Take The quiz To Find Out Who Wears The Pants In Your Relationship

It's no secret that relationships are hard work, but they're best when decisions are made without a lot of fighting between the people in them. The best way to make this happen is to know who wears the pants in your relationship! If you know who the real decision maker truly is, you'll save yourself so many headaches and time, so this is a worthwhile thing to do!

Whether you are in a brand new relationship or in a well established one, it's important to figure out where you stand in the relationship. It's time to stop and take stock of where you stand! Are you the primary decision maker, or do you tend to fall to the background and go with the flow? When matters come up, whether they're insignificant or major, who decides how to go forward when you aren't exactly on the same page?

Knowing how to resolve conflict is the key to a successful relationship, so take this quiz and figure out where you stand so you can be happy together and work out disagreements with less stress and time! Whether you're wearing the pants or not, knowing will help you to build a stronger partnership.

1Time To Eat- Who Picks?

This is the primary thing that trips people up in a relationship. When you are picking some place to go out to eat, who picks? Is it you, or is it your partner? Who decides what place you should go to?

2Who Manages the Budget?

The personal who controls the money controls a lot! Do you decide where things are spent or not? Are you the one who sets the family budget for where the money is spent, or do you let your partner make these decisions? Who is the financial decision maker?

3Who Drives the Car?

This is an important control question! When you hop in the car, who gets in the driver's seat? Who sits and navigates? These are two really different roles, so which describes you? Are you the driver, or are you the passenger?

4Who Picks Vacations?

Vacations are fun, aren't they? It's a time to reconnect, a time to remember all of the things that bring you together. One of those things is where to go! Who picks where you vacation? Are you usually in charge, or not?

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