Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal What Percentage Of Guys Would Reject You

Some may consider dating these days to be easier than it once was, but anybody who is currently out in the dating world would certainly have a few words to say to them. Sure we have all kinds of online dating options available to us, but let's be real, finding a soulmate is just as tricky now as it ever was. Today we have built a quiz to let everybody know what kind of message they are sending out. Let's see who's got the best dating odds.

We will be asking all kinds of questions in this one. Everybody here just has to answer each one as honestly as possible. Once that has been done, we will let everyone know what percentage of guys would likely say no. Always best to know these things, right?

Question 1

A stranger approaches and starts flirting, what to do?

Question 2

Pick a good quality about yourself

Question 3

Pick an accurate morning makeup routine

Question 4

Got any tattoos?

Question 5

How many guys have you dated?

Question 6

Meeting someone from a dating app?

Question 7

Ghosting a potential love interest?

Question 8

Pick a first date

Question 9

Getting some "work" done?

Question 10

I've been in ___ serious relationships.

Question 11

Got any piercings?

Question 12

Pick an accurate nighttime skin care routine

Question 13

True or false: All of your friends are extremely attractive

Question 14

Pick an accurate hair length

Question 15

Pick a proposal

Question 16

Introvert or extrovert?

Question 17

Pick an accurate clothing style

Question 18

Which of these parties sounds the most fun?

Question 19

Pick an accurate workout routine

Question 20

Pick the best food

Question 21

Always following the latest fashion trends?

Question 22

Buying a new outfit for a first date?

Question 23

Pick a go-to flirting technique

Question 24

Pick your best feature

Question 25

Going on a blind date?

Question 26

Eating at a restaurant alone?

Question 27

It's New Year's Eve and a cutie is leaning in for a kiss, what to do?

Question 28

Stalking a love interest on social media?

Question 29

Using a lip plumper?

Question 30

True or false: You believe in love at first sight

Question 31

Having some fun on an airplane?

Question 32

Ever fought with a friend over a guy?

Question 33

Ditching a date to stay home and watch TV?

Question 34

Pick an accurate confidence level

Question 35

Ever dated someone for the wrong reasons?

Question 36

Wearing a couples costume?

Question 37

Pick the best dessert

Question 38

Ever been stood up?

Question 39

Using your phone while on a date?

Question 40

First thing to do after a breakup?

Question 41

Going on adventurous dates?

Question 42

You meet someone while out with friends, what to do?

Question 43

Doing something reckless to impress a date?

Question 44

True or false: Most of your friends are guys

Question 45

Pick the most romantic movie

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