeous and unique looking women? If so, you probably already have the hots for Gretchen. This Seahawks' cheerleader is definitely worth the wait. So, would you pick or pass on Gretchen?


12Pick or Pass? Jenna

When it comes down to it; every man has their individual type when it comes to women. However, many would agree that Jenna can fit into any man's requirements. So, would you pick or pass on this Cardinals' cheerleader?

13Pick or Pass? Brittany A.

If there is one name that isn't rare to find amongst a list of cheerleaders — it's the name Brittany. This gorgeous lady is known for her blond hair and killer figure. So, would you pick or pass on this Ravens' cheerleader?


14Pick or Pass? Sarah L.

It isn't everyday that you see a cheerleader who has what it takes to be a model and a celebrity. However, today is the day, because you're getting introduced to Sarah L. from the Jets. So, pick of pass on this NFL beauty?

15Pick or Pass? Ashley P.

Once again, you're going to be introduced to a blonde babe who goes by the name of Ashley. However, this Ashley isn't like all the others in her class. Do you have the hots for this Dallas Cowboys' cheerleader or not?


16Pick or Pass? Candace

Not many people can pull off the color orange like Candace can. Which is why many of us leave her this task. Are you a fan of the Denver Broncos? If so, you probably think that Candace is the hottest cheerleader in the world!

17Pick or Pass? Hannah L.

If you think that there is something special about the beautiful Hannah, it might have something to do with the Patriots being your favorite NFL team. So, would you pick or pass on this gorgeous lady if you had the chance?


18Pick or Pass? Taylor R.

In order for a woman to become a New Orleans Saints' cheerleader, she needs to be special AF. With this in mind, Taylor R. was chosen as one of the head cheerleaders of this team. So, would you pick or pass?

19Pick or Pass? Liz

This dark-haired beauty isn't one to be messed with. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that she gives everything she's got to her fans. Are you a fan of the Texans? If so, you've probably had a crush on Liz for quite some time now.


20Pick or Pass? Jessica B

Can you recognize this little diva? If so, it might just be because you're a fan of the Seahawks. Jessica B. is a gorgeous brown-haired cheerleader who never steps out on the field without a smile on her face. So, pick or pass?

21Pick or Pass? Katelyn

Do you like women who have platinum blonde hair and perky personalities? If you do, you're probably a big fan of Katelyn's work. This Chargers' cheerleader never disappoints her fans. Would you pick or pass on her if you had the chance?


22Pick or Pass? Charo

She may not have a basic cheerleader name, but that's what sets her apart from all the others. Charo is a gorgeous cheerleader who's always smiling from ear to ear. Do you have the hots for this Redskins' cheerleader?

23Pick or Pass? Alicia Marie

All it takes is one look for you to know that Alicia Marie doesn't mess around. She may look stern in this picture, but she's hardly seen without a smile on when out on the field. Do you like this Eagles' cheerleader or not?


24Pick or Pass? Jessica

Every NFL team needs a strong and dedicated team of cheerleaders to see them through. With this in mind, the Jaguars hired women like Jessica to cheerlead for them. Are you a fan of this gorgeous blonde? So, pick or pass?

25Pick or Pass? Cynthia

While most cheerleaders have blonde hair, every blondie needs a brunette best friend to even them out. Cynthia is one of these ladies, however, she often tends to act like a blonde. So, would you pick or pass on this Tampa Bay Buccaneers' cheerleader?


26Pick or Pass? Patricia

All it takes is one look for you to fall in love with this stunning New England Patriots' cheerleader named Patricia. This gorgeous brunette never fails to bring spirit and cheer to every single game. So, pick or pass?

27Pick or Pass? Liz Rivera

If this woman's smile doesn't make you fumble for your words, you've definitely got game. However, if she's way too hot for you to handle, it's safe to say that you don't have any game whatsoever. So, pick or pass on Liz Rivera?


28Pick or Pass? Sara Bommarito

While most cheerleaders choose to leave their last names on the sidelines, Sara Bommarito does not. This is partially because there are way too many cheerleaders with the surname Sara. So, would you pick or pass on this St. Louis Rams' cheerleader?

29Pick or Pass? Elizabeth

If there's one woman you should keep your eyes on, it's Elizabeth. This cheerleader is a proud member of the Houston Texans' squad, hence why she represents them wherever she goes. So, pick or pass on this gorgeous lady?


30Pick or Pass? Tyesha H.

It isn't everyday that you get to feast your eyes on someone as beautiful and unique as Tyesha H. But today is one of those days! Would you pick or pass on this gorgeous San Francisco 49ers ' cheerleader?

31Pick or Pass? Ashley Si.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another blonde cheerleader named Ashley? We never would have guessed it! While her name might not be original, her style and beauty is. So, would you pick or pass on this Houston Texans' cheerleader?


32Pick or Pass? Mandi

Mandi might look like every other girl, but she is far from it. Anyone who has ever met this girl will say that she is hilarious, sweet, and talented. Do you think Mandi has what it take to get picked by you?

33Pick or Pass? Maigan

It would appear as though the Redskins have some preferences when it comes to choosing their cheerleaders. One of them being unique and interesting names — like Maigan. Would you pick or pass on this young and beautiful cheerleader?


34Pick or Pass? Kari

Kari's beauty is so raw that she has often been approached with modeling contracts — some of which she's accepted. This Jacksonville Jaguars' cheerleader is definitely one of a kind. Would you pick or pass on this gorgeous lady is you had the chance?

35Pick or Pass? Selina

One look at Selina from the Cincinnati Bengals and you know that she is dedicated to cheering on a crowd. This young lady is very proud to support her NFL team, and they're proud to have her. So, pick or pass on Selina?


36Pick or Pass? Tandra

If there is one cheerleader who never has a bad day — it's Tandra. This seasoned Tennessee Titans' cheerleader has been giving it her all every since she was accepted into the team. So, pick of pass on the beautiful Tandra?

37Pick or Pass? Cori

Are you the type of guy who doesn't let his friends speak during the halftime show? If so, it's probably because you like to keep your eyes on the prize. So, would you pick or pass on Cori the Seattle Seahawks' cheerleader?


38Pick or Pass? Liz

It's important for the NFL to seek out different-looking cheerleaders, as more often than not, their similarities can be quite confusing. Take Liz from the Houston Texans' as an example. Sure she may be gorgeous, but she's hard to find in a crowd.

39Pick or Pass? Kelli

It would seem that the Houston Texans have a type when it comes to women, as many of their cheerleaders have the same look. Take Kelli as an example; while she is beautiful beyond belief, she looks like the typical girl next door type.


40Pick or Pass? Lauryn

If you like redheaded women, and we're sure you do, you've probably had your eyes on Lauryn from the Chargers for quite some time now. This fiery lady isn't one to miss. So, would you pick or pass on her if you had the option?

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