Rate These Girly Movies And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Movies catered to a specific audience have a unique way of making a ton of cash if they are done well enough. The studios behind these films make calculated decisions about the films that they release, and every once in a while, they know that they need to appeal to a specific audience to keep the interest in their brand from that demographic alive. With this in mind, it totally makes sense for a studio to make movies that are catered to a female audience. Once they have the audience locked in, they will keep them coming back for more.

Girly movies may be catered towards women, but this does not mean that they are only fixed to one genre. In fact, movies with a female audience in mind can run the gamut of genres, and this ensures that the audience will get a fresh experience when they go to the theater. Sure, we can see some regurgitated stories every now and again, but studios are getting better about mixing things up.

Today, we want to see who out there has good taste in girly movies by having people rate some of the most notable girly movies that have ever been made.

Question 1

The Help

Question 2

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Question 3

The Parent Trap

Question 4

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Question 5

Nancy Drew

Question 6


Question 7

When in Rome

Question 8

Lady and the Tramp

Question 9

Bad Teacher

Question 10


Question 11

Miss Congeniality

Question 12


Question 13

The Last Song

Question 14

Ever After

Question 15

The Little Mermaid

Question 16

Bring it On

Question 17

Sixteen Candles

Question 18

Beauty and the Beast

Question 19

Bratz: The Movie

Question 20

Ella Enchanted

Question 21

27 Dresses

Question 22

10 Things I Hate About You

Question 23

What a Girl Wants

Question 24

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Question 25

Just My Luck

Question 26


Question 27

Bridget Jones's Diary

Question 28

Never Been Kissed

Question 29

The Holiday

Question 30

What Happens in Vegas

Question 31

The Princess Diaries

Question 32

17 Again

Question 33


Question 34

No Strings Attached

Question 35

The Proposal

Question 36

Just Go With It

Question 37

Pitch Perfect

Question 38


Question 39

Warm Bodies

Question 40

The Other Woman

Question 41

How to Be Single

Question 42

Home Again

Question 43

(500) Days of Summer

Question 44

The Heat

Question 45


Question 46

Hidden Figures

Question 47


Question 48


Question 49

I, Tonya

Question 50

La La Land

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