Build The Perfect Girl And We'll Reveal If You Have Good Taste

People like to think that they have good taste, but the truth is that most people are simply decent at best. The ones that do have excellent taste always find a way to stand out, so any person falling into the pack needs to take a serious look in the mirror. One of the fastest ways to assess someone's taste is to see who they are dating, and a person's preferred partner says a lot about them. After all, this is the person that they will bring around their family and friends.

Today, we are giving people a reality check by having them build their perfect girl. It won't take a whole lot of time, but it will say so much about the taste of each person!

Question 1

Choose A Hair Color

Question 2

Does A Sense Of Humor Matter?

Question 3

Is Being Selfish A Turnoff?

Question 4

High Maintenance: Yes or No?

Question 5

Full Lips or Small Lips?

Question 6

Is Love Of Travel A Plus?

Question 7

Is Having A Career A Plus?

Question 8

Is Being Fashionable A Plus?

Question 9

Is Spending All Day On Social Media A Turnoff?

Question 10

Is Communication A Plus?

Question 11

Is Being Passionate A Plus?

Question 12

Does She Have Great Taste In Movies?

Question 13

Is Being Sociable A Plus?

Question 14

Does She Have A Lot Of Guy Friends?

Question 15

Is Wanting To Have Kids A Plus?

Question 16

Does She Like Expensive Gifts?

Question 17

Does She Enjoy The Little Things?

Question 18

Choose A Body Type

Question 19

Does She Have An Accent?

Question 20

Is Being Punctual A Plus?

Question 21

Is She Creative?

Question 22

Is She Okay With Long Distance?

Question 23

Does She Prefer To Relax Inside?

Question 24

Does She Share Too Much With Her Friends?

Question 25

Does Your Mom Approve?

Question 26

Is She A Good Fit With The Friends?

Question 27

Does She Own A Car Or Take The Bus?

Question 28

Choose A Height

Question 29

Is She Flirty?

Question 30

Is She A Gamer?

Question 31

Does She Have A Good Taste In Music?

Question 32

Is She Introverted?

Question 33

Can She Give Her Undivided Attention?

Question 34

Has She Been To Jail?

Question 35

Can She Be Silly?

Question 36

Does She Have Lots Of Baggage?

Question 37

Choose An Eye Color?

Question 38

Can She Cook?

Question 39

Can She Bake?

Question 40

Is She Well-Spoken?

Question 41

Is She Educated?

Question 42

Does She Root For Your Favorite Team?

Question 43

Does She Always Look Her Best?

Question 44

Is She Someone That Loves Sleep?

Question 45

Is She An Active Person?

Question 46

Are Dimples A Plus?

Question 47

Choose A Hair Length

Question 48

Are Tattoos A Plus?

Question 49

Are Piercings A Plus?

Question 50

Is She A Shopaholic?

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