Pick Your Favorite Jennifer Aniston Photos And We'll Rate Your Game

No doubt about it, Hollywood is currently packed with good-looking starlets. While we could make a list of all the big screen babes right now, instead we have decided to pay tribute to just one of them. Jennifer Aniston has been making us drool since the 90s, so we are thinking it is definitely time to give her a little credit!

Today's quiz is all about everybody's favorite friend, Rachel Green! We will be listing various photos of Jen Aniston, and everyone here just has to play "hot or not" with them. Believe us, this won't be a difficult test. Once all of the selections have been made, we will let everybody know what their game is looking like these days. Who's ready for this one?

Question 1

Baby blues

Question 2

Bad hair day

Question 3


Question 4

Leather lady

Question 5

Nighty night

Question 6


Question 7


Question 8

Lounging around

Question 9

Beauty in black

Question 10

Beach day

Question 11


Question 12

Black & white glam

Question 13

Lady in red

Question 14

High kicks

Question 15

Bejeweled babe

Question 16

Puppy love

Question 17

Strike a pose

Question 18

Joy ride

Question 19

Sitting in the sun

Question 20

Backless babe

Question 21

Prom Queen

Question 22

Award winner

Question 23


Question 24

Boat trip

Question 25

Sunset glow

Question 26

Take a seat

Question 27


Question 28

Lovely in yellow

Question 29


Question 30

Loving life

Question 31

Fun in the sun

Question 32

Hang back

Question 33

Wild & free

Question 34

Eye contact

Question 35

Hide & seek

Question 36

Angel in white

Question 37

Totally 90s

Question 38

Sailing away

Question 39

Blue & bejeweled

Question 40


Question 41

Red carpet realness

Question 42

Dripping in gold

Question 43

Silly in stripes

Question 44

Sweet while swinging

Question 45

Young & innocent

Question 46

Bedtime babe

Question 47

Log lounging

Question 48

Muscle mamma

Question 49

Rachel Green

Question 50

Snakeskin couture

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