Pick Or Pass On These NFL Cheerleaders To See If You've Got Game

Every single year, millions of men gather around their televisions to watch numerous NFL games. While they are usually doing this because they genuinely care about the sport and want to see if their team wins, they also do this for the cheerleaders. Sure, the cheerleaders aren't the ones responsible for filling up the seats in the stadium, but their perkiness and enthusiasm ensures that the viewers are going to have a good time.

If you have eyes and half a brain, surely you know that cheerleaders can be a little distracting. This is partially due to them all being drop dead gorgeous and peppy. While not every man is going to be attracted to this type of lady, this won't stop them from gawking at them during the halftime show. In the end, cheerleaders are needed and valued members of the NFL squad. Without them, a lot of people would be devastated and quite frankly a little bored.

If you're a real NFL fan, you can probably name every single cheerleader belonging to your favorite team. Being able to do so doesn't prove anything, however, which is why we want to find out if you've got game on our own terms. Are you ready to play pick or pass?

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Question 1

Pick or Pass? Taylor

When Taylor dances her way onto the field, does your heart immediately start beating like there's no tomorrow? If so, you should probably start buying tickets to the Vikings' games. So, pick or pass on this pretty lady?

Question 2

Pick or Pass? Kat

If this woman doesn't immediately take your breath away, we don't know what you're looking for in a lady. Kat is the proud cheerleader of the Cowboys NFL team. Would you jump at the chance to meet her or not?

Question 3

Pick or Pass? Karielle

If there is one lady who can steal your heart, it's Karielle from the St. Louis Rams team. This stunning woman is always happy and energetic when on the field. Would you pick or pass on her if you had the chance?

Question 4

Pick or Pass? Melissa G.

Most NFL cheerleaders are so beautiful that they could become models if they wanted to. However, many of them do not meet the height requirements. So, would you pick or pass on Melissa from the 49ers? If you'd pass on her, you're crazy!

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