Rate These Famous Actresses And We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie

Can we accurately guess your favorite movie based on the way you rate these gorgeous young actresses? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and since we all have our own perspectives on those around us, some might think an actress is hot while others think she is the opposite of hot! Some might consider her "meh" which would mean that she is not someone who stands out very much either way. Some might not even know who she is!

Vanessa Hudgens is a lovely beauty to consider, for example. She grew up in the spotlight, getting her start on the Disney channel. She was the main character of the High School Musical movie franchise alongside Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale. She played the role of Gabriella Montes and did an excellent job doing so! She is someone who a lot of people would consider to be totally hot! Rate her and many other actresses now!

Question 1

Sophie Turner?

Question 2

Jessica Lowndes?

Question 3

Hilary Duff?

Question 4

Hayden Panettiere?

Question 5

Lauren Cohan?

Question 6

Rachel Bilson?

Question 7

Miley Cyrus?

Question 8

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Question 9

Emily Blunt?

Question 10

Megan Fox?

Question 11

Angelina Jolie?

Question 12

Hailee Steinfeld?

Question 13

Elisha Cuthbert?

Question 14

Vanessa Hudgens?

Question 15

Alyssa Milano?

Question 16

Mila Kunis?

Question 17

Brittany Snow?

Question 18

Olivia Munn?

Question 19

Ariel Winter?

Question 20

Amand Seyfried?

Question 21

Sofia Vergara?

Question 22

Christina Hendricks?

Question 23

Jennifer Lawrence?

Question 24

Kate Beckinsale?

Question 25

Alexandra Daddario?

Question 26

Bailee Madison?

Question 27

Charlize Theron?

Question 28

Camren Bicondova?

Question 29

Anna Kendrick?

Question 30

Jennifer Aniston?

Question 31

Natalie Portman?

Question 32

Amber Heard?

Question 33

Peyton List?

Question 34

Blake Lively?

Question 35

Paula Patton?

Question 36

Brie Larson?

Question 37

Bella Thorne?

Question 38

Elle Fanning?

Question 39

Margot Robbie?

Question 40

Shailene Woodley?

Question 41

Willa Holland?

Question 42

Taylor Momsen?

Question 43


Question 44

Minka Kelly?

Question 45

Marion Cotillard?

Question 46

Leighton Meester?

Question 47

Bryce Dallas Howard?

Question 48

Dakota Fanning?

Question 49

Cobie Smulders?

Question 50

Abigail Breslin?

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